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I played here yesterday with SBogey and his buddy, Bobby. It was my first time here and the course is in nice condition. Check in was nice; the guy there gave me a small discount, charging me $30, cart included. The small chipping green near one tee is nothing to write home about but the greens on the course were very nice. Nice and soft with high shots, but they don't seem to hold anything coming in hot. They rolled true, and break away down slope more than you think. With that said, the hot tip of the day is aim for the front of the green in most cases. The mountain will have an effect on your putts and the elevation seems to add a little more to each shot. Turf grass in the fairways was mostly lush with a few areas that needed more work. The rough was lush, thick, and mostly penal. I was in one bunker and it did need some raking to fluff up the packed sand. We had a small (20 minute) lightning delay due to a nearby storm. Course personnel came around and made sure all were off the course. We left our balls around and on 6 green and finished afterward. This is a very scenic course and it is mostly lush right now. I would recommend it when in the area.
I played here Sunday morning at 9:36 AM with fellow GKer, Noemi. The course is in pretty good summer condition. There are a few areas of the fairway and rough that are somewhat stressed out but overall there were good lies everywhere. Parts of the rough were heavy and long enough to be considered penal. Wayward tee shots could find sidehill lies or tree trouble easily. I walked the course and it was fine. The pace got slow just before the turn but later it picked up. However, it still took around five hours to complete. The greens were medium slow in speed but mostly smooth. Tee boxes were nice and level without a lot of divots. Bunkers tended to be thin with hard pan. We got food from the “restaurant “ after. It was okay and reasonably priced.
It’s been quite a while since I last played here. I’m happy to see that the course is in as good a condition as I remember it with the exception of the bunkers. It appears that some bunkers are being eliminated with marked GUR and grass planted. Other bunkers have a lot of small rocks which just gets worse the more you take. Most likely the bunkers are going to get redone. Anyway, I don’t remember hitting into one, but Jesse found plenty and got out most every time.

I’d give the tees, fairways, and rough high marks for appearance and playability.

Greens were very nice. A little slow but not terrible since they didn’t mow due to last night’s rain. They seemed very receptive to most shots. I felt that I could just hit right to the hole at times and not worry that my ball was going to run off.

Great times with the group and big thanks to Johnny for all the prizes and setting it up with LR.
Okay, back again for the second time this week. Got to love a member for a day deal. Greens running a little slower, most likely due to the heat. Not too slow; I would say medium fast overall, maybe a 9 or 9.5. Greens were also a little firm and if you cannot spin an approach, it could be hard to hold.

The fairways were good overall. Water saving measures throughout the course, such as the first 100 yards off the tee and further from the fairways you will find it very dry. Mostly though, I had good lies and enough turf under the ball unless it was in one of the many desert features.

The rough was a mixed bag of lush, green fescue, Bermuda grass, and hard pan turf. Areas of shade were better than those areas exposed to the sun. There's also a good amount of trees to keep you honest; you can't just blast your shots anywhere.

Bunkers are probably the weakest part of this course. The best ones had a thin layer of sand over hard pan dirt; the worst ones were just dirt clods with a little sand over hard pan. I guess you should avoid them!

The course is in an older housing tract (think ranch-style 1960's) just off the 14 Freeway. The clubhouse and facilities match the surrounding neighborhood. Folks here are nice and it's a very relaxed vibe. I was able to play through a couple of groups this week and each round was about 2 hours for me.

Nice and breezy here in the afternoons. Just enough wind today to make things interesting, maybe two clubs at times. I suspect it's almost always windy here in the afternoons.

