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Greetings. Let's put it this way. Kind of sucks coming back to reality after playing PB and SH and now a tournament at Whittier Narrows (no offense to Whittier Narrows).

Ok, that said, I booked a tournament here for our group after hearing that the course had shown improvements over the last several years. I spoke with the representative at American Golf to book this course as well as two others in upcoming months. She spoke highly of this course so I thought all would be fine.

In the past, the restaurant had always been decent. I felt as if there was a little drop off here. Food wasn't bad but wasn't outstanding either.

Service in the pro shop was fine, attendant was quick and friendly. Lots of range stalls to hit from but the mats are on concrete so beware, it is a bit hard and jarring when hitting. Bring your own rubber tee too if you want to hit woods.

On to the course. This is where my disappointment came. I felt duped by being told that there were significant improvements. Fairways were horrendous, even after all the rain we've rec'd over the past several weeks. Really, really patchy. Looks like different breeds of grass too; I don't think it was overseed bc that would've normally taken place months ago so I'd just say it was horrible fairway conditions. Ordinarily, I wouldn't want to be this harsh or critical of a course but when you book tournaments and are told things are wonderful and pay a premium price to book a tournament, this wasn't the case, not even close. And perhaps I'm a bit fortunate to play out of a country club that always has great fairways but goodness, this was bad.

On the other hand, I felt the greens were fine. After all the rain, they were healthy and were running around a 10 (speed). We did get some rain yesterday afternoon and the greens did "pool" in some spots. A few of our groups abandoned their round but most of us weathered the rain and played on.

Is this worth the $63 fees we paid? Absolutely not despite the fact that the greens were fine. Personally, Idk if I would even pay $55 ($40 plus $15 cart) because of the conditions. I'll speak to the tournament director about this but when it looks that bad, it appears as if maintenance is in decline or nonexistent.
How do you top a day at Pebble? Go to Spyglass.

If you are staying at any of the resort properties, take the shuttle. Note, the shuttles run on the 1/2 hour so plan accordingly. We had another 8:30 tee time so we took the 6:30 shuttle and arrived before anything opened. Once that got settled, all was fine. To me, seemed much more relaxed here, just the starter (small pro shop) and coffee shop. Not a lot of hustle and bustle and tourists. Just golf baby!

Range is nice but much smaller than PB. Also just a short little walk down from the 1st tee. As was PB, you meet your caddy on the tee box about 15 minutes prior to teeing off. Give yourself this time to be early, especially if you need to switch bags.

On the course itself, I found this to be more scenic. I suppose it depends on what suits your eye; I tend to prefer courses with tall trees that "frame' the hole. I love hearing the crack (or thwack for those not so perfect shots) and echo that you only get when teeing off with trees surrounding you. Like my PB review, it's really challenging to focus when surrounded by such magnificent beauty.

I felt there was more rough here but didn't have difficulty locating balls. I think the rough at my country club is deeper so this wasn't bad, for me. Fortunately, I also found a lot of fairways. And when you do, the greens were receptive.

Isn't the green on #4 crazy? Pin location was in the middle, at perhaps the narrowest part. After an errant tee shot to the right, I still had a good angle to the green from 156. Dave (senior caddy) didn't really give me the description of the green or the precision that was required (he did on all other holes though). He said to be a little right of the pin. I hit a good shot, a little left however but I play a fade, that almost holed out! Upon walking up to the green, I don't know how my ball got that close but I'll take birdie any day of the week!

So after this hole, we start entering the forest. And this is where I felt, the real beauty is. Every hole is like a picture. It's like being in your own world; this is way and these are the types of holes (and courses) that I love. Pure, still and silent. Take it all in and look around you. Deer all over the place. Woodpeckers pecking away somewhere. We even saw an eagle; no it wasn't on one of our shots unfortunately!

After making a disappointing par on 12, there's a short walk up a hill to the teeing area for 13. As I approached the tee, whatever disappointment I had for missing my putt was gone for when I looked up and beyond, all I thought was OMG. Jaw dropping view of the next hole; it kind of looked reminiscent of Augusta. My phone was in my bag so I yelled back at my friend, picture, picture!

I think the final stretch from 13 on were some of the most beautiful golf holes I have ever played in succession. Everything here was so tranquil, so perfect. Fairways that looked like carpet with the rough there to catch an errant shot. Greens framed by tall trees with bustling leaves in the wind. Birds chirping, deer grazing and us four golfers hacking away. What could be better?

