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Out super early to finish before an 8:30 shotgun for the Men's Golf Assoc. championship. Finished prior to 8am, so no issues. (Walking of course) Course is in lovely condition right, as they cut/rolled the greens, so they were fast and true. Fairways very lush and green.

Losing so much daylight in the mornings is now beginning to cause things to get busy on the weekends, which will only get worse. I guess I should be grateful that I'm allowed to tee off in the dark, unlike other private clubs which have tight restrictions as to get play may begin.
Returning from an appointment in LA, based upon the recent positive reviews, decided to stop by and check this place out. Very nice facility. Everything is new and fresh and the staff is very friendly. Nice addition for the area, providing a much needed practice alternative to the local courses.

The course itself is nothing all that special. It's not difficult but enjoyable to play and not expensive, so worth the effort to stop here.
Out early on a rather gray, overcast morning, yet it was very pleasant out. Course was not to different than when I lasted played here a month ago, except the fairways were more damp than expected. Plus there seemed to be more unrepaired ball marks. Come on people. If your good enough to create a ball mark, you should be good enough to fix them!

Only in one bunker and it was fine. A few others looked than, but can't really say for sure. Never get tired on playing here, in part because of the close proximately to home, and also because I just love the 3 pars.
I have not played Strawberry Farms recently, primarily because of price, but also because they have a lot of back nine play in the mornings, and nothing is more frustrating than to zip around the front in an hour or so, and then spend 2+ hours on the back waiting on every shot. However today wasn't too bad. Only a twosome in front of me, so I played two balls and just tried to play slow. One hour on the front. 1 1/2 hours on the back.

Based upon recent reviews, I did not expect conditions to be very good, but I thought that it was in pretty decent shape. Greens were good, not great, and there are a lot of ball marks still. Fairways were nice, did not find a lot of bare spots. They were putting lots of water on the course is it was very green and wet ! Maintenance had every green watered in front of me, so needless to say they were not quick, but they sure held shots well.

Staff was great! I generally enjoy this course, but for those previously mentioned issues.
I play almost 100% of my golf super early, but agreed to play with some friends a little later in the morning. Mistake ! The pace of play was way too slow for my taste, over four hours and it was really steamy (Hot & humid) so it felt like it took forever.

I like this course, but didn't play well, so maybe that will tarnish my review? Greens were fine, fairways OK, rough was either very thick or thin. Staff was as usual, pleasant and professional.

Every time I play here I think back to the way this course was back in the 70's, before the renovation. It was a bad course then, now so much better. One of the better renovations I've seen.
To break up the long drive back from Ventura to the O.C., decided to stop back at Terranea, knowing it wouldn't be too hot. I was correct ! It was a beautiful. Nice to enjoy the ocean views.

The course was not crowded, enough people that I had more than enough time to take in the scenery. As for the course, lot's of fun holes. As I had not been here recently, it was almost like playing for the first time. Greens were good, but too many unrepaired ball marks. Same with the bunkers. Sand was good, but not raked. I suspect these issues are a result of casual golfers who play here????

Enjoy the course, a bit pricey, and too far from home to drive just to play 9, but because of the ocean proximately, justifies the detour in route home
One of my very favorite courses - period ! Some courses just fit your eye and this one does that for me. As a walker, this course is as good a walking course as you'll find. Plus it is interesting and challenging without being unnecessarily penal.

Now I know better ! I did not check the last review by Nick prior to playing, so I have no excuse for not knowing about the maintenance work on the fringe areas, but it did not cause any real problems. The staff here is ALWAYS friendly and accommodating and using a groupon, price was right. The only complaint I have is that some of the areas adjacent to the fairways are rather scruffy and it's a "crap-shoot" what kind of lie you'll end up with. But you're not supposed to miss fairways - right ?
Put a couple new wedges in the bag, so what better place to play than Mesa Linda. I have to admit that I just like this little course! I find the green complex's so interesting and they provide some nice options in the approaches. Overall this is a great little course with tons of character.

Condition was good, with the greens being the best part. Fairways were actually wet in some areas. Bunkers were hit or miss, some better than others. Rough was about average, with some bare/thin spots.

One of the aspects of this course that I enjoy the most is the fact that it does not come in after nine, so once you're out first, it's clear sailing. (Unless the women some out for a shot gun shot which has happened to me a few times here)
Not a course I play very often, but decided to take advantage of a Golf18 discount for $37. I was able to secure the first time off at 6:30am, so I went for it. This has never been one of my favorite courses, but it was a nice change.

The course was in decent condition, with the exception of the bunkers, which were terrible! A few of the fairway bunkers looked OK, but the three greenside bunkers I found were horrible. Otherwise no real complaints. I did not have even one cut green, so needless to say they were still wet, uncut and very slow. I did not have any flagsticks until # 6 either. I suspect once mowed they would have improved. They were soft and received shots well however. Fairways were nice.

I played the gold tees, and there are a few tee shots which require everything in my bag. Otherwise that was the appropriate tees for me. I find the long narrow greens very unusual, which does not allow for missing either left/right, to avoid "short-siding" yourself.

Staff was great, allowing me to jump off a little early, which was appreciated. Obviously no pace of play issues.
While in the area, decided to stop back at Iron-Wood in large part because of Grantar2's recent review. Boy, there isn't much to add to his rather lengthy but thorough review. Overall course is in nice condition, although a few greens had some issues
This is a beautiful fun little course that you should give a try. Not expensive and doesn't take long to play !
It had been several years since I played here, so thought I'd give it a shot. Using the senior discount made it cost effective. I've never been a big fan of this course, but always enjoyed it because it allows you to wail away with the driver with little fear. Fairways were dry so gained lots of roll, helping to reduce some of the long par fours. Greens were by far the best part of the course.

Not in any bunkers, but they did not look like they had much sand in them. Very thin looking. Overall for the $$, good decision to return but it will be a while before I revisit.
I always enjoy playing this golf course, as it has a number of very realistic birdie holes, coupled with a couple tough holes. ( I find #6 to play very tough and #14 just plays LONG)
The greens were not as good as they generally are, a few having some bumpy patches. However, they were are receptive to shots as any I've recently played. (Even my bride backed up a few shots)

Overall the course was in nice shape, except a few of the tee boxes were fairly well chewed up. Fairways were green and lush.

Staff was great, as usual. There are always "regulars" who play here on Monday mornings, but they allowed us to play through on #6 and enabled us to finish in just under 2 1/2 hours. Thanks !
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