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Played in a tournament yesterday and I still agree with the comments of the prior review. Everything about the amenities and staff are outstanding but the course itself is a bit of a let down. I'd say the fairways were great actually nice roll and mowed tight. Nice and green with minimal bare spots around. I didn't remember them being this narrow but if you're not hitting fairways you're probably lost your ball.

The ball could really sit down in the rough. Luckily since it was a tournament we didn't need to play too many shots from here. That is the immediate rough but the other is the native area and this native area is just too thick to even go find a ball. Some of this was not well marked so I'm not sure if its white or red stakes.

Greens were a disappointment. They rolled ok and much softer than I would have expected. I thought the putts would be much faster but they were not. There were also too many unrepaired ball marks, spike marks, and others.

Nice range and customer service was top notch. Forecaddie was a nice guy and that's all I'll say about that. Overall for the rack rate I wouldn't be inclined to say you'll get your money's worth right now.
To follow up on my review from a couple of weeks ago I'm happy to report the punching on the greens has healed however and they are pretty good. There are a couple of bare spots (front of 7 comes to mind) where they have punch because that part of the green is not good. They rolled pretty great actually. Sadly as I expected there are many greens that have unrepaired ball marks and some actually look like a teenage boys face. Which is a shame because these greens would be really superb if golfers would take a little better care of the course. I think the practice green is in really fantastic shape so if you wanted to work on your putting this would be a good place to go.

Also there were a couple of maintenance workers out there putting sand in some of the bunkers so they were playing as ground under repair. It's good to see a course adding sand rather than just letting the bunkers go and becoming hard panned.

Everything else is pretty much the same as my last review. Despite all this I paid $34 as a civilian to walk and I think this is a great price (even better if you are military). It's good walk and a challenging course. I look forward to getting back out there soon.
Was paired up with another guy this morning first off and I could tell he didn't want to wait around so I told him to go ahead of me (I was walking). Boy I'm glad I did because he zipped around. I was on the 9th tee box and could see him in the fairway on the 13th hole. I played in 2:45, he must have been done in 2 wow.

Overall I was impressed with the color of the fairways. They were a lot greener than I was expecting but every fairway does have some rough parts. You'll find some dead areas in just about every fairway but for the other good part the grass is fantastic. I guess I always remember a couple of years ago when there was a water shortage and how dry and brown everything was so its nice to see a lot of green grass covering the fairways. They were also cut to a nice height. I really thought this was the highlight of the course.

Rough is typical. Not that thick, bare, patchy, etc.

Sand was pretty good. Found a couple of greenside bunkers and able to really dig into the sand and make some good shots out of there.

Tee boxes are typical. Par 3s are little more wear than you'd like to see but still room to find a place to tee it up.

Greens still show signs of punching and a tad too much sand for me. Still rolled decent but there were quite a few unrepaired ball marks on most greens. I'd say give it a couple of weeks before the greens have really healed.
Played a couple times over the past week so I'm just summarizing all the reviews. Pace was anywhere between 3-4 1/2 hours.

I thought the greens were rolling great. They don't look all that well because I was told that the "lighter" colored grass is actually a fungus that they been treating. They still rolled great in my opinion. I thought the practice green and actual greens were pretty consistent. A few unrepaired ball marks here and there but not as much as usual. Greens were holding shots well.

Some of the par 3 tee boxes are torn up but others are fine. I never had a problem finding a spot to tee off from.

Some bunkers were great, others needed to be raked, some the workers were upkeeping and so these were consider GUR, and some were really damp. This is the hardest part to rate because it was such a mixed bag. Generally greenside most greenside bunkers had been raked.

Fairways were good. Very nice turf to hit from and there is adequate roll on them. Seemed like the divots had generally been filled with a few exceptions here and there. I don't remember any dry spots in the fairways generally you'll have consistent turf.

Rough is down so its pretty playable. Still some balls can get down and have an impact on your next shot but generally I don't think it was too penalizing. There are a few more bare and dry spots in the rough. I certainly would rather the focus be on the fairways and greens thou.

