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Played in GK event 10/16/16. WOW!! What Amazing Improvements. Nice little warm up area into multi-station net, but soo much better than what was there originally when we last played a few years ago.
Beautiful quaint clubhouse renovations - impressive. Staff were FANTASTIC from the minute we arrived. Very accommodating/actually went above and beyond to make this event one to remember and wanting you to come back for more.
Course was in the best shape I've seen it in for the times we've played.
Fairways rolled out nicely and were easy to hit off.
Rough was playable; came in handy to keep from rolling off and down into a deep green-side bunker, yet tough to get up and down.
Tee boxes (from the Red), were mostly well manicured & level; yet there were those that were slightly bumpy & uneven.
Greens rolled medium/slow for the most part; but held shots extremely well. Some un-repaired ball marks, and cups showed end of day wear resulting in quite a few lip outs. I profess to be a fairly good putter, but this day had me scratching my head and grimacing in anguish of twoputtitous :(
Bunkers were pretty consistent...and I was in my fair share. Most were thick/heavy sand, but one or two were a little thinned out.
Cart service was frequent and very friendly. :)
Pace of play was 4 hrs, and wind will come in to play during your later in the day rounds for certain. Course knowledge a Big Plus! Prepare with extra sleeve or two of balls, for if you make it through a round here without losing a ball, you can count yourself a Master of Mt Woodson.
This course is one of my favorites in the Ramona area...the surroundings/scenery can't be beat in the for the price and challenge. Red tees are EXTREMELY lady friendly, and Blues will test even the most accurate of shot shapers.
Practice chipping area located far end of parking lot. (Watch for errant shots from 2 nearby holes). Nice practice Putting area adjacent to starter area/1st tee box.
Lovely, friendly, Cleveland Rep was there with great demos to get a real hands on look/feel of the wedges/putters. Will be seriously looking at their 2.0 chipper maybe in the future ;)
Hope to be back to this course again in the near future...SO NICE to see the improvements and can't wait to see what they have in store in their future.
Mt Woodson is a MUST play course...even if nothing more than to say you experienced 'The Bridge"...Still a dobule E ticket ride! Kudos to Johnny and his support team.
Went home with TWO Beautiful LinkSoul women's golf shirts...can't wait to sport them around on my next golf outing. No better day than a day with Great GKers, and the beautiful challenging course layout of Mt. Woodson Golf Club...just this novice golfin gals opinion. I'll Be Back :) Thank you.
Played here as Day 2 of our mini golfing getaway, Thurs 9/22 (Thanx to AcesFull & TeaGal for offering up a coupon they had and couldn't use). We set a tee time up for 8:55 a.m. and arrived a little early and were offered to go out right away (cold)...I opted to warm up a little, with no problem as the twosome couple in front of us wanted to play by themselves. As many of you know, if you've ever had the pleasure of playing Desert Willow, this place is Top Shelf Amazing from the minute you arrive. We played Mountain View as they were working on Firecliff (you did have the option of playing one of its 9 twice though if you wanted to play it). Green Green Green...lots of moisture on the course. Tee boxes level/lush. Fairways early morning didn't roll out much due to the moisture, but they were nice to hit your sequential shots to the greens. Bunkers were damp but very playable/consistent throughout. Rough lush, and penalizing as you'd expect. Greens had been punched within the last week or two, small holes, not sand filled, so maybe they were planning on seeding them greens were slow, bumpy, and extremely difficult to sink putts from any distance. Regardless...this was a much more enjoyable track to play.
Flies/Gnats were a Big nuisance, so wear some sort of bug repellent. Twosome in front of us were quite slow, so a twosome behind us had caught up with us and we had the pleasure of their company the last 11 holes (they were Great Fun). Course maintenance staff were out in full force, but very courteous to stop while addressing your shot. Cart person made his rounds frequently and was very courteous as well. Stellar practice areas at this course. New lodging areas going up all around the property. Clubhouse, the food, Pro Shop, and Staff are simply Amazing!! If you've never played truly owe it to yourself to go. (*Mountain View has less bunkers than Firecliff, but both deserve a go.) Love this place... a Top 10 fav!
