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Lakewood today (Sat.), $40 walking, PoP at 4.5 hrs w/8:40AM tee time, on time. Course has dried out nicely. For the most part, the greens have recovered from aeration but still a bit bumpy Poa, medium speed today with a sandy texture. Held all shots. Fairways green and easy to play from, some thin areas. Rough full and thick. Bunkers very good sand and well conditioned. Will rate it higher once the greens are back to normal.

Not a tough course, it's flat and mostly generous fairway widths, but can play a bit long from the tips for sure. Need a strong driver or you'll be hitting long irons and hybrids to the greens.

Driving range still under construction with an October estimate completion date. Excellent short game practice area. Lot's of geese doing their Spring dance looking for a partner.

Good muni golf for a decent price. Recommended.
Was able to book a 7:16 single tee time at El Do this morning via the SCGA website, $38 walking non-res. The standing water is gone and the grass on this course is as green as I've ever seen it, tee to green ... and everywhere else. A few thin areas pop up but for the most part the rains that came over the winter did this course a huge favor. Rough lush and deep in some areas so you really need to spot your ball if you leave the fairway. Lawnboy & his crew just punched the greens 11 days ago so the Poa needs another week to get back to normal, which is usually very good to excellent putting. Bunkers were conditioned today and easy to play out, some of the best sand you'll find on any public course anywhere.

Just a treat to play here today and I plan to play here again soon ... just had to wait for the water to absorb. PoP was 4 hrs on the nose but El Do can be really slow if you don't go off early. Highly recommended.
Caught Coyote Hills the weekend before punching with the Road Dawgs on a Sunday, PoP around 4.5 hrs with a 10AM tee time. Pre-paid, so I don't know W/E green fees but the M-F senior special is still working ... if you're over 60, it's the best deal in So Cal.

Course conditions: fairways seemed dry and thin lies in most areas (Bermuda) so there was ample roll out which MUST be taken into consideration when choosing your club off the tee ... rough cut short so not much of a factor. I'm not considered a long hitter and spilt most tee shots between driver and 3-metal (or long iron), and we played black tees. Bunkers were in good shape although a bit thin and dry in some areas. Greens rolled true and held most well struck shots.

I'll be back in a month or so, Bermuda comes out of dormancy and greens heal, to hit that senior special which I am eligible (the only good thing about getting older). Recommended.
Played T-Creek Sat. AM in 4.25 hrs as a single joining a 3-some, nice guys. Creek Card free B-day round. Beautiful Spring day, just a light breeze and warm temps. 2 weeks out of aeration so sandy, bumpy at medium speed ... the Poa here always takes a minimum of 4 weeks to heal. Fairways full but a tad shaggy in some areas, getting dry in others. Rough lush and semi-deep, more challenging the farther away from the fairway. Bunkers playable, just a bit messy and uneven.

Great 19th hole, lot's happening today, good vibe at the Cantina. Will be back in April when they can cut the greens to a speedy length.
Got a GolfNow, 12:15 Sat. tee time for two, $85, at SJH. Teed off on time but PoP was dreadful today, no marshal in sight, so we left after over 4.5 hrs on the course when we got to #16. Got hooked up with two nice folks who were clueless on etiquette ... balls flying everywhere and sub-par course conditions, so the decision to bail was easy ... and I rarely do not finish a round of golf.

Greens were extremely firm with lots of shallow unrepaired pitch marks ... the greens here are usually the best part of the course but not right now. In a couple GS bunkers: from thin and not maintained to fluffy and uneven. Terrible conditions in fairways #1-4: hardpan with divots and a mix of grass/weeds which got worse the further you moved into the 'rough'. Can't rate this anything higher than a '5' right now, no disrespect to previous posters.

Honestly, I come here because it's convenient and inexpensive, but current conditions will keep me away for awhile. Sorry, SJH.
The recent spot-on review from dconnally had me itching to play the Arroyo so I dropped off Mom at the hairdresser on Friday and was in the first super-twilight group at 2PM, $50 green fee. Finished right at 6PM so good PoP for an afternoon.

Dave's review captured the course perfectly, but I must say some of the greens were very bumpy from spike marks, so we got some funny rolls. Speed varied, medium to quick and very firm ... shallow ball marks even with a high, well struck approach ... you had to gage your distance to avoid going off the back of the green when playing to a back pin.

The Bermuda is coming into spring shape and the ball sat up nice. Just gotta get players to sand their divots and pat them down.

Really enjoy the Lehman layout here (except the funky #6 which is a par 4 using an iron off the tee), not a home anywhere near the course with plenty of ESA and wildlife. The twilight deal is well worth it. Next time, I'll call Dave and see if he can join me :)
I'm down in the OC over the weekends and decided to finally hit up Tustin Ranch, $85 senior rate (and great B-day special: golf, balls, and breakfast or lunch - FREE!). Played with a couple hi hcp Buds so we did the white tees: short par 5's, many short to mid length par 4's, and mid length par 3's. Most holes are straight, right there in front of you ... it's a flat course with slight rolling hills, mounding, strategic bunkers, and several H2O hazards (easily walkable). Nicely landscaped surrounded by newer homes with tree-lined fairways, it definitely is the prototype hi-end OC golf facility, with lots going on in the afternoon.

