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Played 36 on the Champions course using the UNDERPAR deal. Not bad for $100 a golfer. Course wasn't busy so we got both rounds in before dark.

The course is in very good to great shape. Tee boxes were level some had a good number of divots but I was able to find a place for the tee and they were all level. Fairways were nice and lush green with good coverage. I saw a couple of thin spots and areas under repair but nothing that affected my shoots. Sand was a mixed bag, it was heavy and wet in the morning and in the afternoon seemed thin and hard to get out of? Greens were very fast and in great shape. Some showed repaired ball marks but nothing which affected the roll of the ball.

Fun course and if you can find a good deal I would definitely go out and play. Side note: Legends is about a week away from coming out of over seeding. Talked to some staff and they said the rough is very thick and the course is cart path only right now.
Wanted to give this course another try. Saw the last review was well over 2 years ago and it’s been at least that long since I have played here. They closed the lakes course a few years ago so Ivanhoe is the only 18 holes available.

Booked on line for this am at $33 with cart. They offer military discount to $30 with cart. They closed the original range and moved a small range to the lakes course. Not the best place for a range and had some old mats to hit from. They ask for irons only on the range. Good enough for a little warm up but no much more than that. They do have a couple of short game areas to practice though!

Got my cart and found no starter and was told to basically go when ready. Got on the first tee behind a five some but they actually played pretty fast. Round took about 4:15. Tee boxes we nothing great but decent enough for a tee. Some were a little uneven but wide enough to move to level ground. Fairways were a mixed bag. Most were good with decent coverage. Found some dirt and hard pan but mainly on the edges of the fairways. Bunkers had sand and small gravel but playable. Greens were ok. Most rolled well with no bumps but just didn’t look that great, plus lots of ball marks. No real rough to deal with unless you were way off track.

For $33 it’s not bad. You can walk for $10 less and it’s a pretty easy walk. If you don’t go in expecting to have lush conditions you won’t be disappointed. Just try to remember it was an inexpensive round.
Was in the area on Saturday and wanted to give this course a try. Got out around 9 on Saturday at what looked like a pretty busy time. They were doing split tees starting and we started on 10. Not sure why maybe they had a tournament going at the same time. Course is in really good shape.

Tees boxes were a little beat up but plenty of places to put a tee. Fairways were nice and lush with almost no brown or hard pan spots. Rough was thick and made you work to make a good shot. Wasn’t in a bunker but they looked very playable. Greens were nice and lush and showed subtle signs of punching. Speed was good but they were to bumpy for me and maybe need to be cut and rolled.

Pace was good for first 9 about 2:15 but the other 9 (front) slowed to a crawl. Took over an hour to play four holes. I could not handle the pace and left around the sixth hole. I saw to many groups out of position in front of us including one group which was a hole behind the pace. No Marshall on the course that I saw at least.

$60 for a weekend round is a good deal and would definitely give the course another try!
Played this am in about 4:15 pace. Course is in good overall shape. Just like most courses in San Diego it’s not lush but decent. Tee boxes were mostly good, didn’t have a hard time finding a place for the tee but some were a little uneven. Fairways are green with brown patches. Not a real issue if you keep it in the fairway, but if you miss the fairway a little expect a hard pan lie. Greenside bunkers were good but fairway bunkers were hard. Greens were the best part of the course. Back 9 greens were better then front but overall they are in good shape with medium speed. Course is walkable and they offer a different green fees for walking and riding. I will play the course again and if you can find a good deal I would suggest giving it a try!
Played Barona a few days ago getting out around 1pm. Course was pretty empty and only one person on the range. Practice facilities are great, big grass range and good chipping and putting areas.

Read the most recent review and it’s pretty spot on. Tee boxes are great with no issues. Fairways were painted green and pretty dried out with lots of roll. Really reminded me of what Carnoustie looked like on TV. While it doesn’t look lush I never had a problem hitting shots, still able to take a divot and didn’t destroy my wrists.

Greens were excellent and rolled true. There was no signs of the recent punching from maintenance. Sand was great and easy to play from.

Course price is high for an AM round but if you wait till 12 when they start twilight it’s not a bad deal. I really like the layout and always enjoy playing here!
Played oak quarry today using a certificate I won in a golf tournament. Check in was ok. Front desk didn’t seem to like the fact I had a certificate but honored it anyway.

Tees were level and lush with good coverage. The tee markers are really spread apart for some reason. Fairways were nice and green in most areas. Some brown but not dirt just brown grass. Rough was cut pretty low and not really an issue. Sand was ok seemed a little thin but freshly raked and playable. Greens were medium fast with very few ball marks. They rolled pretty good and some are fairly large.