Had a UP$99 Deal for Stay and Play all day date of arrival and departure. We booked for Weds 9/21-Thurs 9/22. Rain didn't dampen our arrival day tee time @ 9:00 a.m. Staff were Very nice, BUT... we weren't advised that the Driving range, practice greens, restaurant and one of the 3 nines (Indian track) were all closed. Ummmm...would this have changed our plans...probably if it weren't for the fact we had to use up the coupon by 1 Oct. In all fairness, yes, it is late in the season, and they were overseeding the Indian track and doing bunker renovations. So, we went out early (cold with no practice since driving range closed) per their guidance of starting on Royal 9 and then on to the Mountain for our finishing 9. I was quite disappointed with Royal 9, and ready to call it quits, but pushed on. Tee boxes were fine (level, a bit long), fairways were in good playable shape - rolled out fine. Bunkers not too bad either. Rough a manageable length. A lot of beautiful geese on the course (and their poo on the greens and tee boxes); however, the greens on Royal 9 were absolutely horrible! -- hard, and a regular mine field of dirt lumps (ant hills?)...virtually impossible to putt unless you spent time sweeping them clean. Fairways were very tight, so going out cold - well you better be able to hit em straight or you better have good insurance. We managed to trudge through the first 9 of Royal and moved on to the Mountain 9. What a Welcomed difference. Wider fairways, nicer greens with minimal ant mounds. Somewhat of a redemption from the first 9 of Royal for sure; so we went around this 9 again. A lot of quaint water hazards throughout, and it's obvious they are putting a lot of effort into this older retirement community. This course would probably be much more appealing to play when in prime conditions. Simply an older track requiring good accurate shots to stay out of trouble. The "boutique" lodging facilities were nice, but can't relay anything on the clubhouse as it was closed. Pro Shop was quaint - Staff very pleasant and welcoming. One and done for us, no big hurry to go back, but for a quick, inexpensive round of golf, the Mountain 9 is fine (would've liked to play the Indian 9 too, but didn't so can't report on that either). Their online website/video & photos are quite misleading, but again...for $99 we got what we paid for. We did not use our all day replay on Thursday, instead we were offered a great opportunity from fellow Gkers AcesFull & TeaGal to use a coupon they had, but didn't have time to use, for another local area course (Again, Many Thanks you two, for making our getaway a pleasant one.) My rating of this course is low compared to others; I base it on my playing enjoyment and all available resources. Just my humble novice golfin gals observation/opinion.
Sorry so late, just didn't want to dismiss writing a review on this course.
Actually played twilight (3:15pm) 6/30/16. Had a Freebie coupon for 2 w/cart, I was presented at the Carlsbad Golf demo days. Can't beat Free. Hadn't played St.Mark in quite awhile, and last time we played we weren't overly excited. BUT I'm truly Happy to say the course is in remarkably WONDERFUL conditions from tee to green. Check in at Pro Shop was very pleasant and they even got us out a little early even though the late afternoon was quite full. Lots of twosomes/threesomes, so we finished in a little under 3.5Hrs. Tee boxes were nice, mainly all were level and in great shape. Fairways were excellent as well, most fairway divots filled in, minimal bare/GUR areas, some soggy spots from...dare I say it?...Water!! Bunkers were pretty consistent, good shape/adequate sand to support easy outs; maybe a few were a little crusty from water over-spray. Rough in good shape overall as well. Manageable length, not too penalizing. Its obvious they have invested significant time/effort in course upkeep/improvement. Loved the new drought tolerant landscaping around the tee boxes. Greens were in very nice shape as well. Medium to Slow roll, fairly true roll/some slightly bumpy (but it was at the end of the day), minimal ball marks, and held shots well. Some blind approach shots so you really need to pay attention as to where players are ahead of you. Overall we were very impressed with St.Mark. Their practice areas are nice as well, and their onsite restaurant is a welcome for after game R&R. So Very Glad we gave this one another shot for sure. Very Pleased. Just this golfin gals thoughts. :)
Played 6/25 @ 11:28 w/GKrs Bsparks and Tobster. I'm not big on giving poor reviews on any course, but feel I must be honest in my assessment, good/bad/indifferent...Yes, I know SoCal is still in a drought and water is tight, but having played this course several times before, and after playing yesterday...we were a little disappointed by the conditions overall. Fairways were sketchy (browned out more than usual, some divot damage, dry & hard to hit off of).
Areas leading up to greens weren't too bad. The greens were in various stages of recovery from past aeration, but overall puttable (medium speed/slightly bumpy); One green had 2 gopher traps into it, and Hole 17, Par 3, the whole middle section was marked as GUR which are firsts for me. Bunkers weren't horrible...60/40; some thick/fluffy and others thin/crusty. Special mention to Hole 4 dog leg left,, fairway bunkers on the left just let go, no sand, and two of them halfway back-filled with dirt...either fill them in and level them off or ???
