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Played this morning; heading out at about 6:50 a.m. Pace was fairly nice at about 2.5 hours. I followed a single walker, who was following a riding twosome. It could have been faster, but the slow pace allowed me to hit extra shots and putts for practice between holes.

It was cold and clear this morning. Residual wetness in low areas. Good grass coverage from tee to green. Some of the deep rough has been mowed; other areas are kept rather long for punishment to errant shots.

I found lots of divots to fill with the provided sand. I grabbed extra bottles and even filled two more bottles with bunker sand. There were so many divots on the third hole landing area in the left fairway near the bunker complex.

Several greens had many areas of about 6" square repair areas throughout. Weird, but they must have been fixing something. The repair patches were decent enough, but need time to really grow in to match the adjacent turf. When I worked at Hansen Dam we would make repairs with turf from the edge of the green, then place the nursery patches there.

Overall, the greens were nice. Soft and medium fast in the early morning; most likely getting quicker as the day wears on. There were only a few ball marks to fix; seriously though, there shouldn't be any if I'm the third or fourth golfer out.

I played the white tees and I found they were fairly level and had a moderate amount of abuse, especially the par threes. I had no real issues with finding a place to tee from, but I wouldn't say they were all completely level.

Bunker sand was really nice. I had to hit from the fairway bunker on hole 3 and had no issues. Other bunkers found some of my practice balls and they all looked decent.

I paid $43 to ride and I think that is a good price. I'd pay that any day for prime time golf. I could have found a better rate if I had found a partner or two earlier in the week as there were deep discounts on Teeoff. I think I had almost booked it last Wednesday for $33/player, but no takers.
I played here last Friday, getting out at about 8:00 a.m. with some guys from work. They all got a senior rate of $24 riding, including a breakfast sandwich and drink. I'd like to say I got that deal as well since I'm close to 60 years old, but I don't want the starter to get in any trouble. Let's just say it was great customer service and leave it at that!

Yes, this is an executive course, par 60, and it can be slow! I think we got through in about 3 hours and 30 minutes. Not too bad considering this is one of the slowest courses I have ever played.

Greens were medium fast, smooth, and soft enough to leave deep ball marks. I think folks have been fixing their ball marks lately because I saw only a few that needed attention.

Fairways and rough were in good shape. There were lots of thin and tight lies, but overall it was mostly lush and easy to hit from.

Bunkers are okay with lots of brownish, medium course sand. It's fairly easy to hit from these bunkers.

Tees are well used and some of them are a little overused. We played the white tees and I never had any real problems finding a good area to hit from.

As I said, the customer service was good. The starter thought at the senior price point they should be crowded with more golfers. I have to say, the food was not that good. I did get a domestic beer with my round, so I liked that. I'll probably come back since it's so close to home.
I played here both last Saturday and Sunday, using a couple of vouchers from It was $34/each round to ride after 10:00 a.m.

It was pleasant weather both days. There was no wind and the air temperature was right around 60 degrees. Good customer service from the pro shop and I got out right away each day.

Greens: Fast and smooth; rolling at least 10-11. There are lots of contours on the greens here and a consistent break towards the desert floor. The greens were also on the firm side and very few ball marks were seen; however, good shots seemed to hold nicely.

Fairways: Nice coverage throughout the course. Some areas were tight lies, maybe even a little on the thin side. I used plenty of mix provided in the cart to fill many divots all over the course.

Rough: Pretty much the same as the fairways but cut a little longer. Most of the time the grass would hold your ball as if it were on a tee. Yes, please! On the other hand, there are areas of the rough that can be just hard pan or dirt, but not too many of those.

Tees: Mostly level and lush on the white tees. I never had an issue but I'm sure there are those areas that need some maintenance. I just did not notice any.

Sand: The bunkers I saw were all very nice with clean, white sand. I did have trouble on Sunday getting out of one of the pothole bunkers on hole 11. The sand in the front-right bunker was thin and my technique was not quite right.

Pace of play was 2 hours and 40 minutes Saturday, when I played as a single. Sunday, our foursome needed 4 hours and 30 minutes.

I highly recommend this high desert golf course. When you can get a discount, go for it!

I played here yesterday. It was a Monday holiday and I was surprised to see the parking lot nearly empty when we arrived at 7:30 a.m. for our 8:03 tee time. Unfortunately, that dream did not last as it was fairly busy both ahead of us and behind. We did finish in about 4 hours, so it wasn't terrible. I used a text message special they had to save $10 riding; however, it was $45 dollars to ride. Check the course website for specials as they do have a few.

Greens were really nice. Not many ball marks. They held shots, were medium fast, and rolled nicely without any bumpiness.

