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Played match play today with kassper7. We paid $47 to walk with a 9:48 tee time. Lots of winter dormancy and some tight fairways made for some good roll out. Overall conditions are fine to good. POP was over 5 hours with a lot of waiting.

The greens were medium fast; getting faster as the day warmed up. Not a lot of ball marks and they rolled true without a lot of bumpiness.

Fairways and rough were thin to lush at times. Lots of good roll in the fairways. The rough is kikuyu grass and sometimes will check your ball up, especially if you are trying to run one up from the rough, so be aware.

Tees (we played the Silver) were a little on the firm side and thin at times. Overall, they were mostly level and finding a good place to hit from was not an issue.

Bunkers: I was in two; The back bunker on 6 was raked nicely and had a good amount of sand. The fairway bunker on the right side of 10 was okay with a little bit of soft sand over a firm subgrade.

The beverage cart came by several times throughout the round, but we did not buy anything. I like the course and I had heard that conditions were good. I agree, but it's all relative. There is winter dormancy, so it does not look very green. However, the course is playing nice right now and the greens are rolling very well.
Played today with the GK Guru outing. Thanks to Johnny and Oak Quarry for the outing. The course was looking great with stunning views and green grass most everywhere. Upon arrival, course personnel came out and picked up my clubs and placed them on a cart along with others from our group.

I was early so I ordered a breakfast burrito ($8, with chorizo). It was big and had a lot of potato in it, so I felt weighted down for my round. Not doing that again.

Practice area is alright. Got to the range, all grass. We were moved up, but the hitting area was level and not too beat up. Lots of targets but no yardages that I saw. Bring a range finder next time if that’s important to you. There’s a chipping green with a.sand bunker to practice from. I probably should have done that! Also, there’s a small putting green.

The fairways (as noted by other reviewers) were mostly dormant. However, it was not a problem as there was ample turf and root zone to make solid contact. The cut was tight and a good shot could get substantial roll for additional yardage. The fairway on Hole 17 looked like there was an infestation of dandelion. They were mowed flat but I suspect some chemical treatment is in order.

The rough was also mowed tight. It was bumpy as well. I’m guessing it’s gophers/ground squirrels. It varied from lush and thick to sparse or bare. Mostly though, if you were on grass it was fairly easy to hit from.

Tees (whites) were level and a few seemed very firm as I had to use some effort to place a tee. There was good grass coverage and not a lot of divots.

Sand in the bunkers looked great, but that illusion was shattered with me thinning a few out from that soft layer of sand over hard pan. Maybe it’s just me and my LOFT, but I used to be good at hitting from a bunker.

Greens were quite nice. I fixed more than a few shallow ball marks, but there weren’t too many as the greens were very firm. Our group had some difficulty getting balls to check up on many approach shots and chips. They did roll nice with an occasional bump here and there. Good medium-fast speed. Lots of undulations and tiers to keep things interesting.

All in all, a great day not at work. Good weather and nice guys to golf with. I recommend this course.
Played here last Friday with sbarajas (GK Match) and mdames. A local joined us and walked the course with Mike. 10:30 tee time and Sal and I paid $66 to ride. Great weather, no wind and mid 60's temps.

All the fairways and rough were dormant Bermuda. Some tight lies here and there, but mostly good in the fairways where there was a good layer of dormant sod to take a divot if you are so inclined. Lucky for me, it allowed a great amount of roll out. We're talking up to 100 yards of roll out on some poorly struck drives.

Sal and I played the blue tees and they were level and lush for the most part. I never had any issues there. Great turf and easy enough to place a tee.

I found a bunker or two and thought that the sand was somewhat in poor shape. Some small rocks, lots of foot prints that were not raked (was I in a waste bunker on Hole 1, I don't know). Some of the green side bunkers looked fine, though.

My ball found the top of a gopher/ground squirrel mound of soil on Hole 12. My fault for not hitting a decent drive, but there were areas of the course that nature wants to take back.

