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Played today in a scramble. Windy conditions all day long, with some gusts around 40 m.p.h. Combined with the difficulty of the track, I'd say it is really challenging to score well here. It's been a long while since I have played here and I can say that the course conditions have really improved. Maybe it's not where it was in the heyday of Robinson Ranch, but it is improving and should become a great venue with continued care and maintenance. I really think that the issue was, and still is to some extent, water. It's apparent that they have really made an effort to water everything from tee to green.

We played the Valley and Desert combo today. Those two nines correspond with what was once the Valley Course. Basically, it plays exactly the same as it always had.

The greens were fairly fast, maybe around 10.5' to 11'. Some of the greens had some damage to the edges, but it was minor and did not come into play. I fixed so many ball marks. Not all of them were from the groups ahead, but those guys could have made some of them and they did not fix any.

Fairways and rough were much as I remember them although it seems the fairways did appear to need some mowing. The rough was very low and it allowed errant shots to just drift off into the hazard. The rough around the greens was sufficiently deep, though.

We played the white tees and they were mostly level, with a few that were a little uneven. Good grass coverage and soft enough to place a tee in.

Bunkers had decent sand from what I saw, including the fairway bunkers. All were nicely raked and edged.

I'm not sure of the rack rate, but I assume they are asking more than I would like to pay. Looking at conditions, I'd be happy to play here for around $45; any more I'd feel like it wasn't worth it.
Played this morning with fellow GKers Matt and Steve. We teed off around 7:00 a.m. and finished in about 3 hours and some change. Third group out following a twosome. We could have pressed, but it was all good. The course revealed itself as the sun rose above the horizon and it was as pristine as I have ever seen it. Everything mowed and the morning dew glistened off all the soft contours of the turf. Yeah, I was hard. Joking!

Greens: They were soft and rolling medium fast. No real bumpiness, although some maintenance took place earlier and there were a couple of tire tracks and that foam spit from a spray rig. Not an issue. I repaired a few ball marks here and there.

Fairways: Great roll out on most drives. No bare areas, although there were a couple of low lying areas that were a little wet, but you mostly could not tell unless you drove through it. Lots of good yardage markers on the sprinklers. Several valve boxes along the left side of 6 or 14 were nicely edged but they were about 2" low. Steve hit a low shot that got deflected by one. Other than raising those low boxes, it was very nicely maintained.

Rough: Very consistent if you kept it in the primary rough where they mow. Outside that, well, you might lose a ball in deep kikuyu or you could have a nice soft dirt lie. Just 50-50 if you hit into the "natural" areas.

Tee boxes: We played the Club tees (whites) and they were level for the most part. Mowed nicely but probably due for a cut as it didn't appear to be freshly mowed. Not a lot of divots either. We noticed that a crew was working on re-doing the back tee on Hole 8 (par 3). It was being completely rebuilt and will be bigger than before. Good to see that kind of effort.

Bunkers: The sand was soft and well groomed. No issues trying to hit from it, except for maybe our technique. It was relatively moist in the morning but no areas were overly wet.

Great pace of play in the early morning and a great rate ($39 riding) from It's one of the best courses in the area and well worth the hour drive from Santa Clarita.
I played here last Saturday, October 20, 2018. I went out at around noon, $28 walking with a father-son twosome. Those guys were a little slow (IMO), and we fell immediately off the pace and later let another group pass us on hole 8. It was relatively uncrowded and we did not see another group the rest of the day.

Greens were in nice shape, not too fast, soft enough to hold most any shot, and rolling true.

Fairways were smooth and there was plenty of roll. I hit a low ball most of the time and this worked for me.

Rough was consistent, maybe an inch and a half deep, and not too penal.

We played the white tees and they looked like they got some love with some vertical slicing/aeration. I do not recollect any that were not level.

Bunker sand (I was in a couple) was nicely raked, light, and easy to hit from.

Overall POP was 4.5 hours walking. I let the father-son play ahead of me after our tee shots on 16 when, after walking to my tee shot, I realized I left my 60 deg. wedge on 15 green (CRAP)! I ran back 500 yards, went back to my ball, hit up, played 16, then proceeded to wait for them on every shot to finish holes 17 and 18! Jeez, wave a guy up next time!
Played yesterday afternoon, riding with a course "End of Summer" special for $28 after 2:00. It was not crowded until about hole 6 where we started to hit the back end of the groups ahead. Pace was about 2 hours for the front and 2.5 hours for the back. The last four holes became a brutal hit and wait scenario: As many as five groups were on hole 16; a twosome on the green, two twosomes in the fairway, a single on the tee, and our threesome on the tee. Add to that there were so many little flies, landing on and biting us. Gross!