No cart lady at all on a warm Saturday. Driving range off of mats. Nice practice putting green. Chipping area needed a little attention/overgrown.
Upon arrival at the gate, we entered the #Code that was provided on the call box... Guess what? It didn't work... thankfully a resident provided us access and advised us the Code had been changed...Umm would've been nice for the course to have updated the sign on the call box dontcha think?!! Pace of play was good, course wasn't overly crowded. I truly hope this course hangs in there and doesn't succumb to giving in and leaving residents who paid for golf course properties holding the bag as seems the trend these days with so many golf propertys closing down completely. This is a course worth keeping and I hope it sees some continued attention/improvements in the future. Just this golfin gals humble opinion.
Played 5/28, Saturday @ 8:56 scheduled tee time, Underpar coupon $99 for two players unlimited (although you can't play past 5pm - all carts must be back in as they roll up the sidewalks and send everyone home...WHAZZUP With That!?), included anything off the menu and a beverage (either preference alcohol/non-alcohol)...Free range balls on a nice grass driving range...Very nice/large putting green and practice chipping area with bunker. Really you can't beat that deal with a stick -- Loved this place! The course is on the far end of LaQuinta/Indio area; Nice, Quiet, BEAUTIFUL and a Very Welcoming Staff from start to finish, both Outside and Inside the Clubhouse. Weather was Beautiful, and course conditions were very nice as well...minimal brown areas, HOWEVER, Fairways had been punched within the last week or two which made for some aggravating kicks left/right on an otherwise perfect down the middle fairway shot. ARRRGH!!!
Quite a few options from the Tees for both men and women to challenge your game.
Tee boxes were nice/level. Bunkers...and I was in several thanks to numerous bad bounces, I was not a big fan of...consistently on the crusty side with quite a few rocks, but nothing a good solidly hit wedge couldn't get you out of. Others thought they weren't that bad. I just prefer a little more sand and less rocks.
Apron/Fringe were in very nice condition. Greens were a medium speed with very subtle between transition of bermuda/rye grasses. Hard to get balls to check, but strategically placed shots saw rewards. POP was 4.5 hrs...course was stacked and Ranger made frequent rounds to keep everyone on pace wonderfully...always had/offered ice cold water. Cart services were frequent and friendly. Rough was easy to hit out of; not too penalizing. We truly enjoyed the layout.
Starter provided us with a Yardage booklet, great advise, and even got us all out a little sooner than our scheduled time. We were able to get 18 in, had an AMAZING lunch and beverage, then headed out to get in another 9 before we had to call it a day. I thoroughly enjoyed this course.
Carts were equipped with GPS & onboard coolers stocked with ice cold water.
Will certainly entertain going back if another coupon presents itself - ;)
Great round with Great GKers and Great Weather/Clubhouse/Course/Staff...Great Great Great...just this novice golfin gals thoughts. ;)
(sorry for delayed review again)
Played on a beautiful sunny/cool, Sun. 4/24 with 9:00 tee time (Used an UnderPar coupon $149 for 2 w/cart same day replay). Was in awe of this beautiful course from the moment of arrival. Class Act course from start to finish. Arrived early and enjoyed the grass driving range w/pyramids of golf balls (and a never seen by me feature... range scope attached to each club stand -- Very Neat!). Nice little chipping area as well. Good sized Practice green adjacent to the 1st Tee Box/Starter.
Was sent out a little early @ 8:40 with another twosome, and our pace of play was quite comfortable. Felt a little rushed at one point with a twosome behind us, and so we simply had them play through. Really was no where ahead for them to go, and they were in no rush either, but it just seemed like the best thing to do to better enjoy our round.
Tee boxes were perfect, level/lush. Fairways were immaculate...seed bottles had a green seed mix which I'm sure kept the divots from being an issue. Balls sat up so nicely, making iron shots effortless. Rolled verrrrrrrry nicely; especially if you caught a nice downward slope. Bunkers were a plenty and for the most part sand was consistent throughout...only a couple I were in were a little packed down, but great to see most were raked by golfers finding their way in/out of them earlier. Rough was lush 1-3" and club selection key to getting out well. Can't say enough about the Pro Course quality feel of this course... Layout is one continuous loop so be prepared in the event no cart girl. We were happy to see a Cart Lady making the rounds (saw her twice). No Marshal - not that one was needed as POP was GREAT. Carts were equipped with ball/club washer and cooler with ice and 2 bottles of water - No GPS. There were water/ice stations on course as well. Saw a "Coming Soon" plan for a snack bar/restroom station on the 9th, which will really take this course one more step toward perfection (in my opinion).