Greens and aprons: this is obviously the heart and soul of this course. As many of you know, as you approach the greens, there are large areas that are closely mowed that are basically putting surfaces. Lots of undulations and mounding make for some exciting and tricky putts. The greens were lush and firm. Not a lot of ball marks and the firmness meant you either had to impart a lot of back spin or land just short to hold the green.

We were visited by the beverage cart several times. She was friendly and had almost anything you wanted.

I have enjoyed playing here over the years; it's almost an hour drive from me, maybe more in traffic. It's a great course and I hope to play here more this year.
Played here today; teeing off at around 10:00 a.m. using an online tee time from We paid $31 to ride. POP was about 4.5 hours with some waiting between shots. I don't have a lot to add to the prior review from t8fish, but I'll try.

Good overall winter conditions and great weather today. Sunny and warm, about 77 degrees with little to no wind. There were many areas of the course that were damp or very wet, especially under the trees or in other shady areas.

We played the blue tees and for the most part they were beat up pretty badly compared to the blacks or whites. Some teeing areas were very thin or muddy due to being in the shade. Not terrible, but maybe its due to the cold temps lately. Overall, they were all mostly level and finding a good spot to tee from was not an issue.

Fairways and rough were decent. Lots of good run out on low struck shots. A few areas were thin or muddy, but it was manageable and the good definitely outweighed the bad. It was almost always easy to hit a good full shot as the ground was fairly soft.

Sand was a mixed bag of good, white, soft sand in most bunkers greenside, but several were more of a dark colored and heavier sand. I was in two bunkers and they were raked and in good condition despite having the darker, heavier sand.

Greens were the highlight of the day. They were soft enough to accept most any kind of shot and ran fairly fast. The hole locations seemed to always be on some very sloping ground and it made for a tricky day putting. Early on, I thought some of the greens were running a little bumpy; however, it's possible it was me not hitting a smooth stroke.

Overall, for $31 I will definitely come back. It's hard to lose a ball here and the length of the course makes for a fun day with the driver and 3-wood, as well as your longer irons. A good variety of holes that makes you think that driver is not always the shot off the tee.
I played last Sunday with the first group of the GK Cup final. Overall, the course is in great shape. The greens were probably the best part of the course. There are a lot of narrow fairways with some severe slopes here and there. I found the angles off the tees to be not in line with my slice and many times I was hitting recovery shots from the right rough and around or under trees. Mostly my fault, as the course is not terribly long and there was substantial run out on many of my poor drives. Hitting less than driver might not be an issue on most of the holes.

I thought the greens were fast and very difficult to read. I'm not sure what was going on, because I played here recently and did not have this kind of difficulty. I missed a few short putts and only one I remember that I pulled it; otherwise, it was just weird breaks that I did not see. I liked the fast greens and they were very soft. Well struck shots would hold but I just was not striking the ball well for the most part. We had plenty of ball marks to fix courtesy of the groups ahead of us.

The tees were good; we played the blues. I don't recall any real issues. Good grass coverage and level.

Fairways and rough were fine. Good turf coverage and great rollout. Like Johnny mentioned, the grass will only get better with warmer weather.

The course has good rates, decent food, and nice conditions. I can recommend playing here and just may try to get this course into my rotation.
Got out early this morning; fourth group, a twosome at around 7:00 a.m. I used a prepaid tee time for $36 riding. The other guy got an additional 25% off using a promo code. Every time I try to use their promo codes, I am told I have to be a new member. Oh, well. $36 is a great rate for this course. We were a twosome and had a lot of time to practice putt each hole as we did not push the groups ahead. We finished around 11:00 for a 4-hour round.

Cold and damp conditions due to recent rain. Cart path only on Holes 1, 2, 9, 10, 18. The rest of the course was 90 degrees and stay off the wet (dark colored) areas. People seemed to be okay with this ahead of us; mostly it was walkers. Greens dried out a little by the time we hit Hole 13 around 9:30 a.m.

