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played 8/14, behind a tourney Majestik golf club, *## teed off half hour late, 3 hours for the front ,players were not raking traps or fixing ball marks on the greens, they were mors concerned with staying in the shade until they could hit their next shots, when they got ready to hit, they drove the carts out and hit one shot, moved to next ball and hit, etc. etc., gaps of holes open through out !! Marshal came up to us once and we complained on the 3rd hole, he told us to keep carts on paths because one of our guys was on a little grass in back of the green about 2 feet off the path. So much for "READY GOLF " enforcement !!
Course was in decent shape except for they are trying to make the greens bigger by using greens mower to cut the fringes and scalping the grace and most of it was dirt for about 3 feet completely around the greens !! Terrible decision, greens keeper should be disciplined !!!
Finished in 5 hours 45 minuets.Hope that management does not let that golf club back !!
What a mess !!!! played Tues. & Thurs. !! all new management, greens were arriated, rough was hard pan, no beverage cart !! 95 degrees , no marshal !!, no manager around, on Thurs, the greens mower was leaking oil and the guy never stopped, oil streaks on most every green !! On Thurs. we did see the beverage cart once !! parked on the 7th hole, girl never moved ,was talking on the phone. Got in at the bar, sat for 15 minuets, no service !!! went to the bar, no one there, left !!!
will not go back until someone reports good news !!
Played in 5 hours, not bad. What happened to the "rough"" ?? there is none now, all hardpan and dirt with a few patches of short grass around. They removed the most challenging part of the course !! There was a worker running the mowers in the rough??,
and dust and dirt was flying every where. Greens and traps were very good. No service cart out ! Looks like another American Golf Co. destruction of a good course.
Played here last week, Been playing the long course since late 1960s, it is in the worst shape I have ever seen it !!. Mud holes from leaking sprinklers, hard pan all over, fairways and rough, greens were in good shape and that was the only plus about the whole day. We had lots of trouble finding balls because of the mud, had to dig out 5 or 6 times after looking for long times, lucky no one was behind us pushing. The greens would have been much more enjoyable if people would fix their ball marks, probably average fixing 6 to 10 per green.Somebody in the county has to do something to rectify this place or we will never go back. The bar was closed, the kitchen was closed and the employees seemed like they could care less .
Played 11/9, half the greens were plugged and had heavy sand on them. Did not get advanced notice from course, been a regular for over 30 years ! Pin placements were inconsistent, some well away from the sand and some right next to the sand, made putting terrible. This used to be the best kept up course of all Long Beach but something has changed and for the bad. Sand traps were terrible, fairways and rough had many bare and mud spots all around. The juniors and areas around the greens had many bare areas which made chipping unfair, especially for me because I don't hit many greens. The greens were filled with ball marks, counted 25 on one green and most every green had at least 10 !! The course was in the worst shape I have seen it in many,many, many years.
Don't know if they have a new greens-keeper, or new management ? but something should be changed. Played there over a month ago and it wasn't much better, but we gave it a month or so before playing again !! Will not play again until we get a good report.
Played June 19th and June 22nd. Greens have disease, off the fairways condition is TERRIBLE !! Hard, pan, clumps of weeds, clay, and terrible lies. Maintenance workers were edging the cart paths, ( most of them were surrounded by dirt ) ? Why ?? Two guys working ! Another guy was mowing around the greens with a hand rotary mower, ( dust and grass flying everywhere ), noise galore, ignored players hitting and putting !!
It is a shame ,such a beautiful location and layout is being run by ??? County ?? American Golf ?? or whoever?? Thursday there was a big truck pulling a wood chipper around the course running over balls in the fairways and causing big tire ruts in wet spots. Never saw the rig being used ???

Get some new MANAGEMENT !!!
Played Nov. 15th, NO Marshal, NO beverage cart !!, NO snack bar open !!! What the hell is with AMERICAN GOLF ??????????????? We were told the snack bar might reopen after the new year ???###** Why Are all these people out of work and golfers have no amenities when playing ??????????? Almost got killed on green #2 as 6 range balls either went through the net or over and landed next to us on the GREEN !!! Immediately called the golf shop to let them know !!! NO ONE answered 3 times, message came on said " this mail box is FULL !!, please call back later. Called the General Managers office !!!! Voice mail came on, " no one in right know leave a message" which we did about the problem. Never got a call back. 2 to 4 groups on each par 3, no one waves up !!!! 2 somes and 3 somes all over the course. Why do they even open the golf shop ??? Just let people go there on their own and tee off when its their turn with a ball rack for picking your turn ???? This golf outfit should be taken over by someone that knows something about golfers !!
The course was in good shape except for the usual hard pan spots all around. The course was overhauled some years ago and was very good, but know it is deterioration again. With all these negatives, we finished in 5 hours 15 minuets for this course which
should average, as in the old days, 4 to 4 1/2 hours at the most !!! can you help this old place out ???
They should not charge full price for the condition it is in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greens terrible !!!
Pace slow, they put a 2some out in front of our tee time !!!! NO, no, no.
Greens were full of fresh unfixed ball marks !!!
No marshal, no refreshment cart, 100 degrees !!!!!!!!!!!! no fresh water on course, fountain water was hot !!!!!!!!!
played on 9/27 in the AM.
Come on management !!!! LA County !!!!!! give us a break !!!!!!!!
Played yesterday, 21st June, construction, temporaries, new sand traps going on all over the place !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very poor customer service, no warnings of the work or temporaries !!
Played yesterday, course in good shape, great staff in golf shop, they used to have great chilli at snack bar !! now only on weekends ?? whats with that ??? did not see marshall on course, a 3 some in fornt of us and a 4 some in front of them and boths groups had hole open in front of them, asked the 3some to pick up the pace, they just smiled, we quit after the 11th hole, 2 hours and 45 minuets to play front and 30 minuets to play 10 & 11. they refused to wave us up on par 3s, we waved up group behind us on all the 3's and when we putted out and got to next tee the 3some was still on tee box ***####????
Shame !! it is a good course, great cart girl, but no marshall !!
Played 3 days ago,morning tee off, course in good shape except for ball marks on the greens, & unraked sand traps. 90 degrees and never saw the beverage cart until 9th hole ??????? American Golf has the worst run courses I ever encountered !!! This course in particular, no one cares about people not fixing ball marks or raking traps, ? too many old golfers that can't bend over ?? to lazy ?? All day long the maintainence crew was blowing dirt off the cart paths as we were on the greens and tees, why not tell these guys to fix ball marks and rake traps???? Whats with the beverage cart not going out until 10:00 AM ??? Complained to golf shop about ball marks and tees, fixed 13 marks on one green and about average of 8 on others, I'm an ex greenskeeper !!! They used to have small flags on the pins here saying "PLEASE FIX YOUR BALL MARK", about a year ago or so, Why did they take them off ???? I notice after they went up there was a LOT less marks !! Pace of play was good, but no marshall on duty. American Golf does not seem to care about the players and seem more concerned about the looks of the grounds around the course !!! Why not shut down the courses and turn them into catering grounds for partys ???
Played 7/15, 3 hours front, ladies day, never wave up on par 3's, sometimes 3 groups on tee, never play ready golf, everybody stands and watches one player hit and on to next player, etc, never putt out short putts, don't rake traps, etc., back 9 was 2 1/2 hrs.
course in fair shape, lot of sprinkler leaks, mud holes, scalped areas around greens, new traps being putt in, will be in good shape about a month! Teach the ladies some edequate and ready golf !!
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