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Rode the Blues (6381/70.5/127) in slightly over 3H under partly cloudy, fairly calm conditions around 55.

Over seeded tees were lush and near immaculate. Level with very few unfixed divots.

Over seeded fairways were lush and nice to play from.

Over seeded rough was not high, but was lush and thick.

Sand traps were nicely raked. However, there is just not enough sand in them. Firm with little sand is fine on the fairways, but not around raised greens where the traps often have large lips.

Over seeded greens putted medium fast speed, were firm and smooth. Not many ball marks, very nice.

Ted Robinson design that constantly goes up/down rolling hills with some raised green complexes, Numerous tiered greens, nice water features with a generous amount of water and sand to avoid. You cannot spray the ball around too much, but Palm is not overtly tight.

The customer service was excellent from all encountered. Cart gal out making numerous rounds, ample water stations every few holes on the course. Good GPS on the carts. Range balls are included in your fee, all grass range. Fun course layout, Recommended.
Rented a condo on the course and joined the club for the one week we stayed in early December. The pro shop staff were very good and we were treated quite well. The course is executive and easy to walk. We did take a cart one day and played in about 2 hours as we did not run into anyone on the course. It is a fun golf course that everyone would enjoy. Some par 4s that you can reach and a good assortment of par 3s. Course was in very good shape but the greens were a bit slow. But this is more to the early season as the course was probably only open for a few weeks from the over seed. Would recommend this course to anyone.
D.O.P- 12/16/18
TEE TIME- 8:10

Decided to head out to Pechanga for a little golf and gambling. We bought the underpar deal which includes 2 people for $200 and a bounce back certificate. I kinda knew in the back of my head that there would be a frost delay due to the very cold overnight temperatures. Right when we walked in at 7:30 there was a sign stating that there was indeed a frost delay. The clubhouse staff let us know that we had about an hour or so before they could open the range. We decided to eat at the restaurant and the breakfast was spectacular. About thirty minuets after arriving the staff came around and let everyone know that they were going to start teeing off in 10 minuets. he only issue we had was instead of a shotgun they just tee'd off in order so we still ended up teeing off 1 hour after our tee time.

Course is in fantastic shape right with the exception of some GUR on 2,7,16,18 which are CPO they looked to have suffered some storm damage and they had laid new Sod down already. Other than those minor issues all fairways were near perfect with consistent roll and fluffy lies. The Rough was very nasty which makes for 3 rounds in a row where balls were easily lost in the 3-5 inch rough, I will have nightmares about this for weeks. Greens were running about a 12 on the scale and were mostly firm. The par three's seemed to be little softer than others which was a good thing. Tee's need to be moved but they all were well spaced and provided a level hitting surface. I did notice that each hole had 2-3 Super Lush tee boxes that maybe they are using for a tournament. These boxes were twice as nice as what they were using so it was a little confusing. I was not in any sand but per my playing partners it was fantastic.