For the $54 (I took my buddy's voucher off him for $20, since he couldn't use it) I paid for two rounds here, I can't complain. They do not normally have public play here, so you need a special "Member for a Day" deal if you're not a member. has offered it twice this year so far.
I played in the GK outing this past Saturday. This was my first time at the course. For being in the middle of nowhere I would say it’s worth the drive from Las Vegas or Mesquite. The wind was a factor but, thankfully, it was not terrible. Beautiful water features and generous landing areas on most holes. Greens were good. They putted at a nice pace. Not as fast as I like, but it was not slow unless you were putting away from the valley southeast of the course. That made for some interesting putts. After having golfed at Wolf Creek the day prior, these greens appeared very slow at times; however, I'm sure it's just an illusion as downhill putts ran well past the hole if you weren't careful. Fairways and rough were very nice to hit from. I saw no areas of damaged or missing turf. Tee boxes were level and lush. We got great service from the two beverage cart attendants and the delivery of lunch to us during the round was quite welcome. Always a great time with I would consider coming back on my next visit to the LV area.
I played here last Thursday, May 31. The course was in very good shape having hosted a recent city championship there. The greens were a little on the slow side, but rolled true and accepted most any shot into it as they were somewhat soft. Fairways, rough, and tees all were in a lush green condition. No real issues finding a level place on the tees (I played the blue tees). I did see one green that had some recent patch work done to it, but I cannot remember which one. It was done very well and the green was healing in very nicely. I think I found one bunker; it was thin, but playable with medium, brown sand with maybe two inches of cover over hard pan. Pace of play was on the slow side (twilight on a Thursday afternoon) at about 5+ hours. The course was crowded but everything moved along, albeit slow for my taste. Lots of walkers despite the very hilly terrain. Nice tap beer selection at the turn. I'd play here again.
A buddy and I played here today, teeing off early at about 6:45 and finishing in 3 hours. We had vouchers from and rode for $32 each. A couple of groups let us by and it was clear sailing. The front nine greens were in better shape and fully healed from aeration, whereas the back nine greens showed some residual evidence of aeration, but putted okay. Fairways were good with nice grass coverage everywhere. Rough was variable in coverage; sometimes thick and sometimes thin. Some of the grass bunker features were a bit scraggly, but overall the course played nice. I was in three bunkers, all of which were nicely groomed, but one was still wet and packed. Tees were mostly good, but a couple had some uneven ground. Not terrible as you could easily find level. Good times and great pace of play.
I played here last Friday, May 11, 2018, at just after 12:00 noon. My nephew and I rode for $48, I think. POP was about 4.5 hours, mostly due to the crowded course. It moved along okay for the most part and since my nephew is really a beginner, it was fine.

The course is great to get your confidence up as well. Despite windy afternoon conditions and sketchy ball striking, I managed to score well (for me).

Greens were slow. Not as bad as in the previous review from mdames, but you really had to give your putts a good whack to get to the hole. They did run fairly smooth, with only an occasional small hop.

Fairways and rough varied from semi-lush to thin and spotty. For the most part you could have a decent lie no matter where you ended up.

I cannot comment on the sand, as we were not in any bunkers.

Tees were mostly level (we played the blue markers) and had a few divots here and there but it was easy to find a good spot to hit from.

We did stop in the "restaurant" afterwards for a couple of burgers and fries. Word of advice, "Don't bother." It was not very good. However, the drinks that the nice, young lady poured were decent (gin and tonic with Bombay Sapphire). Of note: Cat, the bartender, was very easy on the eyes and gave me a slight discount on my drinks. She seemed pleased with all the attention she got from the late afternoon golfers who came in for beers. I'd go back just to order up from Cat. Meow!
Good times today with Ron, Jerry, and the rest of the group. Big thanks to JohnnyGK and RSM for this GK Guru round. The course is currently in great condition overall.

The practice facilities are great here. There is a big putting green and a pitching green with a bunker as well as an all grass driving range.

Greens were putting medium fast. Not many ball marks; maybe a couple that were poorly repaired and a couple small ones that were missed. The greens did hold any well struck shot and it was no problem getting running pitches to stop consistently.

Fairways were nice to look at with the single mow stripe down the middle. Good hitting surfaces overall with only a couple of firm areas.

Rough, well, it's good to stay out of the rough. It was a mix of deep, thick grass to thin lies. If you go outside that, it's as good as lost in some knee-high foxtails.