Greens were good. Very soft and rolling medium fast. I fixed many ball marks. The putting surface was soft and bumpy at times, but rolled decently for the most part.

Fairways were soft as well. Good coverage and mostly lush conditions. Despite being so soft, there was great roll on most shots. Occasionally there were some tight lies. I was agreed that the surface was great to hit from.

Rough was also consistently lush from tee to green. No real problems hitting from there either. Outside the mowed areas of rough there was the usual deep kikuyu grass. If you hit there you can pretty much forget about it. The course has reduced the size of those areas over the years, but they are still there and ready to claim errant shots.

Bunkers were nice; well-raked, light-colored sand. I was in one on hole 3 and it was in good shape.

Tee boxes (we played the whites) were mostly level and nice. I think there were a couple areas that were a little uneven, but overall good.

Other than those pesky flies and the pace near the end of the round, it was a very enjoyable afternoon.
Good times yesterday with the GK family as Ron and Matt battled for the GK Cup. We were in the first foursome, teeing off at around 10:15, a little behind schedule and waiting on almost every shot for a 5.5 + hour round. Ugh! This was my first time here and I found the course to be very interesting and fun. Nice facilities and great customer service.

The greens were very nice. Receptive and smooth (except for a couple times when I noticed some minimal bumpiness). They were somewhat on the soft side and I repaired many ball marks throughout the day. Speed was medium-fast, getting a little faster as the day went on. Mostly large sized greens, except for hole 2, which I thought was smaller and more narrow. Maybe because I missed short and left, lol.

Fairways were nice overall. I found a couple tight lies here and there, but coverage was good throughout the course. It was very nice to hit from. I have been out of practice a little lately and I laid some sod over my ball on a couple of occasions, so I could say they were on the soft side. I did get plenty of roll out on several of my drives, which made for some good yardage. Liking that.

Rough was nice, too. There were a couple of areas with deeper, more lush Bermuda grass (notably the left side of holes 2 and 18 approach), but good and consistent throughout the course.

Bunker sand was good quality, light, and well groomed. I found a few and they were easy enough to hit from.

Tees (we played the white tees) were mostly good. A couple (I don't remember which ones) were slightly uneven in spots, but overall good.

Decent burger and salad in the clubhouse after. I don't recommend the fries, though.

Big thanks to Johnny and Eagle Glen for a nice outing!
I played this morning, teeing off just after 7:00 a.m. The starter suggested I go off on the back nine to avoid the crowds on the front. It was my first time here and I thought it was nice for the $36 I paid to ride.

Lush grass coverage in the fairways and rough with some bare spots near the cart paths and drive off areas. Lots of roll out on the fairways. The rough was about an inch and a half deep Bermuda grass, but pretty easy to hit from.

The greens were semi-firm and rolled nice and true. Speed was around 9 to 10, getting quicker as the day progressed. No ball marks or damage to be seen.

Bunkers were nicely raked, medium brown sand and I found it was easy to hit from the two I landed in.

Looked like a great practice area that I didn’t use.

All in all, I would return and play here, especially for the price I paid.
I played here yesterday with SBogey and his buddy, Bobby. It was my first time here and the course is in nice condition. Check in was nice; the guy there gave me a small discount, charging me $30, cart included. The small chipping green near one tee is nothing to write home about but the greens on the course were very nice. Nice and soft with high shots, but they don't seem to hold anything coming in hot. They rolled true, and break away down slope more than you think. With that said, the hot tip of the day is aim for the front of the green in most cases. The mountain will have an effect on your putts and the elevation seems to add a little more to each shot. Turf grass in the fairways was mostly lush with a few areas that needed more work. The rough was lush, thick, and mostly penal. I was in one bunker and it did need some raking to fluff up the packed sand. We had a small (20 minute) lightning delay due to a nearby storm. Course personnel came around and made sure all were off the course. We left our balls around and on 6 green and finished afterward. This is a very scenic course and it is mostly lush right now. I would recommend it when in the area.
I played here Sunday morning at 9:36 AM with fellow GKer, Noemi. The course is in pretty good summer condition. There are a few areas of the fairway and rough that are somewhat stressed out but overall there were good lies everywhere. Parts of the rough were heavy and long enough to be considered penal. Wayward tee shots could find sidehill lies or tree trouble easily. I walked the course and it was fine. The pace got slow just before the turn but later it picked up. However, it still took around five hours to complete. The greens were medium slow in speed but mostly smooth. Tee boxes were nice and level without a lot of divots. Bunkers tended to be thin with hard pan. We got food from the “restaurant “ after. It was okay and reasonably priced.
It’s been quite a while since I last played here. I’m happy to see that the course is in as good a condition as I remember it with the exception of the bunkers. It appears that some bunkers are being eliminated with marked GUR and grass planted. Other bunkers have a lot of small rocks which just gets worse the more you take. Most likely the bunkers are going to get redone. Anyway, I don’t remember hitting into one, but Jesse found plenty and got out most every time.

