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Played Angeles National on Thursday early afternoon 2/20. I was booked as a single playing with a threesome. But they put the threesome out early, so I was left to play on my own. This made for a long wait on many holes, until I skipped the last two holes on my first 9. Then it opened up.

I have two words to describe the course conditions: FIRM, FAST. The fairways are mostly brown, very hard and thin. They have a lot of run out on low struck shots. The same was true around the greens. Every lie was extremely tight with little to no cushion under your ball. It was very tough chipping around the greens. The greens were FIRM, fast and smooth, but didn't hold approach shots very well. Even high approach shots landing on the green did not make a ball mark.

Tee boxes were a little chewed up, but stick a tee in the ground and you're fine. I was in two greenside bunkers. There was plenty of medium grade sand in them. Fine to hit from. With the very hard pan fairways and green surrounds, this was an unenjoyable round for me. I played at 12:30 and received the twilight rate of $53. I wouldn't pay the rack rate for this course right now.
Got out to Big V Saturday 2/22 teeing off at 11am with a couple of friends. It was a bit rainy, so the course played pretty damp, and it was cart path only.

Customer service is always great at Big V, they're all really nice people. I really enjoy the practice area. The chipping green is fantastic. The rain started coming down pretty hard, so I ran in for a Bloody Mary and some breakfast. Delicious!

The course is in fantastic shape, if you exclude the fairways. Tee boxes were lush and level. The rough is gorgeous and lush. 3-5" long and thick! The greens were running around 10.5, but had definitely slowed down because of the rain. Beautifully smooth, and a pleasure to putt from. The fairways are a mess. Winter dormant bermuda...not many good lies to be had. Lift clean and place this time of year, but muddy and thin lies all day. They really need to start overseeding the fairways in the winter. If I was a member, I'd be a bit upset about paying all that money for those fairways.

Overall, another great day at Valencia Country Club. I can't wait to get back out there in a month or two when the fairways come out of being dormant. Thanks again, Nathan!
Played with a fun threesome this Sunday at Hansen Dam. We had a 10:08 tee time and I had enough LA City points on my card that I got the round and my cart for free, so that was nice! Apparently I have plenty more points as well so may take more advantage of that in the future.

As for the course itself, it appeared to green up a bit more than usual thanks to the recent rain. I found the course to be overall in good winter shape with a few bits here and there that could use some fixing. But generally speaking, it's in good shape.

The greens were the highlight with consistent rolls, medium-fast speed and nice coverage. They held shots pretty well and made some decent-sized pitch marks when landing. Some of the greens at Hansen are a bit extreme in terms of their slope but for the most part they're gimmick-free and pretty simple.

Fairways are in decent to nice shape overall, but you will find some thin areas here and there. However, you're also going to find some very nice lies - it's hit or miss in those fairways, but nothing too terrible. The rough is a mixed bag when you're in the trees or off to the side hills, but anything fairways adjacent is pretty tame. Tough to see where fairways end and rough begins on many holes.

Sand was okay - not great, but not terrible. Tee boxes were flat and level but a few of them needed to be moved perhaps. You could see they were trying to find the best spots for them so that should be acknowledged.

POP was pretty good throughout the day as we found a nice sweet spot in the day and were rarely left waiting for too long, nor did we feel much push from the group behind us. No cart service all day is problematic, but I can't remember ever seeing it at Hansen Dam. Perhaps they should?

It was a gorgeous day for golf with light winds and nice low-mid 70s temps - can't ask for more than that. I'm not always the biggest fan of Hansen, but it was fun yesterday and playing my best round there since 2017 or so certainly didn't hurt. Will be back again I'm sure.
Played here Sunday 2/23/20 with a 10:40 tee time. My friend and I were paired up with an older couple. Round was slow... 5 hours. They said they had 178 golfers for the day. Cart broke down on hole #9 for us. Two rounds in a row our cart has broken down! UGH! Love the layout of this course. Challenging if you've never played there before. This was our 15th time playing the course. Staff was friendly and saw the cart girl twice.
Greens- 8/10- good speed and breaks
fairways- 7/10- except the over watered hole #9 fairway everything was real nice
rough- 8/10- definitely penalty worthy. Longer about 1.5 inches
Tee Boxes- 9/10 Great coverage, level and green.
Sand- 4/10 not much coverage, extremely hard packed and almost impossible to get out of unless you scold it out. frustrating.
water- no smell and looked clean
First out walking on a cool Monday morning at 6:08am. (Actually teed off at 5:50) Fairways were winter thin, and were kind of "clumpy". The greens could have been really nice, had they been mowed, but despite rolling fairly well, they were just soooo slow. Bunkers were awful, wet, compacted, and not maintained. It is critical at this course that the bunkers be in good shape because they are just a predominant feature of this course. I was in a bunch of them, and it was a struggle to play from those condition.