Greens were firm and even well hit shots could end up on/off the back/front. Not many double/triple tierd greens. Several bowl type greens would reward if shots went long, hit the back and rolled back down, on, and close to the pin; while others would stick/stay. No significant ball damage at all, and balls rolled consistent/true, fast/medium fast speeds throughout. Course certainly has some challenging holes and placement of bunkers throughout requiring a well thought out strategic game plan. Wind can certainly play a factor as it starts to kick up mid-day. By our back 9 it truly became a factor in drives/putting. (Main reason we didn't opt for a 2nd round - wasn't because we didn't enjoy our round...quite the contrary...LOVED IT!)
The Staff here are TOP SHELF! From the young man that took our clubs upon arrival, to check in at the lovely Pro shop; young man that cleaned our clubs afterwards, and even in to the comfortable bar/restaurant (Yummy). Hostess, Server, Busboys VERY attentive and friendly. I forgot my phone in the cart and they quickly sent someone down to search/retrieve it for me. I can't say enough of how impressed I was with this gorgeous diamond in the desert. Spectacular in every way...Scored one of my best rounds here...which I attribute to the course conditions. Definitely one of my Top 5 Favs for sure...can't wait to go back and give this Fabulous course another go round...just this novice golfin gals humble review.
A little late, but better late than not. Had the pleasure of teeing it here on 9Apr on an Underpar deal for $65 two players/unlimited same day replay/w-cart. Arrived early for our 9:21 tee time. Went in with minimal expectations as we hadn't seen too many recent reviews on this course. Located in an older community we were very pleased with the check in as the Pro Shop staff were wonderful and very informative. Quaint Pro Shop, pleasant starter, comfortable carts (no GPS), onboard ice cooler. Nice putting area, grass driving range was fine. Course has been going to turf reduction, and although residents may not be too keen on loss of the grass up to their patios; golfing here for the first time, we found the course to be interesting, not overly difficult, quite a few hazards (water) with deep bunker guarded greens. (18th hole being a Brute!) Tee boxes were fine, fairways were coming along nicely, rough was lush and bunkers had adequate levels of sand for the greatest majority.
Almost every green was elevated with slight undulations and back to front/front to back angles. Hitting short to run it up was met with 50/50 success...hitting to the green would typically roll off as the greens were firm and did not hold well. Fast/Med Fast speed, but overall rolled very true. We didn't see a cart girl this day. The clubhouse is older decor, but let me tell you...their food is FANTASTIC!!! Worth just going by for their burger and fries when you're in the area and wanting a good one at a decent price. Pork belly sliders AMAZING! We truly enjoyed this course...not an over the top Palm Desert/Springs resort course, but absolutely worth the time and money to give it a go if you are in the area. Very pleased and picked up another coupon and will be returning hopefully soon. Give it a go...just this novice golfin gals humble opinion. :)
Played GK Event 6/14 (Group 3). As always another GREAT GK event. Both our son's first ever GK Event, and they thoroughly enjoyed their event, and certainly would've hung in there for the revelry afterwards if not for having to pick up the fur kid.

Riverwalk is a wonderful 3 (9s) track inconspicuously hidden away adjacent to I-8, and the Mission/Fashion Valley Malls. Hard to believe they could fit 27 holes in the congested San Diego area -- that in itself is pretty Amazing.

Ample parking, nice Pro Shop, Quaint bar area with outdoor patio seating overlooking one of the beautiful arched bridges, Holes 1 and 18 (Mission course). Separate snack shack over by Hole 1 (Persidio).
Practice Driving range off grass, and adjacent large putting area with about 5-6 cups.
Carts were equipped with GPS, and a cooler.
Cart Lady was ever present and certainly made ample rounds to take care of everyone's beverage/snack attacks.
Tee boxes were in pretty good shape from the amount of use they saw. I believe there were at least 3 golf tournaments going on this day.
Starter was helpful with guidance on staying off the rough to allow them to fill in/entering/exiting via the white stakes/staying on fairways, and overall - a Pleasant start to our day's round.
Seemed like our event had a slight delay in starting, which resulted in a 2 Group back-up on Hole 1, and a
3 group back up by time we reached Hole 2/Par 3.