Fairways were mostly dormant paspallum grass with various other grasses mixed in as well as the occasional weed. Not the good kind, either. There was the occasional tight lie in the fairways, and with the recent rain it made for challenging conditions. Way too easy to fat shots and remove a ton of sod if you are hitting down on the ball.

The rough was usually nice to hit from as there was more of a mix of grasses that really held your ball up like it was on a tee. Most areas were cut to about an inch and a half, except around some of the water hazards where it was shaved down.

Bunkers had lots of light colored sand and seemed nice to hit from.

Tees were level and in okay condition. I never had a problem with finding a level spot. We played the blues, which seem like the most popular tees on this course. There were a few divots, but mostly it was fine. The other tee boxes looked pristine.

No snack bar facility at this time due to a plumbing problem. We did see a small bbq grill and ice chests when we finished for the day, but nothing before or during our round.

Overall, I like this course and I will return. I just don't like their rates, so I will continue to try to find discounts online through their website or elsewhere.
I played this morning with There is a new guy running this group. It's not the same vibe as before, when Tony ran it, but I guess things have to change. Oh well.

Elkins is in great winter shape right now. True, there were a couple of tight, thin lies in the fairways. Last week's rain really made this course fairly wet; no mud holes but the dampness did seem to deaden any run out.

Greens: They are as good as I can remember. In my recollection, they did have fungus problems in the past during the winter months; however, today the greens looked almost immaculate. Medium fast, smooth, and no real ball mark issues. Great surfaces to putt and They did hold any well-struck shot.

Fairways: They are not as dormant as I would expect (it's almost all kikuyu grass and Bermuda grass here). Tight lies here and there. I wanted more run out as I hit mostly low shots with my driver, but things seemed a little slower than normal. I suspect all the recent rain has a lot to do with this.

Rough: Kikuyu, Bermuda, and some various fescue grasses. It's mowed to about an inch and three quarters, so not too deep. It could get penal if your ball settles down into it though. Did I mention those little white flowers from the clover? Yeah, those are back. Keep an eye on your ball and it should be easy enough to find.

Bunkers: Plenty of good light colored sand. Hole 10 greenside bunker was not raked by a previous player, though. No worries, I got it. Zen garden baby!

Tees: Hole 11 was being rebuilt/re-sodded. It's going to be fine; for now enjoy the 115 yard shot to the green.

Pace of play: Not bad for a Sunday, much less any day on this course. I walked it in 4:09. We had a great pace all day and our threesome had some issues here and there, but we kept within a half hole of the group ahead.

Price: Here's the gotcha. They ask (and get) $43 to walk on a weekend/holiday; it's $60 to ride (ouch).

All in all, I like this course. It's not far from where I live (25 miles) and it feels like the country (because it is). It appears they are putting the greens fees back into the course and that's always good. I would like to see this course continue to succeed with their maintenance, because it does look and play really nice right now. It can only get better as the weather warms up. I'll be back.
Played here on Saturday, December 22, first group out at 7:30 a.m. I played with the guy I was paired with the previous day and we both had our caddies from that round at Pebble. We were paired with another twosome; both okay golfers, but one of them was SLOW. Everybody hated him, lol. He also stepped all over my line and on my ball marker on one green. No biggie, but everyone noticed.

I have to agree with weeman68's previous review. One of the best conditioned courses on the property. Everything was immaculate.

If you can play a good tee shot, you should be able to score well here. The fairways seemed generous enough and the rough was deep and wet enough to be penal, but not overly so.

As with Pebble Beach, the bunkers here were pristine with nice white, soft sand that was easy to hit from.

Pace of play was around 4.5 hours, mostly due to the one guy in our group who takes at least a full minute to hit a shot.

This is such a fine golf course, I think I may join The Dukes Club and come back a few times. Anyone want to go in with me?
Okay, so I got out here again seven and a half years after my first visit. I played Friday, December 21. First twosome out with a guy from NYC. We both got caddies.

First thing the caddies tell us is that they are beginning to grow the rough in, narrowing the fairways, in preparation for the 2019 US Open. Grandstands are beginning to be constructed as well.

I remember seeing somewhat nicer conditions last time out in May, 2011. It was not bad by any means. There were quite a few fairway divots this time around. Still, most all of them were sanded in.

The greens were near perfect, rolling smooth and fast, especially downhill.

The tees, fairways, and rough were as nice as can be.

The rough was thick and wet. Since I don't hit a very straight tee shot, I was hacking out all day long.

The bunkers were pretty much immaculate and I visited almost one per hole. The sand was light and easy to hit from.

I didn't play well, but it's Pebble, right? I still had a great time on this iconic golf course.

