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Played Friday 06/28 on my way back to So Cal. Played the white tees at 6000 yards, but it seemed like it played much longer with no roll on the fairways. I never noticed but there are six par threes and five par fives.
Tee boxes are great and so are the greens.
The fairways had so much water on them and there was so much mud on my ball after my tee shots, I played lift clean and replace. Off the fairways and areas near the green were the complete opposite. There were many dried out areas.
Course is a favorite of mine and usually in great shape, but not this time.
Played 06/26. Course is in very good shape. Tee boxes are in great shape. Fairways are lush with very little dry areas. Rough is very short. Greens are very good to excellent. Some of them have started to transition to the summer grass.
Customer service is excellent.
My only drawback is that I played the Palo/Terra combo and I could not figure out what tee box to play because I am color blind and could not distinguish the difference in colors on the scorecard.
Played 06/26. Course is in very good condition. Tee boxes very good shape. Fairways are semi lush for summer conditions. Greens rolled true. There is still signs of verticut but they did not have any effect of putts. Plenty of sand in the bunkers. Rough was up a little but still easy to hit out of. Customer service is very good and saw the cart girl several times
Part two of my review of the Boulders. This review is for the front nine of the south.
Very different fairway conditions. The grass in the fairway was a light green and the rough dark green. The fairways were not as nice as the north. They are starting to thin out. Still good but not as lush as the north. The greens are good. Soft and semi slow. I wasn’t in any bunkers but they looked ok. Tee boxes are good. I find that this nine is quite a bit more difficult than the north. Very challenging.
Customer service was great. Staff very friendly
Played 06/25. Played the back nine of the north and then front nine of the south.
This review is just for the north back nine. The course looked like winter conditions for a desert course. The fairways were a very dark green and the rough was a very light green.
Tee boxes were in great shape. Fairways were in good condition. Not dry and hard. Rough was very minimal. Sand traps were good but they are getting a little crusty. Greens were very good. Soft and putted semi slow
Played Mon. 06/24. Course is drying out. The tee boxes are in good shape. The fairways are thin and very dry. Lots of roll. The greens are in the summer transition period. They are very hard, but the speed is semi slow. Was in 2 bunkers and the sand was ok but starting to get crusty.
Played 04/01 for my birthday. Overall experience was amazing. The limo ride to the course where they meet and greet you and escort you to the locker room makes you feel special.
The course is spectacular. To see a tree lined golf course in the middle of the desert is quite unique. The course is in exceptional condition. The only drawback was that the greens had a very thin top dressing on them. My caddie Chris was very friendly and probably saved me 10 strokes on the green with all the subtle breaks
Played 03/30. Course is in excellent shape. I could copy my review of the snow mountain as the Sun mountain is very similar with the exception of the sand traps. They are a little firmer and crusty. The wind blew pretty hard making club selection difficult.
Great customer service
Played Friday 03/29. Course is in very good shape. Tee boxes and fairways are in great shape.
The rough is dormant and just sitting down. The greens are in good shape. It looks like there several types of grass growing on. They do not look that great but putted fairly smooth.
Customer service is very good and they have a very good practice facility
Played Wed. 03/27. Course is in fantastic shape. I could copy Phil’s review to a tee.
Fairways excellent, rough is lush. Tee boxes are in great shape with no divot damage even on the par 3 holes. Greens are firm,very firm. I could not get a ball to stop. Never saw any divot damage on them. I don’t know if it Is because they are getting ready to aerate the greens
Excellent customer service
Played in the GK Guru outing using the Phat Scooters and Golfboards with Johnny, Larry and Steve.
I thought the course was in great shape. Tee Boxes were level with hardly and divot damage on the par three holes. Fairways were in great shape with hardly and bare spots to speak of. Bunkers had plenty of sand in them. The greens were soft but still putted at a medium fast pace with subtle little breaks in them.

I played the front nine using the Phat Scooter. It took me about two holes to get used to it and I had a lot of fun riding it. My only struggle was making a sharp turn. I thought I would tip it over.
I played the back nine using the Golfboard. I have to admit I did struggled with it. Out in the fairway it was a lot of fun but trying to make turn in narrow areas was very difficult.
Steve (sparky14) said it best it might be perfect for someone who surfs or skateboards.
I think both of these will help speed up play as everyone can go to their own ball, and it may help the golf industry bring in other players looking for something different.
Working in the hospitality industry the staff at La Costa is excellent.
Thank you Johnny and La Costa for having us out at your course
Played in the GK event on 06/16 with Alan, Rob and John T. The course is a little out of the way, between Las Vegas and Mesquite but well worth the drive. The course is in very good shape for summertime conditions.
Tee Boxes were very nice, fairways are lush and the greens are in very good shape. They did putt a little slow. I was in quite a bit of sand and I thought the traps were good shape.
It is one of my favorite tracks out in the Vegas area because of the green complexes. You can have some very interesting breaking putts. POP was almost 5 hrs. due to wind picking up which can make the course play a little harder. Plenty of water to drink throughout the course and thanks for the snack lunch. Thanks Johnny for putting this event on
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