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Good times today with Ron, Jerry, and the rest of the group. Big thanks to JohnnyGK and RSM for this GK Guru round. The course is currently in great condition overall.

The practice facilities are great here. There is a big putting green and a pitching green with a bunker as well as an all grass driving range.

Greens were putting medium fast. Not many ball marks; maybe a couple that were poorly repaired and a couple small ones that were missed. The greens did hold any well struck shot and it was no problem getting running pitches to stop consistently.

Fairways were nice to look at with the single mow stripe down the middle. Good hitting surfaces overall with only a couple of firm areas.

Rough, well, it's good to stay out of the rough. It was a mix of deep, thick grass to thin lies. If you go outside that, it's as good as lost in some knee-high foxtails.

Bunkers seemed mostly consistent. Good white, sparkly sand but a little on the thin side with only about an inch and a half over hard pan in many bunkers. Not terribly shabby and fairly easy to hit from.

Tees were lush but a couple had a lot of divot damage (par threes, so that was predictable) and a few were not too level at the tee markers. It was not bad by any means, though.

POP was about 4 hours with a little waiting on the groups ahead of us. Unfortunately, for the group behind us, the snack shop stopped food service at 2:30 on a Sunday. I was able to get some tri tip and it was good. Maybe not $13 good, but I needed it and it was tasty.
Played again on 4/13/18 as part of our annual City of Santa Clarita Employee Golf Classic. Teeing off around 8:30 shotgun. I won't mention the horribly slow pace of my fellow employees, but we were eating hamburgers at around 2:00 p.m. The course conditions are about average for this time of year.

Fairways had decent coverage, but seemed a little hard pan under the turf.
Rough was a general mix of thin, dry, hard, and non-existent.
Tees were somewhat level and a little on the firm side. I had a little trouble pushing in my tees on a few holes.
Sand was in need of raking. Many bunkers looked like they have not been groomed for a week.

If you have not played here before, this is an executive size course with a par of 60. There are 7 par 4 holes (1, 4, 7, 9, 10, 15, 16); the rest are par 3 holes, several of which are very short yardages. The best hole is the island green on 17. Hardest holes are 9 and 10, which are very lengthy par 4 holes.

Discounts can be had on all the usual online third party discount sites and through the course itself.

Food and beverage are available, but not cheap for the level of quality.

Nice practice areas and a very popular driving range which is lighted at night.

