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Actually went here to play the Mesa Linda course, but as it wasn't as crowded as anticipated, was able to get on the "big" course. Overall the course is in nice condition, greens rolled very well, fairways had plenty of coverage. Not in any bunkers, but they appeared OK.

Staff was more friendly than usual. (Maybe it's the season? ) A bit chilly at the start, but warmed up nicely. How spoiled we are to live in Southern California. Could be in Buffalo and spend the morning shoveling snow.
One of my favorite golf courses ! Based upon the prior review, expected the greens to be smooth and quick - they were neither. I don't think they cut the greens at all, lots of footprints, some aeration holes, they just did not roll well at all. Medium speed, receptive, but not true. Fairways/bunkers were fine. A couple tee boxes could use some attention.

Staff was fantastic ! Very friendly and accommodating. Due to some car issues, was unable to get out first, rather was third group off. Only took 3:10 to play, but felt much longer. Great weather, wonderful course, poor golf ! Oh Well !
I called courses looking for a first time off and it seemed everywhere I called they were very busy. However El Prado indicated they were wide open in the morning, so off I went.

Decided to play Chino rather than Butterfield. Dennis is shop is wonderful, always a delight to talk with. Always accommodating. No pace of play issue, although I decided to follow another single and hoped he would play quickly (He did) Played two balls and finished in well less than 3 hours walking.

Greens are the best part of the course. Fairways were surprisingly good. Rough was fair to poor, depending upon where the ball ended up. Bunkers had plenty of sand and were decent. Tee boxes also better than expected.

So long as your expectations aren't too high, El Prado does not disappoint. It's inexpensive, quick, basic golf. Much like I grew up playing in the Midwest, minus about a million trees.
Just like a summer morning ! Temperature at a balmy 60 degrees when I tee'd off at 6:10am (still dark) Fairways still dry due to the recent winds, so nice to get that extra roll, however I'm noticing some of the fairways are getting rather thin???. If we ever get some rain, they better keep the carts on the path of some holes. Greens fairly quick still due to the dryness. But they did roll well. Some of the greenside bunkers need some attention too.

Maybe because of the holiday season, not as busy as usual, but there is still that group of "dew sweepers" which force me to tee off in the dark to insure being first out. I suspect once it gets cold again, the numbers will diminish.
With all the recent winds, the course was dry so I actually got some roll on my tee shots, which is a pleasant change from the typical mornings. However the greens were super quick and offset any advantage I had with hitting shorter clubs into the greens.

Courses is in nice shape right now, but with the dry conditions, my concern is that any cold spell will cause frost, which is the one thing which prevents me from playing
The more I play here, the more I enjoy this course. If I can get past # 5 close to even, I seem to be able to handle the remaining holes reasonably well. Totally agree with prior review by 24hourgolf, conditions are as good as they've been out here. Greens and fringe areas being the best. Nothing to complain about as to conditioning.

Staff is very friendly and accommodating. Never seem to have a problem getting out early and providing you're out in the first 1/2 hour of daylight, pace of play is always quick.
First off on Monday at 6:00am. Still dark, but worth it to get around here in a nice pace. Our threesome walked without rushing in about 2 hours 50 min. Other than the absence of light for the first hole, it was great weather. Not too cold - no wind.

I was blown away at just how good the greens were. Very impressed with them, considering all the play this course gets. Fairways were generally fine, greenside bunkers had plenty of well raked sand. Rough was spotty or bare dirt, depending upon where your ball finished.

It's just hard to imagine being able to play a course on the ocean in such nice condition, for $16.50. (senior walking rate) A steal ! Makes me appreciate living in Southern California. If I lived closer, I'd be out here a whole lot more.
Did not feel like driving too far, so decided to get back to San Clemente. A beautiful morning, particularly when you consider it's almost December. Staff as usual was very friendly and accommodating. Paired up with a couple nice guys and was nice to get around in just about 3 1/2 hours.

Course is in nice condition, with the greens being the best part. Fairways had plenty of grass. Bunkers well groomed with nice sand. Overall, very satisfied with conditions.

Always enjoy this course as it is a pleasant walk, does not beat you up. (Other than #16 which I struggle with) Just a very nice old style traditional track where everything is right in front of you. The kind of golf I grew up playing.
I had not played "Big-V" since October 1988, so was very excited to play again. Always a stern test, so I knew I'd have to play well to post a decent number. Well, that didn't happen! Probably the worst ball striking round of golf I've had in ten years. I was awful ! Since I only hit a handful of fairways, I spent the majority of my round trying to find my ball in the rough, which had lots of leaves, making it nearly impossible to find it. I could go on about how crappy I played, but despite that, the course was everything I remembered,

Great condition ! Very tough greens, just like I remember. Thankfully I could still putt today or I would have shot a million. Fairways, bunkers, rough, everything was in pristine condition. Terrific course, but still and playable.

Staff was very nice. Despite my poor play and time spend hunting for my errant drives, our foursome finished in just under four hours, which would have been quicker but for the twosome in front of us ? Really enjoyed playing on a breezy warm autumn day. Could have been perfect, but for my lack of skills today
Every golf course should provide the great customer service that Arroyo Trabuco does. Larry in the pro shop is always fantastic as are all the staff. Friendly and accommodating.

I was able to get off first at 6:12, still somewhat dark. Course was in overall very nice condition. Greens much better than when I last played here several months ago, although a few still have some issues. Fairways are green and lush. Bunkers had lots of sand. (Maybe a little too much?)

Played in under 2 1/2 hours, taking my time to enjoy a very mild morning. Other than some light rain for a few holes, conditions were excellent. The only disappointment is that I noticed they have raised their fees. $65 for senior M-Thurs.
Looking to play somewhere I usually don't get too, so decided to try the Navy course, on a very busy morning. Perfect weather, particularly for November. Totally agree with Mark's prior review, although I thought the greens were better than described. Overall the course is in nice shape.

I was lucky to get out within the first few groups so the pace of play wasn't too bad, all things considered. I enjoy this course, but I NEVER play well here. Don't know what it is, just can't seem to put any kind of decent score on the board. Nice morning despite the poor play.
Noticed it had been almost six years since I last played here, so taking advantage of a great internet offer of $25 for green fee, cart, breakfast, made the trip. Arrived at 5:20am and it was already crowded! However as we were just a twosome, were allowed to get off first. (In total darkness of course) First holes was just a guess, but still managed a 4, and the second green had lights, so by the time we got to #3, it was almost light enough to see.

Greens were by far the best part of the course, followed by the bunkers. The fairways were for the most part awful. Tee boxes and rough was hit or miss. I've have never been a huge fan of this course. I enjoy the scenery and the deer, but the course does not "fit my eye" as well as others. Despite that, had a great time, with a pace of play just under 2 1/2 hours. It was surprising to see that when we were driving to #8, there were already three groups on the par 3 second hole, and this was at 6:38am. Wow ! Worth playing the first couple holes in the dark to avoid what I'm sure would have been a long round.
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