Bunkers seemed mostly consistent. Good white, sparkly sand but a little on the thin side with only about an inch and a half over hard pan in many bunkers. Not terribly shabby and fairly easy to hit from.

Tees were lush but a couple had a lot of divot damage (par threes, so that was predictable) and a few were not too level at the tee markers. It was not bad by any means, though.

POP was about 4 hours with a little waiting on the groups ahead of us. Unfortunately, for the group behind us, the snack shop stopped food service at 2:30 on a Sunday. I was able to get some tri tip and it was good. Maybe not $13 good, but I needed it and it was tasty.
Played again on 4/13/18 as part of our annual City of Santa Clarita Employee Golf Classic. Teeing off around 8:30 shotgun. I won't mention the horribly slow pace of my fellow employees, but we were eating hamburgers at around 2:00 p.m. The course conditions are about average for this time of year.

Fairways had decent coverage, but seemed a little hard pan under the turf.
Rough was a general mix of thin, dry, hard, and non-existent.
Tees were somewhat level and a little on the firm side. I had a little trouble pushing in my tees on a few holes.
Sand was in need of raking. Many bunkers looked like they have not been groomed for a week.

If you have not played here before, this is an executive size course with a par of 60. There are 7 par 4 holes (1, 4, 7, 9, 10, 15, 16); the rest are par 3 holes, several of which are very short yardages. The best hole is the island green on 17. Hardest holes are 9 and 10, which are very lengthy par 4 holes.

Discounts can be had on all the usual online third party discount sites and through the course itself.

Food and beverage are available, but not cheap for the level of quality.

Nice practice areas and a very popular driving range which is lighted at night.

I'd opt for other courses, but somehow I end up golfing here at least 3 or 4 times a year out of convenience.
I got out today on a GroupGolfer deal, paying about $34 a month or two ago. Although the parking lot looked somewhat full, it was almost clear sailing, teeing off at about 11:30 and finishing at 3:00. The check in was fast and efficient. You can bring your cart into the parking lot to grab your stuff, if that's what you like. I opted for the cart that came with the deal, but this is a very walkable course with just a few elevation changes throughout. It's very scenic with lots of nice views to be had of the nearby hills. There was a nice breeze today, but wind can be a big factor here. Often you will have some down-wind shots that fly like crazy, or have to hit punch shots into a stiff head wind. The course is in fine shape now: Greens were rolling true, medium-to-medium fast (about a 9 I would guess). I fixed a couple small ball marks, but the greens were very nice overall. The fairways and rough were in good shape. Only a couple of thin or bare areas in some of the rough way off the fairways, but good grass coverage most everywhere. I visited a few bunkers and they all had good sand (not too deep) and were nicely groomed. The tees (blue) were all basically level and had good grass coverage. I always enjoy this course and I think the maintenance crew is to be commended for their hard work. Get out there and golf it before aeration or wait a bit. I recommend it!
Played today, teeing off as a single using their free birthday round coupon. Unlike River Ridge, I was asked to pay their $17 cart fee. Still, it was a good rate to play. They did aerate greens a couple weeks ago, and it was still evident. However, with all the rain we recently had, I am happy to say the greens have nearly healed. They did make some multi-directional cuts and it looked great, but still a little on the medium slow side of speed. Some holes visible here and there, but the greens ran fairly smooth and were soft enough to accept most shots without a lot of roll out. The course is in great condition and I took several pictures; unfortunately, my phone ran out of battery before I got to 17 tee where the view of the surrounding valley and hills was spectacular. Fairways and rough were mostly dormant kikuyu grass speckled with pockets of poa annua, rye, and lots of clover with white flowers. Some clover was so deep, you could almost lose a ball in it. Top that off with lots of white flowers in many areas and it could get weird as you go on an Easter egg hunt looking for your ball. I do recommend playing here, but it can get very busy and somewhat slow. Today's round was about 4:20 and that is relatively fast considering all the waiting around I did.
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