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Another Sunday afternoon at RHCC and the course did not disappoint.

Greens were incredible - fast as ever, perfectly manicured, tough to stop of balls of course, and incredibly tiered and sloped and difficult. Fairways are still growing in and are showing some signs of drying out but you're still always going to find a good lie. Rough is brutal. You can lose balls which you watch from start to finish and know exactly where they are. It's baffling and sometimes infuriating.

Sand in the bunkers is in good shape and the tee boxes are finally settling a bit better so you can actually get your tees into the ground on each hole. That's a nice improvement from the first few months at this newly re-designed course.

Fantastic new layout that really rewards fairway hits and absolutely crushes you if you're in the rough or native areas. Still waiting on the hole 2 redesign though as that one makes no sense, but the rest are pretty awesome.

Still getting to know this course with each visit and learning its quirks and angles. It's just so easy to blow up fast here so more progress is definitely needed. Will keep at it. And if you get a chance to play here, don't skip it.
Played Fri 11/9, 10am tee time. Very calm and warm day. 4:15 pace as a 4some. Wow. Course is in fantastic shape. I play a lot of private golf, and this course is in country club shape. Greens lightning fast, about 11.5. True, and firm, but hold well struck shots. Interesting green complexes. The whole course is in great shape. For public play, it's well taken care of. Bunkers could be raked better, but the sand is consistent throughout. Links style course that is vulnerable when there is no wind, like today. Had a great time.
Quick nine at Penmar on Saturday after the desire to finally sleep in (and Daylight Saving Time having kicked in) took precedent over an early morning round and a long drive somewhere else. Enjoyed the round very much.

Good conditions currently at Penmar with slow greens that hold shots well but have a few too many bumps to them, but still better than other times here. You'll never get fooled by any break at Penmar so putting averages should remain low. Fairways are also in good shape right now and the only areas of concern are the tee boxes and bunkers.

Very basic, straight-ahead layout at Penmar but it's longer in some places than you're usual nine hole course. Par 33 with no par 5s but you will still use a few clubs. It's a good spot to stretch out the legs and walk and build up some confidence. Recommended.
Played today on the all day Vets special ($20 W - $35 w cart). Place was empty early and finished in 3 H. Tee boxes are all fine (though they do need leveling someday). Very little rough anywhere and what there is, is manageable. Fairways had decent coverage on the River 9 with good lies and roll. The Pine 9 was in much better shape, as it was greener and had better roll out and lies. Bunkers were all playable. Greens were very nice. Chipped/putted well with speed and bounce from incoming shots. Customer service was excellent at all levels
11/11 @ 7 The smoke from camp fire was visible in distance but not a factor. Course is in great fall condition the fairways have a few brown spots but rolling out well and the rough just long enough to hold errant shots from the woods or deep stuff. Neither of us two got in a bunker all day. Greens putting smooth semi-fast. All pars made with one putts. Overall as nice and playable as AV gets a few leaves but expected in season.

On the first hole herd of does walked across the green when we hit approach shots. Not many ball marks but a few hoof prints! I drive the cart to green and above me near 2nd tee box is a buck with a large 5x5 rack and the smell of deer musk was super strong. The rut is going on. He stood tall and looked me over and walked away, impressive Muleie.

Like my last reviews. Recommend.
Course is in good shape, only exception in there is no sand in the traps - basically mud pits. fun with some challenge, but for $65 with breakfast and lunch on a weekend during their peak season great deal
Played on Thursday, 11/8, with JohnnyGK, Sixpez, and Kevbig and had a great time on a very breezy and unusually chilly Vegas day. Excellent service from bag drop to finish, friendly staff, drink cart around at least 5 times, and the type of service you expect from a Vegas resort.

Course is in great condition. Lush fairways, non-penal cut down, dormant rough along the fairway. Longer, thicker rough around the greens. Bunkers seem a little heavier from prior visits. Greens were firm and scary fast.

3rd time I've played Rio Secco in the last 6 months and every time I love it more. Easily tops my list of courses in the Vegas Valley and definitely a must play when visiting.
Played Saturday, 11/10, with a tee time just before 11 with John_T and his dad. Paid $45 with OB card and a 15% discount. Teed off a few minutes late on a busy day, felt like it took forever especially waiting on every tee (2 groups deep every hole of the back), but still finished in 4:10. Weird.

Course is in great winter condition. Some tee boxes need to be leveled but all playable. Fairways have fully grown in and lush. Rough (also re-seeded) was about 1-3 inches, depending on the hole. Bunkers are getting new sand and all were pretty fluffy. Greens were firm and as fast as I have seen them.

Another beautiful Vegas day on my home course. Course is very playable and worth a look.
Went out around noon today paired up with another single who turned out to be very pleasant company. I've reviewed this course in detail in the past so this will be short. Solid all around conditions. Tees flat and well covered, a few isolated, damp, thin spots on otherwise nice fairways, recoverable rough, firm bunkers, and reasonably clean, medium quick greens that were fun to putt on with some subtle and challenging contours.

Made it around in about 4.25 hrs with some intermittent waiting. Nicely maintained, shorter course with two pretty different nines. A very relaxed and enjoyable day of golf.
Went off a little before 7 and finished in 4:15. Check in was smooth and the fence is fixed in the range so that is now open. The practice green by the range is still not open yet.

Greens are in fantastic shape and they are rolling very quick. I raced several putts well by the hole. A few too many fresh and old ball marks that were not repaired properly but with the amount of play it gets I expect this.

Fairway are nice. Mowed nice and great to hit from. There are probably a few areas that need to be addressed but I don’t remember any one in our group having an issue from a bad break.

Rough is not the place you want to be. It is thick and I was told it was thicker last week. I almost lost my first shot. One guy in our group lost 2 on the first 9 and I swear I saw both of them but never could find it when we got there. This is probably why rounds will take longer due to searching for errant shots.

I was in a couple of bunkers. The green side bunkers are great, nice sand and freshly raked. The 2 fairway bunkers were quite the opposite. There were weeds growing in it. Didn’t look like it had been raked in quite a while which resulted in golfers giving up on raking their footprints (yes I found one).

Tees are pretty good. I noticed some of the forward tees seemed like the grass was still growing in.

Overall a pleasant experience and well worth the resident fee.
With the South course closed for a ladies tournament, I expected it to be crazy crowded this morning, but perhaps because it was the first time the temperatures have been in the 40's since last spring, it seemed to keep the crowds down a bit.

I sure did notice how much shorter the ball travels in these colder temps. Course is in nice shape, greens rolling very true and about 12 on the stimp. Fairways, bunkers excellent, rough still could use some attention.

Having the "extra" light in the mornings really helps, but that will be short lived. Nice to finish early leaving the entire day to perform all the "honey do list" which never ends.
On to El Do Friday morning as a two-ball and a fast PoP under 4 hrs. Winter conditions starting to show as some of the Kikuyu is beginning to lie down and even thin to non-existent in some patches (which I seem to find on every other hole!). Wind really kicked up on the back nine so lots of debris on greens ... Lawnboy's team will be super busy this weekend.

Greens healed and healthy as the Poa edges try to fill in ... will take a while. The surface on holes 1-3 a bit uneven but much better as you move ahead, best on the back side. GS bunkers look great but most are thin sand over clay, so beware (where's the sand? Second protest :-)

Challenging layout from the Blacks on a blistery day, really had to focus on every ball strike. I enjoy playing here for that reason. With all the trees El Do can be a bear if you're not straight off the tee but birdies are getable if you're on in regulation. Always recommended.
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