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Snuck out here for a mid afternoon round after work. Wasn't too busy. Friendly guy in pro shop. Carts are in awful condition and super old. It's painful to ride here as the course is super bumpy and the shocks on all the carts are shot. Bag kept getting bumped out of cart. Better just to walk. Tee boxes are in fair to poor condition, some mounded, most par 3s have divot damage. Fairways are hit or miss, some good coverage, some fair. Rough is patchy clumps with dirt interspersed. Bunkers had some heavy sand that was easy to get out of. Greens were hit or miss, the first 2 had heavy damage and were patchy, pock marked, with some new grass growing in. Some others actually rolled pretty well, but there were still areas being repaired. Pop was 2.5 hrs and that along with the cheap price is the main reason to play here. Have low expectations and you will not leave disappointed.
played early afternoon in 4H and finished just at sunset. Course is in good condition, fairways are green and full. Important to hit the ball long and straight on this course otherwise it will be a long day. Rough is thick and grabs your clubs hard. The few bunkers I was in were soft and fluffy with good sand. There was some reseeding or growing maintenance on the teeboxes, three of the par 3s were playing 200+ from the blues as a result. Greens were a bit slower than i'm used to here at black gold, just a bit bumpy but were still in very good condition. Challenging layout, undulating greens, always enjoy coming out here.
Played here mid afternoon, still trying to get game into shape. Check-in was easy, but starter seemed very... slow. Made a lot of mistakes in getting groups out. After getting out there, course was packed and slow. Waited on every shot. Tee boxes were pretty shaggy, needed a good mow. Fairways were tight and in good condition. Not much rough to speak of. Bunkers were somewhat thin IMO, could see the liner on one or two. When I practiced on the putting green, I was excited as it was smooth and rolled fast. But the greens on the course were soft, bumpy, and slow. A fair amount of unrepaired or poorly fixed ball marks. Course is ok, definitely not worth rack rate, but if a member or a discount, maybe worth it in the heart of OC. POP was far too slow at 4h45m. Not sure if I'll be back or not.
played mid morning in nice weather. trying to play some more to groove some new swing changes. pro shop and starter friendly. course is in fairly good condition. tee boxes were all in good shape, fairways mown tight for the most part. a few bare and muddy spots here and there.

half the greens were punched/sanded, maybe a few days ago? don't think gk knew about it and it was not mentioned on check in. pin was always in the non punched half of the green but they are still bumpy and erratic. definitely missed one birdie that turned left about an inch from the hole due to a huge bump. big dead patch on the green on 17 not sure what happened there. #15 green is closed and temporary green set up there, not sure what they were fixing.

was only in one bunker, which had good sand. rough wasn't too penal in general. fun course with a lot of interesting holes and definitely don't need to use driver a lot, but since it's easy to lose balls, POP slow at 4.5 even though the course was not busy. still a fun track, wish pop was a little speedier.
played mid-morning weekday. rack rate was something like 275 but not sure if anyone pays that. last time i was here was maybe 5 years ago. complimentary valet and nice, somewhat gaudy clubhouse. starter manny was friendly and made lots of small talk. complimentary small bag of balls for the range (25?) which was fine.

course can be tough if you don't put it out there straight. runs along side of hill mostly and goes back and forth along it, so many holes run parallel with ESA in between. An off center drive may mean a 200+ approach from the rough or a lost ball in the ESA. conditions were very good, with even and uniform thin cut fairway lies, semi-thick rough. played a bit wet, very little roll. Greens were in excellent condition, smooth and receptive. Didn't notice any ball marks. Appears completely recovered from aeration. Putts ran perfectly true, always broke a few inches toward the ocean. Put a good stroke and it did exactly what you would ask it to do. Perhaps I am biased as I only had 24 putts, felt like everything went in. Greenside bunkers generally had good layer of thick sand, one (#4) was kind of thin. Teeboxes were also in good condition.

