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Played the Sunday after the lpga and overall the conditions are fantastic. We teed off at 11 and finished a hair above 4 1/2 hours so it wasn’t too bad but felt worse because we waitress on every shot.

Greens are great. They were soft and while they didn’t look fast they rolled out more than you think. There were some brutal pin placements out there that made the undulations that much more pronounced.

Fairways were also great. I wish I hit more of them to take advantage when f those conditions but I was all over the place exploring the other parts of the course.

Rough was not as thick as I remember it being last year after the tournament but still not plenty thick to impact shots.

I don’t remember being in a bunker but I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. We played the back tee boxes and those were fine, always found a place to tee it up.

Customer service was top notch as it always is. I’m not sure when it is supposed to be punched but it’s definitely worth cehcking out right now.
Played a lot over the past week. All early times so pace was no more than 4 hours 15 minutes. Condition wise I still think mine ad Jim’s review are still pretty accurate. I thought that this is probably about as easy as the course can play. The rough is probably a little easier. The fairways are rolling out a little more. Greens are still pretty firm but I honestly cannot putt on these thing so maybe I’m not the person to listen to on this one. Customer service was great.

Highly recommend getting out there before the maintenance next month.
I also went out yesterday and echo everyone's comments thus far. Just how tough was it, well the winning score for the SCGA Mid Am qualifier was +1, yes over par. I don't know if I've seen a qualifier that didn't have a least one person under par. I even think the wind picked up as we start so it made the conditions that much tougher. I think someone mentioned that there was a 2 club wind I think I hit a difference of 3 clubs a couple of times.

Greens were in great shape, they had those things rolling. I was surprised they could get them that fast with all this rain. I just couldn't get it in my head which is probably why I 3 putted so many times.

Fairways are great too. There were some GUR but they were clearly marked and still plenty of room to hit. Nice turf to hit from too.

Rough not too bad but enough to get your attention. You need to catch it clean.

I still think this course needs to be re-rated, I think I you look at the scorecard and look at the rating and slope you'd think this is a push over but this is an angry goose. I'm actually trying to find a way to get back up there before the maintenance. Staff was outstanding as they always are. I wish I lived closer I would play it much more than I do. It's a good time to go play.
Played earlier this week as the first off. Still a little damp after the rain but no standing water. Fairways were in need of mowing but I'd imagine as the course dried up some this week they might have been able to get the mowers out there. I think if this is done the rating would go up a few notches. There are still some patchy areas out there but that seems to be the norm and there is plenty of good areas (if it can get mowed).

Greens were good. I didn't putt really well so I'm not letting that influence my rating. I thought the front 9 greens were quicker than the back 9 greens. They rolled well, pretty smooth with not many unrepaired ball marks from what I saw.

With the rain the rough was up but still not too bad but there was a lot more grass in the native areas. For those that try to cut the corner on 11 you won't be getting any kicks off the hill side.

Sand was a little damp but still a good amount of sand in the bunkers. They just need to be attended to.

Tee box are ok. You'll find a spot to tee off from but some are a little uneven. Tee box 10 needs to be addressed thou, that one is really uneven.

For the price its good. I'll probably hold off until after the rains so they can get the proper maintenance done on the course. If you've seen this place in the past you know how brown it can get so sights of green are a welcome.
Played a couple of times over the past couple of weeks. Now that the south is under renovation this will be the go to course now. With the renovations to make it easier on the starter they have us going off on 10. So it’s kind of like the old north. I’m not sure if they will continue this but I would expect this while hole 1 and 2 on the south are shut down. The starter is having to drive out to 3.

Greens are pretty good. I was surprised with how much rain the amount of roll I was still getting on some relatively short chips I hit. The par 3s show more improperly fixed ball marks but still roll really good. Rolled quite a few by and left myself some comebacker knee knockers.

Fairways are good too but some divot damage with golfers not filling them in. Maintenance guys have filled in thief fair share.

Rough isn’t that long but man can that ball settle down in some spots making it difficult to even get wedges on them.

Bunkers were a little damp but ok.

Pace was great and on another note several trees have fallen with the rain.
Played in the shotgun tourney yesterday in the morning. Started off on #5 and it took close to 3 hours for our first 9 holes but we picked it up and finished a little over 5 hours. Our last 4 holes (1-4) the marina layer came back in and made it difficult to see after about 75 yds.

Greens pretty good and rolled decently. I think I gave a couple of downhillers a little too much respect though. There was one green (and it might have been #1) where they put the flag I just thought eww this is not the best spot.