I'd opt for other courses, but somehow I end up golfing here at least 3 or 4 times a year out of convenience.
I got out today on a GroupGolfer deal, paying about $34 a month or two ago. Although the parking lot looked somewhat full, it was almost clear sailing, teeing off at about 11:30 and finishing at 3:00. The check in was fast and efficient. You can bring your cart into the parking lot to grab your stuff, if that's what you like. I opted for the cart that came with the deal, but this is a very walkable course with just a few elevation changes throughout. It's very scenic with lots of nice views to be had of the nearby hills. There was a nice breeze today, but wind can be a big factor here. Often you will have some down-wind shots that fly like crazy, or have to hit punch shots into a stiff head wind. The course is in fine shape now: Greens were rolling true, medium-to-medium fast (about a 9 I would guess). I fixed a couple small ball marks, but the greens were very nice overall. The fairways and rough were in good shape. Only a couple of thin or bare areas in some of the rough way off the fairways, but good grass coverage most everywhere. I visited a few bunkers and they all had good sand (not too deep) and were nicely groomed. The tees (blue) were all basically level and had good grass coverage. I always enjoy this course and I think the maintenance crew is to be commended for their hard work. Get out there and golf it before aeration or wait a bit. I recommend it!
Played today, teeing off as a single using their free birthday round coupon. Unlike River Ridge, I was asked to pay their $17 cart fee. Still, it was a good rate to play. They did aerate greens a couple weeks ago, and it was still evident. However, with all the rain we recently had, I am happy to say the greens have nearly healed. They did make some multi-directional cuts and it looked great, but still a little on the medium slow side of speed. Some holes visible here and there, but the greens ran fairly smooth and were soft enough to accept most shots without a lot of roll out. The course is in great condition and I took several pictures; unfortunately, my phone ran out of battery before I got to 17 tee where the view of the surrounding valley and hills was spectacular. Fairways and rough were mostly dormant kikuyu grass speckled with pockets of poa annua, rye, and lots of clover with white flowers. Some clover was so deep, you could almost lose a ball in it. Top that off with lots of white flowers in many areas and it could get weird as you go on an Easter egg hunt looking for your ball. I do recommend playing here, but it can get very busy and somewhat slow. Today's round was about 4:20 and that is relatively fast considering all the waiting around I did.
I played here last Friday morning, teeing off a little after 10:00. I had a free birthday round and was walking, so no charge at all! The course was a little wet in most areas and the right side of hole 1 approach was saturated enough to have standing water despite being on a hill. Green speed displayed on the starters shed read 10’-10”, but I would say it was slower than that. No severe ball marks or damage of any kind on the greens or anywhere else. Many bunkers had to be drained and raked. I saw at least one Greenskeeper working on it; I was in several bunkers and mostly they were all drained and raked except maybe one left of hole 11. Tees were nice and level. Overall the course is in good winter condition with a mix of dormant warm season grasses and some greener poa and rye. One of the best value courses around. Recommend you play it before aerification.
I played a second round here last Saturday morning. What a difference with the lack of strong winds. The course is a nice mix of reachable par 5's, medium to lengthy par 3's and 4's. Stay out of the trees on the front nine to score well. A couple of holes there have lush forests of pines along the right side. It might look somewhat open, but it is thick. Holes 10, 11, and 12 take you across the street from the clubhouse and up across a high ridge. The drop shot on the medium par 3 12th hole was a punch 4-iron in the wind and an easy 7 iron without the wind. Again, the course is lush and nicely conditioned from tee to green on every hole. The only area that looked somewhat dormant is the large drainage area that runs between some holes on the back nine. You really can't see it and it doesn't normally come in to play unless you hit way right of your target. Part of it is used for their maintenance and practice facilities. We ate dinner in the clubhouse Friday night. The food was just okay and the drinks were sub-par; however, everything I got was covered by my hosts so I'm really not complaining. The Bunker Burrito I had on Saturday morning was just okay. The course personnel and members here are all friendly and everybody seems to know everybody. I recommend this course; wind or no wind.
Played here Friday afternoon as a guest of a member. This is one of the nicest conditioned courses that I have played in a long time. Everything from tee to green was emerald green and lush. We played the gold tees today; basically a combo tee which placed us up on the longer holes and back on the shorter holes. It was very windy this afternoon with steady winds from the southwest at about 25-30 mph. The wind did not detract from the playability of the course. The rough was consistent at about 1 1/2” in length. The fairways were lush and very nice to hit from. The greens had recently been micro-punched and a light top dressing of sand applied. It did not affect putts but approaches did not seem to check up as much as you would like. Not bad, though. Good pace of play at a little over 4 hours, despite the busy afternoon. I’m looking forward to another round tomorrow.
Played here Friday morning with a buddy. We purchased vouchers from Groupgolfer, paying about $36/player. I knew it would be cold, and it was; however, we were surprised to see snow flurries on the way there in Bouquet Canyon.

My buddy bought a beanie at the pro shop for $20. Good thing, too. They must sell quite a number of them as they have a good selection to choose from.

We had a 10:00 tee time but we got out right away about 40 minutes early.

Greens: fast, smooth, and somewhat hard. Maybe they were just thawing out.

Fairways: decent lies with thin-to-good coverage. No bare areas. There was a lot of roll out due to winter dormancy of the Bermudagrass.

Rough: mostly cut like the fairways with a couple of pockets of thicker grass.

Bunkers: all raked with plenty of sand. Pretty good considering all the wind.

Tees: mostly level without a lot of divot damage. Some challenging angles if you’re playing anything other than a straight shot.

We ate in their clubhouse after our 3 hour round. Food was just okay and not really expensive. I got a nice IPA for about $7 and fish and chips for about $9.

Good time golfing on a fun and challenging layout, but I might wait until spring weather next time.
Played today, teeing off at 11:18 with a GK Coupon, $28 walking by myself. It was mostly uncrowded today and after playing through a couple of groups on holes 2 and 14, I was able to finish in 3 hours and 10 minutes. I joined another walking single on holes 7 through 13, when he had to leave. Hole 13 is basically the old turn at the clubhouse and I think he had to pick up his kid. One of the marshals gave me a lift to 14 tee and that group there let me pass. After that it was wide open.

Tees: Level and lush. A few par threes and short par fours had some divot damage, but there was ample sand bottles if only folks would use them.

Fairways and rough: Not too much difference between either. Good lies and plenty of turf to hit from most everywhere except in a couple of areas of rough between holes 10 and 11 where you could find some scruffy lies. It seems like it's always like that on this part of the course. Might be an irrigation issue because it seems like it's up on the ridge and the ground appears dryer than other areas of the course. It's not bad by any means and is comparable to many courses in So Cal. Everywhere else there is a lot of good turf.

