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First time to Mesquite. Had a business trip to Vegas and had read so much about Wolf Creek and the valet at Four Seasons told me if I have time i need to play there. So booked a time and made transportation arrangements. I was told an hour and half drive. It was one of the easiest drives - all highway. As for the course - When you look at the website it looks awesome and when you step on the first tee the photos dont do it justice. All amenities were solid with the exception of the restrooms and driving range. But how can you take off points when the experience was so great. Wolf Creek is one of a kind in my book. The views are stunning, the course is in fantastic shape, and the staff is very welcoming. My next trip out I may take a private jet up to the Mesquite airport which is basically on property and take some key staff members for a trip of a lifetime.
Oceanside Muni is a fun course and in my opinion a great value...where else can you play Saturday morning for $42 with a cart San Diego? The course isnt all that challenging but there a few holes that really test your driving ability due to length and placement.

Tee-Time: 6:00am
POP: 3:00 (1:20 front 9, 1:40 back 9)

The greens are arguably the best feature of this course. They are always really well maintained and roll very smooth and true. They are firm but very receptive to all of the approach shots I hit today.

Great coverage on the fairways especially for this time of year. Everything was very green because they use 85% reclaimed water so they dont have the same restrictions on water use. There was a turf reduction program that took place years ago which removed a lot of grass between fairways so some misses (wide misses) end up in pine-straw or dirt.

Bunkers were all very uniform from fairway to greenside. They had enough sand to get the ball up quick near the green.

Some areas of really thick rough (ball completely buried) and other areas about 1 to 1.5" deep. Punishing rough in places outside the first cut.

I love this course. It is a great place to play on the weekends if you want a fast round (only mornings) with some interesting holes. Check it out if you havent but make sure to fix all divots and ball marks; the regulars here work very hard to keep this muni in the best shape possible.
Played the Ike with the clubies this Sat. AM and got around in 4:45 which is a great tourney pace. Sad to report the summer doldrums have taken over on the Hill, at least on the Ike. Overseed Rye is gone and the heat has taken it's toll so there's lots of bare areas and it really looks hideous. We played it LC&P so you know it's bad.

Greens were in great shape, so that was nice to see, rolling medium and true, very quick downhill. Good medium textured sand in bunkers, well maintained.

I cannot predict when the Bermuda Hybrid will kick in but it will be a while. If you play here, be warned ... it's a major bummer.
Played yesterday 07/13/18. It has been monsoonal rains here lately and many of the holes are very sloshy and muddy. Winter rules should be used at many spots in order to not tear the course up.

The greens were nice in decent shape, but were very slow. Golf carts have very nice GPS and they supply towels, which I love. Sometimes it's the little things.

Staff is very nice and accommodating. I had a loose driver head and the guy in the clubhouse did everything he could to try to fix it for me. Kitchen staff was cool and food is always ready fast.

Two weeks ago, it was a very good deal for the money. Yesterday, because of the sloppy conditions, I would have thought about it more. But, I still enjoy paying $39 so that helped in the decision.
Played Fri Jul 13th at 722. We were the 3rd 4some on the first tee so we knew we were in for a slow day. POP ended up being 440 on a very hot and humid day. You all know I like LS and play here alot, but was disappointed in the conditions of the south course today. Tee boxes were so hard you had issues getting the tee in, if you used wood tees I guaranteed you would have broken every one, the fairways were very wet, even ropped off in some spots, bunkers bad as usual, (I guess the secret is not to get in the bunkers LOL ) but the real disappointment was the greens, yes very soft and had many and large ball marks to fix, but putting the ball would bounced all over the pkace. It appeared that they watered the greens so much because of the heat that they were too soft to mow, you could actually see tire tracks on the greens and had to putt though them. Was not fun. Oh also they charge for the cart GPS now ( see my post) at least they had the fish taco special at lunch today, which was good
[Posted almost 2 years late, as this course wasn't listed back then!]

After our wonderful time in Banff, the wife and I decided we really didn’t need to swing through Calgary, Alberta (“down on the flat”, as they say there), and so suddenly a day in the itinerary opened up.

After posting my plans for this trip, I had been messaged a couple times by avid GKer 24hourgolf about stopping at a course in Eureka, Montana. Where the heck is Eureka, you might ask? It’s 6 miles south of the Canadian border – turns out that in Eureka there’s a pro-quality golf layout associated with a high-end 2nd/3rd home development in the middle of nowhere!! Eureka is about 80 miles north of Kalispell, MT, the nearest regional airport. We were having trouble with the resort’s website on this Wednesday evening, so we just showed up at the gate – fortunately, there’s a person there until midnight(!), so he called the GM and we were treated to some nice hospitality in getting a room and some food. (And a good thing, because there’s not a whole lot available in the Eureka area.)

Turns out The Wilderness Clubis is rated the #1 course in the state of Montana! It was originally developed as a private club with 2nd/3rd homes and opened in 2007. Bad timing - the housing crisis hit, bankruptcy ensued, and new owners picked up the property cheap. Now they are moving the development toward more of a family resort model with stay/play options for golf. There are on-site accommodations for small and large golfer groups, and only some scattered (many of them large) homes, but there are also many “Sold” signs on the empty lots.

The GM hooked me up with a less-than-rack rate for the room and unlimited golf, so I played on Thursday, 9/29/16 at 1120 am, joining a member from Calgary and his guest from Chicago. (The original developer was out of Calgary, and many of the owners are Canadian.) There’s an all-grass range that’s not large, and a large chipping green, incl. a practice bunker. The putting green was extremely fast, unfortunately indicative of the on-course greens – my first practice putt took an unexpected left turn and rolled off the green!!! Those of you who know my putting game can guess the eventual outcome!

