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After playing Woods Valley, stopped by Shadowridge. Michael in the pro shop was great, git me out within 20 minutes. The course is in exceptionally nice condition. Greens were quick and rolled true. Fairways were very lush. All the bunkers were well groomed and had plenty of sand. Rough was spotty at times.

This is a nice golf course which offers a fair test of golf. Everyone at the course was friendly and easy going. Not what you might expect at a private club to an "outsider" Decent pace of play. 4 1/2 hours, but no real waiting, just a constant flow.
I have always enjoyed this course. I find it interesting, fun to play, and just enough of a challenge to keep your focus. Staff was great and got me out right away as a single to avoid the rush of early morning golfers.

Some of the fairways had areas which were very thin, while most had plenty of grass, Greens were very nice, rolled true, and reasonable speed. (Those which were mowed) In two bunkers and both were soaked. But I looked at others and they appeared OK.
There are so many reasons I like playing here, from the wonderful staff which is always accommodating, to the great rate as a senior, to the beautiful setting with all the deer. The greens when they're good, and they are very good right now, makes this course a joy to play. Local knowledge is critical when reading these greens, and even then they provide a test.

While the course is not long, it has a number of interesting holes and provides many good birdie opportunities, while also offering a few difficult holes ( 5, 6, 12 & 18) If you have not played here for a while, get out and enjoy some of the better conditions I have seen here. A wonderful morning spent ..... like a walk in the park.
I have not played this course since 2011, so was looking forward to my return. I've always enjoyed playing here, but it's not convenient to home and past experience has proven it can be rather busy early in the morning. Arrived at 5am, pro shop was open before 5:30 and allowed us to get right out. Great customer service.

I was blown away by what great overall condition the course was in. The greens were not cut, but still rolled very well and were receptive to the shots. (even backed a few up!) I'm certain once they were mowed the speed would have been fine, but I found them a bit on the slow side with all the morning dew. Fairways were very nice, in some areas ..... exceptional. Not in any bunkers, but they appeared OK.

While on the first tee a gentleman approached me and asked if I was "Weber". I had no idea what he wanted, until he identified himself as 24hourgolf. I was a bit taken back, but it is now nice to put a face to the name. It was nice to meet you Larry, if only for a moment!

Enjoyed a beautiful fun morning round of golf and finished right at 8am, beating the heat. Already looking forward to returning to play here again
I understand the need for maintenance and I applaud the efforts by the green super to perform these required tasks, but it's amazing how much a course can change in a couple days; Last week the course was near perfect, but after punching/sanding the greens, punching the fairways, and tee boxes, the course felt nearly unplayable this morning! The greens ran about 5-6 on the stimp, zero roll in the fairways as the ball landed, it just stuck !

I know that in a week or so everything will be back to "normal" but it makes you appreciate how different conditions affect the playability of a course. I guess I'll stick with the South course for the next week or so, until they decide to work their magic on that course
Out early to beat the heat. Not very busy, so no problem getting out The staff here is always fantastic, very customer oriented.

The prior review nailed it. Although I did not find the course as wet as I expected. Greens were not as slow either, but not a quick as normal. Maybe they are not cutting them low to protect them from the heat?

I try to play here because it is good basic, no frills golf at a very reasonable price. Easy walking course, which is always to my liking. I guess because I know what to expect when I come to El Prado, I am rarely disappointed.
One of my favorite courses to play, for a number of reasons. The course just seems to "fit my eye" I find the holes to be interesting and provide enough of a challenge to test my skills. (Except for # 6, which I simply can not figure out how to play. It seems to play a ton longer than the listed yardage??. I have yet to hit this green in regulation?) There are nice visuals, birdie holes, good mix of holes and variety of shots required to play here.

Course is in overall very good condition. Greens are very nice, except for #1, which they are working on. Greenside bunkers had lots of well groomed sand. (I was in a lot of bunkers today and they were all good) Staff is fantastic, always accommodating. They allowed me to get off first and I was finished by 8:15. Beat the heat !

If I lived closer, I'd play a lot more often
As strange as it seems, I actually enjoy playing this course? So long as your expectations are not too high. (It's not Pelican Hill) there are several fun holes on this course. Sure you have to look past the overall condition, but the greens are decent and areas near the greens are pretty good, which is the most critical part of the course.

It's cheap, quick, easy access golf which sometimes is all I'm looking for. Staff as always friendly and very accommodating. Wouldn't want to make a steady diet of this course, but it's a nice change of pace.
Took advantage of the 20th anniversary special. So for $42, two players w/cart. What a deal! The course was in really fine condition, with the exception of a few greenside bunkers, which had almost zero sand. Greens rolled well, not too quick, but OK. Fairways were green and lush. They must have had a lot of rain on Sunday, because some of the bunkers were filled with water and a few fairways were just soaked.

I like playing this course, but I have come to realize that playing the tips. (Black tees) there are a few holes which are just too much for me as a 70 year old. Holes #2, 9 and #17 are just no longer reachable for me, and several others ( #5, #11 & #18 ) demand all I've got to make it. However as I keep all my records and like to compare apples to apples, I'm sure the next time I play here, I'll punish myself again and play the tips. Who says wisdom comes with age?
Out super early again today. To my surprise the weather started as a mist, then gradually actually turned to a light sprinkle ??? (Hey, this is June, not supposed to rain in June?)

Course was in very nice condition. Greens not as quick as the North, but still reasonably fast. Fairways v good, rough had some areas which need some attention. Bunkers better than usual.

Maybe because of the weather, but it was very empty this morning? Just me and maintenance.
After being out of state the past 8 days, it was a pleasure to return to dry non humid California weather. The course just felt "right" Greens were fast and smooth. Fairways firm and allowed some run. (unlike the bent fairways I'd been playing the past week) The snow white bunkers are just starting to lose some of their "crispness", but still great to play from.
Having one course closed due to a ladies event, the course was busy, but since I tee'd off so early, I was not affected. Nice to be home !
I try to play here a few times a year because it isn't too far from home (Time wise), price is right, and the pro shop generally is good about getting me out early. A pleasant overcast morning, no wind, not too busy so no issues with POP.

A few of the greens had some issues, but overall, they were reasonably true. Fairways were decent, some dormant areas. Bunkers were inconsistent.

While I enjoy this course, I sure miss the days when there were two courses. Some of the distances between holes are a bit excessive, but mostly there are just a number of holes on the "old courses" which I miss playing
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