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Late-morning round on Los Logos Friday, $35 walking, 4.5 PoP. Fairways and rough drying out significantly, lots of GUR marked for the Will Jordan tourney ... I mean lots ... especially near the fringes and further away. Greens were super firm, very shallow ball marks, and you had to take that into consideration for every approach shot. Rolling quick, mostly true. Not in any bunkers but they looked dry and playable.

This heat will affect most courses in the area if they back off on the H2O, but there's plenty of roll out so that's good for the ego ... I was hitting driver much further than norm and clubbing down on every iron. Still a decent layout and easy walk. Cart girls were out but not much drinking water on the course, so beware if you're out on a hot day.
Played Sunday, mid-day tee time discounted at $60 for Creek Card members, they were able to get our 3-ball out early, cool. Fairways a bit long (typical for T-Creek and you never know when that will be the case) and bunkers unkempt was the downside. Also, so many poorly repaired ball marks on the greens which mostly rolled true at medium speed, just unappealing with all the pock marks. Semi-soft so everything stuck.

Some browning and thin areas in the fairways but rough was mostly green and full, cut shorter than most times I've played here. PoP was around 4.5 hrs with minimal waiting ... we were not in any hurry with a group behind us that was a hole or two back the entire round.

Reduced green fees made it tolerable but I expect more from T-Creek. Still recommended because of the layout and fun factor, but I'd never think about paying rack rate with the current conditions. Range was open on the grass (usually Fri-Sun), $9 for 50 balls.
Was headed to Long Beach early this morning and for some unknown reason I just kept going ... all the way down to San Clemente. Just wanted to play something different. Anyway, name on the waiting list gave me time to hit a couple dozen balls and then on the first tee joining a few older locals.

Kikuyu is the name of the game here, the stuff is everywhere, mostly green and super lush ... like walking on thick carpet ... a few brown areas popping up and turning into that matted, thin lie Kikuyu that's not fun to play from. But for the time being, very much fun as long as you stay in the fairway because the rough can be brutal.

Greens are still that grainy Poa and whatever else is there. Can be fast toward the water and very slow uphill. Difficult to read in some sections ... some un-true rolls to boot ... it is what it is as the greens are not the highlight here. Bunkers not maintained today so they kinda sucked depending where you ended up.

Nice journey thru the SC hillside, walkable (as I did for $31 senior rate), which why I enjoy this course. PoP was 4 hrs as the guys I joined were a bit challenged but they had a good time and isn't that what we come out for? Recommended.
Played Green River with a bud Saturday morning, got around in 4.5 hrs with a bit of waiting, $60 w/cart and sm bucket ... was able to make the 7:30 tee time on a Thursday. Running late off the tee about 15 min. Found course in decent shape with several greens in distress but did not really affect play, rolling medium speed with a few bumps and bruises to navigate. Tree lined fairways (plenty of shade to hide from the sun) had mostly good lies but the turf gets thin if you run one near the edges. Bunkers looked okay just dry and wispy, stayed out of them today.

Overall I really enjoy the parkland layout here but only get to play it once or twice a year. Very walkable (one good hill where the clubhouse is located) but due to the heat, we used e-carts today. Good return on investment and you can usually get a tee time.
Walking 3-ball with a 10AM tee time Saturday, $52, on the Players. Flat course with mounding throughout, a few ponds, the trees are still young enough to not make much of a difference except on a few holes (7-9) making the course play very open. Kikuyu is green, mostly lush, and rough is 2-3" ... can be tricky if your ball settles. Greens were the highlight, Poa rolling true at medium speed on the semi-undulating green complexes. Was in a couple GS bunkers and found both in good shape and easy to play out.

A bit pricey for a no-frills OC course but we still enjoyed the 4.5 hour round today. Nice that we were able to play with just 3 because one of my buds is new to the game ... gave me an opportunity to give him some pointers.

Nachos and wings afterward was decent but they don't have Makers Mark at the bar, lowlight of the day :-)

Recommended at this time.
Back to El Do this past Friday with a early GolfZing single tee time (got enough zing points now for a freebie) and was paired up with some swell fellows. We got around in 4:15 stuck behind a 4-some with 3 electric carts who played slow ... go figure, otherwise it would've be a 4 hr or better outing.

Anyway, the course is still in prime muni shape. Kikuyu fairways still very green in general and today the rough was NOT cut so it really helped to keep it in the short stuff (re. itslikeimsayin's post about the length of rough these days: come to El Do ... at least today). Greens were, as usual, excellent to putt on. Mostly flat but rolling semi-quick and true. Lawnboy and his staff are doing an excellent job.

Bunkers professionally maintained with soft, light sand (one I visited was wet from watering but still easy to play from). El Do's defense is the tall mature trees that line each fairway, so if your big dog is getting off the leash you're punching from penal rough and hoping for the best.