Views are what you would expect for an oceanside course, in general pretty amazing. holes 10 and 11 are especially picturesque, and if you play the blacks, the tee box on 18 is pretty crazy. i'm disappointed they removed the waterfalls from #1 and #17, those really added to the scenic overload of the course, but still the course stands on it's own. got out in front of a 5!(some) and finished in 3 1/2. i wish fewer holes were cart path only, but i still enjoyed it thoroughly. Definitely recommended at this time.

edit: i just went and looked back at pics from the last time i played trump when they had waterfalls. OMG those things were spectacular. a real shame they are gone IMO. drought and $$$ and all i'm sure.
got out to glen ivy for a round this afternoon, trying to get back into it. check-in was easy and starter got me out and paired out with a 2some right away. fairways are mostly brown and dormant with occasional clumps of grass. not very visually appealing. drives would roll out forever, 1 and 10 par 5s could easily be reached in 2 with a good drive. it may be winter, but conditions are better elsewhere. rough and fringe was more clumps of grass, just denser and more frequent clumps. teeboxes were okay, some weren't so level but at least they had good evencoverage. bunkers had heavy sand, swing hard to get out. greens putted smooth and medium quick, you need a good strike to stop the ball on short approaches. pop was about 4h after playing through one group. always a challenging layout, but i would wait until some grass grows back to come back here and play.
played in a bit of drizzle today, late morning/early afternoon. not many people really out there, played through 3 groups and got around in 2.5h. never been around this course that fast, usually it's a 5hr round. everyone was scared of the rain i guess but it actually never rained while i was out there. played the blacks, teeboxes were level but some seemed to have been recently overseeded so a few were still on the bare side. fairways were cut tight, a few muddy and some bare areas, but in general good coverage. not a lot of rough on this course, it's cut short and your ball can run through it and into OB or hazard pretty quick. lots of sand in the bunkers, heavy and wet, really got to swing hard to get your ball out. greens were receptive, medium speed, ran pretty true. people here don't fix their ballmarks much. i like the layout, every hole is a bit different, lots of different things to think about on your tee shot. not a grip it and rip it course. always like coming back here.
played here earlier this week as the second round of a 36 hole guru day. course is in excellent shape and weather was great. customer service was good, my bag was picked up and placed in a cart, taken to the range/putting green area. the there was a putting course for practice and a smallish range area. i only hit irons because the range area seemed somewhat short, and there was a large creek to the left side. the turf there was also very hard packed and tight, which was very different from the course.

starter was very friendly, and we were met on the 1st tee by the head pro and the superintendent. course is in very good condition, the teeboxes were all level and lush. some minor divot damage on par 3s but nothing to detract from the experience. fairways were all lush green grass with minimal divots. rough was just long enough to make hitting out of them tough and keep your mind to hitting the fairway.

unfortunately for me, i couldn't get off the teebox all afternoon and found myself all over the course, perhaps i'm getting too old to drive all the way out to palm springs and do 36 any more haha. luckily, the water here is crystal clear as opposed to some other courses, and my fellow gurus were able to help me locate my ball in the shallow water several times. bunkers were in excellent condition with good fluffy sand in them and greens are smooth and running true. they were medium speed and putts held their line well. pop was solid at about 4 hours.

the course is in beautiful condition and definitely worth heading out for a round and maybe even a 36 players/celebrity combo. wish i had time to stay a bit longer to have some food, that burger they advertise on the back of the cart looked good. will hope to be back here soon when i've got the timing back in my swing.
played here early this week with other gurus in a fun, quick round. customer service was excellent, with my bag taken and placed into the cart and taken to the starter. check in was very friendly, starter directed me to the range, which was spacious and well kept with many targets. large putting green with many targets.

