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Had a morning tee time, not very busy.

This is a report on the course after aeration: the greens are a week away from being in good condition.

Fairway are getting green and have some body to them.

Traps have good sand but a lot are not raked by the golfers.

Good deal $$ if you are a resident of Oside and a senior!

POP: at 4 hours.
Played here on 4/13. Greens were still recovering from aerification but didn't impact the game too much. I was happy with the condition overall. The POP was a bit slow at about 4:45. Watch out for mountain break.
I played Rancho San Marcos this last Sunday and the weather was perfect for a round of golf on this beautiful course. The lush green fairways and greens were great to play on. Some of the greens were small but challenging, however most of the fairways were open with fairway bunkers. The staff was pleasant and very friendly. I would play this course again and would recommend it to anyone.
Played 4-16 with a 6:56 tee time and got out right on time. Pace of play was 5 hours?? We waited on the group ahead on most holes but to be fair they were waiting on the really slow twosome ahead of them. Never saw a marshal?

This was my first time playing here and I enjoyed the course. Tee boxes were ok with the exception of several par threes which were a little beat up.
Fairways have good coverage and never had a bad lie. The rough was deep enough to make getting and finding a ball tough.

I was not in a bunker but several of my playing partners were and they seemed to have ample sand but most looked like they needed to be raked.

Greens were medium speed and had very few ball marks but some were a little bumpy. I believe they are being punched today and tomorrow.
Other than the terrible traffic getting to this course it was a nice day and I plan on going back in a month or so when the greens recover
Heads up - Los Serranos South was aerated, probably 7-10 days ago.

I was shocked upon looking at my spreadsheet to see that I haven't been out here in almost 10 years, as I liked both of these courses. Just a little far to get here. The 5am drive from San Clemente to LS was easy, but coming back from LS to Irvine at 9:30 am took me 90+ minutes.

Outside of the aerated greens, LS South is in good shape. Fairways are plush and not too tight. Rough is hit and miss. Tee boxes were nice. I was not aware of the green aeration, so that was disappointing. They are still bumpy, but not so bad as to make me regret coming here. I am sure in 2-3 weeks they will be nice.

I still enjoy these courses. Even though I've played the south a half a dozen times, I still get surprised by the par 74 and the sheer length of this course. Bombs away - there's lots of room to miss, but you'll get some tree trouble coming back.
Played this morning in 3 H. Course is improving weekly (IMO). Tee boxes are clean (some need leveling - minor fixes). Bunkers still need more sand. Fairways have good coverage and providing roll and good lies. Rough is about 1/4" thick and grabs the club. Greens are nice (a little slow) but chip/putt well. Customer service is excellent.
Played in a GK Cup match with AndrewZ28 on Sunday, 4/15/18. His recent review is very informative and hits all the major points. Day started warm and sunny, but clouds and wind rolled in just after noon and the afternoon was cooler and blustery. First tee was slammed and we started 25 minutes late, then overall pace was 4:40. We didn’t feel pushed by the group behind, but endemic poor shots resulted in not catching the group ahead.

Greens were generally good with some scattered thin areas, but mostly receptive. All greens had scattered old and newer marks. Downhill putts toward the east, away from the hills, could be terrifyingly fast. Fairways were thin and tight and very firm, and more often than not a solid drive would not be rewarded with a good lie. Rough along fairways was short, dry and pretty benign; around the greens it could be a little bushier. Tees were OK, but most par-3s didn’t have divot mix containers. I was in one bunker – greenside #10 had only a thin sand layer over a packed base.

A rumored marshal was never seen. The divot mix refill rack at the 10th green was empty, as it has been every time I play here. All holes had lots of unfilled divots in fairways and rough. Cart girl came around a few times. The golf shop had noticeably less merchandise than on my last visit. A new trailer snack bar has been placed on the 2nd/11th tees, providing convenience but also increasing noise on those nearby tees.

I enjoy the layout at EG and conditions here are generally good. Today I seemed to find every slopey lie and uneven stance, but that was mostly due to poor ball-striking. Still recommended.
Just posted some beautiful photos of our GK Review Guru round at Rancho San Marcos Sunday, April 15th. Was super fun day and I thank everyone that could make it!

Last year was the comeback year for Rancho San Marcos after almost a decade of drought in the region. This year, great conditions remain.

