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Didn't feel like driving too far, so San Clemente fit the bill. Always able to get out here as the staff is very accommodating. As prior review indicated, greens are the highlight of the course right now. Also impressed with the fairways. I am not a fan of Kikuya, but wasn't too bad to play from.

The course just has nice park-like feeling about it, weather is always great here and holes are challenging without being overly difficult. Whenever I walk off this course, I understand why so many people like this place !
Played here at 7am on 9/17/18. The course is a little tired feeling right now. The greens were pretty nice, held well, and rolled true. The rest of the course is inconsistent though. Fairways were green but patchy, the tees were mostly level but a little beat up, the rough was long, short, bare, i think you get it...…...The course has been in much better shape but perhaps they are getting ready to punch soon as evidence on the Players Course. The best thing was we finished in under 4 hours walking.
Played yesterday 9/19 7:30 am as twosome. Extremely surprised at the condition of the course compared to its current rating. We found it to been good condition, with excellent greens free of ball marks, good fairways, tee boxes and POP. We are definitely coming back and will be adding this to our regular rotation.
Played Eagle Falls on 9/19/18. They will be shutting down in October for the usual fall maintenance. Too bad, because this course is in amazing condition. What a hidden gem. Other than the distant I-10 noise (which I rarely noticed), there is nothing else here.

Great course. Amazing conditions. Nice staff. Amazing bargain.

Highest recommendation.
Played today in 3 H. Got off early as the sun was coming up, so it was a little wet to begin with.Tee boxes were all clean and no issues. Fairways provided good lies, but little roll (until later in the round) to start with. Bunkers were all clean and heard no complaints. Greens were damp to begin with (so little bounce) but chipped/putted just fine (but many divots needed fixing, due to lazy golfers). As the round progressed the greens got faster. They have opened up the new men's bathroom (good news). Hopefully the restaurant will come shortly? Customer service excellent at a levels.
Our foursome played 9/19 and tees off just before 7am. We waited on every shot for the group ahead of us the whole round. They were 1-1/2 holls behind the group ahead of them and not once did they ask if we wanted to play through. When on of our group complained to a marshal it was the typical response. The group ahead of you is within the allowed time frame. Who cares about time frame let the quicker groups go through!

Now my thoughts on the course. If you are not fussy about how the putting greens are then then play course excellent condition tee to green. If you fussy about the greens then think twice. The greens are puttable but have many bare spots and bumps. Greens on #15 & #18 are closed but there is a flag stick some 50 yards short of the greens. It’s just a flag in a larger cup in the fairway. Greens are better than Tijeras or Telega but that’s not saying much.
I know that Oceanside is not everyone's cup of tea, but I really enjoy playing this course. It's fun, some interesting holes, not redundant, doesn't force you to do anything you can not do. The only holes I'm not a big fan of are #15 & #16, because from the blue tees (Which I play) they are just too long for me now. The other 16 holes are fine, just these two.

The greens were far and away the best part of the course. Rolled true, faster than expected, and very receptive to well struck shots. Bunkers were good, not great. Fairways had some bare spots, but were generally very good. Very little rough, only a few feet adjacent to the fairways which was not good, and once you left the rough, God only knows where your ball will end up, rolling forever on the dirt/gravel.

No problem getting out first this morning. Teed off at 6:15am, and my bride and I really humped it because we were told the men's club was going off he back at 7:30am, allowing us only a little more than an hour to walk the front. (We made it in one hour three minutes and the men's club was teeing off early ! WTF. However when they saw us walking up, they apologized and invited us to go ahead. Thank you Men's Club !

Great day ! Perfect weather. Other than having to play so quickly on the front, a very enjoyable round of golf
Our group thought we would give this course one last try. Back in July we had encountered large stake bed trucks and crews resodding the fairways we were attempting to play. They never stopped, looked up or even turned down their music. The rest of the experience was equally bad. Yesterday was the last straw. This time there dead spots on most greens (all had been punched like nothing I have ever seen. Incredibly, they actually placed some pins in those dead spots even with other areas being punched but not dead. I hear the course will become condos in the future. Might as well get started on that, as it is worthless as a golf course.
Played 9/18, greens were just punched and sanded. Not crowded on a weekday afternoon except for the high school teams. Pro shop starter was nice to us. Course was in good shape.
Walked this super fun 12-hole par 3 course late on the afternoon of 9/13/18. What a fun facility this!

Greens are wild and a blast. They feature two holes. One, the easier location (usually more in front) is a big cup, the other hole location is a normal sized hole and is usually tucked. The manufactured dunes and slopes of the greens along with the wind off the ocean create lots of opportunities to shape shots and bounce shots into the hidden 'harder' holes. Meanwhile you can drive yourself crazy wondering why you aren't making 2 on all of the 'easy' hole locations.

The tees are flat but, as you might expect, a bit beat up by divots in places. Good grass coverage, though. Fairways and fringes were good and the greens were pretty good. I didn't find too many unrepaired ball marks, which is a nice sign at this kind of course. Greens were pretty soft, which is to be expected. I was not in any bunkers but they looked to have a good amount of sand in them.

Really a fun place to spend an evening.
Everyone warns you that the front nine at PG is what you must suffer through before you get to the sublime back nine, but I even kinda liked the front.

I played early in the morning on 9/13/18 and maybe it was the quiet solitude on the front nine that made it possible to appreciate those holes. It was pretty much just me and the deer out there.

Also, it was as good a way as any to warm up before getting to the real attraction, which is holes 11-16, the holes in the dunes, which are spectacular.

The course was in good shape, maybe a bit soft. Greens rolled well, but again were pretty soft, putted about medium speed (this was a day after playing Pasatiempo and Poppy Hills, though so my concept of fast may be relative). The rough was thick and wet early in the morning. The grounds crew was in the midst of aerating some fairways on the front nine, about half had been punched already as I played and the guy was working on the seventh fairway when I got to the tee, so note that the next couple weeks (less an issue in fairways than on greens obviously and I saw no signs that they were planning to do greens).

I was not in any bunkers but they looked OK.

POP was quick, since I was the first off. I saw one group who started on the back nine, but they let me play through right away off the 11th tee. The only waiting I did was for deer and for maintenance guys.

The price here might be a bit steep. Granted, it's a steal compared to Pebble or Spanish (the other courses where you can play next to the ocean). But it's not hard to find an online deal for Poppy Hills which is a way better golf experience for just a bit more money. But it's up on the hill, not on the ocean.
Played Poppy Hills on a twilight rate the afternoon of 9/12/18, walking with an NCGA member. Absolutely loved this course. I never played it prior to the renovation, though I had seen it and it wouldn't then have been on my radar to play. Now I think it may be better than Spyglass.

The course is in amazing condition. It plays really firm with tons of options around all the greens. Tees are free form and all level. I hit a lot of drivers but the turf was good enough that my companion hit a lot of three woods off the ground. Fairways are firm but well covered. The course essentially has no rough. What passes for rough is native area or, in some places, waste bunkers. This works very well as it makes the course play wide and just feels very natural. Neither of us lost a ball throughout the round despite several shots clattering into the trees and native area.

Greens were quite quick (not quite as quick as Pasa that morning but close!) and I gave them as 9 simply because they were just edging toward that line of being quick and thin, which isn't quite as pleasurable to putt on.

The bunkers were great.

POP was OK, but not great. We teed off at 3:00 and finished at 6:45. My partner said it is typically quicker late in the day but perhaps many people were out enjoying the great weather on the peninsula. Still finished with enough daylight, even if my legs were jello from 36 holes of tough walking.
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