Our group decided to try and help move things along by waving Group 4 on up once we got on the green, and they in turn did the same for the next group that followed...not sure if the wave ups continued; but think it would be a good (Sign Post Recommendation) for this and other Par 3s throughout to help speed up POP. ???
Typically there were ample signs indicating distances, and drop zone locations, so that did assist in alleviating guesswork. Winds can/do play a part on this course from middle of the day on (cooling off in afternoon too).
Fairways were in very good shape and I found them quite easy to hit off of, as well as the rough which held balls up nicely. Some brown out/minimal GUR spots, but with San Diego's water restrictions and drought conditions, you can't fault the course.
Bunkers (I got in 1) were full of thick, fluffy, sand...
which was Nice to see in one respect (i.e. quality sand in bunkers); however, resulted in a little difficulty getting out after realizing first full swing went under the ball more than usual = resulting in 2nd shot (lesson learned) to effectively get out. Still frustrating to see bunkers not properly raked from the days earlier players; and divots/ball marks on greens (I know I fixed at least 3 or more per hole). I liked the fairways, I liked the rough, and I was impressed with the condition of the greens for mid-day/late afternoon rounds.
Greens were quite fast both uphill and down. Rolled fairly true, a little bumpy (again due to the day's prior rounds/afternoon's growth). Managing speed and the subtle undulations was critical for sure.
Pace of Play we thought was a tidge slower than normal; but once you got around the slower Par 3 holes, it seemed to improve a bit. Proximity of greens/tees/fairways did result in several criss-cross, duck-duck Fouuurrr close calls on a couple occasions.
Overall Very Happy with Riverwalk course and its Staff. We were only a little dismayed at the options for food items to order in the clubhouse upon finishing our round as we were quite hungry and food items were minimal bar type small portioned (albeit Great tasting) foods (i.e. $8 for 2 little sliders with no fries). :( Also, seemed a little under staffed to handle all the mini-food orders. My hats off to the young lady working the bar and trying to quell everyone's ravenous appetites and food/drink orders. May have been because it was a Sunday afternoon??? If I were to make any recommendations for improvement it would certainly be to ensure enough staff were on hand to handle tournaments and a menu not as restrictive as bar snacks. In Summary: For anyone on the fence...grab that Great Greenskeeper coupon deal and Go Play! I for one (our group) truly enjoyed this course and fellowship of GKrs). Riverwalk does seem to get quite busy/crowded, but they have a handle on managing #s to 9's quite well. Would I play here again? Absolutely!!
Just this Novice Golfin Gals two tee's worth. ;)
Played here on 6/7/15 8:00 Shotgun start as part of a 2-day Pioneer River Ricks Annual golf tournament. This is a wide open BEAUTIFUL course; with lots of trouble to navigate. Fairways tee to greens were lush, and amazing for summer. Was a little disappointed in condition of the bunkers...a little hard pack with grass/weeds encroaching into some...and there are many bunkers on this course. Greens were excellent, receptive, minimal if any ball marks. Rolled medium speeds, and ran quite true. Tricky pin placements challenged all this day. Divots in fairways were all nicely repaired as well as on tee boxes and greens. Carts equipped with coolers and a GPS (however ours did NOT come on automatically at the course as we were told it would; so we were without guidance other than with our personal equipment. The cart girls (2), in support of this tournament were Exceptional! Nice driving range with pyramids of practice balls...a great practice chipping and bunker area, as well as medium sized putting area. Dependent upon what time of the year/day you decide to tee it up, will dictate amount of bug spray required to fend off the biting nastys. Small clubhouse/Pro shop, but the staff were all very professional, helpful, and welcoming from start to finish. This is a must play for the area...One of my all time favorites....a little work on the bunkers and two thumbs up. Love Love this course.