Pace was great at just over 4 hours. If you get a chance I strongly suggest playing this course some great views and interesting holes.
Played Oak course on Monday morning. Course is in very good shape especially for the recent heat in the area.

Tee boxes were all level and easy to play from. Fairways were in very good condition. Some brown spots but not in places that cause an issue. I was surprised how green it was given the recent heat in the area. Rough was mowed down and not really a factor. Sand was great and easy to play from. Greens were also great. A few ball marks here and there but didn’t seem to effect roll.

Course was a lot of fun and I always enjoy playing here. Their gold card is a good deal and the rewards it offers makes it work getting if you live in the area.
Played this am in warm conditions. I know they are having their gk cup match tomorrow but won’t be here for that. Plus good luck with this heat. When we finished it at 9:20 it was just over 100 and I was done!

Course is in amazing condition. Lush from tee to green. Bunkers were all in great shape. Greens held most high lofted shots but if you come in low it may not hold. Greens rolled true but much slower than you would think for how firm they are. Great course.
I got the chance to play the Champions course today thanks to Johnny for setting this up, what a great deal.

I was one of the four who used the Phat Golf Scooter. The scooter is great. I found it very easy to handle and lots of fun. I like the fact it comes with a seat unlike the golf board. This gives you a chance to sit while waiting to hit shots. It has everything you need on board including a score card holder, cup holder and small cooler. It also has a spot for a sand bottle. The phone holder is nice but I didn’t use it. The only thing I would add is a hook or spot for a towel. I usually have a wet towel with me and I found it hard to find a good place for it.

The performance of the scooter is great. It has three speeds and disc brakes. The high speed (bike) is great on straightaways and gets up to a good speed. The other speeds are good for maneuvering. The only downside I found was going uphill. It needed some help from me to make it up some of the hills. This may be because I am not a small guy and with the golf bag it was difficult to make it up the hill. I think the scooter really helped speed up play. We played in about 3:45 and waited on some holes. I will defiantly use the scooter again if it is available. I didn’t use the golf board and I am not much of a surfer / skater. It appeared it took some coordination to handle but it also looked like fun.

The champions course was in great shape. I played from the blue tees and found the course in great shape. All tee boxes were level and nice to play from. Fairways were in the process of being cut and had great coverage. I really don’t remember seeing any brown spots. Rough was 1-2 inches and made you think about your shot. Fairway bunkers were in better shape than the greenside bunkers. The greenside bunkers were wet and didn’t seem to have much depth to them. Greens were great. Ball rolled great. Some greens had a lot of repaired ball marks but it didn’t affect my putting.

All in all, I really enjoyed the course. That with the great rate by Johnny made for a great morning of golf. Thanks again to Johnny and the staff at La Costa for a great day.
Played the Canyon / Ranch combo yesterday. I haven’t played here in a few months and was happy to be back. Both courses are in good to great shape, with Canyon being better than Ranch. The only down side to Ranch were the greens were still showing signs of recent vericut. It didn’t affect roll that much but did seem to keep the ball from staying on the green.

Tee boxes were in great shape, nice and lush with plenty of flat area to hit from. Fairways were nice with extra roll. Seemed a little dry but what course in SD isn’t dry right now. No real rough to speak of and wasn’t an issue. Greens are great on Canyon but ok on Ranch. Canyon held shots and rolled at a good speed, not to fast but not too slow. Made it around without hitting a bunker, but they looked ok, maybe a little crusty.

Pace was great and if you can find a deal, check Costco and Groupon, may be worth playing. Only downside is cart didn’t have a pencil and one of the sand bottles was empty. For what they charge I think those kinds of things shouldn’t happen. Maybe it’s just me being picky.
Played this am and course is in OK shape, tee boxes are browning up and some are pretty beat up. Same can be said of the fairways. Still mostly green but starting to show a lot of brown. Sand is pretty bad and hard to play from. Greens are lush and green but very slow! I would only play here for the next month and with a good deal. Otherwise you are better off waiting till after they overseed in October.
Played Arrowood for the first time yesterday with David in our GK cup 12 match. Got paired up with two singles at got out on the tee right after 200pm. Course is in good to great condition.

Tee boxes were mostly level and easy to play from. A few of the par 3 boxes were beat up but still able to find a patch of grass. Fairways were frim and dry and gave plenty of roll. Not lush looking but never had a problem hitting from them. The rough was not really a factor. Greens were nice, lots of unrepaired ball marks, but none really affecting roll. Sand was hit or miss. Some greenside bunkers had nice white sand and others had hard dirt.

I really enjoyed the layout of the course. It is a fun course with lots of different types of shots. It I lived closer I would definitely play the course more often.
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