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Played arrowhead today had tee boxes closed due to overseeding. Played around 5000 yards or less. A lot of fun hitting half wedged into greens. No cart restrictions in play. Course was in good shape. Was a joy to play. Greens alittle slow but rolling nicely. Worth the hot deal time.
Rode the Whites on the Oaks/Stonehouse combo (6304/70.2/127) using Forelinx in slightly over 4H. Paired with Chris/Sue, nice couple and 140ver. Thanks for coming up Mike! The weather was around 80, clear and calm.

Fun course, the Oaks 9 is more wide open and less picturesque than the Stonehouse 9. The layout is constantly up/down rolling hills with fairly large, thick trees lining every fairway. Even though it is not far from major streets and the freeway, most holes feel secluded with no homes around and native areas ringing most of the course. Would be a challenging course to walk with the rolling hills.

The tees were good. Fairly level, adequate coverage with most divots properly maintained.

The fairways were fairly lush and nice to play off of.

The rough was decent with good coverage. A few areas were deep and lost ball rough, but most areas were not overly penal.

The sand was excellent. Nicely maintained with an adequate amount of good quality sand.

The greens were medium fast, firm but held approach shots well. However, chips would release and that needed to be accounted for. After playing on some of the slowest greens I have ever played on Friday, these seems like Augusta. Three putted 4 of the first 5 greens before I got the speed down and ended up with one of my worst ever putting days, but the greens were not the challenge, it was me!

Quick efficient check in. Good GPS on carts. Cart gal out and around numerous times. Good snack shop and busy restaurant onsite. Nice course in good condition, definitely recommended.
The course is in great shape right now. The fairways had no thin lies. Tee boxes were level throughout with plenty of grass. Rough was not very penal, but consistent throughout. Fairway and greenside bunkers have plenty of sand and are well-maintained. The greens are the fastest I have seen them since I started playing here about a year ago. Although there are a few unrepaired pitch marks, they did not affect any putts. They have been renovating the 18th hole tee box which has caused it to play as a par 4 rather than a par 5. Fortunately, it looks like the renovations are very close to being completed. Completed the round in 3.5 hours (tee off at 7:21 am).
Played with my monthly club on Saturday, 10/12/19, at 9am, but didn’t tee off until 9:35 as the course was punching out 5somes and they already a half-hour behind at 9 o’clock! Weather was clear and warm with almost no wind, and course had no condition issues, so slow play was completely on the players. Overall a 5-hr round.

Conditions were typical for what you get at Lakewood – everything was just OK. Greens were receptive and rolled at medium speed, getting a little quicker as the day progressed. Only green #6 showed any signs of last month’s aeration. Fairways had mostly good coverage but you could never tell when you would get a thin or bare area or an area with critter mounds. Rough was dry/bare or ranging to thick/juicy. Sand was mostly fairly thin but playable, but partners also encountered deep/soft as well as no sand areas. Tees had various problems – boxes on 5 and 11 were sloping to a right-handed golfer’s rear; on 4, the markers were set up in the middle of a recently resodded area(!), so everything was soft and uneven; some tees had been punched with large holes and not (yet?) sanded.

Most of the white tee markers were placed forward of the white plates. Cranky starter was pushing you to get out on #1, where waiting awaited – no rangers. OK for a slow casual round.
Played in the men’s club tournament today and the conditions are not very good right now. I got there a few minutes before 6 to warm up since the range opens at that time. Needless to say no one opened until 6:15 and the lights were not turned on so I was hitting shots blindly. For a destination course this range is very poor even when conditions are better. Limited flight scuffed up balls are what you get. The new chipping green is better but I’m still surprised they didn’t make is bigger. They have the room and they always have the other areas roped off. I have no clue why.

The greens are actually really good. No maintenance was done on them so there were quicker than I’ve been playing. I ran quite a few by leaving some testy kneekonockers. There are some old ball marks that were unrepaired or poorly repaired.