Greens were smooth, holding shots and medium/fast. Fairways lush, firm and providing good lies. Rough, lush with the first cut only a couple inches and not much of a penalty to be in. However hit a shot into the native areas bordering the rough and good luck finding it. Bunkers contains clean white sand, were thin at times yet fairly maintained. Tee boxes were lush with a mix of grasses and in good shape.

What brings me back to Rancho San Marcos is the layout and location above all else. It’s secluded and gorgeous. You’re up in Santa Ynez mountains nestled into a valley next to Lake Cachuma. As you drive up Highway 154 through a small section of the Los Padres National Forest, the views and surrounding beauty really set the stage for your round. The layout features, 7 Par 4’s, 6 Par 3’s and 5 Par 5’s – which I love. Lots of risk/reward strategy.

Before and after the round, the western themed plantation style facilities combined with a super friendly staff complete the day. I just missed the last call for diner on Sunday, which was 2:30pm that day, a bit bummed about that as I love their tri-tip sandwich. Next time!

Give yourself time before your round as the practice facilities are excellent and relaxing.

Highly recommended.
Played the North on Saturday 4/14. 7:45 am tee time. Los Serranos is in our rotation and we are playing there regularly. We love it and just don’t get tired of either course. As I have in the years past, bought the Players card and although there are many benefits, just not as good as previous years. Still a good deal.

Pace of play 4:24. Slow for us and although we waited on a few holes, our group needs to pick it up a bit. The course is in really nice condition. Kikuyu fairways were cut down and we got lots of roll out. Really nice lies. The rough was thicker than we’ve seen in the past but very lush. Sand traps are in great condition. As the previous reviewer indicated, they are replacing the two deep bunkers in front of #16 green and replacing them with “normal” bunkers. Good move though. That hole needs greenside bunkers.

Greens are in good shape. A little bumpy and rolled true but expecting them to be Los Serranos fast. Not there yet but soon I hope.

It’s always a good day out at Los Serranos. Great guys in the club house and Richard the starter, has a great sense of humor. After, stop in and have lunch in the restaurant. All of the servers are great and so is the food.
Played the Blues (6386/70.7/124) in less than 3H on a GN "Hot Deal" for $24.49. The weather was sunny, around 85 and VERY WINDY. Matched up with Dave, on vacation from Minnesota.

The over seeded tees were lush and well maintained. All but the par 3's were in very good shape.

The over seeded fairways were lush and played well. They are maintained long, which makes the course play longer because of the lack of roll.

The Bermuda rough was semi lush. Just long enough to grab your club where it is mixed with other grasses and just short enough to sometimes be hardpan where it is nothing but dormant Bermuda. The rough around the greens is very lush.

The sand traps were decently maintained with medium texture brown sand. Several were good, however I also had 1 very thin green side bunker shot.

The greens were smooth, firm & putted medium fast. Recent small tyne punch dies not affect putting. No severe slopes or tiers, I usually see the lines well on these greens.

The customer service was excellent from everyone encountered. Drink cart out making the rounds. The carts are equipped with nice GPS. This would be a challenging course to walk. Numerous tees are a long way from the last green because the course is split up between multiple residential complexes. Fairly wide open layout with a good mixture of holes. Good course, fun to play. Recommended.
Out this afternoon 4/16/2018 walking the Blues joined by my buddy Brian paying their mid day walking rate of $29.00. POP was 3 hrs 50 minutes. Weather was laughable(thought I would chance the forecast as it called for wind around here yesterday and it was fairly calm)--we had a 30mph + hurricane swirling wind for all of the back nine and most of the front nine--it was a fun first 13 holes and the last 5 holes were crazy--hitting 4 woods into number 14 and 16 for our second shots and barely getting them to the fringe even after smoked drives--hats blowing off, etc.--lol.

The greens were quick and firm and rolling beautiful--you need to be spinning the ball here or hitting high trajectory irons. More and more poa creeping into them but still in great shape. Rated 8/10

The tees are in very good shape. Level and lush--rated 8/10.

Fairways are 50/50 lush to thin. Rated 6/10. They are playable--you do get a ton of roll still if you hit the ball low.

Greenside rough is in very good shape--lush and thicker. Rated 8/10

The rough lining most fairways is very poor, dry and hardpan in places. Rated 5/10

Rustic is fun to play even with the crazy wind conditions today.
Last Sunday.. paid $85 including taxes and small bucket.
no beverage cart the entire 18 holes! wish they would have mentioned that in the pro shop!
had to hit off mats.. so wasn't too pleased with that but I guess the conditions warranted this? Other wise good course, good greens, a challenge if there is any wind at all.
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