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Was in the 2nd group out yesterday in a day where die hards dared to go out. We surprising had really good weather for the first 9 and you could just see the storm rolling in. Hole 14 the winds hit. I hit my drive left and blew completely across the fairway to the right rough. I added 40 yds to my approach shot but did get on and 2 putt for par. Then the hurricane hit. It was dumping out there. Good thing for the bathroom after 14 because we waited there until the storm died down (about 15 minutes). Group in front of us headed back. The 2some in the cart behind us went ahead and played on. Still finished in less than 3 1/2 hours.

Greens are rolling very well, still firm but at a very nice pace. Too many poorly fixed ball marks on some holes. I think people don’t realize how much the balls roll out so they don’t realize where their mark is but just fix something man.

Fairways are very nice with some nice rolls.

Rough is down and playable but that kikuyu can grab a club even in good lies. One day I’ll learn.

Traps were a little damp because there was some over night rain. I actually had a plugged lie which seems to be occurring a lot more between both courses. My friend had a plugged life on a different hole and we found 3 bunkers all day. It wasn’t bad to get out but you just can’t control it well at all.

Conditions should but good up until they punch in April (I’m guessing on that).
Teed off at 9:20 in the men’s club outing today. Overall conditions are still pretty solid, maybe a tick less than my last review but still nice. As expected the pace was a little slow but not as bad as I expected. Forgot to look at the time but it was less than 5 hours but probably not that much less.

Greens still rolling pretty well, maybe not as quick as previously but still at a nice pace. A few unrepaired ball marks and a few that were repaired improperly.

Fairways are great to hit from. The divots out there are starting to mount up so it would be nice if golfers would replace it or fill it with the bottle mixture.

Rough is still down but make no mistake there are places that are not great to hit from. I let my ego get the better of me on one hole. I thought I could get a hybrid on it and we’ll I’ll leave it at that.

Bunkers still soft. One guy in our group had a lie on the 3rd hole that looks like someone threw it in there. You could barely see the ball it was so buried.
Teed off right before 7 today and finished right at 4 hours. 3rd group out today and the group behind us I don’t think was on 18 by the time we finished. Very long line at check in so it was a little crazy. I’m not sure I like the starter inside the pro shop now. Everyone seems to be bunched up now.

Course is fabulous right now. These greens are rolling wonderfully and fast. Don’t be above the hole it is tricky. I had a 3 footer and ended up with an 8 foot combacker. At least I didn’t think I hit it that hard. As Happy would say just “tap it in”.

Fairways are great too. Firm rolling out some shots. . Sadly I only found one fairway some most of my observation is based on watching others hit from there and walking on it.

Rough has been cut since the tournament but man balls can still get in there making for some tricky recovery shots.

Sand is still soft had some buried lies in there. Actually not bad to hit from if you got a good lie.

Tee boxes were all great. No complaints here.

Now is a great time to get out there. If you’ve been on the fence about playing I don’t think you’ll regret it.
Teed off today a little after 7 on an unusual cool foggy day. Never did take my pull overs off as I thought the sun would eventually come out but alas never did.

Greens were really slow
Jumped on a 7:25 tee time yesterday when I saw it and I’ve been itching to get back up here. Check in was smooth and got a little bucket to warm up. Great practice area. Giant driving range, a separate chipping green and 2 putting greens.

Teed off right on time and finished a tick over 4 hours. Marshal said the group in front of us was slow which either they made up ground because they were waiting for the group in front of them. I think it was just a full sheet today.

First off these greens were deceptively fast. They certainly did not look like they rolled as fast as they did. It took a few holes to get the speed of the greens down. I think they were rolling just as fast as when they have some of their qualifiers (or poor putting on my part).

Fairways were very good. Nice coverage. If you want to nit pick there are are areas that inconsistent bare/infilled divot but I don’t think anyone in our group had a bad lie all day.

Generally the rough is down but there were some juicy areas. Generally it didn’t impact any club decision for me.

I was in 2 fairway bunkers and they were both pretty thin and firm but I liked that from a fairway bunker. I don’t recall anyone of us in a green side one.

Started off a little chilly but turned out to be a beautiful day. Odd day too because the wind was weird today. 16 and 18 were a cross wind and 17 played downwind. I can’t ever not remember playing into the wind on these holes. Must have been the wind because I birdied 18, still looking for my first par....

On a side note the 15N was shut down thru parts of Corona so I had to take a scenic route which added some time to the commute. Check the construction in the area to see if there are any closures. I swear they have been working on this part of the 15 for 10 years now. From the looks of it I bet it takes another 10 years to complete. Ive said numerous times the goose is always a great test and i lived any closer it be my go to course. Just a solid track, solid conditions, and solid staff.
Was 3rd off today and we finished right around 4 hours 15 minutes. We would have finished a lot faster if it wasn't for the 2nd group. The first group probably finished in 3 1/2 hours. The second group however.....