Tee boxes are awful. Both the black and taupe tees are grouped together on every tee box and the markers are all the way at the front of the tee box. I don’t think they have moved the markers at all because some of the boxes didn’t have a place to tee it up within 2 club lengths. The 9th tee box was soaked too.

Fairways and rough are going to have water in low lying areas. They are watering the heck out of the course right now. Actually when we finished they turned on the sprinklers on 1 and the tee box on 2. Funny there was no one on 1 but there was a group teeing off on 2 which had to move. The grass has barely started to grow back and these will probably get worse before they get better. My guess is they will let this grow out and not cut the fairways for a little while.

Just FYI it will be cart path only until February. I don’t see myself coming back before December at the earliest.
Why, you may ask yourself, would any rational thinking golfer spend a perfectly gorgeous Saturday morning at The Links at Victoria? It's a great question.

In part, it was because my foursome (playing our little Game 7 from a long ongoing bet) had to play early and it was the only local course that had tee times available before 10am. It was also a bit of nostaliga involved in the decision as rumor has it that this course will be closed in April of next year, so I thought it would be a shame not to play it at least one last time.

(Just for the record, the starter was still under the impression they have a shot to save it.)

First, the positives. The new driving range looks really good. I had not been back to this course in over three years so it was nice to see that completed. The greens and green complexes here remain top notch. It's an absolute mystery how they can do such excellent work on the greens here, but haven't figured out a way to get any of the rest of it right. Greens were running smooth and medium-fast, with great coverage and really nice designs. And the layout at Victoria is really fun and varied.

The fairways are as poor as their reputation, and maybe even a bit worse right now. Vast swaths of hardpan dirt where once nice grass was envisioned. It's a total victory to have any tee shot land in some of the grass that does occasionally dot the fairway. Plenty of rodent holes as well waiting to swallow your ball. Rough is non-existent as it's just the same as the 'fairways.' There's no differentiation other than dirt from sparse green. As awful a condition of a golf course you'll ever find.

Bunkers were thin and not much fun to hit from, while the tee boxes were just okay (we played the white tees due to conditions). No cart service to be seen all day, but at least the carts were okay. But yeah, for a $50 greens fee, you're not getting much bang for your buck here, unless you only consider the quality of the greens.

So would I recommend a visit? No, of course not, but then again, maybe with more visitors they can afford to stay open and fix the fairways eventually. But we've heard that same tune for many years now. Avoid it unless you just want a final go-round before it's gone.
Played 10/11/19 10 am POP 3:50
First group out after frost delay. Fairways in very good to fantastic shape. Ball sat perfect with good roll. Greens were very firm and fast. They are punching on Monday. The course is beautiful right now with the colorful foliage and nice day temperatures. Enjoyed the layout. Mostly mountain type golf with some narrow landing areas and tough angles if you find the wrong side of fairway. Nice views of surrounding mountains. Recommend after punching healed, but season most likely over?
Went out twilight yesterday, 10/12 as a twosome around 3:30. Turns out the greens had been punched, probably no more than a week previously and, while not a lot of residual sanding, were in waffle-iron mode. Personally, I was in no-warm-up-casual-nine-mode, so it wasn't a huge deal to me. It seems they are combining greens with some other maintenance as the tee boxes were generally shaggy. I noticed seed on some of them as well as some dampness indicating extra watering and assume they're giving them some growing-in time before the next cut,. So, for general purposes, the average golfer would probably stay away for a couple more weeks. Otherwise, the fairways have the occasional substandard patch but are in good, playable shape in the main. Rough varies and includes bare sections, but is otherwise good and more often not overly punitive in the greened up parts. I avoided all bunkers.

