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Was very much looking forward to playing Black Mesa. I kinda knew what to expect, but even so, there were a number of blind shots which were totally unexpected. The course is visually stunning, and due to a heavy rain storm yesterday afternoon, (First rain here in 56 days I'm told) The course had a number of washed out areas and all the walks up to tee boxes and down to the greens were rather muddy.

I could describe conditons, but Keith's review from May 2012 is right on the money. The gravel cart paths and gas carts were very annoying. While I did enjoy the course, frankly it's not my type course. Greens were a bit too severe and without any local knowledge, very tough to score on. That coupled with all the blind shots and need for "local knowledge" made for a tough round.

Staff was fantastic ! Allowed us out early and we zipped around in under 3 hours, which for this course is good time. I highly recommend playing here, it's affordable, beautiful, and will test your golf game. ( Played the blue tees at 6750 which provides much more memorable views than the white tees.
I have played a lot of different golf courses in my 70+ years. (Still not as many as sixpez) But I do not believe I have ever played a course which was in worse condition than Cattails. In all fairness, the course is just now coming out from winter, so everything was dormant at best.

However the "bones" of the golf course are very solid. Plenty of really good holes despite the fact the course is not long and is totally flat. Despite the dismal conditions, I actually had a good time and enjoyed my round. (Shooting even par probably helped!) The cost was only $20 to walk, so well worth it.

Could I recommend this course. Yes if it were in good condition, but as it played today - no way. There are no other choices near Alamosa, which was what brought me here.
Playing here has been on my bucket list for a long time ! At one time, this course was one of only eight 5 star courses as rated by Golf Digest. (It is now only 4 1/2 stars) The downside is this course is located in the middle of nowhere. But is was near the "four corners monument, so I figured why not go for it. Additionally the first tee time is 8am. (That's usually close to when I'm finishing. ) Crazy but on a perfect weather morning - nobody there???

What a wonderful golf course! Beautiful scenery, reasonably priced, with a nice mix of holes, which can be played by all skill levels, while still providing a good challenge, I highly recommend this course.

They just punched the greens 1 week ago, so they were slow and bumpy, but you could see that they will be fine once they heal/ Fairways were lush and well manicured, as was the sand and tee boxes. Course is very walkable, although I admit I took a cart today. Just a wonderful experience on a wonderful course. (Wish it were in So Cal)
Because of the "Windmill Classic" both course are officially closed Friday/Saturday, but I decided to sneak out at 5am and try to get around before they "kicked me off" I made it to #14 before the super "reminded" me the course was closed for the tournament, But since I assured him I would be finished by 7:30, and shotgun wasn't until 9am, he allowed me to finish.. (I won't push my luck tomorrow!)

Lots of maintenance everywhere, but I stayed ahead of them, but they have the course looking very good. Greens rolled super true and quick. Everything cut & trimmed.

I don't play in the tournaments because I prefer to play early and quickly, plus it's difficult to justify paying big $$$ to play a course I'm already paying monthly dues to play !
Played 5/17 super early. Both courses are being groomed for the annual "Windmill Classic" so conditions are excellent right now. Stayed ahead of maintenance, so did not have any mowed greens, but even uncut they rolled very nicely and were reasonably fast The remainder of the course is also in better than normal condition.

To my surprise nobody playing - virtually deserted. (Maybe that's because I teed off so early?)
As it had been a while since I played the South course, thought I'd return. My original plan was to play the "Jack's Black" tees, but given the cool damp early morning conditions, I thought better and decided not to punish myself and play the blue tees instead. Good decision! Still all the course I can handle and more even at those tees.

Conditions were typical Los Serranos. Greens were the best part of the course, but otherwise everythingelse was decent. Few spots in some of the fairways, but nothing too bad. Both bunkers I found had plenty of sand and were well raked.

