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Had an 8:30 match at #1 on Saturday, fought some early sprinkles as the latest storm moved out of the basin, and got around in 4:40 (CPO) for $40 walking (member rates, I'm guessing, since we had a practice with the Brookies).

Always like the old school layout here, mostly wide fairways lined with mature trees which narrow those fairways big time. Also, various H2O hazards to contend with and lots o' bunkers. Like Johnny mentioned, long and short par 4's dominate this course, and from the blues on a wet day, it played looong.

Greens were super soft but rolled quick. A few pin locations were marginally fair, above the hole was not the place to be. Lotrgolfer mentioned the sparse fairway cover, especially near the Bowl, which needs some TLC to get back to full.

Agree, nice to visit once in a while but a bit of a hassle to get to unless you are local. Still, I hear it gets pretty crowded here so beware.
Last day of Holiday rates so I went low budget at the 'Wood, $40 walking. Name on the list (single) at 6:55AM and teed off at 7:20AM. PoP - 2:25 front and 2:10 back = 4:35. No rain this morning but it looked like it was going to. Carts were allowed on course which was a mistake as too many golfers are apparently clueless when trying to determine where to drive, making it a bit messy. But played LC&P so no harm ... never had a bad lie :-)

Greens were great: super soft but rolling true. Found a couple GS bunkers which had excellent sand to play from and were well conditioned. T-boxes a bit wet and muddy.

Geese and coots along with their droppings anywhere there was a lake ... and then some. Not much else to add as it's pretty basic golf with some longer par 3's and with the wet fairways, the course is playing longer than normal. Play early to avoid the long rounds that this course is notorious for.
My golf bud booked his b'day round for this morning at T-Creek and after reading the previous review I was prepared for the worse. Actually found the course in decent shape in between rain storms ... they only let you on the front side during inclement weather so they don't have to fish out drowned golfers from the creek if it flashes. It's CPO and we played LC&P, and they charged us $35 to play nine (or $65 to play the front twice). I walked and with not many players out today, we got around 9 in about 1.5 hrs. Greens rolled very nice even as wet as they were, some speed variation to adjust to due to the moisture. Fairways were green and full as was the rough, so it looks like the rains have improved the conditions in the past month. Bunkers had standing water.

Get the sun to dry this place out a bit and mow the fairways ... I re-upped my Creek Card and hope to get back here soon to play the back nine.
Played a slow round of golf on 12/23 at Coyote Hills, CPO. Lots of muddy areas to navigate but the course drained well after the rain on Wednesday and we beat the downpour which came later in the evening. The man-made creeks and ponds were teaming with H2O.

We played lift, clean, and place which gave us good lies on the matted Bermuda. Greens and bunkers were actually in very good condition today. Course is a short par 70 with some narrow, quirky holes and fairway bunkers as its defense. Long hitters would probably not like this course unless they are very accurate off the tee, as the layout would take the driver out of their hands on most holes. Lot's of hills so walking would be a chore.

Great senior (60+) deal during the mid-week: $50 include breakfast/lunch, a drink, and range balls (range closed today, too muddy) that can't be beat. Great food and service, a quality facility with a private feel. I'll come back again for sure.
Gratis round via Golfzing at Skylinks 12/22. Arrived early, found it drizzling and very few brave soles going out. I had all my battle gear on, lived under the umbrella, and braved it with another single, off at 7:30. Sloshed thru the front side well under 2 hours after a slow 2-some bailed after 6 holes. Played the back solo (the other guy was not wearing rain pants, big mistake), luckily, not a drop fell after #12. Finished in 4 hrs which included a 15 minute bagel/coffee break between nines.

The entire course was casual water but with the mounds and uneven fairways, it was not difficult finding some semi-dry turf to play from. Well thought out drainage system here, unlike El Dorado which turns into a giant pond when it rains. Greens were not puddling, thank goodness, and rolled very well which helped to keep me going. [Funny: I heard what I thought was heavy lightning right behind me ... turned and saw a 50 ft. tree uprooting and crashing to the ground. Anyone under that bad boy would have been pancaked.]

Skylinks is not a difficult course with parallel fairways and spaced trees, so even errant tee balls are still 'in play'. A scorer's paradise.

