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I'd give both of these courses the same rating = 6. I like Los Lagos better than Mesa Linda.

There are two courses and they are treated evenly, both seem to have the same care into the maintenance of the courses. It is not a real country club, it is open to the public, but it is probably the best value that you can find in orange county. This is not my favorite club to play at, but it is much cheaper than most golf clubs in Orange County. I would say that it rivals Los Serranos Country Club, but this Costa Mesa country club has better coverage of fairways and fringe. It's not perfect, it's not like a great course in Palm Springs or the likes, but I was very happy in the care of the course.

The price for a round here is the REAL star of the course, but as far as the golf:
The fairways were the star of the courses, the greens were only slightly less than the fairways and the tee boxes are the weakest part of the courses although a couple of boxes on the Los Lagos course were being treated.
I'd give both of these courses the same rating = 6. I like Los Lagos better than Mesa Linda.

There are two courses and they are treated evenly, both seem to have the same care into the maintenance of the courses. It is not a real country club, it is open to the public, but it is probably the best value that you can find in orange county. This is not my favorite club to play at, but it is much cheaper than most golf clubs in Orange County. I would say that it rivals Los Serranos Country Club, but this Costa Mesa country club has better coverage of fairways and fringe. It's not perfect, it's not like a great course in Palm Springs or the likes, but I was very happy in the care of the course.

The price for a round here is the REAL star of the course, but as far as the golf:
The fairways were the star of the courses, the greens were only slightly less than the fairways and the tee boxes are the weakest part of the courses although a couple of boxes on the Los Lagos course were being treated.
I played last week, but I went out to the course yesterday (6.8.18) and the course looks great. I feel as though my last review and sngernz's review is accurate. I like sngernz review, because ATGC did have a couple of fairways that have the micro-punch and it shows. If it affects your ball it shouldn't be too sever. But the course LOOKS GREENER than I have seen it in years. The course looks better than I have seen in a long time.

I like what sngernz said about taking a friend or client to ATGC if you want to show off or make them feel special because I always feel that way when I play ATGC as I love that there are no homes on the course and it always feel like a great escape when I play Arroyo.

So, I will rate it slightly higher than I did last time (I don't know what the generator is going to give it, but I give it a 7.8, 7.9), it's GREAT.
I give it a 3.5 to 4. I am happy to say that the greens are consistent and green. The greens are the star of this dog meat course. POP 2 hours at 11AM on a Wed. The starter let me go out whenever I wanted to go out because it is so slow he said. I went through two groups and stayed with another single for the last seven holes.

This course is probably to be played to kill time if you are in the area and one that you don't want to get mad at. There is a lot of dirt, some mud and gravel, but mostly dirt through out the fairways. Either dirt or a poor mix of grass.
Wind WIND WWIINNDD!! What's the point of golfing here as the wind takes it to a place that does not make this course fun. The six or so holes that your back is to the wind does not make up for it. Warrior...Ugh!

If I travel out to the Palm Springs area, I want great golf, this is not that. This course is the equivalent to really good Orange County golf (excluding the wind). So, what's the point of traveling out there? I couldn't tell you.

So a course review is near irrelevant, but here's a quick one.

Tees: Ok, level enough. Lots of divots and browning in areas.

Fairways: Nothing special, browning in areas.
Fairways - first & second cut, the best areas of the course.

Greens: Odd, some bumps, kind of true lines. Browning, but usually true to the rest of the greens. They held high wedge shots, but beware of high wedge shots getting moved by the wind. The wind actually affected the end of your putt, pushing a foot to three or more.

Sand in Bunkers: Consistently mixed, some raked, some were not. Some people raked after themselves, some did not. The top inch was loose moist sand and then it was really nice under one inch; not moist, not wet and not dry, but they were consistent.

There are barely any trees throughout the middle of the course, some may have been on the outskirts and the "nature" areas.

POP = 4.5+

Best way to relate playing conditions: Hole 17 - Par 3 (114 from Whites). I thought I'd make up six yards with my 9iron - my 9i is 120yds. I teed it up, hit it perfect, the wind blew it back to 50 yards from the tee (into the lake - it was heading right back to me). So there's two strokes including the drop. I teed up again with a 6iron, with a little more than a half swing stinger to the gree. It's a guessing game. Lame!

