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Senior special at Coyote Hills (see previous review) was honored on Friday, 12/29, and there were many golfers taking advantage. PoP very slow at 5 hrs and if you played here you'd know that anyone not getting off the tee in the fairway will be looking for and losing a lot of balls.

The conditions are mostly semi-dormant Bermuda but we had good lies although you had to get ball first. Was in a couple GS bunkers which looked nice but had a firm bottom, meaning lots of bounce. Greens were the highlight for sure, quick and mostly true minus a few unrepaired marks.

Overall, C-Hills tends to be a tight track and not walkable unless your part Sherpa, requiring your 'A' game to score well. Putting is difficult due to undulations and variable green speed, you had to be really careful as some rolls are firm and uber-quick. Still recommended for the Senior Special (60+).
This time, on Wednesday I got a 12:08PM GolfNow Hotdeal at Candlewood for $40 plus their 'convenience fee' ... comes with cart but I chose to walk. Played with a friendly Taiwanese member and his nephew who were great company. He suggested we jump to #13 after finishing the front side which we played in 2.5 hrs. What a smart idea as we got ahead of the foursome that was holding everyone up ... played the back in well under 2 hrs.

Course is a bit of a mixed bag in the fairways and rough with may dormant areas, but mostly had decent Kikuyu lies. Move off the fairway and it's a crapshoot. In GS bunkers 3 of the first 5 holes and found them firm packed and playable, well maintained. FW bunkers were much firmer. Lots of Pine needles from the Pine trees ... overall, the course is in decent winter condition.

Greens soft but quick, cut low and somewhat difficult to read.

Really enjoyed the day, especially for the price. Recommended if you can get the HotDeal.
Played the Destroyer on 12/26, twilight (12:08PM tee time and got off at 12:20) rate around $26 walking w/buds and we barely finished in a 4.5 hr PoP. Found in the course in very good winter condition. Kikuyu fairways are green and mostly full, unlike other (ie. Long Beach) courses that have moved to more matted, dormant conditions. Gets a bit thin the farther you move away from the middle, but still playable.

Greens good for an afternoon round, soft enough to hold most approach shots and rolling fairly true minus a few bumps at medium speed but you must stay on the same level of the pin or say bye-bye. Only in one GS bunker, sand a bit thin at the bottom unfortunately.

Lot's of golfers today but the ranger did a good job of herding the cats, so a big thanks cuz I didn't think we'd have any chance to finish. Recommended.
Morning round at El Do today with a terrible PoP of 5hrs. I'd rant but it'd do me no good. Course is dry due to the low humidity and warm weather, so we got some good rollout on tee shots and lots of release around the greens which were firm (but holding most shots) and fast. Many thin but playable lies.

Was in a couple GS bunkers, well maintained very playable with some rocks. Made the tee time on the SCGA website and got double zing points so a freebie is coming soon. Recommended, but play early.
Back to back rounds on the Ike this past weekend (12/9 & 10). Course in very good condition, tee to green. Rough has been cut, fairways open to cart traffic on most all holes but 4, 6, & 17 plus the par 3's. Greens are semi-soft in the AM but firm up quick, still holding a decently struck shot. Tricky on the speed, especially downhill chips which can run out if you're not uber precise.

Ventured into a couple FW bunkers which were well maintained as were the GS bunkers. Some thin areas were found in the shady side of the fairways, so you had to pick 'em clean. Overall, a great challenge on the Ike if you want to test your game. Recommended, but pricey. PoP was around 5 hrs or less each day.
Easily made an online Saturday tee time at Mesa Linda for four walkers, $38 green fee. Found the course in average muni condition in the fairways and rough with decent lies amidst some areas which should have been marked GUR. Played behind a group consisting of two elderly couples (please, just put me outta my misery) which were pitifully slow causing backups ... 4.5 hrs should have be under 4. Marshall didn't seem to care and we had whiskey, so no biggie.

Tees hadn't been moved since October so they were beat up and bunkers were not maintained (they use those worthless 1' wide heavy rakes which makes it downright impossible to smooth out your foot prints) although the sand was decent to play from if you weren't in foot print or against a crease.

Greens rolled mostly true and semi-quick, no complaints. The drawback here on the Linda is the surrounding traffic and noise from nearby apartments on several holes (like #8-11, I believe). We had a newbie with us today so played here as it's the easiest course in the OC ... and relatively inexpensive. Mostly driver - wedge as well as short par 3's & 5's, except the first hole which is a 440 yd par 4 and #17, a 188 yd par 3 ... go figure on this design process. It's under 5600 yds from the blues and a par 70 to boot.