We've all said, life is about experiences and for golfers, this is certainly one of them. Thank you to PB Resorts for fulfilling a one of my golfer bucket list items!
Took advantage of an email special from PB Resorts, $1050 for a round at PB and Spyglass and two nights accommodations at the Inn at Spanish Bay. Pebble was the first course to play. We had an 8:30 tee time so we arrived at 7:00, wanting to take it all in and get a good warmup. It was still relatively dark and the lots were empty so we had a bit of confusion as to where to go. Once we sorted that out, all was ok.

They shuttle you down to the range so plan ahead for that. Pretty cool how the distances to the targets were accurate (I scoped them). One problem I have is that when you have an unlimited supply of range balls to hit, one can get over zealous and hit too many! I went on to a 2nd "pyramid" before I went to hit a few chips.

We chose to walk the course, after all, irrespective of how we would play, we wanted to enjoy the experience. $95 plus gratuity. It is recommended to have a one strap carry bag but don't worry if you don't, they can switch there for you. I found the right rough off the 1st tee but had only 105 yards left. I drew a horrible lie as it was sitting down in a bit of a hole in front of a huge clump. Jimmy (caddy) asked how we were playing, ie down or winter rules, etc. I chose to play it down. Though I hit the green, it hurt.

I found that the greens were firm but held nicely. Fortunately, I really had only a few trickier putts, one of which I made but I felt they weren't too difficult. My preference was to make my own reads and then have Jimmy confirm or not. For the most part, we were on the same page; I went through with 28 putts.

On those days when the weather is perfect and views are stunning, it's hard to concentrate on golf and not fall behind. A course attendant dropped by for a friendly reminder on the 3rd hole. I totally understand that pace of play is important but my fellow players in my group had a horrendous 2nd hole, which caused for a bit of a delay. That happens.

For any first timer coming here, I recommend taking it all in and getting a caddy. Our friends in our other group chose to ride (CPO) and take a forecaddie. They did not get the same level of assistance than we did. Jimmy was helpful in reading greens, distances and more important, how long or short it will play, and finding balls when needed (yeah, it was a lot).

There was a little bit of work going on in preparation for the AT&T but when crews saw that we were hitting, they were courteous and stopped. What an experience! The course was incredible, from teeing areas, fairways, rough, bunkers, greens and penalty areas. Everything immaculate. I had the tough spot on the 1st hole rough but hey, I was in the rough so sometimes we draw a good lie and sometimes we don't.

On greens, I felt that Bayonet's were tougher, especially from above the hole. Controlling the speed is key and I felt it was fair here, you just need to pay attention, get good advice and have soft hands! Jimmy was excellent at advising me where to hit, very detailed. Perhaps the level of detail is contingent on the player and/or ability but being able to know where to hit makes all the difference in having a round with 28 putts compared to 38.

At the conclusion of the round, an attendant hands out the collectible bag tag and then shuttles you back. I didn't want to leave.....
Greetings fellow members, my first post here so please bear with me!

Bayonet was our first course on our Pebble trip. For late January, the weather couldn't have been better. Cool, crisp, combined with some clouds and sun, low 60's and cooler when the wind blew. Ok, on to the golf.

Course conditions were fine considering the rain from the previous couple of weeks. I tend to hit a higher trajectory drive so most of my drives weren't running too much. But the fairways were manicured perfectly. The attendants mentioned that Bayonet likes to "steal" golf balls so be careful on errant shots. I'm happy to say that nobody in my group lost a ball; our group's handicaps are 1, 16, 23 and 24. That makes for a lot of errant shots. I found the rough and trees punitive but fair.

What protects the course is the greens. Lots of undulation and speed. Hitting to the right spots is crucial and that's where it was challenging having never played here before. However, I felt like you could relatively see where to go (or not go) so I think that part is fair. On those occasions where we found ourselves above the hole, watch out.

For my fellow members who reside up here and get to play this on a regular basis, I envy you! The scenery, combined with pristine playing conditions, what else can you ask for. Price we paid wasn't too bad. We booked on GolfNow for $95 per player with a $2.49 per player booking fee. The course does offer SCGA members the NCGA rate too but it was a little higher without cart so we went with GolfNow.
First review here!
Pop was pretty slow, waited on every hole, sometimes two groups on par 3's. Conditions were pretty bad. Tee boxes were uneven but had sand in many. Would've been better to sand an area, let it heal and put the tee markers elsewhere rather than have us tee off in it. Greens were aerated 2-3 weeks ago so they were still slow and bumpy. Maybe just bad luck but I ended up in four divots throughout my round, twice in fairway and twice in rough.
Very surprised that the conditions were as bad as they were. Played on Players course in July and conditions were fine so not sure why the night and day difference.
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