I had four perfect "Land-speeder" drives off of the tee to barely make to the fairway and I got one to five feet of vertical on each of these four drives. Low trajectory "Land-speeder" drives were the best option into the wind.

I did not enjoy myself. I guess this is why the Westin, Hilton and Desert Willow with many of the other nice courses have walls, trees and buildings around much of the course(s).
Course is great. Start time: 10:06AM. POP just over 4hrs. Greens were great, fairways were great, tee boxes were great and the sand was consistent in all of the traps. After we played, the food was tasty at O'Neill's.

I had a great time here, as the course was great and the weather was prime Scotish weather - cool at 69F and cloudy. The pace of play was the best I've ever had, at no point did we feel rushed/pushed and we were not waiting for the group in front of us at all.

I have written other reviews of ATGC on here before and my review would concur with. The only difference in the course is, as the seasons have an effect on the course, the new groundskeeper there is taking out a lot of bushes, some trees and surround greenery around the greens and tee boxes. I believe the new greenskeepers efforts are paying off in making the course look greener, and they (the efforts) are giving players a better view off of the tee boxes and a better look at the greens and the infinity views as well.

I had a GREAT day playing here, I absolutely love this course.
Unfair - not cool, not cool! Why are the courses out in Palms Springs so amazing? $35(GroupGolfer) Harumph! :) Well, I give it a 9, the course is beautiful and so much fun to play. I like it better than the Pete Dye course at the Westin Hills and the biggest negative about the course was the sand in the bunkers.

Upon arrival. The Gary Player course is at a separate property/site than the Pete Dye course, about a 2 minute drive from the resort/Dye course, the clubhouse is a couple of portables put together. This is not like the Dye course which is part of the resort with all of the resort amenities. The clubhouse staff and the starter was very good and very helpful. Ask them a question and they were on it, once again, very helpful and knowledgeable.

Practice facilities. They had complimentary range balls for the driving range and the chipping areas. All of the practice areas were representative of the course itself. They let you take the golf cart down to the driving range and the starter was great - he let me start early as I was a single (before my 7:10AM start time).

I did not see the cart girl all that much maybe twice, but I don't usually use the cart, which I did when I played my next round which was at Dye - I got a nice turkey sandwich. They did not have water stationed at every tee box area and the bathroom facilities were scattered with two or three aside from the clubhouse. IT'S HOT (106F) BRING YOUR OWN WATER.

The course. All of the tee boxes were very good, just under great as there were some divots and very slight sloping at the edges of tee boxes and very few (maybe one or two-ish) tee boxes that had ruts running through them. But, really, they were as good as could be expected. The grass on the tee boxes were cut perfectly and they direction of the tee boxes and markers (painted rocks; black, gold, silver and turquoise) were pointed in the direction in which you should aim at, for the most part. They were well placed as far as keeping in tune with playability and in accordance with appropriately placement of tees for ones handicap. They were well kept and esthetically pleasing as well, they added or mixed in well with the course.

The fairways and fringe. The fairways is why I love playing these type of Palm Springs courses, it's as PGA as I know. It's as playable and makes the game so much more fun than playing some rock hard dirt muni course. I am not the best player, I have a 17hcp, but even I feel that if I make too many mistakes on the fairway it is ALL my fault. The fairways are so well maintained and manicured that it has to be my fault if I do not at least get a great possibility to play off of the deck. There should be no rocks, no dirt or baren patches on the fairway, they are immaculate. The fringe, the first cut and surrounding areas of the fairways were fair, they were cut high enough to stop the ball or put it back on the fairway if your ball has a gentle roll around the fringe. Past the first cut around the fairways it could get caught in some lengthy sticky grass. The sticky grass IS sticky, but it is fair as it is consistent through out the course. Beautiful.

The bunkers, water and waste areas. The water really added to the beauty of the course - MADE IT BEAUTIFUL. the waste areas were nice and added as well. I only ended up in one sand bunker, but I checked others and most of them were either really wet and clumpy or kind of hard to get out of and I believe that more than one had standing water in it. But the bunkers were for the most part playable, I am just pointing out the negative and the bunkers were my least favorite part of the course, as they were the least consistent with the other sand bunkers. Waste bunkers, if you can call them that were all plush with green grass.