Greens: We fixed a few ball marks almost the whole course. Early morning dew helped out with lines, but skill set didn't kick in all the time. Rooster tail of water on the early morning putts, but gave way to better pace at the end of the round. Good, consistent speed; I would say medium fast at about a 10 as they dried out.

Tees: My playing partner hit from the blacks; I hit from the blues. Good conditions overall. Almost all were flat and level. No excessive divots either.

Fairways: There was dormancy showing, but good surface to hit from. Some areas were wet, but overall not as bad as it could have been. You could see the many fairway drains were doing their job. Good work by the maintenance staff.

Rough: Some areas that were mowed near the fairways were great. If you stray into the really penal stuff, you can almost forget about getting a good shot if you can find your ball.

Bunkers: I was in the fairway bunkers on Holes 12 and 14. They were wet, but maintenance crew did some preliminary raking to help dry them out. It did not help me, though.

It's always good to come to the coast, even in the winter. I recommend Olivas Links right now.
I played here last Friday, 12/13/2019, with a buddy. We used an Underpar voucher, $55 each, including range balls and cart, 18 holes. We played the Canyon Crest/Ridgeline combination. Afterwards, we paid an additional $27 each to play the Creekside 9.

Tees: We played the blues. Really nice conditions with no issues. Good turf, level, hardly any divots.

Fairways and rough: Good turf to hit from. It appears to be a mix of Bermudagrass and has the appearance of being in dormancy. I never had a bad lie.

Bunkers: I was only in one, Creekside 18, and it was bad. I think it was the worst one on the course. There were lots of small rocks, hard pan, and a thin layer of heavy sand which seemed very finely graded. It was not a good experience. My buddy was in another bunker somewhere else and he had no issues.

Greens: Nicely mowed and rolled. The speed was medium fast and rolled true. Most holes had less break than I was reading into, but I liked the good conditions. I fixed a couple of ball marks, but overall it was really good.

Nicely run course and the facilities are very good. I like it here and if I see any more discounts, I will be back.
I played here yesterday, Saturday, December 7. It was a cloudy day here, but the rest of Southern California seemed to be getting some rain. The course was in good shape overall, but due to the recent rains it was cart path only. Much of the lower portions of the course seem to a part of the nearby storm drain system and keeping carts off the swampy areas helps a lot. My buddy and I had GroupGolfer vouchers, $35/each riding. The course was uncrowded, almost empty in fact. We were sent off early, so that's a big plus in my book.

Greens were nice. They were soft and rolled at a medium fast pace. Some poa annua was visible near the end of the round, but putts rolled true. I fixed a couple of ball marks here and there, but nothing terrible.

Fairways and rough were moderately lush. Some greenside rough and on slopes seemed to be very thick and long (Hole 12, notably). You really had to keep an eye on your shots if they were headed to the rough as they could easily be lost. The fairways were very good to hit from. Lots of divots which tells me folks aren't taking the bottle of mix out with them.

Tees were generally good. We played the white tees and although it was mostly flat, some did have uneven ground.

We stopped for a beer at the turn (nice IPA from the local brewery) and later had lunch at the bar. It's a good burger, but I think it was around $15 with fries.

This is a good course and I like to play here often, especially with a discount. In fact, I don't think I have played here without one. Next discount, I will be back.
I played here yesterday with the guru outing organized by Johnny. Big thanks for the great opportunity to play this wonderful course. Also, it has been a while since I have been to any GK outing so I was happy to see everyone who was there.

As far as course conditions, it was almost immaculate. At least where it is mowed and maintained. There were areas that no golfer should visit. Some of the rough will just eat your ball and if you are lucky enough to find it, good luck hitting it!

Tees (I played the combo white/blue) were nice and level. I never had a bad stance.

Fairways were great. Lots of room if you could hit a halfway straight shot. I could not most of the time, but when I finally did find a fairway it was great to hit from. Great roll out on drives and soft enough to take a pro-sized divot. Since it was cart path only, I got in the habit of bringing several clubs and the sand bottle out with me.

