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Final round of the day was at Coldwater. I saw online their tee sheet was pretty wide open in the afternoon, so I headed over and was teeing off by myself around 2:30. The twilight rate reduction goes down at 3:00, but the kid in the pro shop was super nice and gave me a deal when I mentioned it was my third round of the day. The course was actually busy, though. I ultimately joined up with the twosome in front of me and another single joined us later. They all left after nine and then another single joined me on the back nine. Total pace around 4:10 and just finishing before dark.

The course was in pretty good condition and in some respects, actually the best of the day. The overseeded tee boxes were decent. Par-3s a bit chewed up and not always level, but never had too much trouble finding a flat spot to tee it up. The overseeded fairways were really nice overall with just some inconsistent spots here and there. The rough was interesting. A handful of holes were completely overseeded and had really nice rough. Almost all holes had overseeded rough around the greens that looked and played great. Then, a majority of holes had completely dormant/hardpan rough along the fairways that bled into bare dirt areas on the outer edges of the course. It was interestingly inconsistent because the overseeded areas were so nice and the dormant/dead areas were so less-than-appealing.

I wasn't in any bunkers, but they looked okay. Couldn't tell from afar if they were loaded with AZ pebbles or not. There really aren't many sand traps on this course at all anyway. The greens were firm, yet moderately receptive and rolling pretty well at medium speeds. A tad bumpy/grainy at times, but probably the best surfaces of the day.

Coldwater is mostly a grip-it-and-rip-it paradise with generous fairways and mounding along the edges that can be helpful at times. There are a few places where homes can come into play, but mostly it's pretty open. A few greens are really tricky with lots of undulation while others are more mild. Most have some minor humps and bumps that can be difficult to read. Only a couple water holes and, like I mentioned, very few sand traps that are any threat to your score. Fairly decent mid-to-low-end locals course in above average shape.
This was my main round for the day. I had a 9:50 tee time, prepaid on TeeOff deal time with a promo code. Ended up being about $67 out the door after tax, which is a really good price here this time of year. I was paired with a twosome and we teed off on time. They space the tee times pretty well here and the staff is organized. There was a marshal roaming each nine to keep things moving. We rarely waited on the group ahead and were never pushed by the group behind, so it was a good relaxed 4-hour pace despite it being such a busy day. Can't ask for much better than that.

The golf course is in good overall shape, though maybe not quite as nice as I would have expected for March in Arizona. The tee boxes were great. The overseeded fairways were excellent and easily the highlight of the conditions. I always had very nice lies. The rough is semi-dormant bermuda. It's cut down, but just enough to grab your clubs especially on touch shots around the greens. I was in a few bunkers. The sand was raked and maintained, but most of the bunkers had plenty of pebbles in the mix. I'll just never get Arizona bunkers and why even some of the nicest courses will have this type of sand. I was also a little disappointed in the greens. They were fairly soft and receptive and rolling well at medium speeds. However, many were pretty pock-marked with old ball marks and every previous hole cut from probably the past month or two was overwhelmingly visible. Hard to describe and they didn't really affect anything, but circles everywhere and it was to the point of distraction at times. The old holes were so much more noticeable than any other course I've ever played on, so I can't help but note that here.

The Golf Club of Estrella offers a very good layout that requires accuracy and also length at times. Most tee shots are relatively forgiving, but the greens are tough and the bunkering is downright evil in places. The greens are pretty small and oddly shaped, so you have minimal room to work with around where each pin is placed. The layout is less dramatic than I expected with only a few significant changes in elevation, but then each nine finishes very strongly with some of the best holes on the course (especially holes 9, 16, 17 and 18). Definitely one of the best courses on the west side of the valley, but I'd personally rank it behind Wickenburg Ranch, Quintero and both Verrado courses based on my experiences.
Took a day trip out to AZ yesterday. Tres Rios was my warm-up round in the early morning because they are one of few courses around that have affordable morning rates this time of year ($35 with cart). I booked a 6:30 tee time online. There were a handful of other early birds there, but they all could tell I was ready to be the rabbit and I had no problem getting first off by myself. Teed off in almost-dark around 6:20 and finished right at 8:00!