I'll play here again for convenience. Good ego booster, for sure, cuz if you can't score here you might as well take up bowling.
Saturday 8AM shotgun on the Ike with the Men's club ... match play for a frozen bird. Fun and very slow (5.5hr) round of golf but when playing with friends it makes the time pass much easier. Just out of overseed so everything is so green and very full, especially the rough: very deep and penal. Lost a couple balls just because we couldn't find them. Also, it's CPO for another week.

Anyway, greens were soft enough to hold most any decent iron and rolled true at medium speed. In a couple bunkers which had good sand, easy to play from, but watch out for rocks.

Great day of golf on the Hill and will be back for more soon. A course where you must keep it in the fairway or lose a stroke (or a ball). Recommended, but pricey.
A late AM round on the Classic, Sat 11/4/17. PoP very slow today at 5:15 probably due to the lengthy Kikuyu rough (difficult finding errant tee balls) and shaggy fairways. Don't know what's up here but the previous posts mention the same conditions ... maintenance seems sub-par for this usually decent course.

Greens were firm and fast, mostly true and decent conditions with not too many ball marks to repair, but so hard that only a well stuck iron would check up. Bunkers had thin sand over firm base but playable ... however, I did see a few flyers.

Unfortunately, I'll wait to see a good review before I come back ... at $52 walking on a weekend I think I can find better deals. If they get the maintenance crew on the course with their mowers and soften up the greens a tad, then the Classic will play like it's old self. Maybe the rain coming in next week will help with the later.
Out at Candlewood Thursday morning trying to stay outta the way of some light rain. Walked it solo for $60 at a leisurely 3.5 hr pace ... not crowded so plenty of time to play a Mr. Blue vs. Mr. White match (White won +1). I'm one who enjoys this mix of traditional and quirky, as most holes are straight forward but a few make you scratch your head (#9 comes to mind where they stuff the tee box in the absolute deepest corner of the golf course).

Anyway, the course is Kikuyu rough (and I mean the super sticky kind that dconnally hates) and Poa greens just coming out of aeration (give them another week and they'll be great). Most putts were a bit unstable, not quite medium speed but manageable. Bunkers are a darker type of sand, easy to play from and well maintained.

Golfnow has public tee times available w/cart. Golf boards are available but might be for members only, not sure. I'll be back.
Played the 'Wood this AM as a walking 5, got around in 4:30 with some waiting but mostly slow because were were all walking and playing serious golf ... all 5 players shooting in the '70's ... and I didn't want to lose too much dough (don't worry, we kept pace the entire round). Fun times.

Anyway, greens out of aeration but some still showed signs of punching (very light) and some had overwater fungii happening. Some bumps and bruises to manage and speed had some variance, too. GS & FW bunkers have good sand but were not maintained today, so I had some extra raking to do. Good fairway cover and the usual patchy rough ... that's what you get here at the 'Wood. Plays semi-long from the blues, nothing too drastic other than the four par 3's which total around 800 yds ... show me a So Cal course that beats that. Toss on another 100 if you go from the tips!

Flat and walkable, players and duffers abound. $30 walking is a good deal. Recommended for no frills golf in the Long Beach area.
Treated a bud to a round at Strawberry Farms Saturday using a GN Hotdeal ($90), they got us out an hour early which was cool, so we teed off around 11:30 and finished in 4 hrs. Course in overall very good condition, tee to green. Bermuda fairways still mostly a lighter shade of green with the rough short but if your ball settles you had be uber precise when making contact. As A'Cat mentioned, the tee boxes were overseeded and not cut recently today, too, so a bit shaggy, sandy, and uneven. Greens were soft and rolled true, semi-quick downhill. In a couple GS bunkers which had excellent cover and easy to play from.

They drained the reservoir which takes away some of the beauty of the back nine. I enjoy this track but its high green fee only means its an occasional visit. As most mention in their reviews, the rack rate here is simply over the top. Still recommended (only with a deal though).
Out early Friday AM at Rio Hondo, a walking four-ball. Course in decent Fall condition right now, Bermuda turning colors but good lies everywhere even in the Kikuyu rough. A few GUR areas properly marked (good to see). Greens were a bit soft post aeration and a tad slower than I've seen in the past here, just need a good mow. We were rolling lot's of putts just on the short side. They did hold approach shots like Velcro. I was in two GS bunkers which were raked and well maintained as was the FW bunker I played from on #3.

Can always count on the Hondo for consistent greens and maintenance. Should play here more often. Not a difficult course but the mature, tree lined fairways can reek havoc if you're not accurate off the tee. PoP was a few minutes shy of 4 hrs. Recommended.
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