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Went out and played on my birthday (33). It was pink Monday, wear pink and the prices are $29/39 on Mondays. Reserve your tee time early!
Anyways, the greens were mowed that morning and after a short freeze delay we got off the first tee less than 10 minutes after our scheduled tee time.
The greens were soft and receptive but pretty quick despite being soft and moist!
The fairways were dormant like CenCalHack said, but in great shape none the less.
The course is in really good shape despite the cold weather we've been having.
I landed up shooting a 74, which is my best round of my life and gives me high expectations for year 33 in this life!

I've been really using the back range and the short game area a ton. Like I've said before, they have the best range and short game area in the Central Valley!
My review will be similar to CenCalHack's and won't be long due to previous review. I played today 4/20 and the tee boxes were well trimmed, they are letting tee boxes recover and markers are smaller than I've ever seen before. The fairways, are nothing like a fairway, they are long and I hit a few perfectly placed drives, and had to hunt for my ball, knowin full well it was in the fairway and it was sitting down in thicker grass.
The weird part was, was they had mowers out when I had gotten to the course, but the fairways were not cut on any of the holes. They had about 4-6 people in the maintence shed when I came off of 9, which doesn't make sense. There was also a maintence worker, working on the ditch that runs along Hole 6, but couldn't figure out what he was doing.
Greens were dry and typical slower speeds like Sherwood is known for. Bunkers had grass coming through certain parts which was odd.
It's a goat track, and there's gotta be some way they can cut back some of the branches in certain trees, but then again, that adds to the difficulty of this course!
Curious to know what is going on out there with ownership.
This won't be one of my longer reviews, because my previous review on this course is fairly accurate to the course still.
We played a couple weekends ago, and was right after the Fresno area got over an inch of rain, and we got even more rain the morning of our round and rained a bit while we were playing. It was cart path only which served well because the fairways were like soaking wet sponges nearly the entire round. There was a lot of heavy wet spots in certain areas, mostly the flatter areas where the water from the elevation came to rest. But all in all this course is always in really good shape! Just outta the way and for $75 bucks, it isn't too high on my have to play courses around here.
This will be my second review of Fig Garden. I haven't played Fig for a while but was pleasantly surprised of how good of shape it was in. This was actually my first time playing here in the morning, which was booked solid! It is Semi -Private and the "members" we're out in force.
We played the Sunday prior to the,munching their greens, which IMO, didn't need to be done. This was one of the better parts of this course when we played. They rolled fairly slow due to the moisture from the morning. The second part of this course which was nice was the bunkers had a great amount of sand in them. A few courses in and around Fresno are notorious for hard pan bunkers, but Fig had nice soft sand, which was good for the few times I was in them! The course is straight forward other than a few fun holes on the back. The river that sits next to the course was overflowing onto the course a week prior,and actually covered parts of the fairway on 13 and 16 which are two holes right up against the river but typically never really a problem other than if you hook one into the bushes. All in all, was a good solid round! With all the rain, we will probably go back agin once the greens heal up!
4 words... Golf Now Hot Deal!
We got our round for about 30 bucks which is 50% off of the typical weekend rate!
Was pretty busy when I arrived, Pro Shop didn't have range balls when I walked in but didn't bother me much, saw the crowd on the range and on the first tee, so it was a busy morning. But the round and course was great! The first couple holes we were waiting on each shot, but by the 4th hole we were crushing with little to no wait!
The course itself is lush green from all the rain we've gotten the last couple months. There were a couple bunkers and waste areas that had some standing water in it but the course itself was great! The fairways were cut tight, and there was little to no heavy water spots, so you were getting some nice rollout on drives in the fairway. The rough wasn't too penalizing but in spots the ball would sit down. The greens they were slower, probably due to a light covering of sand but it wasn't heavy sand just very light as if it was done weeks ago but I wouldn't complain, I was putting them well!
My only let down from this great conditioned course was the bunkers. There was sand in them, but there was a lot of rocks, and pebbles in the bunker areas. And the sides of the bunkers were all hard pan, which is understandable since the rain probably forced all the good sand down to the bottom of the bunkers. Just had a couple hardpan lies which didn't makemitnessy getting out.
Overall, great course and hoping to get back up there again before it gets too hot!! Also, try the taqueria right off the 99, it is super good!
Won't go into super detail, since this is my 3rd review of this course. But played on Super Bowl Sunday before the game. Got out around 10:30 after the early morning wave. There was a couple groups in front of me, playing as a single. First thing, the course was still EXTREMELY wet in places. Was really shocked it was not cart path only. There was a lot of areas that carts had been through and tore up the turf pretty badly. But most of every fairway was still playable.