I really enjoy walking this course. Nice mix of holes, and other than the freeway noise on a few holes, it can be quite pleasant out there. Not a big fan of all the "back nine" play that I seem to encounter, but it wasn't too bad today. Staff was friendly, on time, and accommodating. $21 is a bargain to play here.
Played here Fri 2/21/20 with a 6:40 AM TEE TIME.

Pace of play was good at 4.5 hours
Saw the cart girl 1 time and it wasn't until hole 17 on the green.
Clubhouse staff was friendly
GPS On cart stopped working on hole 12, had to change our cart.

Now review of the conditions;
Greens- 10/10 - Hardest fastest greens I've ever played. Nothing stayed on them and they were a 10 for speed. They ran smooth but these greens were TOUGH!
Fairways- 8/10 most have coverage, some had some bare spots, ball rolled out on them forever which was nice for drives.
Rough- 8/10- Basically normal rough. Not too long and was visible in some places but not in others.
Tee Boxes- 9/10 - Excellent condition, very to little damage on them and they were level.
Sand- 7/10- some had some rocks in them but most were fluffy and were able to get out of them.
water- didnt smell
played here mid morning sunday with a friend of mine. course not that busy so kind started was able to get us out a bit early. course is in winter-ish condition, with fairways on the thin side and plenty of roll. rough was a bit patchy but not much to contend with. teeboxes were in good condition. fringe areas were patchy with different types of grass, sort of felt this was the worst part. a couple of greenside areas had areas of sod where it doesn't seem the grass took and what's left is just rectangles of grass death and dirt. bunkers had a nice thick layer of sand in most, except for 16 which the greenside was kind of packed down. greens were running medium quick and smoothly, not too many ball marks out there. try to be on the right tier, or 3 putts will be aplenty. POP was less than 4 hours for a weekend morning which i consider pretty good. conditions were fine, but nothing to write home about.
Finally got out to play here again after about 9 months. My 6 year old and i played with some extended family who live in the desert. We played February 16, 2020 at a bit after 2:00 p.m. Phenomenal 80 degree day out!

Anyways, about the course - the course was absolutely wonderful (as always). Son and i showed up an hour early for our afternoon start. Hit some balls into the net, chipped some, and putted some. Short game practice area is great, but i just wish they had a real range. That said, the net is pretty decent to warm up with (compared to other nets i have hit into).

Went to hole one and the starter took off right as we were heading up to the first tee. We just teed off and had a great time.

Tee boxes were very nice. Even, though slightly shaggy fir my tastes.

Fairways were absolutely perfect. Perfect green and very few divots (all filled).

Rough was cut pretty short but very decent condition. Found desert a few times i went outside of the rough. Even the desert was playable though.

Sand was great. Fluffy, but not too fluffy. Nice white sand, too.

Greens were smooth. Different grass than I normally play, so were a bit slower than i am used to. Once I adjusted to speed, i was nothing but happy with the greens.

Clubhouse is wonderful, as always. Staff is amazing, both inside the clubhouse and out.

All in all, wonderful day and just wish i could have finished more than 14 holes (stupid short winter days). Son was beyond happy and wants to play again. Family from indio wants to play again too. Great course, and will be back for sure.
Played Laguna Seca this afternoon and the weather was actually overcast and chilly. This is one of my favorite layouts with some elevation changes throughout the entire course. There is a good mixture of fun grip it and rip it holes along with tough challenging ones.

Conditions are a bit less than ideal right now. Greens were smooth but rolling at a slow pace. Most greens are double tiered but usually pretty predictable.

Fairways had a number of thin spots throughout the course. Overall coverage on the fairways was decent but definitely winter thin. Tee boxes had a number of divots however they had a few of the tee boxes closed for complete reseed, so they are obviously working on improving the conditions.