Played here on 6/6/15 8:00 Shotgun start as part of a 2-day Pioneer River Ricks Annual golf tournament. Had high hopes as I was told/and read the course had been purchased and 'improvements' made; I would hate to see what the course looked like before the 'improvements'. I really don't like to write less than stellar reviews; but feel I owe an honest 'personal' assessment. Bunkers were rock laden and sand starved (recommend bringing a couple 'desert' irons/wedges for the not so wonderful lies). Fairways were a 50/50 mixed bag -- some consisting of nicer lush areas supporting great lies, and many areas slightly on the thin side, with a lot of bare dirt zones throughout...don't know if I could call it GUR. Rough same same as fairways regarding overall conditions. Greens were the ONLY saving grace for us, and probably where the major 'improvements' have been invested. Greens were medium/firm, and best to come up a little short, boune on, roll up for follow on putt(s). Minimal ball marks/rolled slow/medium speed, and pretty true. Course winds through an older housing development so errant shots beware. Clubhouse and Staff were a win win combo...quaint, pleasant, inviting, and friendly. One major point of contention...No place to get the kinks out of your golf swing so if you don't mind cold starts, then you won't have an issue with no driving range. There is however an average sized putting area adjacent to the clubhouse, and that's basically it. Give this course another year or two and it could be another gem of a course in the Laughlin/Bullhead City area for golfers. Not going to write this one off completely...all good things come to those who wait; and knowing how the Mojave Resort GC is (owners of Huukan), it's got to keep getting better. :)
Played here Memorial Day 5/25 with rstang06(aka hubby), mdkaplan90(aka son), and his friend. 9:39 tee time. POP = 4 Hrs. Booked via 2 days prior, after checking the 'Last Minute Golfer' app for possible good deal tee times. Online Golfzing rate was only $45.97, which surprised me for that course; but apparently it was before the 'Holiday Rate' adjustments. Was worried our rate wasn't going to be honored, but Nope....we checked in with no problems, Pro Shop Staff very pleasant and informative. Driving range is off the better quality mats (limited flight range balls, and up hill don't give you a true assessment of distance -- But certainly meets needs for warm-up/practice). There are (2) putting adjacent to Driving Range, and other behind the clubhouse. Starter was very welcoming, pleasant, and eager to provide advice/assistance.
I have to echo a previous reviewer's comments, "So, I think The Vineyard missed the memo that we are in a serious drought and the course should be dried out and firm. This place was LUSH everywhere. I'm not sure how they're doing it, but I was so surprised at the quality of the conditions right now. I'd rate the fairways if I hit any, but they looked good as I walked across them to drop a ball in the hazards I kept hitting into."...
...Course conditions were EXCELLENT! I did find the fairways more often than not; and can attest to their great conditions for pretty near perfect consistent quality lies.
Rough was 1-3 inches, and very playable. Minimal bare areas, mainly from cart traffic.
Tee boxes were level and lush. Even the Par 3s were in pretty good condition. Divot marks were properly taken care of, both on tee boxes and throughout the fairway.
Greens were a little on the slower side/medium speeds, just a tidge bumpy, but overall rolled fairly true. Some holes were cut in some really difficult regions of the green resulting in more 3 putts than I typically experience in a round, but it's all good. Some minor ball marks due to poor/improper repairs; however, overall nothing major to effect a good putt.
Bunkers were fair to good. Approximately 1 inch of soft (damp due to recent rain/drizzle weather conditions), over semi-hard pan, but were consistent. More frustrating to see all the footprints throughout from lazy players not taking the time to rake up after their journey in/out of them...a pet peeve of mine.
Fair amount of water hazards - and bunkers throughout.
Also concur with other reviewer, that "with some mowing, rolling and time will be pretty solid. They held shots well and were also firm enough to let you use some of the mounding on the greens to move the ball."
Carts have GPS, and I only saw one 'relief' station on the back 9 (two port-o-potties) :( Ball washers and trash receptacles on each hole. Divot mix on each Par 3. There are several protected Natural environmentally sensitive Hazard areas that you can go into to retrieve your ball, you simply can't hit your ball directly from them -- Starter will advise. I don't recall seeing a Cart Girl at all. There is a Snack bar/restroom facilities at the turn, and sometimes it will back up at the turn as people take a pause for the cause(s). ;)

Summary: This is by far one of my #1's in my book for local area courses. It's only a Par 70, but don't let that fool you into believing its not a somewhat challenging track...with the back 9 that run adjacent to the winery and surrounding scenery aiding in that assessment. Weather was overcast w/slight drizzle so the wind wasn't a major factor; however, it can come in to play later in the day. Would love to play this course more often; but we don't always see the great low priced deals as we did this past weekend. They do have an interesting Players Club deal for $39.99 a month ( I may entertain? Nice clubhouse with outdoor seating area, Orfilia winery close by. Nothing but positives (in our opinion). They certainly take a lot of Pride in their facilities, truly care about your golfing experience, and the professionalism is Aces!! Look forward to teeing it up here again. Just this semi-novice golfin gals thoughts. ;)
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