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Played 1-16-18 mid morning with GDR23 walking for $28 using the GK coupon. We were joined by another twosome and finished in 4 hours and 15 minutes. Tee boxes were in real nice shape, mostly level and lush. Fairways were very nice for this time of year, green, lush and very nice to hit from. Rough was not to long maybe an inch or two longer than fairways and fairly easy to hit out of. Was in three greenside bunkers two of which had nice semi soft sand and the third which had very soft sand, with all three being in very nice shape. Greens had just been top dressed with a light sanding but still putted fairly smooth and a little slower than normal. Great value with the GK coupon on a course that is in real nice shape.
A quick update on course conditions since it looks like there hasn't been a review for quite some time. Course is still in great shape with the greens rolling true at a medium pace. Fairways are very lush in part due to them keeping carts of the grass during the wetter days. Monterey Pines is a very easy course to walk so it's a fair trade off. Just note that when it's wet out (usually even for a few days after the rain ) they don't let carts out at all (not even cart path) so it's walking only.

Also remember to take a glance behind you on the 2nd green and 5th tee box for a view of the ocean.
Day 2 of the GK Guru plays NV/AZ brought us to Laughlin Ranch. I had previously never even heard of this course but in the lead up to today I had been doing my research and it looked amazing. Let me tell you something, the pictures don't do this place justice. It's beyond what you've heard or have seen in pics. A true must play if you're in the area.

Tees- Level, lush, and minimal damage. Great!
Fairways- Perfect. No really...there's literally nothing to complain about. They're beautiful to look at and even better to play from. They were like carpets and you'd almost feel bad taking divots. Almost ;)
Greens- Held all shots like darts but were smooth and true rolling at med-fast speeds. Really nice surfaces to play on.
Rough- Dormant bermuda but they still had some bite to them as there were several occasions where our balls would nestle down to the bottom.
Bunkers- The only weak spot as they are thin and full of pebbles/small rocks but Chris, the owner & GM, told us after the round that they're in the process of renovating them and adding new sand. Once they're done, I have no doubt they'll be awesome.

The layout of the course has you playing up or down, toward or away from the Colorado River. Spectacular views are everywhere! This course will reward good shots and punish poor ones but most holes have generous landing areas off the tees.

Carts are new gas powered carts that have GPS and USB plugs onboard. They're super quiet for being gas. The clubhouse is super impressive with a full service spa, banquet facilities, restaurant, bar, gym, etc...A true all in one destination. The slate burger after the round was so good! All employees that we encountered were super friendly and seemed genuinely happy to work there. So refreshing to see! Laughlin Ranch is a course that I fell in love with right away and I can't wait to be back!
Played Fri Jan 19th at 730, good breakfast, got out on time. POP was 351. Played the blues and they were all the way back on the tee boxes. Was very wet this morning so not much roll out on the fairways. Tee boxes were good shape and flat, fairway nice and green, bunkers hit and miss, the one I was in had good sand, the one right next to it my partner was in was dirt, greens very soft and extremely slow, I played here last week with my wife and could not adjust to the speed, but this week I was ready for them and adjusted better than my partners did. I really like Jurupa and think it is a little under rated with some of the narrow fairways and the number of trees the course has. Had a good time.
Played this morning in a nice 3 H POP. Overall the course is in good condition. Tee boxes were all clean and playable; fairways had some firmness (though you will find some muddy areas) and provided good lies (again some with mud) and decent roll; bunkers were all fine and playable; no rough to speak of, other than out of bound areas; greens were in great shape and chipped/putted great and with good speed. Customer service excellent at all levels.
Played yesterday for the $16 walking fee (Senior rate). The Course needs a lot of TLC. Fairways are 50/50 some are in good shape and others need more watering. Greens are bumping and playable and I'm referring to all greens on the butterfield side. The ball will not hold the line well with all the bumping going on. Bunkers are in desperate need of SAND. Instead of splashing out of a bunker I was chipping out. Pro shop Dennis still gives you good service. Rumor has it the Owners of both Courses are not renewing the lease after the 6 years are up. This means the course will be closing in 6 years, this info comes from sources inside the golf shop. Its a crying shame that both Courses are not looking as good as it should be looking this time of year. But all in all the green fees is fair for the condition of the Course.
Day 1 of a back-to-back GK Guru outing had Johnny, Matt, Ron, & myself at Coyote Springs. There's something about these middle of nowhere courses (Rams Hill, Paiute, etc) that are truly hidden gems. They warned us that the course was not in its prime shape but I'd have to respectfully disagree. If this isn't their best, then I can't wait to see that!