The worst fairway would probably have been Hole 11, due to the fact the fairway is at a slope from left to right and how the water drains into the waste area on the right. That brings me to my next point, a lot and I mean a lot of the bunkers had standing water in them. Some at least an inch to two inches of standing water. We did get hit hard Friday afternoon with a huge storm that dumped in that area! There were a few bunkers that are going to have to be redone I'm sure. Hole 7, the greenside bunker on the left is probably one of the most effected since it sits below the green and is in the bottom of the bowled out area where all the water seemed to collect. A ton of erosion on the face of that bunker. I really hope they lay a ton of new sand in all these bunkers because they had some of the better bunkers in the area.
Greens were moist, but not slow at all. They had a lot of the pins in places where there was a lot of break which made putting tough. But kept you honest!

Word to the wise.... Get on their email list. They send out weekly discounted rates for certain days but always changing.
My first review of this course is detailed and in-depth. But this review stems from the conditions from this past week.
We had a team time for 9:45, and I got their around 9 and they were just ending s frost delay, and sent most groups out on the front, and one group ahead of us beat us to stsrt on the back, we played the back in less then two hours without waiting on any shot. The group in front of us was at least two to three holes ahead. I was walking while my buddies rode, which helped open up that gap.
But the waiting game came when we played our second nine, which was the front, and seemed as if eveeyone was going off the front. So the group in front of us was a group of 5 and was extremely slow, and never once waved us through or ever said a word. We literally waited on every shot we hit, sometimes minutes on end. Which turned into a 3 hour last 9 holes.

Okay, the course was in okay shape for being one of the lower ended golf courses around the Fresno area. We played it because the guys I play with like it. The course itself was wet for the most part from all the rain we've been getting, and couple thst with the cold freezing nights and there isn't much growth or green. Had a few muddy balls from wet areas. The greens were fairly soft but in solid shape.
Headed up to Madera this past Sunday on my birthday. It was super cold, and there was a frost delay that we expected, which turned out to be an hour and a half. Wasn't too worried about it, wasn't the courses fault. But we were able to tee off on split tees, which kept things moving.

The course itself was in solid shape. Fairways were in decent shape, the tee boxes were in good shape. Nearly all the tee boxes are level, but for some reason I can't figure out why the first tee box is not level, there is a hump in the middle of the white tee box nearly every time we've played here. Not sure why they never get around to fixing this. But it's a little quirk that I always notice.

One thing that many people thst golf around the valley talked about were the greens, they were messed up for quite some time, but when we played they were in really good shape, and would never have guessed there was any issue with them. And I noticed a few of the greens were narrowed and smaller on certain sides. Granted, nearly all the greens bowl out to the middle which is great if you miss it a little left or right. Bunkers were a little muddy but nothing too crazy.
I'm glad to get back up to this course, and will add it back to the rotation of courses we play now since we know the greens are back to a solid standard.
Played in the GK Guru outing last week, and it was a fun experience to via lly put faces to names of the more well known reviewers and local guys as well!

Th course is in great shape, and this is one of my favorite courses to play. I seem to really only play out here on Mondays because they have a great deal, where if you wear pink on Monday, you play for 39/29 ride/walk. So I have a tendency to play here on Monday. But this course was i. Great shape for our event, I noticed the fairways weren't rolling out as much as I'm accustomed to, and there wer some dry cuttings off the fairway, but nothing that made for any less of a great fun round. The greens were in great shape like usual, wasn't in too many bunkers, but the couple I was in, the sand seemed to be consistent from th couple shots I had to get out of.

My favorite part of this course has got to be the driving range and the short game area. They have multiple driving ranges, they have the main range which is right by the parking lot, and it is huge, with four different quadrants so they have the luxury to move them around. But then there are two others range areas that surround the best short game area in the valley. They have to undulating greens thst you can hit hundreds of different shots into either green. I tend to go to the back range hit a large bucket and take an hour or two on their short game area working on all sorts of shots and distances.
First and foremost, I've been playing this course the last few months with extremely cheap price. 39 bucks with cart that has GPS. Can't beat it! Join their email list to get these great rates!!

This course is one of my favorite courses around, not going to go into super detail since my other reviews talk in length about the course, but the new ownership has done great things with the course! Last time I played out here it was windy, so it made th course a little more tricky but still was great! There's nothing bad about this course, only complaint I would say would be is the greens are showing some wear, but that's to be expected after a busy summer I'm sure! But a simple arification will do the trick! But these greens are big, probably the biggest in the area which makes it tricky because they are able to place pins in different places all the time!
Fairways are in great shape, not overalls green but not dry! They are doing their best with water and the heat!
There are a lot of holes you can take different lines off the tees, which makes for a lot of fun!
I plays this course about a week ago from when I am writing this review.
This course is one of my favorite courses I have played! I won't go into a hole by hole description like I typically do with most of my reviews, since I've only played this course once and the others numerous times.

The front 9 runs through the trees and neighborhood, and has a lot of elevation changes, and opens with two Par 3s, which is interesting, then two Par 4s and then two Par 5s and then two more Par 4s and then a long Par 3. The front 9 is tree lined, like I said earlier, and there is quite a few blind shots, knowing this course can help out a bit. But the front 9 was very fun. This course isn't that long, so for longer hitters it can be really fun to hit a lot of wedges into greens. The greens were great! Ran true all day, not really any ball marks and they said they weren't going to punch this Spring, which worried me but they were great!

