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I'm excited because the bunker project is nearing completion. (Still 4 holes to go) The bunkers which have been finished are fantastic ! But I still hope to stay out of them. The new sand plays very different than the old sand, so it will take some time to adjust.

Course looking very good right. After the rains, everything is green and the contrast with the Augusta White sand is stunning. The changes to the bunkering has made the course easier, at least for the 'average" player. Not much change for the "good" players however, which seems appropriate.

Green speeds seem to fluctuate a little too much from day to day, but otherwise the course is playing well.
A little late on the review, played Wednesday morning hoping to avoid the rain. I guess because of the forecast, the course was rather empty, so had no problem getting out and around quickly. The weather actually wasn't too bad, a little rain but nothing very hard.

Course was about as expected, based upon the prior review. Greens were decent, but a bit bumpy/slow. Fairways were good/bad depending upon where the ball came to rest. Since I did not expect much, I wasn't that disappointed with conditions. I was happier that the weather was suspect which allowed me to get out and around so easily.

I realize Willowick is not a "top tier" course, but I always enjoy my times here. I miss these old style traditional courses, like the ones I grew up playing
While I do not play here all that often, I always enjoy my experience. The staff was great, and for $17, well worth the $$. The foursome who had the first tee time, allowed us to go off ahead of them, which was very nice of them. We zipped around until we caught a foursome on #15, then just played slow for the last 4 holes. Still able to finish in 2 hours 20 min even with the delay.

Course was actually in way better condition than I expected. (first hole still a par 3) Other than the fringe areas, which are always crappy, the actual fairways/greens/tee boxes were in good condition. Greens rolled nicely, albeit a bit slow for my taste. If you play from the "tips" on every tee, there are some good shots on this course - fun !

While I would not choose to play here every time, it was a positive experience and had a nice quick enjoyable morning of golf (And cheap too)
Following sngernz's review, not much has changed. Greens still have not recovered from the punching/sanding, I suspect it will be a couple weeks until they're decent again. The rest of the course is fairly good. The rough was uncut in places, and the bunkers needed to be groomed, but I think I was ahead of maintenance ?

I like this course, particularly since it's the closest course to my home, but it's still a bit pricey, even with the creek card and senior rates. But I guess by the time you factor in time and gas, it's probably "a wash" compared to traveling somewhere else?
I just flat out like this course! Fits my eye! If it weren't so far from home, I would play here a lot more. I never have a problem getting out early, pace of play always great, and it's a fun course to play. Enjoy the feeling that it is secluded and not bordered by houses, freeways, etc.

The course was in very good condition, but the greens, while they looked quick, were far too slow for my taste. A few were bumpy, but overall, OK. Fairways were green and lush. My only complaint was the greenside bunkers. I was in three. One had lots of sand, the other two were super thin, almost like hardpan. Never the less, played on a perfect spring morning, clear, warm, no wind at all. Nice pace at just under 2 1/2 hours. Great way to start the week !
Have not played here since 2013, so was looking forward to my return. Always enjoy playing here, but just never seem to make it down the coast. Rocky in the pro shop was great, as we got out as a twosome, second off, following another twosome. Great pace of play, just under 2 1/2 hours.

The course was in nice shape, and while the greens did not look all that great, they were faster than they appeared. Some a bit bumpy, but overall rolled well. Fairways were green and had plenty of coverage. Only in one bunker, which had not been raked, but had plenty of sand. Rough and tee boxes were fine.

It was beautiful this morning, clear, warm, no wind, almost ideal. While I did not play very well, still had a great time and enjoyed coming back to Arrowood
I have not played here all that often, but I can represent that the course is in the best condition I have ever seen it in! The greens were the best part of the course, even though we had no cut greens, they rolled well and true, albeit they were too slow for my taste. I'm certain once mowed, they'd be just fine. As always, lots of areas of bare dirt, but where there were fairways, they were green and pretty lush. Only in one bunker and it was fine.

The more I play here, the more I enjoy and appreciate this course. Playing from the "tips" it is by far the most difficult "short" course I have ever played. The senior special of $19 including cart is a bargin. If I lived closer,I'd play this place a lot more !
It had been a while since I'd last played here, so took advantage of the senior discount and played on a beautiful morning. A bit chilly in the morning, but warmed up nicely. The course is in overall good condition. Doesn't appear that the rains caused any problems. Greens were quick, not fast but had reasonable speed. Fairways were green/lush and well maintained.

The staff is always great here, and I rarely have any issues getting out early. A fun layout with lots of fun holes and birdie opportunities. Enjoy the views as well!
Out early - very chilly (about 42 degrees) The bunker project is progressing nicely. They have only actually filled in three holes with the new Augusta white sand and it makes a wonderful contrast with the nice green grass. Most of the bunkers are dug out and reshaped, but not yet filled with sand. They has reduced the total amount of sand from over 5 1/2 acres to less than 3 acres. Many of the bunkers have either been repositioned, reduced in size, or totally eliminated. This should make the course play much easier for the majority of players. We'll see?

Fairways/rough are lush and have plenty of coverage. Greens are almost healed from the recent punching, but not completely. What is strange is that for the past few weeks, the course has been empty in the mornings? Too cold? Too wet? I don't understand, but it works for me !
Out very early, so did not experience the same delays as Sammy3. Agree with his review, course is in overall good conditions, the greens being the best part. Did not find any bunkers, but they looked "thin".

When I made the turn, there were people everywhere! So I can understand how Sammy3 got caught up in the crowd. Not my favorite price, but it's nice for a change. There are a couple holes I like, but otherwise, course is not all that exciting, but any time you're on a golf course, life is good!
I wanted to get back out before they began their maintenance on 2/27/17. Plus, my groupon expired on 3/9/17. The course is in wonderful condition! Fairways green and lush, greens were quick, but not unfair, very receptive as well. Both bunkers I found were nicely groomed and had plenty of sand. No issues with the rough or tee boxes. All that said, I have only myself to blame for posting one of the worst scores I've shot in probably a decade. Simply put - I sucked today !

Staff was very friendly and accommodating. Pace of play was good, under 3 hours. (Second group out) Again, everything was great - except me. BUT, if you can walk off the course and still say you enjoyed yourself, despite how you played, that speaks volumes!
Early morning round at Coto - south. Wanted to get this round in because the course will closed for the next 5 days to allow for punching and heavy sanding of the greens. (The North course still has not recovered from its punching/sanding on two week ago, so that means both courses will be less than fun to putt on for a while.

Otherwise, the course withstood the recent rains very nicely, other than some flooded bunkers. Still carts of path but actually the fairways were more then dry, but since I walk, didn't affect me.
Listing 13 to 24 of 52,872 Course Reviews
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