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Played today with the GK Meetup. Fairly soggy conditions overall as it was raining overnight and into the morning hours just before teeing off. There were a couple of sprinkles as the latest storm was clearing out. This is a well-maintained course and I would like to come back with better weather. I thought the greens were a good speed: medium-fast and mostly rolling true. There were some subtle breaks and it was challenging to read the speed and break just right. Tees were mostly good: level and not too beat up. The fairways were good overall; however, it was a mix of wet and wetter areas. It looks like it was draining okay for the most part without a lot of deep standing water. Of course some areas were roped off and we played it as cart path only although I don't remember seeing any signs or any course personnel telling us. Good times with fellow GKers.
Played today, using a discount tee time on $32 riding; paid another $5 for a small range bucket, almost not worth it (30 balls, worn balls, mats, and tees). Maybe a larger bucket split between a couple of golfer would be fine. The practice green down by #1 Lakes is a good representation of the greens on that course; however, the practice green up by the range tends to be a bit slower. The course in general was in great shape. No bare ground, with somewhat dormant Bermuda grass and perennial rye mixed in. Some areas of rough could be deep enough to hide your ball, where fairway lies were very nice. The course seems to ride out the rain nicely. The last rains came through here on Monday (four days ago), and there were no overly wet areas. Greens ran true and medium fast. Good times! I recommend this course.
Played today, using the over 55 discount ($65, including cart). The course is in decent condition, with only one very saturated area just left of 17 green. As far as all the recent rains go, the course must drain rather well. The fairways and rough were mostly dormant Bermuda grass, cut low most everywhere. Great rollout on poorly hit tee shots, but tight lies as you approach most greens. Tees were mostly lush and level. Greens rolled fast and true with very subtle breaks. There was plenty of soft, white sand in the few bunkers I was in today. POP was about 4.5 hours, okay for a holiday of sorts (to paraphrase the previous reviewer). Go out and play, Monday and Tuesday are reduced rates for 55 years or older and nearby residents.
Got out today with Tony and the two Chucks from the group, first group at twilight 1:00 p.m., walking for $29. POP was good for this course at about 4 hours. Some soggy areas in the fairways throughout the course, notably on the holes around the low lying areas (1, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 17, 18). Not much roll out due to the recent rains. Rough was somewhat longer and also was well moisturized like everything else. Greens were medium fast speed, soft, and a little bumpy at times. Also, there are a lot of small spots of fungus on many of the greens. Not too terrible, but enough to detract from the appearance not to mention it could affect your roll. Tee boxes (we played the blues) were mostly level and had decent coverage, except for the par 3 16th, which was being over seeded and markers moved forward. I was not in any bunkers, but they seemed fine and Charles hit a great shot from the bunker in front of 14 green to about a foot. It was a picture perfect day and nice to be out in the afternoon and watching the sun sinking low in the west from the tee on 17.
Played today with one of my buddies, Andy, using GN, $55 at 12:10 p.m. It was kind of crowded around the first tee from about 11:30 to about 12:20, when we teed off. Maye a lot of groups with approximately the same times, so we went out a little late. They paired another single with us at the last minute, right after we hit our tee shots. I would say it was a little disorganized around the first tee, but not a real big deal. The course was cart path only due to a good amount of recent rains and wet turf made the course play a little longer. Most of the fairways were in great shape with only a couple of saturated areas and a good amount of turf to hit from. It's dormant, mostly kikuyu and Bermuda grasses. Rough was cut nicely, just at about an inch and a half, with good coverage, so no issues there. Only a couple traps had standing water (12 and 13 greenside bunkers) and other than that, I would say the sand was in great shape. The greens were soft but fast enough that you had to be careful not to run putts way past. We saw the beverage cart about three times in four hours. Everybody from maintenance personnel to the pro shop and starter was very friendly and super considerate when you got over a shot. At $55, it was a super good deal.
Played today in soggy conditions, walking at 12:30 for $21. This course has a small stream running through it and several of the fairways have water that is continuing to drain or pond up. We did not even receive a lot of rain today, so I can surmise the course does not drain well. Lots of saturated turf throughout the course. The greens were soft, yet medium fast and rolling true. Multiple unrepaired or poorly repaired ball marks on most greens. Some greens have some oil damage from a leaky mower, but it was not bad enough to affect putts; hopefully, it will grow back just fine. The fairway on hole 15 was very thin; you could say it was almost one third bare ground. Many tees were very wet, even though there was room to place the markers away from the wet areas. Go figure. Cart path only, but I was walking anyway. Great POP at 2.5 hours, thanks to the weather keeping many folks away.
Played today with fellow GKer, DKnight. Got a discount time on, paying about $34/player at 11:32. We were sent off about 10 minutes early, but only to hit and wait behind a course full of golfers. Cold and damp conditions throughout. The greens were soft and on the slow side; also, they were kind of bumpy at times. There were a lot of poorly repaired ball marks and footprints almost everywhere. Almost no run out on most drives. Balls hit short of greens did not run up, sometimes just plugging into the wet turf. Good coverage of grass most everywhere. The deep rough has been whacked down for the most part, except for a couple areas, so wayward shots were findable/playable. Tee boxes were mostly level and had good coverage. We played the white tees and several were moved forward quite a bit, notably holes 13 and 17, which were like playing the forward tees. Bunker sand was plentiful and well groomed. Overall, I think the course probably plays better in the summer.