Our pace of play was about 3 hours and 20 minutes. It could have been quicker, but why rush?

I highly recommend saving your dollars and try to get out here at least once. People come from all over the world to play here and since it's practically in your back yard, you should do it.

My caddy said to check out the site The Dukes Club:

For $360 you get Del Monte GC, Spyglass Hill GC, and The Links at Spanish Bay at near half off for you and up to three friends, up to 30 day advance booking, plus other discounts and perks.

I was happy to get back out here and maybe in about 5 years I'll do it again. My wife found a great deal due to the Pebble Beach Centennial and we stayed at The Inn at Spanish Bay for two nights, plus I got a round at Pebble and another at Spyglass, all for about $1400.

The customer service and attention to detail is great all over the Pebble Beach properties, whether you are golfing, eating, or staying in their hotels. Just be prepared for the price tag because nothing is cheap on property. You will pay at least 20% to 40% more for everything you buy.
Played in the GK Plays yesterday. It was really cool to see a bunch of my GK buddies and pick up one of sixpez' calendars.

The course and the resort are very nice. Bring lots of cash or credit because nothing here is cheap.

I used the free valet when I arrived (note: I had some trouble finding the valet for the golf because there was not much signage as you got close. Bear to the right after entering the resort area). All the staff are friendly and helpful. The putting green and range (mats) were nice. Lots of good balls and various targets to hit to.

Greens: 8/10 Somewhat small at times, but very receptive, quick, and smooth. Pin locations today were challenging and most greens were protected with bunkers and slopes. A lot of coots down in the flats by the large lake.

Fairways: 8/10 Nice coverage and well manicured. Some areas of divots and like the greens, a little tight in spots. Soft, most likely from the recent rain.

Rough: 7/10 Deep in spots, not so deep in others. It was difficult at times to find balls, but that's what makes it penal, right? Keeping four sets of eyes on the tee shots is very helpful.

Sand: 7/10 Nice bunkers; our group found a few. Mostly good, clean, light colored sand that was nice to hit from.

Tee boxes: 7/10 We played the white/member tees. No real issues. All level with a moderate amount of divots on the par threes. Lush for the most part.

Pace of play: about 4:45. It was a little slow at first, but that is to be expected at an event. As the sun crept lower, the pace picked up. Thanks to the marshal who came around and told us all that there was about an hour of sun left. We still had four holes to play.

We all met in their Vue restaurant patio. Just before that, I picked up a double Scotch from the upstairs bar. Good, but pricey. The food was good; I got a roast beef dip with fries. I can't complain. I was hungry.

Once again, thanks to Johnny and La Costa for putting on a great event!
Played here today with 3 others from, teeing off at around 9:44, finishing in about 5 hours. It seemed like the course and parking lot was not too full, but it did play somewhat slow. The group I played with today were all riders, so I rode in a cart. It was $53 to ride.

It looks like the course is doing something different with the white and yellow tees, moving them up to the fairway. Maybe it's temporary, maybe not. Most of it played like temporary tees. The USGA plates have been moved, but the scorecard yardage is not exactly corresponding to the new yardages on several holes. They will need new cards for this. This will allow more separation from the blue and black tees for sure.

Greens: They were soft, slow, and somewhat bumpy.

Fairways and rough: Lots of semi-dormant kikuyu grass. Soft conditions everywhere. It was very easy to take huge divots or chunk fat shots. I did see some areas roped off and deep tire tracks in some areas.

Bunkers: I did not have to hit from any, but they looked okay with plenty of medium-brown sand that was more or less raked. My playing partners had no problems hitting from the sand, so I'd say it was good.

Tees: We played forward tees, using the white and yellow tees. For the most part, the blacks and blues were same as always: mostly level and plenty of good areas to hit from. The white and yellow tees were like teeing up on scalped rough in most areas. Some of the white tees were simply moved up to the forward teeing ground; other areas the whites and yellows were like playing ahead of the tees in the rough.

Overall, this course looks like it's going through another transition. Customer service was one guy at the starter window checking golfers in. The snack bar had a kid who did not know how to use the register very well, which earned him some extra change from me since I did not want to wait for a manager to help him a second time.

I like the course, but I would wait to play here again any time soon. Maybe last week's weather softened things up too much and they could not cut the greens closer. Maybe the new forward teeing grounds have to be made more permanent. Maybe I just need to move back to the blue or black tees.
On vacation in Austin and found an early morning tee time online, $39.00 riding at 7:03 a.m. As I drove up the last block to the course, the “ice” warning came on the dash of my rental vehicle. I could see the range to my right and it was frosted over. Course employee tells me 9:00. I stick around for breakfast in the grill and wait. At 8:30 I see golfers scrambling so I jump in line. Going off the back nine, the starter at hole 10 lets me jump a foursome right away as I’m a single. Everything is dormant here. All Bermuda grass course, including the greens.