Tees- Perfectly flat with minimal damage and full coverage
Fairways- Insane! Condition-wise there's not much to complain about. Lush, pretty firm, provide good roll on drives, and good cushion underneath. BUT...the mounding. OH MY the mounding! I've never seen fairways with so many mounds, swales, hills, etc. I think Ron and I got seasick driving on these things! In typical Jack fashion, the fairways are pretty generous.
Rough- Semi-dormant and pretty easy to hit out of. Again, full coverage and no issues. Their color contrasted nicely with the deep green fairways.
Greens- Huge green complexes that were mostly smooth and held most shots nicely. They looked faster than they played. Medium speed at best but I suppose that's ok considering the crazy undulations that most of them have! Jack Nicklaus at his evil best.
Bunkers- I can give a definitive review on these since I found almost every one of them on the course today. They all had soft sand and some had too much sand leading to some semi-plugged and plugged lies in our group today. There are so many bunkers on each hole that you'd better have your sand game on point before coming here. A couple on the back 9 were being worked on and were GUR while they add new sand to them.

Overall the layout of this course is truly incredible. Course knowledge is a must here! With so many humps and bumps in the fairways, it was really hard to get an idea of how far it was to certain hazards. To be honest I don't know if the sprinklers had yardages on them since we all had our own GPS devices. No GPS on the carts but yardage books are available in the clubhouse. Speaking of carts, gas powered ones here and it's needed as the amount of land this course encompasses is gigantic. No way an electric cart would make it through a round. There are some seriously long drives from the clubhouse to the range to the first tee and back. The course does not return to the clubhouse at the turn. Cart girl was out and about and we must've seen her around 6-7 times today. Service was great on all levels. Yes the location is remote but it's an easy drive at just an hour north of Vegas. Do yourself a favor and add it to your must play list in the area! Can't wait to go back again soon. Thanks Johnny!
The course is in good shape for winter. If you can call 78 degrees winter conditions. The fairways were very green with only a few thin yellowed spots. Tee boxes were pretty much level and lush with a few exceptions. Traps were almost all filled with nice dry sand. The rough was very playable and the wood chips are what they are. Greens were very nice and mostly rolled well without too much bounce and speed was consistent . THE ONLY THING IS A ROUND OF GOLF SHOULD NOT TAKE 5 1/2 HOURS TO PLAY!!!!!!
Played on Friday, 1/12, with a 10:30 tee time. $65 as a guest of a PACC card holder, which is excellent for Paiute, but the max for me for weekend golf.

We used the bag drop and the bags were set up on the cart after the easy check in. Snack shop at the carts and the one after the 9th was open. For the 1st time ever, the drink cart pulled up to us around the 4th and was OUT OF BEER. Didn't see it the rest of the front but twice on the back. Skipped the bar this time, but definitely worth a stop, great prices and fantastic view.

Parking lot was packed and they were only using 1 of the 2 ranges (Wolf today), which made it seem busy. On the course, never saw anyone in front and we had a 2some stalking us, but every time we would wait for them, they would slow play and not come up. We finished in a shade under 4 hours as a 4some.

Course was in terrific shape. Vegas had rain for 2 days mid-week, and the course took it well. Flat tee boxes, some divots on the Par 3s. Fairways were 100% green and lush. Rough was just 1-2 inches. Bunkers were nice on top, fluffy and loose for the first few inches, still damp below. Greens were firm, minimum amount of ball marks, and rolled smooth at an almost fast pace.
Played 1/5 in a "work" event. Great service everywhere. I was reminded to do a review thinking about the brat I had after the round at the small food building they have next to the ninth green and where the round ends. It blew away the brat I had at Pebble a couple of days earlier. Fresh and hot off the griddle. They even put hot sauerkraut on it which was great but too much for the bun to handle. Speaking of the service, a service rep went up to two guys waiting who were falling behind on pace at the turn and told them to go tee off, that he would bring their food out to them on the course. Nice.

I also played some golf. The course was in great shape considering it was January. They have not had much rain this fall but everything was lush. The fairways were a pleasure to hit from. The rough was long enough to make solid contact difficult but finding balls was not a problem. For whatever reason, the greens were the slowest we played on that week. They looked great and rolled true but they were not fast. Medium at best.

I love this course. My favorite up here considering the variety, the challenge and the fact I get nothing like it in the LA area. One note. The caddie fee seems to have gone up dramatically since I last paid it a couple of years ago. Forecaddie with cart, bringing clubs out to you, was over $90 per person for four people, not counting tip. I thought last time I paid the fee it was an $85 flat fee not dependent on number of players. Part of the experience but more than I expected. And I loved my caddie, Richard aka Bogey. He did a great job. I highly recommend him.
Played Legend Trail during the last week of December 2017. Difficult target golf placing the priority on hitting the ball straight. Played the copper tees at roughly 6,000 yards, which was plenty difficult despite the 123 slope.

Conditions: Excellent. Greens were smooth and rolled well. Not super fast but not slow either. Fairways had some yellow, but no bare spots anywhere. Bunkers had a good amount of sand.

Service: Friendly pro shop, bar, and on course staff.

This is a nice course to play when in the area, especially with their discount last minute pricing. Much cheaper to book here in the last 3-4 days before the date of play.
Played on MLK day. Great service everywhere at the facility. Conditions were perfect. Can’t imagine a course being better maintained. Great pace of play. Marshalls appeared to keep a good eye on the pace. Only complaint is the layout was uninspiring. I would have preferred it to play harder and faster, but that’s not the case.
Listing 13 to 24 of 55,406 Course Reviews
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