Consider using Golfzing to get zing points when booking. You can even book as a 'walker' which you can't do using GolfNow. Bad side is course selection is narrow.
Out early at El Do on a Friday, got around in 4:20 as a walking 4 ball. Cool temps mean firm turf so the greens were releasing quite a bit today, rolling so fast and true ... avoid the downhillers or you're off the green. Really sweet to putt on. Fairways had some thin and bare areas (need to break that budget and put some white paint out there, Lawnboy) but I had good lies all day. Ventured into several bunkers which had ample sand and most were raked and in good shape. Always enjoy the tight, tree lined layout here and for $41 walking, non-res, a decent deal ... not as cheap as The Wood, but worth the coin. Oh, yeah, every goose in LA county was hanging out by #11 green with their dog sized turds that you had to avoid. Will come again for sure.
Twilight round on the Destroyer on a Wednesday. Ran out of the office and got in 18 holes just before sunset with a 12:15 tee time and a 4.5 PoP for $26 (non-mil, walking rate). One thing I like about the Navy course is the condition is consistent: fairways a bit thin but have full coverage, rough not penal but you can run into trouble under the many trees lining the course, greens that get bumpy in the PM but have good pace, and playable bunkers. Like most any OC/LA area muni, the PoP cannot be predicted but today was not too bad as we were able to finish at dusk. Today the marshal was out herding the cats, so I'm sure that helped.

Great course to kick it around and can be a handful from the blue tees. Beware of helicopters doing touch and goes. Recommended.
On the tee at Los Lagos 9:50AM on a Sat. trying to beat the rain. We should have finished, if not for a typical slow round here (unless you get out early), front 9 took almost 2.5 hrs. We did get in16 holes when it started coming down sideways, so we played the par 3 17th and walked in. Funny thing: an ill-prepared 3-ball (no rain gear, in carts) was just headed out on #1 and I'm sure they weren't out long ... it was cold, windy, and getting wetter by the minute. The Makers Mark in the bar was just what the doctor ordered.

Anyway, the course is in decent muni shape as my idol, Weber, pointed out in his review last week. Not as wet (before the rain) but mostly full fairway cover (some bare areas to navigate) and, dare I say, excellent greens. The Poa was rolling quick and true. Never in a bunker but my buds said some were heavy and some very playable. $47 walking rate on a Sat., typical OC. Mostly flat layout, no frills golf, but worth an occasional visit. Range has grass option, nice targets ... practice chipping green, too.
Just like evildrummer, I used GolfNow to get a $55 noon Saturday tee time at C-Wood in Whittier. Agree: it's an old school facility and a very tight, tree-lined course ... doesn't play long but you need to strategically place shots off the tee on most holes to be able to score here. Greens are well protected by bunkers (found 5) which were mostly good depth of sand but gotta keep an eye out for thin areas to avoid a flyer. Greens still showing signs of aeration and super-soft, so spike marks from the 4 some ahead were throwing balls off line. Need another week or two but rolled at a quick-ish speed all things considered. We got around as a two ball behind foursomes in a tick over 4 hrs. GF included cart.

Will surely look to play here again as I enjoyed the quirky layout, not a traditional style course but challenging off the tee. They said they will keep selling times to help with revenue and prices may jump a bit, but considering it's a course you do not get a chance to play normally I'll take advantage as long as it's offered. Considering I played Mile Sq. last Saturday for about the same price, this course would be my preference.
Played on Wed, 10/12, twilight rate of $26 non-military. PoP good at 4:15. Greens getting better 2 weeks after aeration. The review by NutNButCup was spot on. Nice walkable layout but will challenge you from the tips. Ventured into several GS bunkers which were looking a bit uneven but were very playable. Never had a bad lie in the fairway. Poa greens a tad on the slow side but will be great in about a week or two. Thumbs up.
Early tee time on the Classic, got around in a tick over 4 hours with only a minimal wait, $52 walking rate (yeah, that's correct). Course conditions were decent. Greens rolling medium and true, in good shape and holding shots well. Fairways full without many brown areas, rough a mix of grasses. Got in a couple bunkers which didn't look nice but played well, mostly raked. Not much more to add, but if you've not played here it's a flat/walkable, straightforward layout with trees (and a couple H2O hazards) as its main defense. Generally a muni course in good shape with no frills. Good grub. Recommended, just pricey for what you get.
Out to Soboba with the Dawgs for a very hot Sunday mid-morning round (pre pay event so I don't know the green fee). Decent grass range and perfect putting got me ready ... and then I saw the fairways. In a word: terrible. Mixed grasses but mostly extreme hardpan and patchy. Rough was worse. So many bad lies ... should've played LCP. Poa greens were great, although density varied from green to green, as were most bunkers (not all, for sure). Very apparent that the drought has put this course deep into the doldrums of summer. The bones are intact, nice tree lined layout and may H2O hazards. Clubhouse nice, good food. It may have a chance after aeration if they over seed. Otherwise it's a toss up: if you live out that way it's okay to play, but for someone who has to drive, I'll pass.

Not recommended at this time.
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