Overall conditions are good and getting better. Throughout the course there was what looked like rock salt which I'm guessing is fertilizer. Greens are probably the best part of the course right now and should only get better when (or if) they stop. Quicker than I was expecting considering how much rain we have. Not too many ball marks out there but there are always a couple. It seems like the "fringe" is still coming in from the redo a couple of months ago. I say "fringe" because its a darker colored grass which I wasn't sure was supposed to be part of the green or not. I did have a ball on this and decided not to mark it because I wasn't sure but one could have made the argument it was the green.

Fairways have recovered from punching and overseeding but there are still spots from the redo/redesign that still haven't recovered. Generally good lies but not much roll out there. Surprisingly it didn't even seem that wet out there.

I would say right now the North rough is much more penalizing than the South rough. There are some deep spots but not nearly as much as the North and still a lot a spots that the rough is not a problem. I would expect this to change in the upcoming weeks.

Sand was actually pretty darn good and I should know because I was in a ton of bunkers today. Fairways and greenside were both consistent. Even as wet and heavy as the sand was I thought there were quite nice to hit from.

Overall the course is trending in the right direction and I'd probably give it a couple of weeks if you really want to get the full effect of the South.

On another note I did receive an email from the City that said that rates were going up effective 1/1. Residents were going up $1 or $2. Nonresidents were going up as well but there was no dollar amount given.
Played yesterday and finished a little less than 4 1/2 hours. Tees are back to their normal position. Tee boxes do need to be cut a tad but otherwise generally good.

Greens were not punched so they are still pretty firm and rolling. There are quite a few ball marks and i probably fixed 2 or 3 on most greens. Still quick though.

Fairways could also use a little mow too but generally good. Obviously there isn’t much roll and the divots are about half filled and half not.

Some bunkers were raked and some weren’t but decent to hit from. Not the super soft sand that I experienced on the south recently.

Rough is getting thick and growing. If I had remembered I would have taken some pictures and posted to the app. Some areas are already brutal so keep those eyes peeled.

The course is coming around but I still think it needs a little tweaking to justify for a nonresident. Ok for a resident. FYI I was loading my car after the round and a gentleman and his wife walked by and asked how I played. He had a European accent. I told him I played ok and he commented that he played south and thought the conditions were horrible. I told him I played north and that the south is probably a month away before I play it. He said he wish he had known. It’s a shame someone came all that way and now doesn’t have a good memory of this place. One day GK will reach worldwide.....
Greens are just ok. Just way too many ball marks on these greens that have been no repaired correctly or not at all. However the speed of the greens was really good so if they could just get that these would be ranked much better. Also the front of the 5th green was in bad shape. Looks like they put some new grass in there and that needs some time.

Fairways and rough are about as expected from here, a mixed bag. Some decent lies in the fairway and the rough too but there are many dead areas. There were some wet spots out there and I did find a couple of times I did have the dreaded mud ball. The native area of the rough is very very dry. I was looking for a ball in there and it just crumbles as you walk on it.

Sand was actually really great. Most of the bunkers had been raked and plenty of sand in there. No issues here other than I should avoid them next time.

Tee boxes were pretty decent. I always remember #10 being a tee box that was not very level and always pretty beat up. It seemed much more level today and good coverage throughout.

Customer service here was pretty poor today. We teed off after 9 and we were a little late from our time but not a big deal. The issue was the group in front of us was a hole behind after 2 holes. Marshal caught them as we were on the 5th tee box and came up to us and told us that those guys play here 2-3 times a week and they are all over 70. I was pretty shocked that was his way of dealing with this. They did make up some ground during the middle of the round but as we walked up 17 we could see no one was on 18 which is a long par 5 into the wind. There were people driving by in carts past them saying things as other groups called it the day. The single in our group left after 16. I'd say if I were them I'd be pretty embarrassed but these guys did not give a ........ Sadly I don't see myself coming back anytime soon. The only way I do is if I get an early time which probably won't be until next spring.
Played on Monday with a 1:30 tee time and finished right at 4 1/2 hours. Everyone there is really great and friendly. This place always has great service, I’ve never had any issues with the employees here.

Place is looking good and should get better. Note the par 3 tee boxes are overseeded so they have moved 3 of them up and #7 is back. They look like they could be open soon. They looked very green. The other tee boxes are in good shape as well, no issues there.

Green was soft and towards the end of the round it started to show with some ball marks and spike marks, etc. They rolled decently however. Not the fastest I’ve seen here and with some of the pin placements thank goodness.

