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Played it the GK Guru group on Monday 12/11. Course is in very good shape. Tee Boxes are good with the exception of a few of them that have some divot damage. Fairways are lush, not much rough to speak of and the bunkers have a lot of sand in them. I almost needed help getting myself out of there. The sand is deep and soft. Greens are very good. Customer service is friendly. Having played both the Firecliff and Mountain View courses I have to say the Firecliff is the more difficult.
I also played in the GK Event on Sun. 12/11 Played with Andrew, Kevin and Ben. You couldn't meet three nicer guys. Course is in great shape as other reviews have pointed out.
The only flaw I noticed was the grass in tee boxes was a little long. The greens were soft and held shots and putted quick. Fairways were lush and the rough was not that long but it was sticky. Customer service was excellent.
A big thank you to all the sponsors who put up the raffle prizes and to Johnny for setting this up. There is no way I could play these courses without the GK Events and Meet-Play
Played 12/10 Course is in very good shape. Tee Boxes very good. Some of the Par 3 holes did have some damage. Fairways are in great shape. There is very little rough to speak of. Greens looked great although some had a discolorization to them but did not have any effect on the putts. Sand Traps were a mixed bag. I was in 9 of them today. Very inconsistent in the quality of the sand. Some were like clay, some were very wet and some were very good. Customer service was very good. POP was 4 hours and 20 minutes.
A very good test of golf.
Played 11/18 with friends with some kind of deal. Played the white tees (6000 yards) in about 4 and a half hours. After playing a couple of courses in Vegas last week I got kind of spoiled on the conditions, but this course is in very good shape. Tee Boxes were level but the grass was a little long on a few of them. Fairways were semi firm and not lush but not thin either. The rough is high and thick. WE lost three balls in them and stepped on a couple of others. Sand traps were a mix bag, some very good and some needed more sand. The greens were semi fast but quite bumpy. Course can be windy at times but today very calm with just a slight breeze which made you think about taking an extra club on some shots or one less club on the downwind shots. This is a great course with some of the best Par 3's around
Played in the GK Plays on Saturday 11/12. I thought this is what the Golfing Experience should be like. Great customer service, outstanding conditions. I only wish I felt better to really enjoy them. I thought this was a great test of golf. Tee Boxes were great, fairways were very lush but a little soft, rough was tough, greens were firm and semi quick but did hold good approach shots and the sand was very good. Great clubhouse and amenities.
Thanks Johnny for setting this up.
Played in GK Guru Group with Lee, Sal and Kalvin. Great group of guys. I really enjoyed this course. Some holes it's "tee hit high and let it fly" and others you have to play it safe. It is a second shot course to me because of the greens. Some greens were flat while others have a couple of tiers to putt over and down and around. I really enjoyed that . A couple of holes I felt like I needed a Sherpa guide to help me get back up to the cart. I need to get in better shape. I can't really add much to the conditions of the course, Sal and Lee hit it spot on.
Very nice clubhouse and saw the beverage cart girl several times. Very friendly staff.
Thanks Johnny for putting this on.
Played in GK Guru Group with Johnny, Vince and Ron. Course is in great shape. Played the White tees at 6000 yards which was plenty for me since the winds picked up after the 7th hole. Course has some great short par 4's with some risk/reward in them. The par 3 14th hole maybe one of the best par 3's around. Can't really add to the conditions that Mark and Keith have already described. Golf carts are excellent with USB ports in them along with ball/club washer and cooler. Saw the beverage cart girl several times. Customer Service was excellent.
Played 09/08 with Johnny ,Keith (sixpez) and Mark (itslikeimsayin) in GK Guru deal. I can't add much more than KNGDEUC review from a few days ago.
Course is in good shape. Tee boxes were very good, fairways were good and the greens were mostly good with a few of them having some trouble spots. I thought the sand in the bunkers was good. Played the Blue Tees which is a little long for me at 6500 yards. There are some short par 4's where accuracy is needed off the tee. Pace of play was about 4 and a half hours. I think we could of played a little faster but there were two sets of twosomes ahead of us and they both looked like they each had someone who is new to golf. Found the course to be challenging and would recommend it
Played Tues. 08/16. While driving to the first tee I saw Mark (itslikeimsayin) arriving and we went out as a twosome. Course is in fantastic shape. Tee boxes,fairways and greens were very lush. Reading previous reviews about the wind conditions I played the white tees at 5900 yards. It is a little short for me but the yellows are 6500 yards which is just a little too long for me. I found it to be a wise choice as I enjoyed it much better. Highly recommend playing here.
Played in the GK Guru group also. I thought the course was in very good shape for the summer with the exception of the bunkers. They were hard packed sand. Service was very good from the bag drop to the check in and the departure. Driving range was disappointing. We were hitting of a very hard mat. I have pretty much the same two issues with the other reviewers in the greens were very slow and no water stations throughout the course. I love playing desert courses and I have never played a course that did not have water available in the summer
Played in the GK Guru group also. Took Johnny's advice and arrived early to get the whole experience. It was worth it. Greeted at the door, hand your keys to the valet then escorted in to the locker room and shown to your locker with you name on it was amazing. As for the golf I thought the course was in great shape. I was a little worried when we told they were shutting down in 3 days to overseed. Most courses let the grass dry out but Cascata was still very lush. Won't go into course conditions, but will say they are very good to excellent.
Played with Brian (bsparks1961) Tobi and Keith (sixpex). You won't find a nicer group of people to play a round of golf with. While Brian found our forecaddie to be very valuable, I found him to be the complete opposite for me. I could write a couple of paragraphs on why but I don't want to spoil the overall experience I had.
Played on Thurs. 07/21 and Sat. 07/23 I can't really add much more to Kevin's (kviser) review. On Thurs. the greens putted slow but on Sat. they were medium fast. They are letting some areas that don't come into play dry out. Played early am before the heat and wind came into play
Customer service is very good
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