i always enjoy this course, it is visually appealing with many bunkers littering the fairways reminding you to keep your drives in the middle, but still not overly challenging. the fairways were lush and full and the bunkers were full of new fluffy, and heavy sand which you had to really accelerate through to get out of. i made the mistake of saying 'i haven't been in a bunker all day' on 16 and promptly hit 4 bunker shots on the last two holes. teeboxes were in rougher shape, we played from the whites and a few, like 12 if i recall, were in fairly poor shape with brown grass all around, a stark contrast to the rest of the course. tees were level though and there was always a good place to hit from. greens were soft and much slower than in my previous experience here, i had a very difficult time getting the ball to the hole. i much prefer faster greens. pop was 3:45.

the course is coming in nicely, it is in very good condition now and in a few weeks it should be in tip top shape. always a pleasure to play here and thoroughly enjoyed my round.
was able to get down here for an early morning round with johnny, sal, and david as part of the guru review program. i have always enjoyed this course and yesterday was no different. customer service was excellent with smiles from all the staff. picked up the clubs from my car, friendly pro shop attendant and starter guided me to the back driving range since there was a private hank haney event that day. their main range is larger and included balls which is appreciated at this caliber course.

course itself was in very good condition, i wouldn't call it lush but it was all very consistent and cut tight. teeboxes were level and in good condition, fairways were all mown low and consistent. plenty of roll either forward or even left and right with the undulations here. on many holes you have to know where to aim to be in good position. fairway rough was just up a little higher, if you prefer a little forgiveness you'd probably actually prefer playing it from here. greenside rough was a little thicker but nothing that would give you any trouble. i fortunately was not in any bunkers, but they were very well manicured, with fluffy sand, enough for some nice splashes from my partners and even one solid fried egg.

greens were the toughest part of this course. the many undulations means you had to be close and on the right part of the green on your approach. the greens were running very very quick, and speed control was of prime importance. i had one par putt which just a bit firm which lipped out and on any other course would have ended up 1 or 2 feet away, but here i caught a slope just past the hole and ended up about 20 feet away instead for a solid 1 on, 4 putt. by no means was a GIR an easy par, and birdies were tough to come by.

cart girl tara was very friendly and came by a few times, and we were greeted with a warm towel at the end of the round. lunch in the clubhouse afterwards was very good. thoroughly enjoyed the round and it was a beautiful day. troon lived up to it's name here and i highly recommend the course, though you had better practice your putting beforehand, the greens are not for the faint of heart.
drove out to sierra lakes, a course i played a few times while living in the IE, but hadn't been out to in many years. holy crap i forgot how windy it was here. course itself was in great shape, got out early from my tee time, teed off as a single, played through about 4 groups and finished in about 2 hours. teeboxes in good condition, all the tees would be moved up to the front on holes that played into the wind, holes that played with the wind, the tees were where they were supposed to be. fairways nice and tight, very good coverage. rough was perfectly penal and very consistent. bunkers were fluffy enough to play out of and the wind would perfectly blow all the sand into your eyes. greens rolled generally well, medium fast, some putts went a bit off line here and there. the wind though, my drives went anywhere from 180 yards to 300 yards. i'm sure a few of my wedge shots were going backwards as they came down. definitely a challenge of this course when it's blowing. generally good layout, a few forgettable par 4s, but still very fun track. would play it more often if it was closer to me and wasn't as windy near the foothills. just a personal preference of mine i guess.
played here on a weekday afternoon, place was pretty empty, which i love. teed off as a single and made it through 15 holes in 1h40m, got very backed up for last three, joined some others and finished about 2h30m. course was in surprisingly good condition, the times i've played here usually it is somewhat brownish, though always generally with decent coverage. today it was lush and green, with excellent fluffy lies in the fairways. teeboxes were in good condition, maybe because i played the whites. most people seemed to be playing from the blues, but 6749 yards seemed plenty for me. greens were very receptive and soft, and rolled well for the most part, apart from a few bumpy areas and mounds near the hole here and there. greenside kikuyu was generally mown down so it was not too difficult to get up and down. i was in two greenside bunkers and they had hard-ish but good sand. enjoyed the course, will be back soon.
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