Not very busy and staff was as usual very accommodating. Always enjoy playing here, but I sure do miss all the trees !
5:45am tee time Monday, and to my surprise and delight, other than a threesome who had a 5:15 tee time, there was NOBODY there. I've played here enough to know how busy it can bee in the early morning, but not today, and I do not understand because the overall condition of the course might be the best I can ever recall.

Greens were nice, fairways also pretty good. Greenside bunkers were great, lots of well maintained sand. Rough and tee boxes good, not great.

Let me say that for $16.50 it's just a great deal, particularly when you can play without any wait on a nicely maintained course. The only thing I found unusual was that the ball did not seem to get much roll in the fairways. (?) Maybe I'm just losing even more distance because the course seemed to play longer than my memory served? Even so, great time and enjoyed the 2 1/2 hour stroll through the hills, enjoying the beautiful scenery.
I was looking for somewhere to play that was quick and inexpensive, and after reading the review by Chevelle, decided to return to Paradise Knolls. $15 is such a good deal and rarely have any issues getting out early here.

I find the very unusual green shapes so charming. I wish I could place the pin positions some day which would make this otherwise shorter course quite a challenge to score, The greens are always the best part of this course as was the case this time. Overall condition was better than expected, and again for $15, how can you complain?
5:56 am tee time this morning, and to my surprise and delight, not very busy so our threesome was able to get out a little early. None of the greens we played had been mowed, so they were rather slow. Still could see evidence of prior punching, but didn't really affect the roll. Fairways were about as expected, decent but not great. Rough was hit/miss. I was in two bunkers and both were well raked and had enough sand.

I do not play here all that often, in fact it was the first time I've ever played with other players. (Normally I try to get out first and zip around, but today the wife and friend wanted to play here, so why not.) We got help on the back by "back nine players" but even so were able to finish in about 2 hours 45 minutes. not too bad !

Fun little course,and if you play the "tips" it actually provides a few holes with decent challenge. And for $18 - worth the $$$

Note they are in the process of working on the tee boxes. (Punching?) We were able to get ahead of maintenance after #4, but I'm sure by tomorrow all the holes will be affected.
I do not play this course very often, but met with a friend who is not really much of a golfer, so it was a good choice. (Cheap and easy & fast) I was concerned that it would be super crowded because the weather was so perfect, but while it was busy, the pace wasn't all that bad.

Since it was more about the company than the golf, I was not too focused on conditioning, but to my surprise the greens were actually pretty good. Fairways were another story, but since you are not really in the fairways anyway, who cared? Tee boxes were hit/miss, but just look for a flat spot with grass.

Not much to add to the previous review. It's nice to have these type courses, just wish there were more of them so that the regulation courses would have some play taken from them, plus it provides a venue for the more "casual golfer"
Wanted to play a course which I could walk, because it is so much easier to stay dry, rather than get soaked riding in a cart. Light rain, just enough to require an umbrella, but not so much as to create any issues. Did not want to spend a lot of $$ to play in inclement weather, so El Prado fit the bill.

Course was as expected. Greens being the best part, with the fairways being surprisingly good, with plenty of coverage. Always spotty in the rough, but that's always the case here. Both bunkers I found were well maintained with enough sand.

Staff is always great here, and the price for senior warrants the drive from the OC. So long as your expectations aren't too high, the course does not disappoint. You get what you pay for !
Some confusion at check in because we thought we had the first time out, but because the first group had not arrived yet, we were able to get off without a problem. Weather was rather cool and never did warm up, even as we placed the clubs back into the trunk, the temperatures were only 3 degrees warmer than when we started.

Greens did not look all that great, but were deceptively quick, particularly downhill. Fairways had some areas which need attention but played OK. I was in two bunkers, one had zero sand and the other had just enough to be playable. Rough was "spotty".

I've always enjoyed this course, perhaps because it has no par four holes over 400 yards, which as a senior, lends itself to my now ever decreasing yardage. However the par 3's and the final two par 5 holes are all that I can handle. Just a fun track with plenty of holes which allow birdie opportunities.
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