The greens. I LOVE THESE GREENS.They rolled true and straight, just as the starter said they would. If there was slope that affected the path of the ball, it was pretty obvious, there is not much trickery going on here with these green. The ball did not leave much of a divot even with a high ball landing, they did not plug nor did they skip and run. They greens were not too fast but they were not slow, I'd say they were near perfect. I love these greens. The first and second cut were good, consistent and therefore fair. Like the fairways, they could give a gentle push back onto the green but after the second cut they also had sticky grass - consistent.

The course is incredibly beautiful and I prefer the Player over the Dye course by 2 full points (out of 10) because of the aesthetics of the Player course and the way that the Player course is set up and designed.
Borrego Springs Resort – a solid 9, it was great (and it’s winter time). The course is beautiful.

I am giving some leeway to it being muddy in places, there were two days of rain proceeding my day of golf here. Everyone was very nice and very helpful here at BSR – Rick at the front was particularly nice – he let me go out early and take some pictures which I plan on sharing here with GK. ??

The course was great, from tee to greens but I will say that the very small flaws were in fact fairly minor. But the tee boxes were perfect – unlike a lot of courses where you have to make concession because so many people may divot the tees, but it’s not like that here. I think that there are not a lot of people playing here, I know that the day that I played it seemed as thought I basically had the course to myself. The POP was 2hrs for me, but I got out at 9:22AM and I spoke to some locals and they said that the POP is usually 3.5hrs to 4hrs. Since there are not many people that play here, there were not an exorbitant amount of divots out of any of the tee boxes.

The fairways were fantastic, and varied, they had old school slow, soft sloping fairly easy fairways, some being very wide to others being normal and some skinny at points. Just keep it on the fairway and I am sure that you will probably be able to make GIR “easily.” Most of the fairway seems to be easy to strike like a green cloud, but, unfortunately like I said, there was rain the last two days, so there were times where, even though it looked green the divot was muddy – not wet, it drained well, just muddy.

With plenty of grass and room after the first cut of fairway there was plenty of green, but since it is in the middle of nowhere (in the desert area they have hazards and out of bounds which were just dirt. But, the grounds were so well maintained, surrounding the course with beautiful trees, cacti and the likes. While on scenery, the mountainous backdrop was incredibly beautiful. I really like this course.

The bunkers were probably the best playable bunkers I’ve played. I practiced in the practice bunker which was great for a couple of reasons; 1) they had it as in not all places offer bunkers to practice in, 2) it was well maintained, 3) it resembled the course bunkers, 3a) the same kind of sand 3b) the same kind of grade, 3c) the same slope, 3d) the same size or more correctly shape of the bunkers on the course. They were beach sand and at least four solid inches of nice sand so every bunker shot was consistent – you could count on it. I play from the white tees and I am NOT a big hitter, I usually carry 210 to 240 and I seemed to be able to carry all of the first bunkers, which really made it fun for me to play. The greenside bunkers were not overly dramatic, I’d say that there was a bit more greenside face to the bunkers which did make them more dramatic that the fairway bunkers, but still fairly shallow. This also made it easier, more friendly and fun to play. With a very few pieces of grass, not weeds and not patches of grass in the bunkers, but just – very few places there was some grass in some of the bunkers. Anyway you went about it, the grass in the bunkers should not have hampered your play. Bunkers were 9 out of 10.

The practice facilities were great. The chipping area was closed, but the practice green rolled beautifully just like the course and the sand area played just like the course as well.
I really liked this course, I would recommend it if you have the time to go there. Thank you BSR.
This was excellent. The management was great. The customer service was great. The carts were great. The facilities were great, both golf and otherwise. The maintenance and maintenance people were great. Aaaaannnnnndd the golf was great. I am so happy with this experience.

I stayed at the Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort and Spa, the reason that I mention this, is because the golf course and the resort are different entities, but they are joined as a physical location. There are two courses there, the Firecliff course and the Mountain View course. The reason that I mention that, is because the Firecliff course is closed due to maintenance. People say that the Firecliff is nicer because it does not play through the resort/buildings (Mountain View course), so I had to play the Mountain course and I loved it.

