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Played Tuesday 9/12 and found the course in very good shape. The fairways, for the most part, were lush with a few bare spots and an occasional divot. While I was playing, the lawnmowers were out in force and they were cutting the rough which I found fairly deep for Harbor. The greens were for the most part, the best I have seen all year with an occasional divot mark and/or bare spot. I am so glad that I have this wonderful 9 hole regulation course close to where I live.
Played 3/23 early and was pleasantly surprised. This course compared to others in the area is a great value. I paid $40 which included cart. This is a relatively short executive length course - playing about 5300 yards from the tips. Although it is not long, I found it to be challenging. The course contains many doglegs and the greens are more undulating then they appear.

The routing is rather quirky as it passes through some local streets. As an older, traditional course and it is rather tight. Your ball, in some cases, could easily end up in somebody's swimming pool. Overall I found it to be a good test at a very attractive price point.
Played early Thursday Morning. I found the greens in fairly good shape not bumpy at all. I believe the later you play it is more likely that you will encounter a lack of smoothness on the Po Ana back 9 greens. it s just the nature of the beast. The fairways and rough were quite acceptable considering we are in the middle of an extreme drought. Customer service was excellent and the value quite good.
Alondra has gotten some benefit from the recent rains. Although the fairways are still thin in some spots, they are improving. The bunkers that I encountered
had good, if not excellent sand. The rough was typical Alondra - not difficult. The Tee boxes for the most part were in good shape. The greens continue to be in good to very good shape. Customer service was good and value excellent.
I played Tuesday 4/22 and was very pleased compared to what I experienced last fall. I also reviewed the comments of the last two raters (8.0 and 3.4). I believe the former rater a little too generous and the latter overly critical. In talking about Victoria, we need to think about it in historical context. In the 1960's, it was one of the first courses built on a land fill. Since that time, much has been learned about sufficient under fill and allowing for the methane gas to escape. Having said that I think that, given budgetary restrictions, management did a commendable job. There are bare spots and sections where the planted areas and the sod do not match up. Also, the rough is inconsistent is some areas. However, I enjoyed my round and will be back.
Played Los Amigos for the first time in several years, Thursday April 17. The course is much improved. The fairways were nicely done and the bunkers contained really good sand. The greens were in good shape, although, as can be expected there were some ball marks. I will not wait so long next time.
For this time of year, The course is in fairly good shape. The greens have recovered fairly well from aeration. Two greens that were in poor shape, 10 & 12 are almost totally recovered. The fairways are predictably thin in spots considering that the winter months are here. Service was good.
Played Thursday June 20, 2013. Course conditions are looking up. The Tee areas on many of the holes are much improved. Although the greens on the front and back are different (I think Bent/Po Ana) they are in pretty good shape. The fairways, although improving, have some bare and thin spots. it appears that they are working to improve them. In my opinion Alondra provides good value for the money
After punching this Spring, The Greens had a difficult recovery. This Summer, the staff punched several of the greens, and for the most part they are coming back nicely. I believe that by early fall the course s/b in decent shape.

Harbor Park Golf Course Review
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I generally play this course once a week. Over the last year I have noticed improvements in the condition of the greens, fairways, and even the bunkers (especially the front nine). Although Alondra is not located on a spectacular piece of property, I believe they have done a good job with what they have to work with.

Alondra Park Golf Course Review
Lawndale California Golf Course Reviews
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I love this Pete Dye layout and consider it a masterpiece. I played Wednesday March 7 and had a great time. I do however have one significant complaint - The waste bunkers - especially on the back nine were like hitting concrete. I do not expect these bunkers to have fluffy sand but they should at least have some. The green-side bunkers had adequate sand.

La Quinta Resort Mountain Course Review
La Quinta Palm Springs Golf Course Reviews
Harbor has come back in very good form from an uneven winter and Spring season. Both the Greens and fairways are, for the most part in very good, shape. The rough has been cut and is much more even than it was. In my view, if your are looking for a very good 9 hole course, you cannot do any better in the LA area.
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