Greens: You could see micro-punched holes on the greens, but it did not affect roll. Good speed; starter had a board stating they were 10'-8". Not many ball marks were seen although the greens were soft enough for me to create deep craters with high approaches. I think the greens are great on this course and even though they were kind of medium fast, they held most shots with any spin.

Sand: I saw lots of good sand, at least in the one bunker I found on hole 17, about 10 yards in front of the green.

Overall, I like this course. I felt there were good playing conditions from tee to green. After the round I ran into t8fish, fellow GKer, and his dog. We all went to the snack shack for a bite and some good conversation; well, Kevin and I conversed while the dog was just being cool.

I have to recommend this course, especially with the GK Coupon. Thanks to Johnny and Otto to help out a fellow American!
Obtained an online tee time from for $33 riding at 11:32. Good help from the pro shop got me out right away after arriving at 11:10.

I was paired with a single and a twosome, we followed a group of five for four hours. Not a bad POP and it was a nice afternoon. One guy from the group ahead even apologized to me in the parking lot. Hey, not necessary but thanks!

Greens: They were firm and medium fast. I made many putts from the 10'-20' range so I could say they ran true and there were no unexpected breaks. Not a lot of ball marks either.

Fairways and rough: Mostly dormant paspallum and kikuyu with some areas of nice fescue. Everything was mowed to a manageable height and I had no problems with any lies except under the trees on the right side of 18 where it was bare ground.

Tees: We played the blues and they were all level and had decent coverage.

Bunkers: I was in three bunkers. All had good amounts of sand but greenside on three where it was a little thin.

All in all, it was well worth the $33 riding today.
Played here on Saturday, Dec. 30. I called and was placed with another group at the 7:44 tee time; it was with a couple, the gentleman playing and his wife riding. I paid $43 to walk. It was not really crowded but the first three groups had big, hole-and-a-half gaps between them and nobody was going anywhere fast so I decided to just enjoy the fine SoCal winter weather of cool, clear mornings and warm afternoons. Pace of play was about 4.5 hours.

Speaking of winter, the course is mostly dormant with the exclusion of the greens. True, there are areas of rough with some fescue grass that is green. Mostly it was dormant kikuyu and Bermuda grass.

On a scale of 10:
Greens: 7. They rolled true and medium fast. Not a lot of ball marks. Soft and receptive.
Fairways: 6. Good coverage and nice to hit from, but not very pretty as it is dormant.
Rough: 5. I noticed a couple of really wet areas and some areas of deep kikuyu that was difficult to hit from. Probably not the fault of the grass, though.
Sand Traps: 8. Lots of nice, white, fluffy sand that was well groomed.
Tees: 6. Nice and level for the most part. A few need some rehabilitation of the grass. 16 tee was mostly a disaster; however, it's always like that.

All in all, I would pick this over most anything available near Santa Clarita for what I paid due to the fact that the greens were fairly nice. The $43 rack to walk is a bit on the high end; however, this course sees a lot of afternoon play since the fees drop nicely for twilight.
Played here on Sunday, Nov. 19. paid $32 on a deal (after 10:30 on weekends). No range balls as their machine was inoperable, but I wasn't going to hit anyway. Got out between groups as a twosome when I was joined by another single on tee 1. Pace of play was about 4:15.

There was a small delay on the last hole when my playing partner did not wait until everyone was in their carts. From 245 yards he hit his 5 wood and it sailed to the right and hit the last guy walking to his cart. Dropped him like a rock. I don't think there was any permanent damage as this was a big boy and it hit off his chest. After all the finger pointing, yelling, cussing, and apologizing, I looked at the ball on the ground and asked my partner if he was playing a Titleist 1. He said he was done; I went back and played out with the group behind.

Aside from all that nonsense, I felt the course is currently in a rather good condition. Nice green fairways and rough. Nothing too tight in the fairways and nothing too severe in the rough. It was really nice to hit from most locations on the course with adequate turf under my ball. There were some bare areas on the left side of hole 13, but it's always been that way. I was not in any bunkers but they all looked great with glistening, white sand. Tees were mostly level and had very few divots. Good sand/seed/mulch mix in cart bottles and on tee boxes.

Greens were great overall. They rolled fast and smooth; they were soft enough to leave deep ball marks on high shots and well-struck shots would stick like glue.

It was a nice day overall, with cool temperatures and almost no wind or breeze. There had been a hard frost overnight, but by my tee time it was all good.
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