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It's been about 15 years since I last played here. I have always enjoyed this course as I find it very scenic, playable with enough of a challenge, and generally in good condition. Played the blue tees and found them to be more than enough for my senior game.

Greens were not great, but they rolled well and were very receptive. I actually backed up a few wedges, which I rarely do. Fairways had plenty of grass. I was not in any bunkers, but they looked fine. A few tee boxes could use some TLC.

The staff was great. I had a 8:22 time, arrived early and they let us get off 45 min early as a twosome. Pace of play not too back at about 3:45. A beautiful day to play !
Decided to get out to another LA County course before my senior card expire. To play for $16.50 is a steal. To piggyback on 24hourgolf's recent review, greens are as good as I can remember. Most of the fairways were fine, plenty of grass. Rough was so-so. Not in any bunkers, but they appeared OK.

Customer service was great. Able to get out early and around quickly. Not my favorite course, but it was a nice change to pace.
Invited back out to play Aliso Viejo with some old friends. I don't play here all that often despite its relative close proximity to my home. Always enjoy this course as it offers some wonderful vistas along with a fun track.

Course was in nice condition, particularly the fairways. Some of the greens had a few issues, and putted much slower than they appeared. It would have been nice to have more "local knowledge" on a few greens, because I sure didn't read them very well.

Fun day with great weather, and despite not playing very well, enjoyed the experience. We finished in 3:45 which wasn't too bad.
I have not played here since 1984, so way beyond a name change, I had zero recollection of this course. That coupled with the fact they have "renovated" the course, made for playing essentially a new course.

The greens were not fast, but had a lot of "movement", not break so much as a total slope of the green. Many of greens had bare spots and were not the least receptive to accepting even well struck shots. I found many of the fairways displayed this same characteristic. If you missed the fairway, the ball could run out 50-100 yards and generally not where you wanted it to go.

There were a couple holes where I stood on the tee (black) and had absolutely no idea where to hit the tee shot. Even if I knew, I would not have been able to see if land anyway. I thought the course had some very nice visuals, but overall, this is not a course I will reurn to anytime soon. Maybe again in another 33 years !
Finally, after almost four months, all the bunkers have been totally completed. They are spectacular. I have been a member at Coto for over 28 years, and the one negative with respect to conditioning has always been the bunkers. Now they are the best part of the course. In addition to the great visual with the brilliant white contrasted against the green, they are all consistent in texture.

Course is in very nice condition right now. Fairways a little dry, but still plenty of turf. Greens rolling reasonably quick (11.5) and true. Now if we would only get some tee markers ???
Typical early morning round on the South course. Rather cold (45 degrees at 6am) Surprised how busy it was even at that early hour.

Green speeds are up - between 11.5 - 12. Tough if you leave yourself above the pin, or short side yourself. Fairways were rather dry, look like they could use some water. Bunkers were just OK. The lakes have all been "cleaned up" to provide better visual approaches to the greens, so no reeds obscure the site lines
Whenever I'm looking for somewhere to play that I can be assured of getting out early and playing quickly, for cheap, El Prado fills the bill. Not a lot to add to Gary00's review, but the course was about as expected. Greens were decent, fairways had plenty of grass, but did have some bare areas. Rough as usual was hit or miss. Bunkers were generally OK, like of depended where in the bunker you ended up.

Staff is always great here. Dennis is simply the best ! If you come here with expectations of a Pelican Hill experience, you're going to end up disappointed, but if you're looking for cheal, no-frills basic golf, this will satisfy your needs.
There is something about this golf course I find oh so appealing! The rolling fairways, the backdrop of the Sierra Madre Mountains, the types of trees, etc. The setting is so beautiful, so park-like in a traditional fashion.

We had a 6:44 tee time and got out a few minutes early, following a walking fivesome, yet the pace was not bad. We played in about 3:45 which isn't too slow. It allowed us to enjoy a near perfect spring morning and enjoy the ambiance.

The fairways were green with plenty of grass. Rough was hit or miss, The sand was totally inconsistent. Some bunkers had sand, some were hardpan - thin with almost no sand. The worst part of the course were the greens ! They were horrible ! They were bumpy. The were hard ! They were slow, I mean slow ! It ruined what was otherwise a wonderful golf experience. I would suggest you allow a few more weeks before you venture out here, unless you would rather watch your ball bounce it's way along the green surface.

Despite the greens, still enjoyed the day.
I always enjoy playing here as I find the challenge of this course, coupled with the wonderful vistas, and ease of getting out early, a real motivating reason for me to play here. The staff is always great, price for seniors is very reasonable, just a lot of positives.

The course is green and lush. Greens are very good, not great, but rolled true and fairly quick. The only negative was the bunkers. Only in one, but it was very thin/hard pan type sand. I still play this course from the "tips", which I realize is now too much course for me to handle. Holes # 2, 9, 17 & 18 are just beyond my reach now, so unless I can get it up and down, it's bogey time at best. But I love the views from the black tees, so I have just resigned myself to accept the higher score.

Fun course, but getting a little tough to handle.
First off on a surprisingly cold Monday morning. (44 degrees) Staff was perfect, very accommodating. Teed off right at 6:30am - nobody around. The first scheduled tee time was 7:45. Enjoyed a nice brisk pace with a course in exceptional condition. The fairways were very "patchy", but otherwise the course was in good shape.

The greens were super firm, I mean almost rock hard. That coupled with some tough pin positions made for a rather challenging round. Tough to score. Despite that, I had a wonderful time playing on a course I do not play all that often. I'd forgotten just how much fun this course is play. $45 for seniors is a good value for a course of this quality. I will be back !
I wanted to get back out before they punched greens next week, and I made the right decision because the greens rolled very well, and were receptive to well struck shots. Overall the course is looking good, green, lush, with only a few areas which need some attention. Both bunkers I found were nicely raked and had plenty of sand.

Enjoy this course for a number of reasons; it's priced right, fun to play with a number of birdie holes, nice views, staff is always accommodating, plus I rarely have any issues with maintenance. The only downside for me playing here is the drive home, fighting the 15/91 inter-change.
Back out to Tijeras Creek for an early morning round, as I wanted to use my last discount Creek Card coupon before it expired on 3/31/17. The course is in better condition than it was a few weeks ago, greens while still too slow for my taste, did roll better. Fairways were lush/green and well maintained. The tee boxes however need to be mowed, way too long ! Bunkers were hit or miss depending upon where in the bunker you ended up.

I enjoy this course and it's close to home, but it's pricey and I struggle with the staff to get out early as a single. I have mixed feelings about their policies.
Listing 13 to 24 of 53,249 Course Reviews
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