Highly recommended at this time.
It's taken a few months to get back out to the Ike, glad I did. Course is still in very good to excellent condition overall. Fairways are beginning to show the effects of recent heat and are browning in some areas along with a few patches along some greenside aprons, but it's minimal. For the most part it's full and lush Kikuyu ... but watch out for divots galore in the common landing areas (like #2). Lot's of watering going on so soggy comes into play if you go out early.

Greens are getting a high rating, rolled smooth and quick today with very few ball marks (nice to see). A pleasure to putt on. I was in several bunkers: nicely conditioned with good cover. Rough was cut relatively short for IH standards so easy to play from, too. Gets thin the farther from the fairway you hit it.

Can't find much to complain about ... except the price. Mega Monday still in effect ($60 I believe) and twilight rate is a good deal. Otherwise, it's a C-note on the weekend to tee it up here.

Still recommended.
Mid-morning tee time at the Arroyo on a warm Friday, $65 senior rate (they knocked off $10 due to some green issues) ... got around in 4 hours with no waiting. I was concerned about what I've read that the greens are messed up, so I called ahead ... was told they are back in good shape other than 6 & 8 which have major patchwork and will take a while to get back into playable condition (15 was fuzzy, too).

Glad to report the course is back in great shape overall. Bermuda fairway grass is full and lush and greens putted true at medium speed. There's a few spots here and there that show some distress but not much came into play. The majority of putting surfaces were V-good to excellent. Bunkers well conditioned and very playable, one was a bit damp from sprinklers ... they're putting a lot of water on the course. The ponds on the course are clean and clear, nice attraction to a thoughtfully designed, out and back layout thru the South OC hills. Water containers spaced out and cart gals at the ready was nice to see on a hot day.

We really enjoyed our round here and the vibe at O'Neills afterward. Will come again for some weekday super-twilight which is the best bargain.
Twi-light with bro and buds on the Destroyer Thursday 1PM, course uncrowded so PoP was 4 hrs, $29 non-mil walking. Poa greens a tad shaggy here and there but mostly medium pace and true. Bunkers I visited had fine sand, easy to play out. Fairways good cover with occasional bare spots. Rough varied in length from 2-3 inches to non existent.

Always a good choice to play here during the week, very walkable and challenging layout from the blues. Will be back for sure.
Back to El Do this morning with a 6:50am ZingTime booking for $41 walking, non-res. Range open on grass, great chipping green to warm up or practice. PoP a tad slow at 4:15. Recent reviews state that the course is in very good condition right now and I agree: tee to green it's right up there with any muni in the county. Really like seeing the definition in the fairways and rough, and the aprons around the green are immaculate.

Greens rolled as good as Poa can roll: medium/fast with only a few bumps from poorly repaired ball marks. Bunkers really soft, excellent sand and well maintained.

Highly recommended at this time. Go play!
Los Serranos South on Memorial Day with no holiday rate applied, so we paid $29 walking/senior with a 9:30am tee time, a very good deal. Range is on mats using older balls, they also have a small chipping area adjacent to the first tee. Not crowded at all so we were off on time and finished in 4:30 which is okay if you're walking allowing time to catch your breath after hoofing it up some of those hills.

Course conditions were generally decent. It's Kikuyu and Poa here, mostly full cover in fairways and getting thin and patchy the farther away you move into the rough. Tree lined but wide fairways, many strategically located bunkers which had good sand but were somewhat crusty and not maintained ... some not raked due to lazy golfers.

Greens were the highlight today, running medium speed and true ... only a few ball marks to fix. They're fairly large and are not terribly difficult to read with subtle breaks, no tearing or anything crazy, but you really have to take a good look at the longer rolls to make sure you don't leave yourself with a 5-6 footer.

Enjoy the layout here and would love to give Jack's Blacks a shot someday. Great clubhouse, too. Recommended.
Played a mid-morning round with a couple buds at Mesa Linda Sat., a course I've not played in years. Found it in very good muni condition and for around $39 walking on the weekend in the OC, not a bad deal. PoP as expected, dragged past 4 1/2 hours, acceptable for a W/E but the group behind us was consistently a hole back and more at the end.

Kikuyu everywhere was in good shape, green and full but was not mown recently. Never had a bad lie in the fairway but the deeper rough was occasionally hit-it-and-hope. Putting greens were mown and rolled medium speed and true, nice to putt on. Bunkers a bit of a challenge: damp, some hard pan, and not well conditioned today.

The Linda is a par 70 course, flat, and shorter than her sister LL ... most errant tee balls can be easily recovered, so it can be considered a real ego booster course if that's appealing. As Abbacat mentioned in her previous review, it should be moved into a golfers rotation for an occasional round rather than every few years. I know I'll be back again later this year.

Add: they had a charity thing going on with attractive young ladies passing out beer and liquor to try. That made the day a bit more memorable :)
Listing 13 to 24 of 54,921 Course Reviews
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