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Played the Canyon / Ranch combo yesterday. I haven’t played here in a few months and was happy to be back. Both courses are in good to great shape, with Canyon being better than Ranch. The only down side to Ranch were the greens were still showing signs of recent vericut. It didn’t affect roll that much but did seem to keep the ball from staying on the green.

Tee boxes were in great shape, nice and lush with plenty of flat area to hit from. Fairways were nice with extra roll. Seemed a little dry but what course in SD isn’t dry right now. No real rough to speak of and wasn’t an issue. Greens are great on Canyon but ok on Ranch. Canyon held shots and rolled at a good speed, not to fast but not too slow. Made it around without hitting a bunker, but they looked ok, maybe a little crusty.

Pace was great and if you can find a deal, check Costco and Groupon, may be worth playing. Only downside is cart didn’t have a pencil and one of the sand bottles was empty. For what they charge I think those kinds of things shouldn’t happen. Maybe it’s just me being picky.
Played this am and course is in OK shape, tee boxes are browning up and some are pretty beat up. Same can be said of the fairways. Still mostly green but starting to show a lot of brown. Sand is pretty bad and hard to play from. Greens are lush and green but very slow! I would only play here for the next month and with a good deal. Otherwise you are better off waiting till after they overseed in October.
Played Arrowood for the first time yesterday with David in our GK cup 12 match. Got paired up with two singles at got out on the tee right after 200pm. Course is in good to great condition.

Tee boxes were mostly level and easy to play from. A few of the par 3 boxes were beat up but still able to find a patch of grass. Fairways were frim and dry and gave plenty of roll. Not lush looking but never had a problem hitting from them. The rough was not really a factor. Greens were nice, lots of unrepaired ball marks, but none really affecting roll. Sand was hit or miss. Some greenside bunkers had nice white sand and others had hard dirt.

I really enjoyed the layout of the course. It is a fun course with lots of different types of shots. It I lived closer I would definitely play the course more often.
Played willow today with a mid-morning round. Got a free dozen golf balls for maintaining my gold card with them. The dozen can be Pro V1 or any other brand, pretty cool. Picked the new chrome Soft with the Tru-Vis American flag. It was the day after Memorial day and I thought it was appropriate.

Course is in ok shape. Tees and fairways are good, nice and lush but could use a fresh cut. Rough was taller than normal and made you think but you shouldn’t lose a ball in it. Sand was playable, not the best but better than most courses in SD.

Greens were poor. They must have just punched them in the last week! (yes I did check but Johnny dropped the ball as no alert on file…….JUST KIDDING…. I know some courses will refuse to say when they are doing maintenance) Greens were bumpy and wouldn’t hold a line. I wish they would have said something at check in. I would give it at least 2-3 weeks before coming out to play.

If you have the gold card then the course is a reasonable deal. They keep increasing the cart fee which is starting to make the green fee a little pricey. The course is walkable with a few small hills if you are interested, this would help with the green fees.
Played Admiral Baker north Monday morning. Cost has gone up for non-military players to $51 with a cart, a little steep for this course. Check in was less than stellar with a counter person who said all of three words to me, not looking for a hug or anything but at least be thankful I am spending my money at your course.

Starter was friendly and got us out 15 minutes early. Course didn’t seem too busy in the early AM. Everything looked good from the first tee. Tee box was nice and fairway was green, not lush but playable. First green was smooth but a little slow for my liking. Saw a lot of repaired ball marks.

Course was in about same condition all the way through 18. Nothing to complain about but nothing to brag about either. Was in a couple of green side bunkers and they were very playable. Probably better than most bunkers in San Diego.

Pace of play was great in under 4 hours. All in all, still a fun course and decent conditions. Price may keep me from coming back soon.
Played Barona on Friday morning using a free twosome I won in a raffle. This is still one of my favorite courses in San Diego. Conditions were about as good as I have seen in a few years.

I don’t usually review the practice area but they have one of the best. Large grass range with Calloway range balls. Great chipping area and large practice green. If I lived closer I would be there just for the practice area.

Tee boxes were immaculate. No real damage and plenty of area to hit from. Fairways were fast and firm. If you are looking for a lush resort type course this is not it. It plays more like a links course with fast and firm fairways and not a lot of rough around the greens.

Sand was great, both my partner and I were in a few sand traps and got out very easily and was nice to play from a well taken care of sand trap.