Playing the course: I'm sure all the rain helped the fairways which were Bermuda with a bit of Kikuyu along the edges, thrown in for good measure. Some areas in the low lying rough marked GUR, a few holes (besides par 3's) were CPO and you gotta keep an eye on the detailed, touch-screen GPS to know that. Nice carts, semi-bucket seats ... comfy.

Greens rolled very nice at medium-fast pace, held most well struck irons, and are still just a bit sandy from aeration a couple weeks ago. Sand in bunkers was that white, very fine stuff ... well maintained and easy to play from. We got around in 4.5 hrs with short waits on most tee boxes.

Overall, a great experience at T-Ranch and I'm definitely planning to return to play from the back tees. Pricey, for sure, so a deal must be made to make it worthwhile.
Wanted to stay south of the Atmospheric Rivers crossing southern California so booked a Sunday mid-morning time at San Clemente, $44 walking rate. Super nice guy in the Pro Shop tossed us a range ball token to warm up, in fact, the entire staff I encountered were courteous and engaging. Stayed dry all day, actually, the course was remarkably very playable albeit an incredible amount of debris from the recent winds and rains which scattered the course. No casual water but a few semi-muddy areas to avoid. The Kikuyu is as green as I've ever seen Kikuyu and after the mowers get a chance to come out and give the fairways and rough a trim, will be outstanding to play from.

Greens looked a bit scruffy with various grass types, but actually rolled decent at medium pace. Relatively flat but very tricky to read if you do not play here as everything breaks to the Pacific ... we got fooled several times even with little 2 ft putts. Bunkers were not maintained and some had very wet sand at the bottom.

Interesting layout with some nice views of the ocean ... and a constant buzz from the nearby 5 freeway. Most of the front is flat (1-6) and traditional muni stuff but the back (12-18) winds up the hills thru the SC 'hood and can be a challenge if you're not familiar with the layout ... walkable but some steep elevations to negotiate. We were paired with a couple teenagers who helped us out and restored my faith in the next generation ... good kids. Would like to come back sometime after the greens get cut and the course gets cleaned up.

Add: PoP was 4.5 hrs following a 5-some of riders (CPO) attempting to play golf. Otherwise, it would have been a 4 hr round.
Played the Ike today in a club tourney, C-note entry. Course extremely green and a bit soggy in some areas, but tee-to-green very full and what we would expect of IH. Greens were in great shape, bunkers were perfect sand although thin in some spots. Rough deep and a challenge to play out of, so stay in the short stuff or else. Played CPO so PoP was over 5 hrs. Qualifier tomorrow for the Genesis so it should be a good challenge for the guys trying to get in.

Time to get out and play this course, it's back to where it should be as a high-end public venue.
Sunday was Summer-like weather less than a week after very cool and wet stuff … bizarre. Anyway, decided to play CM/Los Logos with some buds for $48 walking. The course has many muddy areas which have mostly dried out and many of those areas have deep tire ruts from careless cart drivers … amazing that these guys cannot see the mud pit in front of them and run right through it. Now, the crew needs to ‘flatten’ the turf and give it a mow, then all will be fine with the fairways and rough ... at least until the next rainstorm. The greens, however, have other issues … they’re hard as linoleum. Well struck approach shots bounced like trampolines, seriously. Hard to find your ball mark, and when you did and then go to fix it you can barely get your repair tool into the turf, no kidding. Made chipping difficult, too, as many balls would just bound forward. Putting was okay: fast but at least it was semi-predictable. Could be early aeration here if future rain cannot remedy the problem.

Expectedly, real slow PoP today with an 11:30 tee time, slow front – fast back, got around in 5 hours. Bunkers were a bit unkempt with footprints and debris. Rough was deep as the maintenance crew seemed to be waiting for the course to dry out before mowing those areas and I'm sure that contributed to the slow play. They are going to be busy this week, for sure, as there’s a lot of work that needs to be done to get this muni back into shape.

I'm going to pass on rating the course until the crew can get out there. Otherwise, I'd rate it like leef2020, real low.
Looking for some dry conditions so I played Los Verdes today as this course drains better than any other I can think of. 7:20 ended up being 7:35 cuz the starter decided to let a couple groups out ahead of us. PoP was 4:40! I don't know how 24hrgolf gets in 3.5 hr rounds here ... he must tee off in the first few groups. Our group had a beginner which got us a hole behind, the group behind us was more like 1 and a half behind us, so I kinda see how it goes here. Throw in walking 5 somes and AmerGolf ... ta-duh!

Anyway, conditions are good in the fairways but it's only the fairways. Anywhere else gets ugly and uglier the farther away you go. Wire grass gets worse each time I visit. Greens are consistently good Poa, though, so they got that going for them. And the views are unmatched, especially for $30 walking.

Worth an occasional visit now, even though I used to play here every week.
Played SJH on Sunday with a 11:12 tee time, $52 w.cart. Got around in 4:40 with more waiting on the front than the back. Found the course in decent shape considering the amount of rain, some soggy areas and puddling but nothing too serious and we did play L,C,&P and, wisely, it was CPO the entire course.

The Poa greens were the strong point today as most were very soft and spike marks were evident, but several were like perfect and rolled true at medium speed. Fairways the usual tight, matted stuff but with winter rules I had good lies all day. GS bunkers well taken care of but some of the FW bunkers were thrashed. Rough a bit long for SJH standards but easily playable.

Nice course for an occasional round, some back nine hole layouts are tight and challenging, so that's always fun. Great 19th hole.
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