Sand boxes were 50/50. I was in a lot of bunkers today and got a thorough sampling the of the sand. Some were very nice but at least 50-60% of them were riddled with gravel/pebbles.

The skirt areas around the greens were in great shape. Customers service is always good. Nothing over the top with valet parking but greatly friendly service.
Played here today with an 11:58 tee time. First-class facility with valet parking, friendly check-in, plentiful practice areas and clear announcements of calling people to the tee for all three courses. The starter had every group wait until the group ahead is on the first green, creating a little buffer from the start. I was paired with another single visiting from Kentucky and a couple visiting from Florida. I think we started just a few minutes late and finished in just about 4.5 hours.

Conditions are pretty much excellent. Greens are smooth as can be, medium-fast and more firm than soft. Full shots didn't make much of a ball mark and took a bounce or two before stopping. Fairways are deep green, lush and provide ample cushion under the ball. Dormant bermuda rough is cut pretty short, not too penal and provides a nice visual contrast to the fairways. I was only in one fairway bunker and it was good. Tee boxes excellent.

I hadn't played here since a high school tournament over Spring Break '89! Course plays generally on the other side of Dinah Shore Drive from the clubhouse except for holes 1 and 18. I actually remembered it being more difficult than it is. Tons of water and pretty severe Pete Dye bunkering. Also quite a few elevated greens. But like most Dye courses, if you avoid the severe trouble spots, very playable. The last four holes are the standouts in my book, with a short par-4 15th with a severely elevated green, a fantastic par-5 16th that goes uphill on the second shot and then drops down to a little, well-protected green. The 17th is a typical Dye 17th with lots of water, as the green juts out into a lake like a peninsula. The finisher is relatively toned down for Dye, with water all down the left.

Highly recommended if you have a chance to play here!
Played here Sunday 2/23 as second leg of trip with longtime friend and GK member Jon. Had played Firecliff last year and walked away astounded at how pristine the course was, today was no different. As with my PGA West Nicklaus review, I won't go too crazy with detail as again, this is prime season in Palm Springs and even mediocre courses are wonderfully conditioned, let alone a gem like Firecliff.

Tees: Bordering on perfect and LOVE the fact they have so many tee options for players of all skill levels (even if most of the people out here are clearly playing the wrong set).

Fairways: It looked like Augusta out there. Sparkling green everywhere and turf that looks to have been cut with love, not a blade out of place. Roll was excellent and lies perfect.

Rough: Visually just a gorgeous as the fairways and fairly penal. The native area was for more of an issue, but the traditional rough certainly gripped your club tight.

Bunkers: Amazing in that there are so many and all of them are well groomed. Plenty of rakes and people did a good job in cleaning their mess.

Greens: Yet another perfect aspect to the course. They rolled fast and hard, with breaks being tricky at times and downright nuts at others. Most divots fixed thankfully.

ETC: What can be said about this place? Great service, wonderful layout, conditions to die for, and heck even the POP was only 4.25 hours on a prime Sunday during peak season. This place has no failings. GK, go out and play this place!
Played here on Saturday 2/22 with my long time friend and GK member Jon on a very windy and not ideal for golf type of day. First time out here and was impressed with the course (especially the back 9). PGA West has some wonderful courses out here and I can see why the PGA Tour makes a stop here. I won't go into too much detail on conditions overall as it is prime season in Palm Springs and for the prices paid out here, all of this is to be expected.

Tees: Excellent with ample room to place the ball on just about every hole. Don't remember a single hole with un-level ground.

Fairways: A fine forest green carpet that pops in the dormant rough that surrounds. Good seed mix in the carts and people filling the divots. Should be great roll on a day without the winds.

Rough: Dormant rough that isn't very penal. Was in it plenty and didn't even have to club up. The rough was almost a non factor (compared to the water and natural habitat areas).

Sand: Near perfect, every bunker green-side or otherwise had great fluffy white sand that you look for in shot shaping.

Greens: Amazing, though the starter claimed an 11 on the Stimp, with the wind and given actual turf firmness, it wasn't nearly that. Good true roll and breaks were just as visually given.

ETC: Carts with good GPS. Staff friendly all-around. Grass driving range and plenty of availability on it. Layout was fun although the par 4's all seem to blend together by the end (~400 yd with bunkers lining the fairway-type). Would love to play again when the wind is dead and I can get another shot at breaking a personal best score. Recommend.
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