Greens were fast and true. Almost no ball marks and the ball rolled great. This is one course you can 4-5 putt very easily if you are not careful.

The course is in great shape and I would recommend playing if you get the chance. Get a player’s card (free) from the casino and the twilight rate is reasonable at $64. Twilight starts at 1100 right now so gives plenty of time to get a round in.
Played Eastlake on Monday with a mid-morning tee time. Used an email offer and played for $37 with lunch, pretty good deal. Course is in good to very good shape. The course is green and lush throughout. Greens were too bumpy for my liking, but hopefully they roll them soon.

Tee boxes were good. All were level and easy to hit from. Fairways were very good and nice and green. I was surprised based on the lack of rain. The sand was ok, some of the traps were hard compact and some were better.

Greens were very disappointing. Most were very nice and green, but very bumpy. A couple of putts were knocked off line. They were medium to fast speed.

Don’t let the greens keep you from playing here, if you get a good deal I think it is worth it.
Played Balboa yesterday with Sal for our GK Cup match. Only my second time playing here and had a great time. Course is in good shape. Pretty green throughout and the greens are very fast.

Tee boxes were ok. Some were not level and compacted. Fairways were mostly good. Some brown here and there but we haven’t had any rain so you kinda of have to expect it. The sand was great. I was in a couple of bunkers and was able to get out pretty easily.

Greens are the highlight of the course. They were fast, hard and smooth. You need to stay below the hole on the course or you can forget par.

The course is short but does play a lot harder than its yardage. You need to stay on the fairway to have any chance at a good score. If you can find a good deal or live in the city of San Diego I would recommend playing.
Played Presido / Mission combo yesterday. Another love hate day with Riverwalk. Played a few times recently and always seemed to get stuck behind a lot of fiversomes. Yesterday was different. Course was busy but the tee times were well spaced out and no real issues.

The course is a mixed bag. The tee boxes were good, flat and nice coverage. Fairways were just average. Lots of hard dirt and grass. They were cut tight so you got a lot of roll. The greens were better than average with some bumps here and there but smooth. Sand was good, a little wet even for a late morning round but still able to get out ok.

I don’t think the course is worth the regular rate in its current condition. If you can find a good deal than grab it.
A little late review, played last Monday after 11 am using a email coupon, $29 with a cart. The course is in overall good condition. The course turns nice and green after overseeding. Even with the higher than normal temps the course is still pretty green.

Played the back tees and the boxes were in very good condition. No real isssues.

Most of the fairways were nice and green and gave a good amount of roll. When I was in the fairway never had an issue.

Rough was actually in play and about 2-3 inches. It was enough to make you think about your shot.

Greens were in good shape with little to no mall marks. Still a little to bumpy for my taste and it did affect some putts.

Overall for the price it’s a good deal. I suggest playing now before things change. I guess the course was recently sold to a Japanese Firm which owns a few golf courses in Japan. The staff said they where told they would be putting some money into the course. Hopefully that doesn’t raise the green fees as 29 with a cart is a pretty good deal.
Got the chance to play Barona today right around 11, which is the start of twilight time. Course was empty and finished in 3 hours. Course is in great condition I would play now if you can.

Tee boxes level and perfect. No issues with putting a tee in the ground and plenty of area to hit from.

Fairways are cut tight and giving lots of roll. The tight cut didn’t affect shots at all, may not look green and lush but it’s great to play.

There is no rough to deal with everything is cut pretty tight. The natural grass / weed areas are cut pretty low so it’s pretty easy to find your ball if you go off line a little.

Sand is great. I was in a few greenside bunkers and got out just fine.

Greens are awesome. Almost no ball marks and rolling very true. Ball never went off line and speed was acceptable not crazy fast.

Practice area is great at Barona with a large range and great putting and chipping greens. Don’t forget to get a free casino players card. It will take 20-30 bucks off the green fee.
After reading the review from Sdscratchorbust I decided to give CV a chance last Wednesday. Found a good deal on their website for $19 with cart at around 1:30PM.

Sdscratchorbust review is pretty much spot on. The only thing I would add is how surprised I was there were little to no ball marks on the greens. The greens are the best part of the course.

Pace of play was good, finished front 9 in about an 1:15 and then got held up on the back. Still finished the round in about 3 hours and 15 minutes.

I would suggest if you can find a good deal (I paid 19 that's just over a dollar a hole) you should give it a chance.
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