Rough was intense. First cut was fine. Ball sits up. No problem. Get outside that and it's anything can happen time. I was surprised I was able to find my ball when I did find the rough because most of the time it was just a guess as to where it ended up.

Sand was great in the bunkers that I found. Absolutely fun to hit from with a consistency that gave me confidence to hit a good shot.

Greens were amazing. Fast, fast, and fast! I like fast; however, if you are above the hole and are putting towards the ocean, look out! You could baby a putt and still run it 10' past. Uphill putts were just as challenging. So many three putts. I had a four putt on one hole from only a few feet away. As fast as the greens were, if you could hit a decent approach you will find them very receptive and holding. You have to execute, though. These greens take no prisoners!

All in all it was a great day playing hooky from work and given the chance I would love to play here again! Thanks again, Johnny and The Saticoy Club!
Walked this afternoon here for $32. Pace of play was great; teed off at 12:40 with a riding twosome and we finished at about 4:00. Nice conditions overall with lots of turf and very few areas that were thin or dirt.

Greens: Some were showing signs of a previous aeration and had some discern-able slight bumpiness. This affected uphill putts with any break a lot, as balls would just make 90 degree turns if they were not hit firm. They were somewhat soft and held most any shot. There were very few ball marks to fix. Many of the lips around the cups were soft and not crisp, if that makes any sense.

Fairways and rough: Lots of good grass coverage. It definitely seemed well watered throughout the course. There were a couple of leaky sprinklers and those areas were very wet.

Tees: Some tees (we played the blues) were a little uneven. I recollect hole 16 was bad, 13 had a lot of sand all over the tee as well as being uneven. There were others. I believe the tees were recently aerated. It's grown in but several times I had to make some effort to find a firm spot for my tee.

Sand: It looked nice and mostly were groomed. I hit from the bunker right side of Hole 10 and it was perfect sand.

Nice weather, good pace of play, and good company. For $32 walking, I will come back.
I got out here on Veterans Day holiday for an annual scramble event. Not much to add to Noel's review. Great, warm weather without any wind. The cool morning quickly gave way to very warm and sunny conditions.

The greens were a little inconsistent. Overall, nice, but at times were slightly bumpy. It was definitely hard to read. Our scramble foursome hit four putts from the same place and got different breaks on many greens. Weird, right? They were medium fast and held shots well. They looked great and most putted well, so I guess it's just a matter of a couple more mowing days and all will be normalized.

Fairways and rough had great coverage of turf. Not too deep in the rough, but several fairways were roped off and seemed kind of shaggy. Like they were purposely letting the grass grow in and thicken up. Some areas of divots here and there, but the carts had good bottles of sand/seed/mulch mix.

The bunkers were really nice! Great white sand, all raked nicely. I wanted to hit from them, but it was a scramble and we were not that bad!

The cart girl was nice; she came around a couple of times and had free beer! LOL!

I will be back as I have a GroupGolfer voucher to use up here.
I played here yesterday; paid $50 to ride. We had an 8:03 tee time, but got out early around 7:35. I purchased a breakfast burrito at the snack bar; it was decent. Good pace of play and the course was in overall nice condition.

Good turf in the fairways and around the greens. Some areas were a little wet in the morning, but the they were watering the back nine as we pulled into the parking lot. Tees were good; they were level and had lots of good turf to hit from. Probably could have used some mowing, though. Bunkers had good sand; I was in the green-side bunker on hole 7 and there was ample, white sand. The greens were in decent shape. Somewhat soft and rolling medium fast and speeding up as the morning progressed. There was some discernable bumpiness on a couple of greens early on, but not terrible. I would say they all rolled true and were consistent.

Pace of play was about 4 hours. The group in front of us seemed to tire out on the back nine and fell off the pace by one hole as we approached Hole 15. At least we were almost done by then.

The course has been good to me in many ways and I will continue to come back here.
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