Greens: They say they are double cut daily and the greens did roll nicely. Mostly good surfaces with only a handful of ball marks and some old cups healing in and some scalped cups. Hard to heal Bermuda grass when overnight temps drop into the 30’s.

Fairways: Nice to hit from, except the few areas that had excess water due to leaking sprinklers or just thin turf.

Rough: It was a mixture of 2” deep fluff, nicely mowed 1.5” (+/-) primary cut, and no-no areas like dirt, rocks, or mulch. I found it all.

Tee boxes: I played the whites. Those were more beat up than the others. The tips were pristine. Blues were nice, too. All were level and easy to find a good spot.

Bunkers: I visited a few bunkers. The sand was nice, light-colored, and soft. Many were wet and the front nine had deer tracks aplenty. Deep tracks. It was deer city on the front nine this morning. A recurring theme was a lot of small rocks. Maybe some new liners are needed.

Overall, I liked the layout and the beautiful oak tree lined fairways. The grounds and clubhouse facilities look very upscale. The snack bar seemed reasonably priced and the food was okay. The employees were very nice and courteous. Kudos to the starter who got me out ahead of some slower foursomes. Three hour pace of play? Yes, please! I’m sure that’s only for the early birds. I’d like to play this course again when it’s green.
Played today in a scramble. Windy conditions all day long, with some gusts around 40 m.p.h. Combined with the difficulty of the track, I'd say it is really challenging to score well here. It's been a long while since I have played here and I can say that the course conditions have really improved. Maybe it's not where it was in the heyday of Robinson Ranch, but it is improving and should become a great venue with continued care and maintenance. I really think that the issue was, and still is to some extent, water. It's apparent that they have really made an effort to water everything from tee to green.

We played the Valley and Desert combo today. Those two nines correspond with what was once the Valley Course. Basically, it plays exactly the same as it always had.

The greens were fairly fast, maybe around 10.5' to 11'. Some of the greens had some damage to the edges, but it was minor and did not come into play. I fixed so many ball marks. Not all of them were from the groups ahead, but those guys could have made some of them and they did not fix any.

Fairways and rough were much as I remember them although it seems the fairways did appear to need some mowing. The rough was very low and it allowed errant shots to just drift off into the hazard. The rough around the greens was sufficiently deep, though.

We played the white tees and they were mostly level, with a few that were a little uneven. Good grass coverage and soft enough to place a tee in.

Bunkers had decent sand from what I saw, including the fairway bunkers. All were nicely raked and edged.

I'm not sure of the rack rate, but I assume they are asking more than I would like to pay. Looking at conditions, I'd be happy to play here for around $45; any more I'd feel like it wasn't worth it.
Played this morning with fellow GKers Matt and Steve. We teed off around 7:00 a.m. and finished in about 3 hours and some change. Third group out following a twosome. We could have pressed, but it was all good. The course revealed itself as the sun rose above the horizon and it was as pristine as I have ever seen it. Everything mowed and the morning dew glistened off all the soft contours of the turf. Yeah, I was hard. Joking!

Greens: They were soft and rolling medium fast. No real bumpiness, although some maintenance took place earlier and there were a couple of tire tracks and that foam spit from a spray rig. Not an issue. I repaired a few ball marks here and there.

Fairways: Great roll out on most drives. No bare areas, although there were a couple of low lying areas that were a little wet, but you mostly could not tell unless you drove through it. Lots of good yardage markers on the sprinklers. Several valve boxes along the left side of 6 or 14 were nicely edged but they were about 2" low. Steve hit a low shot that got deflected by one. Other than raising those low boxes, it was very nicely maintained.

Rough: Very consistent if you kept it in the primary rough where they mow. Outside that, well, you might lose a ball in deep kikuyu or you could have a nice soft dirt lie. Just 50-50 if you hit into the "natural" areas.

Tee boxes: We played the Club tees (whites) and they were level for the most part. Mowed nicely but probably due for a cut as it didn't appear to be freshly mowed. Not a lot of divots either. We noticed that a crew was working on re-doing the back tee on Hole 8 (par 3). It was being completely rebuilt and will be bigger than before. Good to see that kind of effort.

Bunkers: The sand was soft and well groomed. No issues trying to hit from it, except for maybe our technique. It was relatively moist in the morning but no areas were overly wet.

Great pace of play in the early morning and a great rate ($39 riding) from It's one of the best courses in the area and well worth the hour drive from Santa Clarita.
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