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Hello fellow golfers. I haven't written one of these in a while because I haven't played a new course in a while. Well, I finally played Ojai Valley because I kept hearing great things about it from people that played there. Well, like 'House' says, "people lie". Don't get me wrong. It's a nice course and the layout is decent but it's not that outstanding. Like most courses there are places you can't hit the ball. This course is pretty much straight forward. You can hit driver on most holes and 3 wood on a few. The par 3s are fair and the par 5s aren't that long. The tee boxes were in good shape. The fairways were a little too soft for me but had great coverage. The greens were a lil too slow for me as well but they rolled true with few breaks at the hole you really have to look for. If the greens were quick then the challenge of the course would increase. Like my buddy said, this course couldn't charge the price they do if it was a stand alone course. The resort being there is key to keeping the course going. If you can find a deal on line then by all means come and play but don't pay the full rate or you will be a lil upset. Overall, I enjoyed myself. The scenery was nice and the pace of play was good. It's a little tricky finding the 10th hole but I would play it again for the right price. So go give it a shot and tell me what you think. Until the next time.
Hey there fellow golfers. I played Whispering Lakes today. Well, what can I say? The guy in the pro shop, not so good. The course layout, not so good. The greens, fairways, tee boxes and bunkers, not so good. Freeway noise, not so good. The carts, pretty good.
Enjoy your round.
Hey fellow golfers, I played Sierra Lakes yesterday, Sun Nov 1st. If you guys follow my reviews you know I'm usually pretty hard to please. Well, I was pleased with the course today. If you like quick greens & level tee boxes & solid fairways & firm bunkers, then head on out to Sierra Lakes before some guy complains that the greens are too fast and needs to be slower. I've been playing here since they opened & I can't remember the greens running this good. The whole course is in great shape. I hope it stays like this. The course is pretty straightforward and not much trouble if you play the tight holes like 10 & 14 correctly. There is some elevation but not enough for you to think about. Just go have fun & keep the ball below the hole. Until next time.
Hello fellow golfers. I played Shandin Hills Sunday 10/25. Well, this course has a good layout and could be very difficult if they get it into shape. The course has elevation and some good views of the IE. This was my experience: The tee boxes were all moved up from the Blue marker. I think they are trying to grow some new grass. I think they need to close them all and level them out first. The fairways weren't that bad and had only a few bare spots and offered plenty of run. The greens rolled decent but could be faster and this would definitely make the course play harder especially if you got above the flag on some holes. Overall the course is worth playing if you wanna practice. I got lucky because I teed off after a men's club had just finished and had the whole course to myself after skipping a slow group in front of me on hole #2. You can play it but don't expect great conditions. Until next time.
Hey there fellow golfers, I played Buenaventura today, Monday the 19th. I'm gonna have agree with the previous review. When I pulled up I could see the fairways were looking green and cut. I was looking forward to this round. The weather was just right. A little cool with clouds and occasional sunshine. I played with another single and we didn't see a group until the 10th hole. The tee boxes were all green and in decent shape. The grass could have been a bit shorter and flatter but still in good shape. The fairways were nice and not many bare spots. The greens were rolling a decent pace but I was short on most of my putts. The bunkers had ample sand and were pretty solid. This course is pretty flat and is a good walk. The holes are tree lined and there a few holes with water. The pace of play this day was pretty good, about 3 hours. I will be back soon to see if they increased the speed of the greens but it is definitely worth playing right now. Until next time.
Hey there fellow golfers. I played Camarillo Springs this Sun, Sep 27th. I haven't played here an about 6 years. I stopped playing here because the course always seemed to be wet and not in the best shape. Well, guess what? It hasn't changed. The holes have changed around but the layout is the same. The course does have some challenging holes but the condition of the course distracts you so much you can't enjoy them. The course has some elevation but it's mostly flat and a good walk. The tee boxes need the most work. Mostly leveling out and cutting. The fairways would be good if they cut the grass so it is separate from the rough. Only one hole was cut like this, number 17 and the rest were like hitting into a field. The greens rolled ok and could be really tough if they were faster. The only good part of the day was the pace. No one in front of us or behind us the whole day. I only saw two other groups on the course when we teed off. Maybe the $55 rate had something to do with it because as we were finishing I saw more groups on the course. My advice is to play this only if you get a good rate or want to cross it off your bucket list. Until next time.
