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First off for 1PM twilight on the Destroyer on Tuesday, $26 walking rate, for a semi-windy afternoon round. Teed off a bit early a hole behind the group ahead and caught them at #9, then never had to wait, so PoP was outstanding for an afternoon (just under 4 hrs).

Course in good overall condition. Fairways have some thin/bare areas (I did see white lines, so nice that the GUR's are marked) but are mostly full, green with decent cover. Rough can be challenging, cut to 2" or so, and you can be in pine needles or around tree roots depending where you land. In two GS bunkers, one good condition and one a bit thin and unkempt ... both were playable. Greens rolled true at medium speed, only a few unrepaired ball marks ... very green post aeration ... easily held all well struck shots.

Good day for golf at the Navy course. Add: Friendly staff, good food ... I'll be back.
Played this 6 words-in-the-name course Saturday AM with the Dawgs. Waited on most holes in a 5 hour round. I'll start by saying the food and service were very good ... friendly, hard-working people here. The rest is downhill. I haven't played here for a decade ... I remember when the SCGA called it their home course, it was well conditioned and stunning to the eye. Not now. Even after all the rain this winter, the fairways are drying out and semi-shaggy. Rough was not cut in a long while and was mostly crab grass type stuff. Visually, unappealing. In two bunkers which were in good shape, I will give them that. The RTJ design is challenging and well thought out ... the bones are intact but the skin is wrinkled and dry.

The greens were not in good shape. Not fully healed from aeration ... bumpy but still very firm, so very hard to keep putts online, however, my partner was making everything ... so go figure.

Anyway, it may be another decade before I return, especially with that drive (out/in) on the 91. A ton of people have moved out here (houses everywhere ... when did this happen?!?) and there's only the 15 to get in or out. Brutal commute ... could not imagine doing this every day. My apologies.
Played a 2-man scramble Monster club tourney here on Wed., fun times. Course set up with super difficult pin positions and a few very strange tee locations, played blacks and beyond on most holes. Whoever set it up was very creative.

Conditions were accurate per the latest leef2020 review but his concern for getting the greens back into shape can be forgotten (at least for today), as they were well prepared, even, quick, and just about as good as Poa can get. A pleasure to putt on. Fairways starting to brown out a bit, rough still semi-deep and penal in some areas. Bunkers here are never very well maintained, I don't know why this is so difficult for a higher end OC course.

Decent deals exist for twi-light or using the Creek Card, because the rack rate here is typical OC over-the-top. Still recommended.
Waited for aeration to complete before coming back out to Coyote Hills to take advantage of the great M-F senior special here: golf w/cart, balls, and breakfast or lunch w/drink for $50. Not many golfers here today, so I went out solo, played thru a couple groups on the front and sailed on the back with a PoP around 3 hours as I played a Mr. Gold vs. Mr. Black on the back side (Mr. Black won, 1 up).

Greens have recovered from aeration and they rolled as well as any putting greens I've played this year. They are mostly flat and level.

From the gold (back) tees, the course does not play long. The defense is there's not much room left or right if you are not straight off the tee, mostly lined with red stakes. Bunkers look good but I wasn't in any today. Fairways are thin lies (Bermuda) but I never had a bad lie, rough can be tough if your ball sits down in a low spot. Maint crew was out today punching fairways and aprons.

There are some really gorgeous holes on the back side with well though out man made creeks and ponds ... along with the smell of pine trees, it was a nice step out of the concrete jungle for a change.

Like the layout once you've played it a few times to know where 'not' to play your tee balls as danger awaits if you just use driver, even from the back tees.

Recommended for the deal I got ... can't say same the same for rack rate.
I was able to get a single time at Hondo for Sunday AM on Sat, cool. $50 walking, non-res with a 4:15 PoP, not too shabby. What was shabby were the putting surfaces on all the greens. Pro shop guy said they were back to normal after punching early April ... he lied. Actually, they just need a cut and a roll, but today they were slow, bumpy, and just plain fuzzy.

The rest of the course is fine, lot's of pine needs anywhere near a Pine tree with drying out fairways and green rough. In a couple GS bunkers: thin cover but playable.

I don't play here often, the layout can be a bit boring with lots of parallel fairways, but the greens are usually quick and putt nice ... just not today.
Played Mt. Meadows with the Dawgs today, 20 min. late on the tee and a dismal PoP at 5:20 with waiting everywhere. Greens are not ready for prime time quite yet, soft and uneven surface, speed varies from green to green. Tee boxes are munched, fairways dry with lot's of divots ... green-ish Kikuyu. Some areas are in distress along green aprons with no white paint to be found. Bunkers playable but many footprints from the lazy golfers. Hilly, interesting layout with trouble lurking if you leave the fairways.

Wait a couple more weeks for the greens to heal. Crowded today, peeps everywhere.
El Do at 7:30 this morning, off right on time with a PoP a tick over 4 hrs (Holiday rate was $52 walking ... gulp). The course is in excellent shape right now. Not much to add to my last review other than the Poa greens are about as good as Poa can get right now. Cut short and very quick but so true as most greens will give you a fairly straight putt. Lawnboy doing an excellent job, even broke out the red paint today so the Men's club can play by the Rules tomorrow. I do miss the big tree on #10, it'll be 10 years before the saplings they planted come into play.