Fairways good too. Generally good lies all around with just a few areas being maintained still. Some decent roll out there. Not too dry and not too wet. Some divot damage but most were filled in. I’m mean they give you bottles and there is a rack at the turn.

Rough is really the native area as far as I’m concerned here. I didn’t venture in for fear of snakes.

I know this is pricey so it doesn’t fit everyone budget but conditions are good and should only get better.
Played in the men’s club tournament today and the conditions are not very good right now. I got there a few minutes before 6 to warm up since the range opens at that time. Needless to say no one opened until 6:15 and the lights were not turned on so I was hitting shots blindly. For a destination course this range is very poor even when conditions are better. Limited flight scuffed up balls are what you get. The new chipping green is better but I’m still surprised they didn’t make is bigger. They have the room and they always have the other areas roped off. I have no clue why.

The greens are actually really good. No maintenance was done on them so there were quicker than I’ve been playing. I ran quite a few by leaving some testy kneekonockers. There are some old ball marks that were unrepaired or poorly repaired.

Tee boxes are awful. Both the black and taupe tees are grouped together on every tee box and the markers are all the way at the front of the tee box. I don’t think they have moved the markers at all because some of the boxes didn’t have a place to tee it up within 2 club lengths. The 9th tee box was soaked too.

Fairways and rough are going to have water in low lying areas. They are watering the heck out of the course right now. Actually when we finished they turned on the sprinklers on 1 and the tee box on 2. Funny there was no one on 1 but there was a group teeing off on 2 which had to move. The grass has barely started to grow back and these will probably get worse before they get better. My guess is they will let this grow out and not cut the fairways for a little while.

Just FYI it will be cart path only until February. I don’t see myself coming back before December at the earliest.
Played in a men’s club tournament and this was my first time playing the new or revamped south. I must say there are only a handful of holes that are different. Most notably would be

4-left side of the fairway is shaved down bringing the cliff more into play. The green side bunker is also smaller.
9-there is a new bunker that sits about 50 yds from the green in the middle/right side of the fairway. Behind the green there is about 30 yds shaved down.
10-the bunker on the left fairway was moved up,quite a bit. I guess for those that lay up off the tee this would be a factor. The bunker on the right I think is still the same, it might have been moved more towards the fair away.
17-like 4 the left is shaved down to bring the canyon into play more. The trees on the right are all gone so you’re better off just aiming way right.

Overall the course needs more time to grow back. I’d wait until after the October maintenance to get out here. The greens were good maybe just a tad shaggy and a little slow for my taste. Not too many marks thou which was nice. The collars around all the greens are new and shows.

There is suddenly a sand surplus in San Diego now because all the bunkers were really soft. We had some real buried lies in the bunkers. Also the back 9 bunkers were not raked. I was not in a fairway bunker but they all looked the same.

Fairways were ok. There were areas right before the greens that were new and needs time to grow. Areas were there was no work done were actually quite nice. So it’s a mixed bag one this one.

Rough is down and there still seems to be areas which still look like construction zones. Just really depends on the lie that you got.

I’m not sure if every tee box was redone but you can tell there are some because you can see the sod lines. Still it was fine to tee off from.

As a resident I didn’t mind paying the fee but if you are fee conscious or a non resident you’re better off waiting. Pretty crazy to think fall maintenance is right around the corner and then the course starts preparing for the farmers so one would think conditions should get better in the upcoming months.
Teed off this morning about 7:30 and finished right around 4 1/2 hours. Overall conditions are pretty darn good.

There was a lot of water out there which I assume was from the over night watering. I had several mud balls which seemed odd. It was a little warm towards the afternoon so maybe it was in preparation of the heat? Overall the fairways were great but obviously not a lot of roll out. There were a couple of roped off areas but they seemed to be small in size. It was cart path only on 2 holes (which I already forgotten).

Rough was not as deep as I remember but around the greens it'll get you attention. I didn't think it was too penal but not sure I would try ripping 3 woods out of them.

Bunkers were really good. They all seemed raked, at least the ones I noticed. Not too soft that balls embeded but not thin either that your shot hit clay or dirt.

Greens were great still a little soft as approach shots could make some pretty deep ball marks. The good news is I didn't really see much in the way of unrepaired ones. I thought the pace picked up quite a bit as the day wore on. The pins had some little sneaky breaks at the end near the holes. Needless to say I didn't drop any putts today, nothing new there.

Customer service was fabulous. Everyone from the guys in the club house, starter, marshal and the cart attendants were very gracious. The rack rate may be pretty pricey but I know they always have deals thru underpar, scga, etc. If you're holding one of those now might be a good time to consider using it.
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