Played today after the morning rain. tee time $38 at 11:39. Got to the course a little after 10:00, checked in, and was pretty much sent on my way immediately. I was given a choice to play the Vineyard despite having a tee time for the Lakes course. Starter said it was wide open on the Vineyard and not so much on the Lakes. That said, I noticed the greens were still recovering from aeration. They rolled mostly smooth and a little on the slow side; starter had them listed as a 9'-6", but they might have been a little slower. Fairways and rough were dormant kikuyu and Bermuda grasses mixed in with pockets of some fescue. Not too thin, but not super lush either. There was plenty of well-groomed sand in the bunkers, but they were a little wet due to the morning rain. Tee boxes (I played the white tees) were level and had good coverage. Pace of play was about 4 hours and some change after running into the back of some slower groups.
Played here this afternoon with fellow GKer dabldya on a windy and cool day. We used to play here when we were kids, so it was fun to come back after many years and get some. The course,and the greens in particular, are way better than I remember them ever being. I was really surprised by the quality of the putting surfaces. Kudos to the maintenance superintendent. The greens are medium fast, smooth, and on the soft side. A lot like nearby Hansen Dam with kikuyu collars and edged greens. We fixed quite a few ball marks all day. The fairways and rough are dormant Bermuda and kikuyu grass. Balls ran forever and bad shots would run as far as good shots. I was in a couple bunkers. They were groomed well. The sand was somewhat coarse and heavy. There was enough sand under both my shots. Tee boxes were crappy for the most part. There was some that were severely domed and many that were peppered with divots. The course has made some attempts to sand and seed at least a couple of tee boxes, but real repairs are needed. POP was about 3 hours.
Played here this morning on a GN tee time for $50 riding as a single at 7:20. Paired up with a couple of other nice guys and our threesome was off and running; lots of waiting for the few groups ahead of us, but on 12 we were waved up and blasted through the last of holes. Total POP was about 4 hours. The course is in great condition from tee to green. The greens were fairly fast and ran very true. Putts running away from the hills to the southwest tended to be quicker and there was a little extra break due to this fact (putts break toward the strip). Firm greens did not hold shots unless you could spin it or launch it high and land short. Nice views of the surrounding hills on most holes. Very well conditioned golf course as there were several maintenance personnel on a couple of holes making things perfect. Green sand in cart bottles and we used a bunch of it. The rough was long and sticky; balls could just barely get covered up and wayward shots seemed to just die in it. Every tee box was level and had good coverage without a lot of divots. Bunker sand was well groomed and looked easy to hit from; however, I had some trouble as it was very heavy and dense. Lots of forced carries here, so make sure you don't get negative images in your head because you will have to get over pieces of the desert or arroyos and it could get ugly. Good times today and great customer service. I would like to give it another shot sometime.
Played today, walking as a single. I arrived a little after 8:00 a.m. and asked the starter if he could get a single out. "No, the earliest is 11:20." Crap. How about a wait list? "Okay, if someone doesn't show, I can try to put you with a group." How many on the wait? "Just you." Great, I will let you know if I can't hang. Two minutes later I am called to the tee. Lucky me. The course is showing lots of winter-like dormancy. Greens were soft and deceptively faster than you would expect from a muni, especially putts running away from the dam. Cool and cloudy conditions today added to the wintry feel, despite it feeling fairly warm with no wind. Good grass coverage from tee to green. Tees level and not too many divots. Fairways and rough yielded pretty much the same kind of lies: ball sitting up nicely most of the time. The greens ran fast, smooth, and were soft. I was in a bunker and it was full of nice sand. Some bunkers had wet sand, but they all appeared to be well groomed. The greens had recently been edged, so there was no areas of encroachment from the kikuyu collars into the greens. POP was a little slow and at the last hole, the pin location basically stopped play as nobody could get up and down. It was a back right pin on a steep slope. I had three putts that stopped within a couple of inches and they proceeded to roll back 8 feet! No wonder when we got to 17 we could see the backup on 18 tee, fairway, and green. Bad greenskeeper! I had to take a leak, otherwise I would have gone to the starter to complain, LOL!
This is review, as I played with the guys on Thursday as part of the GK Review Guru tee times. Moorpark CC has always been one of my favorites, and has one of the best par 5's (Hole 5 on the Ridgeline Course; 620 yards from the blues). We played the Canyon Crest and Ridgeline combo. It appears they over seeded the rough and are allowing the fairways to show winter dormancy. As the rough grows in, it will be a striking look with deep green framing the straw colored dormant Bermuda grass fairways. Both nines had great greens. They ran fairly fast and were soft enough to leave deep ball marks on most shots. Good grass coverage from tee to green, with ample amounts of dormant grass under your ball in the fairways. A couple of areas in the fairways were overly wet, but it should improve as they reduce the watering in those zones. Wonderful views from most tee boxes and a very nice setting away from most of the developed areas with the exception of a couple of holes on the Canyon Crest nine; however, those holes are not too close to homes and those are really nice houses! Moorpark has a very nice practice facility with a large range, practice chipping green, and one of the biggest practice putting greens around. Their clubhouse and restaurant is as about as nice as any I have been in. I love this course and hope to be back soon. It is always nice to play a round with fellow GKers, and my thanks go out to Ron and Kevin for a fun round. Big thanks to Johnny GK and Moorpark Country Club!
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