The back 9 is the bread and butter of this course, and is where they get the name, Poor Man's Pebble Beach. The firsr hole is a short Par 3, but then the rest of the back is nearly on the ocean. We picked the most picture perfect day you could play. Slight breeze and not a cloud in the sky. The hardest part of this side of the course was the dunes, and the blind shots you have to hit, again course knowledge is important but I noticed myself trying to see what was coming up next before I played a hole, since these holes run all next to one another.

For the price, this course was practically a steal!!! A round, a cart, and range balls, were 75 bucks. The Pro Shop attendant was super friendly! Was just a great all around day of golf! 75 bucks compared to 500+ I'll take the lesser and play more! Even though Pebble is still in the works!
I have been playing Fig Garden quite a bit lately. Their Twilight Rate($25) is average at best. But its a change up from the other courses around. The one issue I have with this course is their prices. If they were not so high, I would play here a lot more. Compared to other local courses, they are on the higher side, despite being not in the greatest condition. But I guess since they are "Semi-Private" they can get away with this.
Our round typically is right around 4 hours, we get out around 2 or 3pm, and coast around the course, never really having to wait on the tee box. Seems that we get their before the afterwork players get there. But the course is pretty straight forward for the most part. Their are a few interesting holes. The front few holes are fairly simple. The one catch is 2 green sits at an angle and has a lot of slope on it. Like a lot of these greens, if you do not hit the ball high, and are able to stop it on the green, the tendency is to have the ball release off towards the back of the greens, that goes for the whole course. The 3rd hole, Par 3 is interesting from the standpoint of the tee box, most of the time the angle of the tee box, is towards the large waste area to the right of the green. I noticed this after a few times playing this course years ago, and being right a lot! The 4th is your long Par 5 and the 5th is a longer Par 4, be careful of the overhanging Pine Tree on the left. The green on this hole is quite big, and has a second tier in the back, and its quite the accomplishment for a par on this hole when the pin is tucked the back on this second tier. The 6th, which is a long Par 5, can be played two different ways, playing to the left of the Pine Trees is the safer approach, but longer way in. Or you can take your drive over the Pines on the left. This is the first hole, that if you are playing the Blue Tees is a BIG difference in yardages! 7 is your longer Par 3 with OB behind the extremely sloped green. Keep the ball below the hole for par! The 8th is a shorter Par 4, again, watch the Pine Tree that over hangs the left side of the fairway. Typically having a wedge of some sort into this green with two bunkers guarding the front. The only slope on this hole, is on the front between the bunkers. The 9th, is an interesting short Par 4. In the middle of the fairway at about 80 yards from the green, is a large Pine Tree and there are a few gaps around the trees around it where you can attempt to hit it through the gaps or over the trees. The green is fronted by quite a few bunkers. If you don't have the length off the tee playing to the base of the Pine in the middle of the fairway and a wedge into the green can be your best play. The green is really sloped and you can really throw darts at the flag.

The back 9 is where the interesting holes come in. The Par 4 10th can be tricky if you cant draw the ball, or if you are comfortable with an iron from 180, you can lay back and attack the green which has two bunkers in the front, and the green sloping to the left. But if you can hit a high draw around the eucalyptus on the left you can get extra kick off the slop that runs down around 150. But I have watched members take a different approach to this hole. They seem to play left of the eucalyptus, at first, I thought they had no clue of what they were doing but I hooked one over to the area they were hitting from, and come to find out, it left you with a clear shot into the green at about 140-150 out. 11th, simple Par 3. But like the rest of this course, very flat green! The next two holes are the quirky holes on this course. The 12th, is a Par 4, which has the river(or whats left of the river) left, and you have to hit a slinging draw around the corner, but the best play is hitting less than driver, and aiming right, because if you get too left, you will be stuck behind two big Oak Trees. I have hit 3w and been to the right side of the trees, but also have hit 4H and 4i, and been a little further back. The trick is on this hole, which might have the flattest green on the course is where the hole is. There is two high faced bunkers protecting this hole. Being able to hit a wedge into this green and hold this green is a feat in itself. Leaving it short puts you into one of these bunkers and typically no green to work with. Running one up between the bunkers if you can is a great play. The 13th is the most oddest hole I have played in Fresno. It is a Par 4, but it does not really dog leg, it runs out at about 190 and they have bushes that end the fairway. Their is trees left and trees that you need to hit something high and far enough to cover. I have seen this odd hole played many different ways. The rest of the course is fairly straight forward. The closing 18th is one of the longer Par 4s on the course. It can be interesting when the pin is in the front, because their is a pond that runs the left side of the green.

Overall, this course is a solid course to play. The prices are a bit steep. But that comes with the "Semi-Private" title I guess. Very easy to walk, and the pace in the afternoon is good.
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