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Played late Wednesday evening as a single, teeing off around 5:00 pm. $15.00 rate using my players club membership, which also included a drink.
Overall the course is in pretty good shape. The greens were a bit bumpy that late in the day, but not too bad. Fairways were good, mostly green, great coverage. Tee boxes level and clean. Typical divots on par 3s, especially that late in the day.
Only played nine holes (got hungry), and pace was about 2 hours for the 9.
This is only the 2nd time playing here, and I thought it was a bit easier this time having a better idea of where to aim and proper club selection. No grip it and rip it here.
Unfortunately my family and work commitments only allows for infrequent golf, and I've decided 9 holes late in the evening is better than nothing, so I'm sure I'll be back out here a few more times during the summer. Can't beat the price for this course.
Played Yorba Linda CC in a charity scramble on Monday, May 21. Last minute invite from my friend that helps manage this event. First time playing this course.
As expected, everything was in great shape, except for the greens. Some had been punched, and most of them had light sand. A few putts were affected, but for the most part no issues.
Played from the white tees, so not very long. Lots of narrow, tree lined fairways. Definitely need to know where to hit it (not hit it) to score well here.
Course staff was great. Food after golf was excellent.
Fun course. Go play it if you get the chance!
Played Shadow Ridge on Saturday, May 19th using Underpar vouchers - $120 for two golfers including free same day replay.
First time playing this course. Check was easy. Pro shop gave us info about the property, where everything was, and a few helpful tips on the course. Went to warm up on the all grass range (range balls included). Hit a few putts, practice green very similar to the greens on the course sans some of the brown patches.
Our foursome teed off at 9:00. Pace of play right at 5 hours. Saw the marshall a few times, very nice and explained that he was trying to move things along as best he could.
Tee boxes were mostly level. The par 3s and a few shorter par 4s had lots of divots but no problem finding a spot to hit from. Fairways are generous and had great coverage. Ball sat up nice. Rough was thick in some spots, not so much in others. The greens had some brown patches mixed in with green. Looked like it would affect the roll, but it didn't. Greens were medium speed, and with all the undulations I don't think they can get them much faster.
Cart girl around several times. Water stations every other hole. You don't end up at the clubhouse after 9 so plan food accordingly.
Even after the 5 hour 1st round, we played a 2nd 18 after getting lunch in the restaurant. No waiting on the 2nd 18, and even taking our time we finished in about 3 hours.
Really enjoyed the course. Greens are definitely the defense here. I have another Underpar voucher so I'll definitely be back, and hopefully play better.
Took advantage of the golf moose deal 2 players for $84. Played with my son and 2 of his friends.
Tee time was 10:40. Got there around 9:30 to warm up and hit a few putts. Nope. Driving range and practice greens are closed. Nothing on the web site nor were we told this when I made the tee time. Notice I saw said range closed around March 27 and would be about 2 months before it opens again. So, end of May is my guess.
Asked if we could go out early, and they got us out right away. Great customer service.
Course is in pretty good condition. Tee boxes level and good coverage. Fairways were very good. Rough not really thick, patchy in spots, but overall good condition. The few bunkers I was in had plenty of sand. One fairway bunker was firm with some scattered rocks, but definitely playable. Greens were medium speed. 1 or 2 had some small patches that need some work, but overall I thought they were very good.
Finished 18 in just over 4 hours. Since the GM deal is free replay, we went right back out. Again, customer service was great and they got us out before the next groups of golfers. The 2nd round was a bit slower. Finished the front nine and 2 of us called it quits. The other two finished the back 9.
Overall was a great day. Nice course, very good conditions, great customer service in the pro shop and restaurant. Only issue was the range and putting green. Definitely worth the price using the GM deal.
Played Sunday 4/22 10:23 tee time. Got out about 10:35. Round took 4.25 hours. I was a single and was placed with a threesome.
It's been about 2 years since I played here last. As usual, course was in really great condition. A few greens are still healing from punching, but most are good. A few bare spots in 12 fairway, all others I had great lies all day. Thankfully was only in one bunker, hard packed sand which was fine since it was fairway bunker. No complaints from playing partners that were in a few greenside bunkers.
Great staff, great range. No beverage cart this day, but a few water stations kept us hydrated on a fairly warm, sometimes windy day.
I don't get to play that often - this was only my second 18 of the year. As such, I'm hesitant to play as a single as I've not always had the best luck in who I'm paired with which can impact the enjoyment of playing. That was certainly not the case here. The 3 guys I played with were a lot of fun and treated me like I was one of their group. I didn't score well but had a great day at the Goose.
Tee time Saturday 8/26 @ 12.36 using voucher 2 for $84 and pitcher of beer. Arrived about 15 minutes before tee time (#$%^ traffic) and was told running about 1/2 hour behind. Normally would have been a little upset, but welcomed the delay so had time to warm up.
First time playing this course. Played with my son and 2 of his friends. I played blue, they played blacks. Course was in overall great condition. A few of the tee boxes were a little beat up, even a few of the par 4s, but always found an acceptable place to hit from. Fairways and first cut of rough had excellent coverage. Great lies all day. Bunkers were hit or miss, mix of firm/packed sand and some with nice fluffy sand. Greens were a little disappointing due to so many unrepaired or poorly repaired ball marks. They even have signs on a lot of holes reminding golfers to fix their marks and how to do it correctly-obviously not too many people read them.
Pace of play was a little over 4.5 hours.
I really enjoyed this course. Wasn't quite as tight as I expected. A few holes you better be really straight on, but a lot of landing areas are pretty generous. From the blues, it's not all that long, so you don't need driver every hole. I really had to think about club selection and where best to put the ball. Not target golf, but more than one option off the tee.
I wish this course was closer and 5 south traffic wasn't so bad-I'd definitely play here more. $42 per player including pitcher of beer was a steal. I'll be back.
Had to take my son to SD airport, so figured I'd take the opportunity to play down south.
Played Presidio / Mission on 6/17 as a single. rate of $59. Paired with 2 other singles. Played white tees.
Conditions: Tee boxes good coverage, a few par 3s a bit chewed up but certainly acceptable.
Fairways - for the most part pretty good, a little wet in spots, but nice lies. A few holes had some dirt patches, but not bad.
Rough - spotty, some sections a mix of grass and weeds. More than a few bare/dirt patches.
Sand - hit or miss. A few had nice soft sand, a few had a shallow layer of sand with hard pack underneath.
Greens - best part of the course IMO. A little on the slow side, but consistent from green to green.
A few things - GPS on my cart didn't work.
POP - Over 5 hours. I understand it's Saturday morning, but really, 5+ hours for this course? Group in front was the issue. No effort by the course to move them along.
Not sure what other SD courses charge, but $59 for course conditions and POP was about the max I'd pay here.
Played Rio Hondo 4/2 at 7:00 am as part of a good friend's weekly group.
Played blue tees. Most tee boxes were good, a few placed in spots that weren't level.
Fairways had great coverage, nice lies on the few I actually hit. Rough was patchy in spots, thick in others. Was in a couple spots where thick rough plus morning dew meant tough shot. Bunkers were much better than I remember in the past-and I was in enough of them to know! Fairway bunkers were firmer than greenside, as they should be. Nice, fluffy sand in greenside bunkers. I'm not a great bunker player, but had no problems getting out. Greens were in really good shape. Slower early due to water, but dried up later in the round and rolled true at medium speed. A little surprised they were in such good shape given the amount of play this course gets as well as the fact they are punching them this week-my experience has been courses sort of neglect the greens the week before punching.
The more I play this course, the more I like it.
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