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Played 03/04. Course is in great shape.
Tee boxes were great. Fairways are lush and the rough is dormant. I really like the dormant rough because it just seems to frame the fairway. The greens looked like they were punched with little tiny holes. They did have some sand on them but it did not effect any putts. They did putt slow. I had some trouble in the sand. It was very soft and heavy. I just kept hitting them fat.
Customer service was great. Will definitely come back. Course has some amazing views
Played TPC on Sat. 03/03 as part of my birthday bash.
Course is in very good shape. Tee boxes level with some divot damage on the par 3 holes.
Fairways looked good but had some divot damage on the shorter holes. Rough was a little tough to hit out of. Bunkers in great shape.
Greens were quite possibly the ugliest greens I have ever putted on but they were semi hard and putted amazingly smooth.
Customer service was great. Saw the cart gal several times
Played Friday 03/02 on day two of my birthday bash.
Course is near perfect. With the exception of some pebbles in the first couple of bunkers everything was amazing. Was told they are almost done with the bunker renovation.
Fairways lush with no divot damage. Rough was lush and the ball did sit down a little bit.
Tee boxes were great . Grass mowed down so the ball sat up high.
Customer service was great. Mike the caddie was great helping me on the green a lot and judging shots because the wind was blowing quite a bit.
Played the Wolf on day 1 of my Birthday Bash.
Course is in great shape. Tee boxes and fairways very lush. Greens are in great shape. Some had a tiny bit of sand on them but it did not effect any putts. They are very firm and putted semi fast. Only drawback was the wind. It was howling. I have played in the wind before but I never saw shots drift thirty yards. Was in two bunkers and sand was excellent. Still a great day.
Saw the cart girl several times and customer service was great
Played afternoon round with the Guru's on 01/24. Course is a little different than the Celbrity as it has the dormant rough. It is something I really like, seeing the lush green fairways in contrast to the dormant rough. I think it actually helps me play better as I can see the target lines I need to hit at. Course conditions were great, sand was a little thinner on this course but still very manageable.
Can't wait to get back. Thanks again Johnnny
Played with the Guru's on Wed. 01/24. Course is amazing shape. Teed off about 07:45 as the first group. It was the coldest I have ever been playing golf but within 45 minutes it was very comfortable.
Now about the course. It is one one the most visually appealing golf courses I have ever played. It seems there are foothill and mountain vistas everywhere and beautiful flower beds spread throughout the course.
Course conditions, Lush green everywhere from the fairways to the rough and onto the greens
Hats off to the the superintendent and to all the maintenance staff
Customer service as always was excellent and thanks to Johnny for putting this on for us
Played in the GK outing on 01/07 and all I can say is WOW. The course is amazing. The fairways are so lush that I did not want to leave a divot. With the exception of a few fixed divots on the greens they looked perfect and the grass on a few par 3 holes being a little long there is nothing to complain about.
Great company playing with Ben, Kevin and Andrew.
Good food after the round, and thanks to Johnny and Andrew (linksoul) and to everyone who donated raffle prizes made this a great day
Played Thurs. 08/31 in the GK Guru group with Keith, Sal and Nick. I was extremely surprised how good of shape the course was in being that it is the end of summer and the blistering heat they are having. Tee Boxes are in great shape, level with hardly any divot damage. Fairways are lush, but a little soft. Not much roll on your drives. Rough was not very high and easy to hit out of. Greens looked great. No divot damage on them. They had a very fine top dressing on them but did not effect any putts. They are "summer slow" this time of year. Service was excellent.
Thank you Johnny for setting this up and thank you Classic Club for having us.
Played Thurs. 08/17 and Saturday 08/19. They were in the process of aerating the greens all week, doing three or four holes per day and having temp greens on the holes they were doing that day. Were told they were doing this and got to play for twilight rates. On Saturday all greens were open. Not as much sand on them but they were bumpy. The rest of the course is in great shape. Service was very good. They are doing a lot of watering and it did bring out the mosquitoes. Thanks for the bug spray tip RDDenn
Played 08/09 with the GK Guru's. Played with Johnny, Alan, and Rob. A great bunch of guys to play with. Course is in very good shape with the exception of the sand traps. Tee Boxes, Fairways and Greens all in good shape. The greens did run quite a bit slower than last year.
Working in the service industry I really appreciate the way they go above and beyond to make you feel special here.
Our caddie Mike (Badge) was amazing. What a difference a caddie can make. He seemed to know what exactly what I wanted in a caddie in giving yardage and reading greens and had a positive attitude. Thanks Mike
I think I know where my Birthday round in March is gong to be now and I will ask for Mike.
A big thanks to the folks at Cascata for having us and a huge thanks to Johnny for making this happen
Played 08/08 from the Blue's 5,856 yards. I thought the course was in good shape. Some of the tee boxes on the front I thought were chewed up a little, but the back nine was good. Fairways were in good shape, the rough wasn't long but my ball sat down in it. The greens I thought were soft and very slow. Customer service was great. The only downside was the divot fill bottles in my cart were both empty to start you round. There was a spot to get more bottles but it was empty also
Played Fri. 06/30 Course is in very good shape overall. Tee Boxes are very good. Fairways are lush with no bare spots but there were some that were quite wet. Rough is minimal and just starting to dry out. Greens are excellent. Semi firm and pretty quick with some wicked pin placements. Was in three bunkers and all had good sand in them. Played with a couple from Phoenix and was told they plan to build Three Thousand Homes in the area
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