The course was in decent shape. The overseeded tee boxes were generally fine. The fairways also had a nice overseed. The grass had great coverage, though the ground underneath was not always level so the lies weren't always necessarily consistent under the ball. The rough is dormant and shaved down to almost nothing—basically hardpan. I wasn't in any bunkers, but I took a look in a few and the sand actually looked quite good (as in freshly dragged/raked and not all full of pebbles like so many AZ courses). The greens were firm and slow with a lot of grain with the overseeded turf. A tad bumpy here and there.

I came in with pretty low expectations and this course and this course was just enjoyable enough. The relative affordability and being able to play as quickly as I wanted/needed were certainly part of the enjoyment. The conditions were adequate and the layout is decent. No homes (or many signs of civilization at all) around the course. The course is fairly flat and runs back and forth with a parkland style. Though there is plenty of room for error on most tee shots, the fairway cuts are rather narrow here and that is emphasized with the contrasting overseeded fairways against the dormant/dead rough areas. Not the best course around, but friendly and affordable.
Played today with fellow GK'er Matt, mpisarski01 with a nice local deal for $65 teeing off at 8:15am. We were a twosome following a 3-ball, with another twosome behind us. Around the 8th hole we asked the twosome behind to join us as we had been waiting on the group in front on every hole. Once we did that, the POP smoothed out a bit.

The course in very good shape right now although the fairways were a little tighter than we've normally seen here. But with that said, they were still excellent and allowed for a good amount of roll. Yellow tees had good coverage and were flat, no issues. Was in one bunker and it was fine, although one that Matt was in had no sand. Rough was manageable but could easily grab your club if you're not careful. Greens were the highlight as they were firm (allow for release), putting fast, and rolling sooo PURE! Really fun to putt on.

One note I hope might be addressed in the future, a set of tees or combo set between the blacks (7009 yards) and the yellows (6483 yards) would be really appreciated. 6700-6800 yards would sweet!

Weather ended up being the overall winner today! Started out overcast with a consistent 10-15mph wind. We could see that the mountains surrounding the valley were covered by storm cells. Around the 5th hole the sun came out and it was really nice...for a while. About the time we got to 12/13 the cells moved in and we got some rain. Said rain eventually gave way to sleet, which then turned into hail. But that cell moved out shortly thereafter and luckily we got the play the signature island hole 15 in nice weather. To which, Matt promptly stiffed his shot to about 18" for a tap in bird. Then after we hit our tee shots on 16, all HAIL broke loose as it started coming down to point that we were getting pelted everywhere. A few 40mph gusts combined with the ice pellets was not that fun and slightly painful! It did however make for a really nice photo op as the course quickly became a White Wonderland. Alas, that was enough for us and our playing partners and we decided to call it a day. For this reason I didn't rate the course but I would say it's a solid 8/10 and always recommended, provided the weather cooperates. Thanks Matt for a fun and memorable round!
Played 3/14 and the course is in excellent shape. It's a shame they have to do maintenance now. The ball sits up nice in the fairway, the rough is about 3" but you can play out of it easily. The greens were a little on the slow side from what they usually are so it took awhile to get use to but they rolled consistently from one to the other. The nice part were the bunkers, not sure when it happened but all the bunkers seemed to have fresh new white sand, did not see any dirt or water. Got up and down twice just like you're suppose to. Not sure if I will get before the end of the month, if not will wait until mid to end of April due to maintenance. Get out there now. It was nice that it only took 3 1/2 hours to get the round in.
Played the Blues (6386/70.7/124) in slightly over 4H using Forelinx. Matched up with 3 very nice vacationing Northern Californians, Keith, Brad & Todd. The weather was mid 80's, partly cloudy and windy.

The over seeded tees were lush. Well maintained, few divots and I had no issue finding a level stance with good grass on all tees.

The over seeded fairways were lush and played well.

The emerald green primary rough around the greens & closest to the fairways is over seeded and very lush. The dormant Bermuda secondary rough farther from the fairways was generally good, it played better than it looked.

The sand traps were above average. Well maintained and firm with medium texture brown sand.