Customer service is always great. Marshal was consistently present as was the cart girl.
Played here a couple of times this past week. Walked on a couple of afternoons as a single and there was no one out here. Played by myself all 3 times actually.

They actually were watering the greens during the afternoon so they were always real soft. Not a lot of release after hitting the green. Since there wasn’t a lot of play they weren’t too bad but if it got more traffic I could see the ball marks, spike marks and footprints becoming a problem.

Fairways are good. Since this is a short course there can be a good amount of divots in the fairway. I actually only hit driver on 3 holes due to some trees that can be in the way if you get too close to the green.

Rough has changed a bit. Looks like they took some of the rough out and put bark out as part of a turf reduction effort. Still the rough itself it not bad but you will probably be blocked by trees and have to work the ball accordingly.

Sand looked very hard but surprisingly was really good. They need to be raked but still very good to hit from.

Customer service was great. I got the gold membership which gets you a free round and another one in the month of your birthday. Mine is in June so I thought the $80 which is $40 for 2 of the rounds and the twilight rate is pretty good so I thought this was a good value.
Played this morning and teed off a little ahead of time. Overall pace was about 4:15, group in front of us was a tad behind but not much.

First these were by far the toughest pin locations ever since I played here. I can only think of no more than 5 holes that were not in the toughest part of the green. Greens rolled pretty good. I don’t think they were overall fast but not slow either. Pretty smooth too. There is a lighter color grass coming thru on some of the greens if that matters to you. Didn’t seem to affect anything in my opinion.

Fairways were nice and great to hit from. Got some decent roll out there. A few divots out there,some filled in and other were not. They are doing some work on 15 on the left side of the fairway. Looks like they just finished resodding it and it will probably be roped off. But it’s really minor.

Rough is not overly penalizing but can be a problem if your ball settles in and you need to hit a longer iron. Also they seemed there was some areas around a couple of greens and tee boxes that were punched. A little odd.

I don’t know if anyone has heard about the sand shortage in San Diego but I guess we have one. Bottom out a couple of times out there.

The south will certainly test your golf skills.....and your sanity.
Played Tuesday and agree 100% with the previous review. However I also played on Thursday and they were in the process of punching the fairways. It actually looked like some were punched the day before. The holes are a little smaller than what I remember and some that looked like they were punched the day before looks like the are already filling in. Generally not to bad but there seems to be more bare spots popping up.

Greens were also punched but with the thin lines that look like the size of a kitchen knife. They rolled really good though. I don’t think this affected any putts.

Sand was great. Just raked that morning and plenty of sand in the bunkers.

Rough is spotty. There was one ball hit in the rough and we had trouble finding it but generally your not going to be penalized too much.

I’d probably give it a couple of weeks to heal before heading out there.
Played yesterday in the outing too and agree with what everyone has said thus far. I just wanted to add there have been some new tee boxes since I was last here. #3 moved back about 30 yards. #4 looks like they brought is down some and open up the area around it a bit (although the tees were not back there when we played). Lastly #17, park your cart and take a hike back. Its about 40 yards back making it about a 570 yard par 5 which usually plays into a wind, my goodness. It was a tiny tee box before but they've redone the tee area so there should be more places they can put these markers.

Tee boxes were great, par 3s had a little more wear and tear.

Fairways are great to hit from and the rough did have some bite to them.

Greens were firm. Rarely saw any ball marks and I remember Nick hitting a moon ball on 12 about 10 feet from the pin only to have it release off the back of the green and we couldn't find where his ball land. Even though there were firm I don't think the speed was unrealistic. They rolled pretty good for me despite the couple of 3 putts I had but those were misreads on my part.

Found 2 bunkers. I was in the fairway bunker on 8 and it was too firm for me. The greenside one on 9 was fine, had plenty of sand to barely get it over the lip.