Highly recommended at this time.
I found a single $54 walking tee time via Golfzing on Sat for Sun, 6:44am, so I jumped on it ... with a goal to be home by noon for the Masters (same with my playing partners, good peeps=fun round). Off on time but, again, W/E PoP was a dismal 4:40. No rant this time, but for those who play early and slow, see my review for Tijeras Creek on 4/7/17.

The course is in overall good shape. Bermuda is starting to green up a bit and the fairways have full cover as does the near non-existent rough. Good rollout for my driver is also good for my golf ego. Greens were rolling at a medium pace, really nice to putt on with no signs of recent aeration. Was in a few G/S bunkers which were in very playable condition and maintained.

Was sorry to see the previous review, very unhappy camper. For sure, a late round at one of the LB muni's means slow PoP. Just gotta suck it up or play somewhere else. My experience was not nearly the same, I enjoyed the course and group I was paired ... will return.
Tijeras Creek as a single on Friday morning, $65 CC senior rate, with a 7:11 tee time, on time. PoP stagnant (4:30) for such an early tee time. I got some exercise today and walked it, but did get a pull up the hills after 14 & 17. Played with some good folk, too.

[Rant on. It amazes me that there are clueless old farts (I'm an old fart so I can say it) who like to play early but cannot get around in 4 hrs or less ... even when they ride. Suggestion: grab a later tee time!!! Rant off.] Yes, we waited on every shot except after the par 3's.

Found the course in very good condition, tee to green (see leef2020's extensive prior review, it's spot on). Fairways were fuzzy until the mowers got out, then they were just right. Greens are a bit soft, ball marks were craters, but rolling at predictable medium speed, semi-true. Was in one f/w bunker on #1, well maintained and good cover.

Always enjoy playing the back side here, like a walk in the woods. Grass range (Fri-Sun) and nice short game green. Range balls are $9 for 50. Recommended.
Met up with some southern (Cali) family members for a Wednesday round ... picked the Crossings due to the excellent GK reviews and a good $60 online rate ... I let them know that, too. Would have really enjoyed teeing up with Johnny and the gang next week but my work schedule has been hectic and just taking off yesterday was challenging. Gentlemen, you'll have fun here, guaranteed. This course is quite the adventure.

Anyway, the recent reviews are all accurate. The course is an up-and-down, meandering layout thru the Carlsbad hills and a challenge to boot. Most fairways are lined with blue ESA markers so you need to be on your game or you'll give up a few strokes (and balls) to the open, natural surroundings which, by the way, are still full of yellow and blue flowers. Really quite beautiful.

Fairways are more of a greenish- tan color which contrasts the dark green of the rough and tee boxes. The landing areas can be generous or quite narrow, it varies from hole to hole. A mixture of long and short par 5's & par 3's, a bit of risk/reward so long hitters can go for it and only lose a stroke and not distance if the ball goes into the ESA. I hit more layup shots on this course than I have this entire year to date (yep, no cajones).

For sure, a course I'll visit again when I don't mind the drive. Oh, the greens: they were pure. Really enjoyed putting these babies but a little course knowledge would've helped (no birdies for me). Bunkers professionally conditioned. Staff, food, marshals etc. all top notch ... the service is what you'd expect from courses which charge twice the green fee.

Really recommend this jewel. And look online for deals.
Lakewood today (Sat.), $40 walking, PoP at 4.5 hrs w/8:40AM tee time, on time. Course has dried out nicely. For the most part, the greens have recovered from aeration but still a bit bumpy Poa, medium speed today with a sandy texture. Held all shots. Fairways green and easy to play from, some thin areas. Rough full and thick. Bunkers very good sand and well conditioned. Will rate it higher once the greens are back to normal.

Not a tough course, it's flat and mostly generous fairway widths, but can play a bit long from the tips for sure. Need a strong driver or you'll be hitting long irons and hybrids to the greens.

Driving range still under construction with an October estimate completion date. Excellent short game practice area. Lot's of geese doing their Spring dance looking for a partner.

Good muni golf for a decent price. Recommended.
Was able to book a 7:16 single tee time at El Do this morning via the SCGA website, $38 walking non-res. The standing water is gone and the grass on this course is as green as I've ever seen it, tee to green ... and everywhere else. A few thin areas pop up but for the most part the rains that came over the winter did this course a huge favor. Rough lush and deep in some areas so you really need to spot your ball if you leave the fairway. Lawnboy & his crew just punched the greens 11 days ago so the Poa needs another week to get back to normal, which is usually very good to excellent putting. Bunkers were conditioned today and easy to play out, some of the best sand you'll find on any public course anywhere.

Just a treat to play here today and I plan to play here again soon ... just had to wait for the water to absorb. PoP was 4 hrs on the nose but El Do can be really slow if you don't go off early. Highly recommended.
Listing 13 to 24 of 53,878 Course Reviews
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