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Echoing Webers experience...slow greens, weird punching of greens precluding easy putting. Tons of quirks off tee. ....get the yardage book, study the pics here on GK.....nothing beats experience. Tough ball buster of a farm. I'll be back again to try again!
As always if you can get it-get it.
Played yesterday and was 4th off. Finished in 4 hours and 15 minutes. It could have been a lot faster if it wasn’t for the second group. They didn’t even tee off until the first group cleared the green and I’ll refrain from commenting on other things I saw of this group.

Greens are not as firm and fast as I’ve seen here but that is not a bad thing. It was just an adjustment based on my prior experience. There are actually ball marks on greens now. Some greens had many ball marks that hadn’t been properly repaired and they still show signs of those dead spots. #6 comes to mind. Rolled pretty well though.

Fairways were pretty good. Nice to hit from. A few bare areas but you’ll generally have good lies.

Rough is down and very playable right now. A few more bare areas in the rough than I’d like to see but not the worst.

Sand was very good. Looks heavy and wet but that is just the type of sand here. I was able play the shots I wanted which was a nice splash/thump.

Plenty of room on the tee boxes to tee it up. Maybe just the normal wear and tear on the par 3s.

For a resident it will fit the bill but for a nonresident I’d think it be better to wait until there are a little bit more in improvements.
Tee off Thursday at 9:40 and finished in 4:40 playing behind a tournament group. Foursomes and tee times 10 minutes apart helped with pace. I enjoyed the layout of the course. Nice variety of holes. There were a few holes that were somewhat narrow off the tee but overall most holes had a fair amount of room off the tee. The difficulty of many holes comes from the approach to the green. Several holes have a hazards to cross short of the green. A couple require a shot through a narrow gape of trees. The greens have good amount of undulation but nothing extreme.

The greens for the first 4 or 5 holes had some real issues. The small patchy spots throughout, were slow/medium speed, and bumpy. The remaining holes were much better with only minor thin spots but rolled pretty good with medium/fast speed. All the greens held shots. The fairways were thin but playable. Shots ran out a bit more than expected. The rough along the fairways was a mixed bag of good, thin, and bare. The green complex rough was mostly good. The bunkers, greenside and fairway, were in good condition. The tee boxes were mostly good.

The club house is very nice. The driving range is grass and there is a short game green with bunker. The staff was very friendly and informative about how to play a few of the holes. I booked on the course website for $54 and upon check in they provided me with a yardage book.
Played 7-21-18 mid morning as a foursome and finished in about 4 hours and 45 minutes. Tee boxes were in descent shape, mostly level and semi-lush with minimal divot damage on par threes. Fairways were very lush and green with minimal roll out and the ball sitting up very nice. Rough was in good shape along fairways and around greens about 2-3 inches and thick. Was not in any bunkers but some looked to be in a little better shape than normal, while others still looked thin and hard. Greens were in really nice shape, rolling fast smooth and semi-soft ( #2 still has some issues but it is starting to look better). Overall course is in really nice shape and very green.
Have been playing at least once a week for a few weeks now. The course is FINALLY starting to resemble it's best self! The afternoon rains have helped I'm sure. The fairways are looking lush, the rough is growing in, most tee boxes are looking fairly nice. Some of the greens still have 'sick' spots but overall they are looking much better and rolling pretty nicely. They don't have a lot of 'stick' yet so spin is a must. There's a lack of consistency in speed from green to green too. BUT they are getting there. I would not hesitate to recommend playing this little course now. (compared to two months ago that's saying a LOT!)
After a 2 year, 7 month hiatus from golf for an insidious disease, I joined in a GKPlays outing on Sunday, July 15, 2018. I had not seen JohnnyGK and my other buddies for such a long time but I was welcomed back heartily which has always been the norm for GK members!

We were concerned with the heat but it was much more tolerable than we thought. The course was magnificent! Fairways were lush green leaving ideal lies, rough was short and lush which facilitated getting out of it! The tee boxes were lush and mostly level. Bunkers were damp with a top crust from the monsoon rain from the night before but could be escaped with a hardpan swing. The greens initially were damp and quite slow but got faster as the moisture evaporated. Since the maintenance crew could not mow the greens, the grain influenced putts by deflecting the ball unpredictably! Late in the round I started pounding the putt into the back side of the cup. That was only partially effective!

The cart girl came around once on the front nine and once on the back. There was water on the course at several holes to ensure you stayed hydrated. There was ice provided in the cart cooler which also helped.

Overall, the course was in great condition! I had problems with hitting fat shots with many clubs and the Bermuda grass complied by producing huge divots! We used most of the sand/seed on the cart! I was frustrated many times but in the end I realized I didn't do too badly after not playing in so long!

I played in the last group with JohnnyGK and Kviser who kept encouraging me throughout the round. Kevin would rake after bunker shots and John retrieved wayward balls for me. That is what being a GK member is all about. Thank you both for making my return round so enjoyable guys!

Staff at the course and in the restaurant were super nice and our group had a good time during the award ceremony and lunch afterward. Another great outing made possible by our own JohnnyGK! Very much appreciated John!

Played Coyote Run and Eldorado on 07/21 and the conditions were amazing!!!

Upon arrival, the cart guys come and pick your clubs up then offered some range balls to warm up with. Club house staff is friendly and after paying your green fees, there is an option to pay an extra $10 to play Boulder City Golf Course within 2 weeks for free. That's a good deal.

Breakfast burritos were $6 and pretty tasty.