We knew prior to going out they had the course closed on Monday and they cut the rough down. Sadly I was in it all day. I only found 1 stinkin fairway and took its toll on me. After walking off 18 (my 14th hole) I had already felt like I played 18 holes. Heck maybe even 36 holes. In all honest it wasn't as deep as I have seen it but with the morning moisture made it thicker and hard to get out. Certainly affected some of my club selections and shots. Almost lost 2 but ended up finding them.

Fairways - looked nice. I probably should rate this n/a since I only found 1.

Tee boxes pretty good. They had a couple of the back tee boxes for the black tees which was different and made for some long holes.

They had 2 shotguns, one on each course. North at 6:30 and south at 7:00 and they were very efficient in checking people in and had a couple of guys in the admin office also checking people in.
Teed off yesterday at about 7:30ish and only saw a 2 someone and we let a single out ahead of us and really had no one else around us the entire time. Finished a little less than 4 hours and asked the starter about going back out and we were able to get out in 15 minutes. Caught a few groups on the back so we finished as the sun had set over the mountains so we finished just in the nick of time. We got 36 holes in for $80 which is a ridiculous if you ask me.

Course conditions were very solid all around and very consistent with all the reviews from the GK outing. Greens are fantastic. They rolled really well and held shots well. Even though my putting stats were terrible I thought the speed of the greens were very fair.

Fairways were outstanding. They are about as good as you can get. Generous room in the fairway and divots were filled in. I don't recall any blemishes in the fairways at all.

Rough had some thickness to it. It couldn't be taken too lightly. I had a couple sitting down on me and I wasn't able to catch the ball cleanly.

Traps were consistent and ample sand in them.

Played the back tee boxes and they were all outstanding as well. Didn't notice much differences on the other tee boxes as well.

Staff is top notch all around. The guys in our group like it so much they are already planning another one. Definitely worth playing right now.
Teed off a little after 7, pace was right at 4 1/2 hours. I’ve been playing the north so much I haven’t been over here since before the maintenance was done. With the course scheduled to undergo major renovations after the Farmers I thought I’d get a few rounds in.

First off the marina layer was thick this morning to start. We were able to see by the 3rd hole. Greens are much more receptive here and roll at an acceptable pace. All were consistent in speed. An occasional ball mark here and there but nothing outrageous.

Fairways are nice. The maintenance crew has done a great job getting out and filling in most of the divots.

I can’t believe I am writing this but I thought the rough was pretty manageable. Dare I say th north is playing tougher. Now there were lies that were buried but it seemed like the rough had been cut in the past day or two.

Sand was a little damp and heavy but it was still good. I did see some unrated footprints which is a shame golfers neglect the course like that.

Overall enjoyable and only a couple of weeks before this gets shut down and the new south emerges.
Played here a couple of times in the past week as recently as Thursday. The course is very difficult right now and definitely tournament ready.

Greens are in great shape. Maybe too many poorly fixed ball marks but they still rolled great. Not as fast asi have seen them but with the cooler temperatures and overnight watering the greens are a little softer to start.

Tees and fairways are in great shape. The first tee is moved up but the other are in the normal locations.

The rough is downright brutal. On one I was just off the fairway in the right rough. Couldn’t find it, finally did and was about to hit until I decided to change clubs and lost it again (doh). There are some parts I don’t think they’ve mowed in weeks. There were times I could barely even get a wedge on the ball. Sorry but words just don’t justice.

Actually saw Xander, Hoffman, Nagy, and homa tee off as the first off. Really cool to watch them tee off and fly it over the fairway bunker. I couldn’t even get over it from the forward tee. Fun times, if you have a sick sense of humor.
Played yesterday and had a 7 am tee time and we teed off about 10-15 minutes before that. We finished a tick over 4 hours.

The rains have definitely “soften” the greens and the entire course for that matter. The greens still seem firm but not as firm as before, balls actually stopped on the green. I still think they are quick compared to other courses but if you played here in the past I think they would be slower than your previous visit.

Fairways are great, they just need to get mowed once they are a little more dried out. There is no roll out there so the course is playing longer. They tightened up some of the fairways in preparation of the Farmers.

Rough is brutal. Please please watch your ball. Sometimes it took all 4 of us to find a ball and we watched where we thought it was. Really think about punching out if you get in this. I just see some people taking out woods to hit and I start shaking my head.

Was in one fairway bunker and it was good for a fairway bunker. They still seemed damp all around from the rain so they need some drying and a raking.

The course is definitely getting tournament ready and pretty tough conditions. