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Played Thursday (9/7/17) 1:40 t-time. Course is a fun target course with trees on 99% on the fairways. You must hit it straight or you are in trouble. Greens medium fast in the afternoon. Worth the one hour drive from Salt Lake City. This was my first time here and I will come back.
Drove over today to play (PUNCHED GREENS, FAIRWAYS and TEE BOXES!), wished I would have known. The course is ok, nothing special. I walked for $24.00 and that's about what it is worth (I would not pay the rack rate). There are lots of courses in and around Salt Lake City to play that are better (Stonebridge for one). If I can find a good deal I will go back to play the Gold course in the spring when they open it back up, but not the silver. Views are great but the course is so, so.
This is a very nice golf course and worth the money ($50.00 this time of the year) with great views from every tee. Played the blues Sunday the 23rd at about 3.5 hours with a 10:30 t-time. A lot of target golf and uphill and downhill. More then worth a play if you are in the area. Will post some pictures.
Played today and loved the course, all except the sand traps (hard with little to no sand). If you were in a fairway bunker that was ok but greenside it was hell. Would have rated the course higher if not for that. But we had a great day with no wind and lots of fun with the guys.
This course is in GREAT shape! Anyone that comes to Salt Lake City should play this course. The greens run about 10 to 10.5 smooth and true. I pay $200.00 a year and $8.00 to walk or $16.00 to ride. It has some long walks from greens to the next tee but so worth it. If you come out for the USC game like I did two years ago, you just might stay like I did.
Nice easy course to walk (flat), with some interesting holes. We played from the whites (too easy) next time I will play the blues. I would play it again.
First time to play Sunrise nine (27 holes) and just as fun as the other 18 holes. the fairways and the greens on all the nines feel soft under foot. I'm taking pictures and they will be up loaded soon.
I'm back and I love this course! It's a WALk but so worth it! The fairways and the rough are thick and plush. If you keep your ball in the fairways you get good role but put in in the first cut of the rough and it all over. All three nines have water and it comes into play. Greens are medium/fast and role true. Over all a fun course.
Just moved to Salt Lake City on June 1 and played this course on Friday the 3. Walked up and got right out at 7:00 and played as a two ball behind a 4 ball. Walked the course in less then four hours and let me say that it's a WALK! Some long walks from green to the next tee and a lot of up and downs but this old guy made it. The course is fun to play and some of the views are ok but mostly in an industrial area. Worth a play if you are in the area (for me $20.00 to walk senior rate) and it won't beat you up if you play the right tees. Played the whites and shot 82.
Played 4/20/16 and they punched the greens on the 11th, or I would have given a higher rating then I did. The two great guys I played with said the the greens usually run about 11/11.5. This course is a Johnny Miller course and is one of the best in the state. It is 7716 yards from the back tees (I played the white @ 6344 yards) and was happy I did. Fun and a shot makers course on almost every single hole. Here is the best part, this time of the year (I think until the end of May) what ever the low temperature was the night before you pay that amount in green fees (I payed $39.00) for a course that has a DotCom tour event held here. If you you are in the Salt Lake City area play this course.
Ok, the course is in good shape (Greens, Fairways Rough and T-boxes) but all that doesn't matter!! First out today 6:10 (4 ball walking) and played the first six holes in less then a hour (55 minutes) and then got to number seven and it all comes to an end because that is where Brookside puts out there back twelvers. This is part of there CLUB that let you play the back nine one course one and back twelve on two for $39.00 a month (the worst thing that ever happened here). From number seven we waited on every shot and it took four hours to play a round that should have taken THREE OR THREE AND A HALF at the most!!!!!! Brookside doesn't care about the long time golfers who have supported the courses for years (over 20 for me) and there attitude is a BIG FU when you say something. There is no Marshalling on the course and people go out and start playing on any hole they find a gap and when you are first out you have people just drive past you in a cart and start playing which upsets your rhythm and you pace of play. I for one will not play here much longer!!! YOUR CLUB SUCKS FOR GOLFER WHO WANT TO GET OUT EARLY AND GET A FAST ROUND IN!!!!!!
Just another typical day at Brookside!!!!! Get to the window at 5:55 for a 6:22 t-time and no one there (line of about fifteen people). Then when they open up one women get out of line and goes around the back and inside and the starter let her! She takes up the starters time instead of the starter taking care of the people in LINE. So we get to the first tee and one women is standing at the red tees and I ask "what is your t-time" she says "6:22" I tell her "that can't be because we have 6:22". Now she doesn't speak English!!!!! We tell her it's 6:22 and she is a single so go ahead and tee off. She does and then comes the women that was INSIDE THE STARTERS and she joins her and tees off. Ok only a 2 ball and we are a 4 ball. We let them get to the green and we tee off and are walking to our balls and down the cart path comes there THIRD player. By the time we got to the fifth hole they are FIVE!!!!!!!! This goes on almost every morning (THE PATIENTS ARE RUNNING THE ASYLUM). Most of us who play early want to play without waiting on every shot and this is hit and miss at Brookside (we were third out today and it was over 4 hrs). Not the way golf should be played.

Now for the course greens are getting better and better tee boxes also better fairways about the same but good. Now for the sand, ALL NEW sand in the sand traps, but we were third out and 90% of the sand traps were unraked. Come on people if you are going to play this game have some consideration for the people behind you. RACK THE TRAPS, FIX YOUR BALL MARKS AND PUT THE FLAG ALL THE WAY IN!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD HAVE TO TAKE A TEST!
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