I’d give the tees, fairways, and rough high marks for appearance and playability.

Greens were very nice. A little slow but not terrible since they didn’t mow due to last night’s rain. They seemed very receptive to most shots. I felt that I could just hit right to the hole at times and not worry that my ball was going to run off.

Great times with the group and big thanks to Johnny for all the prizes and setting it up with LR.
Okay, back again for the second time this week. Got to love a member for a day deal. Greens running a little slower, most likely due to the heat. Not too slow; I would say medium fast overall, maybe a 9 or 9.5. Greens were also a little firm and if you cannot spin an approach, it could be hard to hold.

The fairways were good overall. Water saving measures throughout the course, such as the first 100 yards off the tee and further from the fairways you will find it very dry. Mostly though, I had good lies and enough turf under the ball unless it was in one of the many desert features.

The rough was a mixed bag of lush, green fescue, Bermuda grass, and hard pan turf. Areas of shade were better than those areas exposed to the sun. There's also a good amount of trees to keep you honest; you can't just blast your shots anywhere.

Bunkers are probably the weakest part of this course. The best ones had a thin layer of sand over hard pan dirt; the worst ones were just dirt clods with a little sand over hard pan. I guess you should avoid them!

The course is in an older housing tract (think ranch-style 1960's) just off the 14 Freeway. The clubhouse and facilities match the surrounding neighborhood. Folks here are nice and it's a very relaxed vibe. I was able to play through a couple of groups this week and each round was about 2 hours for me.

Nice and breezy here in the afternoons. Just enough wind today to make things interesting, maybe two clubs at times. I suspect it's almost always windy here in the afternoons.

For the $54 (I took my buddy's voucher off him for $20, since he couldn't use it) I paid for two rounds here, I can't complain. They do not normally have public play here, so you need a special "Member for a Day" deal if you're not a member. has offered it twice this year so far.
I played in the GK outing this past Saturday. This was my first time at the course. For being in the middle of nowhere I would say it’s worth the drive from Las Vegas or Mesquite. The wind was a factor but, thankfully, it was not terrible. Beautiful water features and generous landing areas on most holes. Greens were good. They putted at a nice pace. Not as fast as I like, but it was not slow unless you were putting away from the valley southeast of the course. That made for some interesting putts. After having golfed at Wolf Creek the day prior, these greens appeared very slow at times; however, I'm sure it's just an illusion as downhill putts ran well past the hole if you weren't careful. Fairways and rough were very nice to hit from. I saw no areas of damaged or missing turf. Tee boxes were level and lush. We got great service from the two beverage cart attendants and the delivery of lunch to us during the round was quite welcome. Always a great time with I would consider coming back on my next visit to the LV area.
I played here last Thursday, May 31. The course was in very good shape having hosted a recent city championship there. The greens were a little on the slow side, but rolled true and accepted most any shot into it as they were somewhat soft. Fairways, rough, and tees all were in a lush green condition. No real issues finding a level place on the tees (I played the blue tees). I did see one green that had some recent patch work done to it, but I cannot remember which one. It was done very well and the green was healing in very nicely. I think I found one bunker; it was thin, but playable with medium, brown sand with maybe two inches of cover over hard pan. Pace of play was on the slow side (twilight on a Thursday afternoon) at about 5+ hours. The course was crowded but everything moved along, albeit slow for my taste. Lots of walkers despite the very hilly terrain. Nice tap beer selection at the turn. I'd play here again.
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