I always think this course plays more difficult than the rating but always always always forget this is a par 71. If you've looking for a birdie on the final 3 holes it would be a challenge. 16 is a long par 3, 17 is a par 5 into the wind, and 18 well enough has been said about that hole. Finally made a par on 18 so now I can die a happy man. I'm willing to make the drive up to play this course and I'm never disappointed and look forward to coming back again. Thanks to Johnny for organizing, the course for hosting and my playing partners for putting up with me.
Played in the SCGA outing as well. Kev is spot on in his review. One of the guys in our group had played here before and he said the greens are definitely different. It seems like a different type of grass is trying to take over. They putted great thou. Faster than they looked but I don’t think they were a 12 as was posted either.

Fairways are lush green and outstanding to hit from. Normally I expect the desert courses to be a little drier and browner but not here. Pretty generous landing areas but wayward drives can find the desert.

Found a couple of bunkers and they were great, white sand that was soft and fluffy.

The price is certainly on the higher side but the course is great and I was glad I did it. The wind was down today but if it’s blowing I can imagine this playing a lot more difficult. I’ll certianly be back when it comes back to the Canyon side.
Played yesterday since the North fairways had been punched (greens scheduled for tomorrow and Wednesday). Pace was 4:15 so it was pretty good for this side. Some waiting to start but then things picked up and we were never really waited too long to hit.

I thought the practice green shows more visible signs of the punching from a couple of weeks ago than the actual greens but I still think the greens could use a little more time to completely heal. Still some signs there and while they don't look uniformly green they actually did roll pretty fast.

Tee boxes were so so. You could still tell there was sand there as the grass has not completely grown back so they need more time too. It is probably why the tee boxes may be a little longer for my taste. I'd prefer if they had gotten a little haircut.

Fairways are good but the only time I really saw them was walking in them. I saw evidence that the grounds crew had filled in a lot of divots so that's good to see.

Rough isn't bad at all, its pretty down right now so chances are you can probably play whatever you want. But there are some spot out there that your ball can settle down and make for a tricky shot out.

Bunkers were hit or miss. I found plenty too. Some had no sand and some had some, it was a crap shoot if you got in them.

I'd say if you were a non-resident hold off for now. If you were a resident it's certainly a better option than the punched North.
Called and got a 1pm time and headed down there and got there about 12 and was able to get out in 20 minutes. It seemed like a slow pace but we finished in 4 hours 15 minutes which for a Friday is great. There was a group 3 or 4 ahead that was slow but the marshal was on them and they didn’t close the gap but they did narrow it. It was also super windy today. Mostly 2 clubs most of the day.

The practice green still shows signs of punching but the greens on the course did not. Greens while they don’t look good they actually rolled really well and quicker than they looked.

Fairways were good. Good roll out and nice lies. Don’t remember and really bad spots but there were probably a couple.

Rough is down as it usually is. I never factored the rough into my club selection. However if you Get in the trees that align these fairways it’s like playing pinball. There is not even a lot of trees but somehow balls just seem to be attracted to them.

Tee boxes can be uneven at times and since this is a shorter course you do get some par 4s with divot damage.

Was in 2 bunkers and while they look crusty and hard they aren’t as bad as they look.

Customer service was great as I mentioned the starter and marshal. Cart girl came around a few times too. For $37 it’s a great value if you can time the crowd.
Was second out yesterday by myself. A twosome went ahead of me and I never saw them the entire round. There was also no one behind me for a least 5 holes so it was like I had my own golf course. Finished in under 3 hours and I never rushed during the round, maybe just a little jog in the first 2 holes to get my body warm. Overall the course was greener than I expected. It looks like they are getting a good amount of water down on the course but there are still some areas that are bare/dry/brown but I'd say normal for here. The rough right off the fairway seemed to be mowed down a bit but venture a few more feet in the rough it was a little thicker but nothing penalizing. I had a little trouble with the speed of the greens to start with the moisture and cold I kept coming up short. Probably rolling at medium speed. Still quite a few ball marks and marks that were not repair properly. They did appear to punch the greens (last week?) with the real small holes but it didn't affect putts at all. I was in 2 traps and both had been freshly raked and plenty of sand. I didn't notice the fairway bunkers but the greenside bunkers from what I recall all had been raked. Overall it was enjoyable and a good value. I hope I can get back out there soon.
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