There are three 9 hole courses Coyote Run, El Dorado and Desert Hawk. We played Coyote Run first then El Dorado.

Both courses were in amazing condition! The fairways were so perfect that it almost looked as if no one had played in a while. The rough was tall and stops the ball if you roll off the fairway. Pretty deep and easily swallows the ball if you hit it in there.

The sand traps were pristine. There are plenty of dirt hazards on the side that you can hit your ball into and because of the rocks, chew up the ball and the club so be careful.

The greens are well protected by sand traps so bring your sand wedge with you. On hole 14, there are bee hives in the trap so I just picked up because I didn't want to get stung.

The greens were in great shape and free of divot damage.

The carts were good, good GPS that gives you the distance to the green and hole. Also provides you with tips for the hole.

About the only bad thing I have to say about this course is that the holes are hard to find at times because there are lots of different forks in the path and you have to guess which way to go.

The pace was just under 4 hours and definitely a must play. I can't wait to go back.
The poor condition of the greens made scoring well here impossible. Slow with pock marks made the shortest of putts missable. Some were pretty sandy like they'd been aerated recently, which seems odd given that it is mid-July. I would have expected a discounted green fee at a course that had greens this bad. TPC is going to have to perform a miracle to get the greens ready for the President's Cup to be held here is a couple years.
Otherwise the course is fairly easy, without a lot of hazards in play. Turf was in great shape and well manicured. Very scenic San Francisco setting.
I was invited out by a friend of a friend to play at Shadowridge yesterday afternoon, July 20, 2018. This review will not be a review of the amenities, staff, etc but solely of the golf course and its conditions.

Tee-Time: 4:15pm
POP: 3:15 (1:30 front 9, 1:45 back 9, 1:00 second time on front 9)

The greens here were very awesome and rolled super true. Very minimal ball marks but being so late in the day there were footprint marks around the cup. Greens were on the faster end of greens in San Diego at this time of year, but on the slower end of private courses that I have played in the past. Overall, some of the most true-rolling greens I have ever played and was thoroughly impressed. The were also fairly firm but receptive to shots.

Great fairways with no bare or soggy spots. There was one hole with marked ground under repair but it didn't seem to have any issue. Fairways were semi-firm and good shots were rewarded with a decent amount of roll and good lies for approach shots.

Bunkers were all very uniform from fairway to greenside. These bunkers consisted of the darker, heavier sand that is more coarse than I am used to but they had enough sand to get under the ball without much effort.

The rough was really interesting here. It reminded me of the rough at courses in Palm Springs where it doesn't look long but its just super fluffy and your ball will sink down into it. In the end, the rough was pretty punishing if you missed into more than the first cut.

This course was amazing in my opinion. It was a great mix of distances and types of shots required. There were a lot of risk/reward situations without all the gimmicky setups that tend to accompany risk/reward situations. If you have the opportunity, check it out!
Played Fri jul 20th at 702 with our OFG group, the last time I played here was late April and the course was a mess. I saw a review on Greenskeeper and they were positive so I was hopeful. Check in quick and friendly, the restaurant doesn't open until 630 so IMHO is late for early summer tee times, should open at 6. Starter was very friendly and you can tell they are trying to recoup golfers. The tee boxes were all level and soft, the fairways were very nice, the 2 that were washed out by floods are all healed, the rough was very long and penal, really had issues finding the ball a few times, I was in the left green side bunker on #2 and the sand was wet and a little thin, the greens were very very nice, rolled very well (27 putts today lol ) you could see the splices of the grass on the green but very smooth. My friends said we will be back as this is between Norco and Orange County. The worst part of the course is driving the carts both on the dirt cart path and the rough, is it like you are off road 4 wheeling LOL remember to go slow so you don't throw your back out or actually hit your head on the cart roof.
Played Knollwood CC this past Thursday. Course was in above average condition, which was unexpected due to the recent heatwave.

Driving range was nice but off mats, tee boxes were lush and sometimes a bit unlevel (not too bad), fairways were lush and green, rough was either very present and overgrown or not present at all and dry, greens were medium and mostly smooth with very limited bumpiness. Restaurant bar was very nice for a post round drink. Beers were a bit too expensive but service was excellent.

If you are in the area, Knollwood CC is a fun course to play, where you need to keep it relatively straight as you do not have parallel fairway bailout here. Its an attractive course with a solid layout.

I would consider Knollwood CC a 3.5 star out of 5.
Needed an AM tee time and Madera fit the bill. Hadn't played here in a number of months and conditions are right on track as usual. Greens are the highlight with above average greens for a muni course. They slope back to front with several being two tiered. Being behind the pin on the wrong section of the green can up the degree of difficulty for this course quite a bit. Greens roll true at a medium pace.

Fairways are a decent overall but do have a few thin spots throughout. Tee boxes were in much better shape sans one par 3 that was pretty chewed up. Sand boxes.....let's just say you don't want to be in the sand traps and leave it at that.

The one odd design flaw of the completely flat track (other than the placement of some of the tee boxes) is the placement of the water hazards. Madera has several lakes throughout the course but most of them don't really come into play. They are off (sometimes way off) to the side and mid way down the fairway so any decent and semi straight drive stays way clear of the water. There are no forced carries or water at the end of a dog leg making club selection critical. I'm a huge fan of water features on a course but these seem to be there just for logistical purposes of watering the course.

Anyway, Madera is what I call a standard Muni course. It's $23 to walk rack rate and often you can find deals at that price with a cart. For the price combined with decent conditions, it gets a thumbs up.
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