We played the Gold tees (6,550/71.4/125), but I probably should have moved up to Silver (6,119). They offer a yardage book, and many sprinklers are marked, but there’s no GPS. Weather was cool and mostly cloudy with no wind – the GM tells me that the location is in a warmer “island” of weather than much of the surrounding area, so was attractive for this type of development. The course was closing for the winter the following week.

TWC is a Faldo design and in my opinion was designed and built for single-digit handicappers – I think that was the demographic they were hoping to lure from Canada and the U.S. There are many par-4s that are long DL left or right with hazards inside and outside the elbow, and play to well-defended greens. The course is in a lush and beautiful setting with primo conditions from tee to green. One of the most obvious attributes is the almost total Silence!! you play in there.

The course has mainly large, rolling greens that are smooth and very fast. Most putts have more break than it initially looks like, especially near the front of the greens. And being in the wrong place on a green means a runoff into a collection area or a putt over a huge swale or nose. In my case, because of my innate putting disability (and that harrowing experience on the practice green), almost every putt was defensive, but I did manage to get through the round with only one 3-putt.

Low-handicap par-4s play tough from any of the tees – these all have dogleg driving areas framed by trees/sand; and approaches to angled greens bracketed by slopes/sand/water. Even well-positioned drives are faced with long-iron approaches over threatening hazards – holes 14 through 16 are a brutal stretch (hcps 4, 8, and 2, respectively).

Here's an example at the 16th (handicap 2): The tee shot is steeply downhill on the 434-yd par-4 to a fairway beyond a huge pine, with bunkers on the far side of the elbow to the right. The pine tree on the inside of the elbow is backed up by an enormous bunker – you can try to fly the bunker or cut the corner, but it’s hard to see the large POND left of that big trap.

After the tee shot, from your nice lie in the middle of the fairway to the right of the tree, you only have about 180 yards(!) into a diagonal flat green with sand in front and humps/swales behind. Have fun!!

On reflection, I think the 125 slope from the Gold tees is too low!

There’s some repetition of holes as you go through: many of the par 4s are similarly laid out, as noted. The course uses a Red-White-Blue flag rotation – 3 of the par-5s were red flags. The par-3s are a good mix of length and difficulty.

I definitely recommend the course for serious golfers if you are in the area, or as a buddy trip destination. There are supposed to be a number of other fun courses in the general area, as well.
Played 7-12-18 for $28 walking using the GK coupon, was joined by a riding single and we finished in 2 hours and 50 minutes with a little waiting on the first six holes and then the threesome finally let us play through. Tee boxes were in good shape, mostly level with good coverage and minimal divot damage on par threes. Fairways were in good shape, semi-lush, providing nice lies with descent roll out. Rough was kind of a mix bag, some thin some thick and some patchy areas. Was in two greenside bunker both of which were in nice shape with semi-firm sand. Greens as always are the best part of this course, rolling 11.4 on the stimp, semi-soft and rolling true. Overall real good conditions on a fun challenging course.
Played yesterday, 12 July on a lovely sunny afternoon. Friendly greeting in the pro shop and starter. Went out with two friendly guys as a 3some about 10 minutes ahead of our 1:57 tee time. Short waits throughout the round, POP ended up being 4hrs, 20mins.

Main improvement in the course since last month are the that besides a few unhealed punch holes, the greens are fully healed and rolled pretty nice overall, at medium speed. A few too many footprints for my liking, creating bumps, etc., around the hole on certain soft greens, however. It was late in the day. Greens were well-watered, held shots well. A few greens do have some spots with inconsistent grass coverage.

Fairways and rough pretty typical for the tract, and generally good roll-out and lies. Did notice a bit more non-kikuyu growth in the fairways and rough. Seems to be natural weed growth winning a war.

Was in a few greenside bunkers. In a rarity for me, sand presented no issues, so I guess it was good. Medium-weight, good base and mostly well-raked. Was in the fairway bunker on #13, and it was a bit wet/muddy.

Course is a decent value, $39 incl. cart via their website. Good food, great service and a decent solo singer/guitar player on the patio for happy hour after the round. Was singing a Bob Seger song upon arrival. MGOBLUE!
Langdon farms is a beautiful and challenging golf course. Well maintained links style course. Reasonably priced for the experience, especially if you like to play late in the day.
Played today in a 3 H POP. Tee boxes no issues. Fairways no issues. Bunkers have been worked on, but still no new sand (blame the City not the workers - City won't spend the $$). Greens were in good shape (void of divots +) and chipped/putted just fine. Customer service excellent at all levels. IMO, this course (except for the bunkers) is much better than many in the area (who will remain nameless to protect the innocent) and I will continue to play here, unless of course, conditions go down, instead of up, as they have been doing. If it is good enough for Smokey Robinson (saw him 2 weeks ago), Oscar De La Hoya (also 2 weeks ago) and Troy Mullins (long drive champion) 3 weeks ago, it is good enough for me.
I played Trilogy Power Ranch on 7/12/2018.
I like the course, the folks are helpful and friendly and the layout is good.
BUT, they lost the greens. Many of the greens have 20-30% bare dirt area. We payed 32$ for an early tee time (in summertime their is a premium paid to play early) and , unfortunately, for that price, we should have gone elsewhere. Quite disappointing.
Played Wednesday. It was a busy day.

Greens running pretty quick and very receptive. Fairways had good coverage. Rough is mixed bag of thick to thinnish lies. Tee boxes are uneven; took a bit to find a nice flat spot but for me playable. Bunkers were well stocked with sand; ranging from good fluffy sand to compact sand.

Pace of play was decent. Note they have juniors playing but the coaches with these kids do keep the pace of play moving; which is a good thing.

Greens are in my humble opinion some of the best in the South Bay. You can pick a line and be assured your line will hold with a well struck putt -- even on the three newer greens.
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