We got out a little ahead of the late Friday wave and so had no pace issues. Perhaps because I had no expectations on the waffle greens and didn't overthink the putting, I probably only missed one putt I felt should have been made, and drained a curving 12-footer and a 30-footer from just off the green, both to save pars. Go figure. One of my better rounds here in a while. Not a destination course, but nice to see them putting some work into it. I often don't even bother to write up my rounds here, but I'll report back in a few weeks.
Played here yesterday teeing off shortly after 7:00 AM. Immediately I was very pleasantly surprised at how good the fairways are right from the first hole. Lush yet closely mowed and let any ball that found the fairway to roll very decently. Because of my early tee time, there were some wet spots from the sprinklers that hadn't drained, but other than that they were the best I've seen them here in a long time. Greens have fully recovered from any fine hole punching that had been done, and putts rolled smoothly and evenly at a medium speed. I'm glad that the City of L.A. decided to do fine hole punching only this fall, as the greens at both Rancho and Encino, which I played recently, were in an excellent shape also. Luckily I didn't find any bunker, but other than the usual unraked foot prints, the sand looked decent and reasonably playable. Rough overall was a hit and miss, ranging from not difficult to brutal on an inconsistent basis. Thanks to the early tee off, was able to finish the round in little over two hours walking - good for here any day! Other than one grumpy senior in the foursome I was grouped with (another story in itself LOL), the company was great and I thoroughly enjoyed the round. Will be sure to go back soon.
Went out yesterday @ 2 PM. Got right out and finished in 3 H. Great customer service in the shop. Found the course to be a tale of two 9's. Front nine fairways were dry and lots of thin brown areas. Tee boxes were acceptable. Traps seemed hard/crusty. Greens were slow and had areas of sand on them, that had not totally healed from aerating. Back 9 was in very good shape. Tee boxes good. Fairways had good coverage and lies. Traps were still hard/crusty. Greens were in good shape and chipped/putted just fine, though still a tad slow. Price and pace of play were excellent, making for an enjoyable round of golf.
Had a prepaid tee time on Terra Lago North through Forelinx @ 1pm. Checked in @ 12:40 and was advised they had a main water line break this morning and a slow moving tournament after they opened the course, so they were over an hour behind. Kudos to the staff for thinking outside the box and getting out the roughly 30 players who were waiting on afternoon tee times. First they provided free buckets of range balls to keep people occupied. The South course was scheduled to reopen after over seeding Saturday, so they quickly added pins and just opened it half a day early to accommodate the overflow caused by the late start.

Rode the Golds (6401/71.0/130) with Ken and Claudette for 9 holes, then zigzaged around the back as a single to beat darkness and finish 18. 2H 20M playing behind several slow 4somes on the front, 1.5H on the back for slightly less than 4H overall. The weather was clear, fairly calm and around 90.

Considering the course is coming out of overseeding, I found the conditions disappointing. The course is almost always rough around the edges. Excellent layout but needs more time/$$$ put into attention to detail.

The Rye tees were mostly lush and will be super once they fill in more.

The Rye fairways were mostly lush with good coverage. A few bad spots.

The Bermuda rough around the fairways was not over seeded. Okay coverage with occasional bare spots.

Most of the fairway traps they have basically let go. More like waste bunkers. The greenside sand traps range from okay to terrible. Consistently too thin to be playing up to raised greens. They need to be churned and more/better quality sand.

The Rye greens putted woefully slow. I'll give them a pass on that since they were not expected to be utilized today. However, I counted 11/18 greens with areas (sometimes large) that had seed on them trying to fill in areas that were anywhere from weak to almost hardpan. These greens (IMO) are still 10-14 days from being good. I have played on greens right after aeration that were better than I experienced today.

The customer service was good from all. No Marshall or drink cart, plenty of water/ice station on the course. GPS on the carts. Good all grass driving range with a couple of practice holes. Could not recommend in it's current condition, wait at least 2 weeks on these greens.
Played today with an early morning tee time. The greens have recovered well from aeration approximately 1 month ago. They were running slow and held shots as they were soft. The 18th green has some GUR on the fringe. Hole #3 tee box was under repair so it was temporarily converted to a PAR3. Overall course is good condition. The wind did not come into play until around 11am when we reached the 8th hole, windy but not overpowering. As usual staff was friendly. The course does not have a refreshment cart or drinking water on the course, so make sure you pack up at the snack bar at the 1st tee or the turn. POP 4 hours.
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