There was some miscommunication on my tee time, and the Pro-shop (Matt helped me) was very understanding and helpful. But I did have to talk with the manager - Joe and he was excellent, he really went above and beyond, he acceded which really REALLY helped me out. I am so happy with what Joe did for me, that I made plan to there again in two weeks even though it's almost a three hour drive and a lot of money for me. But I am very happy and grateful for his generosity.

Well, that's about it, because the course was GREAT from tees to greens from left to right, the entire course was immaculate.
I'd give it a 7/10. The course was in a really good state, the tee boxes were nice, the fairway was the best I have ever seen it at Los Serranos (North) and the greens were good for being punched recently. There were a few small wobbles here and there, but I was really happy for the most part with the greens. For some reason, Los Serranos seems to always take immense pride in their bunkers, they are always immaculate and perfect. Also, as per usual at Los Serranos, the POP was slow, unless you're the first two groups to head out in the morning, then you're going to wait, I started at 11AM and even as a single it took over 4hrs to play a round. I'm happy with the course.
I paid $45 @ 11:10AM on Sunday - and while this course is a bit far for me, it was worth it. The fairways were great, they were pretty consistent and I hit the fairway for most all par 4 & 5's, and whenever I did it was like landing on a little patch of a green grassy cloud. I could concentrate on striking the ball and not worrying about tweaking my wrists or hitting hard dirt. I really enjoyed the layout of the course, it was more flat with slight elevations throughout on both the fairways and the greens. There are some really beautiful holes with large trees either on either side of the fairways or surrounding the back of the greens, there was a nice variety for being in the middle of basically nowhere (desert-like, southern California scrub).

The practice facilities were OK. I would like to say that they were nice and adequate, but they were only adequate, but the sand in the bunkers were terrible - the bunkers were both incredibly hard and wet. They were hard even though it looks like they were raked at the beginning of the day, but there was stagnant water at the bottom of both of the bunkers. Otherwise the bunkers and pitching area was small but adequate. The driving range was very nice and adequate, it was all grass, smooth with lots of room. There are two putting greens, one smaller with sever elevation change and a large green that was part show piece and it was circular in nature.

The tees (I play white tees) were good, they were a bit chewed up and while they looked a bit shabby, they were really nice and flat, with the exception of two tees they were all level and comfortable to tee off from. They were well laid out and appropriately placed from red to black.

Fairways, as I mentioned were in GREAT SHAPE, I am extremely happy with them, it made playing my irons a lot of fun. Some places had a mix of grass, but I had minimal problems. Problems were normal, inconsiderate people not replacing divots and I landed right in front of a patch of crab grass on one hole - other than that, I couldn't give enough praise for the fairways.

Greens, the greens were near awful. The first and second cuts were great except a couple of them were a bit shaggy. The greens sullied how much I enjoyed this course. The greens were a total mixed bag; on some greens they rolled straight when there was clearly a rise or fall, and in other spots the near opposite. One of the golfers I played with had a 1 1/2foot putt and he missed, which is fine, except for he had to putt it soft so the putt nearly made it into the hole but then it did a 90degree turn and ran away from the cup, it was bizarre. Here is my main point of contention that made the experience not as great as the rest of the course - the greens rolled fastish (stimp at the office said that it was at 9.5 - I'd give it a 10 to 11) it was pretty fast - BUT(!) if you had to putt softly, then the ball would bobble and bounce all over so you really had no idea what was going to happen within the last foot of the hole. That dancing away from the hole happened on every green.

The bunkers were mostly really hard and had grass or mushrooms growing on the sides. There are some really big bunkers, so it was nice to play with a local to give me the proper approach, so I was able to miss any bunkers. It seemed to be that most of the bunkers were raked, but just not maintained beyond them being raked, there was standing water in some, growth, and hard raked sand in many of the bunkers.

Oh, the clubhouse is being worked on, so while we walked through it, we had to take the long way around down to pay for the tee times. The staff was nice and friendly, but I cannot say that it seemed as though customer service was all that important, as the cartgirl was very nice as were others that worked there, I have nothing negative to say about the staff.

I would give this course a 6 or 7, but the rate generator gave it a 4.7, as I said, I have to ding it for the poor greens, but the fairway play was GREAT and a lot of fun.

Aside from the greens, I really enjoyed this course and the champion of this course was first and far most the fairways, next was the price.
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