The greens putted nice, smooth and medium fast speed. They are firm, so even well struck irons would release. Stopping it relatively close to your ball mark was unlikely, especially in the wind.

The customer service was excellent from everyone encountered. The starter, Marshall, cart attendants and the drink cart were all visible, helpful & friendly. This would be a challenging course to walk because numerous tees are a hike from the last green because the course is split up between three different residential complexes. The carts are equipped with GPS.

Solid course in good shape. Nice layout, but not a destination course. Fairly wide open layout with a good mixture of holes. Few forced carries other than several holes with lakes. The main difference in the Gold/Blues is made up on a few holes. Adding 2-3 clubs on three different par 3's gives the Gold tees a very different feel to the Blues. Recommended if you desire a more modestly priced course in the Palm Springs area that is not too demanding, nor too easy.
Ah, the joys of showing up as a single. Had an 8:45 tee time for $38, got off about 10 minutes late due to the three "locals" I was paired up with; they were arguing with the starter because they didn't want to play with me. Great start to the round. Sigh.

The course is in very choppy winter condition. Unmowed across the board due to recent rains, everything (tees, fairways, rough and greens) is long, shaggy and slow. Bunkers were hard and muddy. A mowing would help conditions, but probably not much due to the mixed grasses pretty much everywhere.

The bones of the course are still intact, and the design is mostly pretty good...but I'll be staying away for a few months to see how better weather can improve this place. Not recommended at this time.
Played for a single $40 tee time around 9:36 am, paired with a threesome on 03/11/2018. Check-in was a breeze with pro shop being fairly well distinguishable as you walk up. The marshal and starter were present during a fairly busy Sunday Morning. There is one semi-large chipping green with bunker, two medium sized putting greens and a driving range that is suitable for around 30-35 golfers.

The course is a Tempe City muni that has often been characterized with slow play (over 5 hours). The pace of play was mediocre but noticeably improving (played under 4 hours and 30 minutes today). The best part of the day/round was the conditions vastly improved. The greens were rolling near perfect with the cups being cut like they were cut at a High Profile tour-stop (I was so careful picking my ball up out of the hole I would have to attempt a few times per hole). Even after a rainy day the greens rolled true and firm without being soggy. The fairways had tight lies and the rough wasn't too bad (wet but to be expected from last night's rain and morning drizzle).

This course is very straight forward. A few easy holes to open the round (two par 5's in the first 4 holes) and no par 3's over a 6iron even from tips. Par 5's are all reachable with consistent driving and the par 4's offer a range off approach shots. All in all , I've played this course quite a bit and all my previous gripes about this course are slowly being improved on by management and the actual greenskeepers. BRAVO.
Greens were in great condition and pace of play was great. Sand traps were consistent. Fairways were in most part good condition, with bad areas were white marked as they should be. Pace of play was good. Only complaint is the course doesn’t give any discounts or deals.
Was disappointed on the conditions at the course. The fairways were not in good condition and for the price it should be much better. The greens rolled well ,but so firm you could. It hold an approach shot. I played the course in December and it was awesome, so I hope it is just changing of the grass seeding and not just letting it go?
I've enjoyed Los Robles since I first played it back in 1978. While I love the re-design/layout and even the new bunkers, which I'm still trying to solve, the fairways are in maybe the worst shape I've ever seen them. The staff is outstanding as well, but this historic course (many used to refer to it as "Little Riviera" ) needs help.
This review is very late. Played Oak Quarry on March 1, 2018 and this was the first time I was disappointed. Probably no fault of Oak Quarry but entire fairway is yellowish in color. It was just visually very unpleasant. Spoke to the cart guys after the round and they said they've had several straight days of frost delays and due to the cold winter conditions, it has been like that for a week or so but they expect the fairways to start recovering as weather warms up.

Tee Boxes - The tee boxes in some holes were chewed up and thin but mostly level with good coverage.

Fairways - Dormant

Rough - Actually green and lush. It just felt better hitting off the rough than the fairway on this particular day.

Green - Greens were great and putts rolled smooth. Speed seemed to vary between holes.

Regardless of the conditions, I love the layout at Oak Quarry so I'm looking forward to going back after the winter is over.
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