Hey there fellow golfers. I just played Costa Mesa Los Lagos. Well, here we go. Upon arriving at the pro shop to check in I was greeted by a starter lacking personality. After checking in we proceeded to the tee with 3 groups in front of us and our tee time being 5 mins away. Luckily one group ahead of us decided not to play because they knew it was gonna be a long day. Since we drove all the way here and had never played here we deicided to stay. The grass on the tee box was pretty long. I don't like this because it feels I have to tee everything up higher than normal. Needless to say the grass was like this all over the course. The fairways were like hitting out of the 2nd cut and the greens were were a bit too long and slow as well. This course is fairly easy and pretty much flat. Wide open fairways with not much trouble to find. It was like playing Woodley lakes without the heat. Water came into play on one hole because I tried to carry the lake. Oh well, still made par. If you wanna practice your patience, not only during play but with golf course staff, then this is the course for you. I'm sorry to say but I will not return. Enjoy.
Hey there fellow golfers. I played Hansen Dam today, Mon June 29th. Well, where should I start? Lets start with the green fee, way too much for this course, $42 and that was supposed to be an internet deal. That's probably why it wasn't much play that day. Or it could have been the 100 degree weather. The course is pretty flat with a few elevated tees and greens. The greens were way too slow and soft from too much water. Maybe they didn't want the heat to burn them but we saw standing water on a few holes near the the green side, not good. No drought conditions on this course. Besides the greens being slow and damp the course had a few good holes but overall it's just a regular course with not much challenge or fear factor. There weren't any bare spots or terrible tee boxes. I'd play here for $30 with a cart on the wekeday but no more than that. It's a fun course and most of the holes are different. Play well, until next time.
Hey there fellow golfers. I played Sad Mi, I mean Dad Miller today, Sunday June 28th. I haven't played here in 10 years. Not much has changed for the better from what I can remember, maybe some of the regulars can notice a difference. The course is fairly short with a of fairways running side by side. It's a pretty flat course with ample trees. A nice course to walk. The course is in decent shape but the greens could be a little quicker just to add more challenge to the place. The number 12 hole, I believe, provided the only challenge because you get to carry a dogleg left across a little ravine. The green fee seemed to be a little much for a course of this type. I'm glad I got an internet deal. If you wanna work on your game and practice different shots without fear of losing a ball then this is the course. Oh, they did have brand new carts. Play well.
Hey there fellow golfers. I played Sterling Hills today, June 14th. Well, let me tell you the Good, the weather was perfect. Now the Bad, I don't think we teed off on time but most courses on the weekend are that way so I wasn't too surprised. But I noticed when I teed my ball on the 1st tee that the grass was a little longer than normal so I had to mash dowm the grasss before my tee shot so I wouldn't hit my driver on the grass during the swing. The 1st hole is a slight dogleg right if you are playing from the tips. The driving range is to your right and the road is to your left. The fairways were pretty good but this place is always wet up near the greens and I never understand that. I was hoping the course would be dry so I could get some roll on my drives. Well, every tee box was like the 1st, long grass. I didn't even need a tee if I was hitting iron or 3 metal off the tee because the grass was so long. The bunkers didn't have the kind of sand I'm used to. The bunkers seem to have lumpy dirt in them. I was only in a few but they were all the same. So you really couldn't spin the ball coming out of the bunkers. The course still has some nice holes and scenery with houses on most of the holes. So if you have a tendency to spray your tee shots this isn't the course. The weather is usually 10 degrees cooler than the Valley so if you want to avoid the heat then you should try it. The course just needs the grass cut and less water and it will be fine.
Hello fellow golfers. I played Brookside #1 today the 18th of May. I wanted to play somewhere close today to I decided to tee off at super twilight, 3:30pm, on the #1 course. I haven't played this side a year or so. They have made a few changes to this course. They added more length and fixed the lake on # 6 making it more of a challenge on the left side of the fairway from the gold markers. I usually bring my driver with me to the green on #10 and then walk right off the green to #11 tee box, but not this time. I had to look 60yds to the left of where I used to tee off on #11 to see the gold gold tees. The water on #18 is no longer a factor either but there is still the Rose Bowl parking lot if you go too far right. Overall the changes were good and the course was in good shape. I thought the greens would be a bit faster but oh well. Until next time...
Hello fellow golfers. I played the South side of Los Serranos today. I haven't played here in a couple of years due to the slow play. Well, the pace was about avg this Sun the 17th of May. The course offers a pretty good challenge from the blue tees. If the wind is blowing, like it usually is then it becomes more of a distance off the tee game. The course is pretty wide open, meaning if you miss a fairway it won't hurt you as much as missing one like at Champions. On most holes if you miss a fairway you are probably in another fairway. The tee boxes were pretty flat with ample grass. I didn't really see any bare spots on the tee boxes or fairways. The greens were actually rolling pretty good, at least a 9. I don't have any complaints about this round or the conditions of the course. Until next time...
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