Overall this place is a lot of fun and usually has fantastic conditions. Staff is super friendly even with the craziness of a frost delay and 5hr POP. I will gladly come back anytime. Even if you pay rack rate I think its still worth it.
Having not played here in many years, took advantage of Member For A Day special. Got out early and we finished in 3 H. This course (except for the freeway noise) is in terrific shape. The place is green and lush. Every fairway (nicest I have played on all year) had 100% coverage (never saw a bare spot) and great lies. Had they not been so damp early on, they no doubt would have rolled out faster with even better lies. Rough was apparent but not difficult to play out of, even being damp. Tee boxes were all level and clean. Bunkers were all playable and no issues. Greens were in nice shape and chipped/putted great and with speed and had all been cut in front of us. Customer service was great at all levels. If you don't mind the freeway (parts of course are noisier than others) I recommend you play here.
Played on 12-15, Saturday, 8:15 tee time. Our 4-some wasn't the fastest, and we eventually fell behind the twosome in front of us. Finished in a leisurely 5:10, without anyone pushing us after 3-4 holes. I appreciate the repaved cart paths, and the fairways were a solid 7 out of 10; not plush but not bare or too scruffy. Greens were on the slow side but pretty smooth, although downhill putts were still tough. I wasn't in the sand but looked fine. The tee boxes were generally fine but for a few that were not very flat. Solid customer service.
Out for a Sunday round at muni. Course was already a group behind when our tee time came up at 9:37am. This was literally the longest round of golf I have ever played. Im sorry but 6 hours is ridiculous. I will not be playing sc muni on the weekend ever again. The tee times were stacked and there was no pace of play enforced at all. Disappointing for such a fun course to play.
Played here 12/16/18 in a threesome with 2 other friends. We had a 6:20am tee time and had to play the entire first hole in the dark which made it interesting. Course is in great shape and green speed and breaks all rolled true. Sandtraps were a little rough but I was able to get out of the 1 i was in for the day. Water on course smelled really bad and the geese were abundant and aggressive through a few of the greens when they were there. Course needs to limit their population. Everything was green. Saw the cart girl 3 times, all staff was very polite. POP was 3.5 hours for a threesome!!! It was great and we were the second group off the tee. Love this course!!!
The rough is extra violent right now. Fairways are FIRM, and the greens are rolling.

This is the most fun I've had at Arrowood since we've been playing here, for years.

The course is in GREAT shape. The only issue is the hacks that aren't repairing their ball marks.
Played a couple back on a very cold foggy morning in about four hours only after passing the slowest group in the world. The fog did not actually lift until the fifth or sixth hole. That made for an interesting front nine but surprisingly no worse scoring side than usual. My partners actually played better in the fog?? The tee boxes were all damp and level with good coverage. The fairways were very damp with pretty good coverage - only a few thin spots throughout the entire round. The rough is mostly short and thin but you will find thicker places on some holes. The traps were all well groomed BUT needed a SAND infusion worse than most local courses. Many rocks and extremely thin places in most of the traps even the green side bunkers. The greens were fairly soft and held shots good but many had numerous ball marks in need of repair! The greens are always consistently true and roll quicker here than most local courses. The green fees are reasonable for what is offered. Always recommended.
Finished in under fours hours this morning on a pretty well conditioned course. The staff is top notch. The tee boxes were mostly level but a few were thin and damp. The fairways have very good coverage with a mixture of grasses with kikuyu being the dominant type lately. The rough is almost all kikuyu and you'll find thin dry areas and thick damp places from hole to hole. The traps were a little damp still but were in great shape and well groomed! The greens have filled in very nicely since the maintenance last month. The greens have excellent coverage with very few marks. Most greens were somewhat slower than my previous rounds here but in great shape. The course is very narrow with homes along most fairways with a few water holes mixed. The place is always busy and is fun and challenging as well with very reasonable rates. Always recommended.
Played a quick sub four hour round last weekend on a cool crisp day. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The tee boxes were all in okay shape with a few being somewhat thin. The fairways were damp and thin with coverage lacking here and there throughout the round. The rough was also hit and miss with thin hard areas and thick damp places as well. The traps were very damp and thin but were playable. The greens were definitely the highlight of the round. There were a couple bare spots on a few of the greens which I'm sure should fill in with the rains and conditioning. The greens held shots well and were very smooth with good roll. The dormant bermuda really kills the look and playing conditions at this course - especially with the cooler damp periods during the fall and winter. The regular green fees might be a little much also for what you get.
Lead off group 12/15 under cloudy skies with a threat of showers that didn't fall. POP not an issue we were told to not go too fast to avoid maintenance crews but didn't see them. They were blowing leaves on a couple holes but that only helped conditions and the operators gave plenty of room to play through.
Third round in a row here and it's a bit over an hour drive for us. It's great conditions at value pricing for the season. With the excellent service the Troon facility is a 4/5 star golf anytime of year. Every time this year it's consistently been good to great in every rating area.
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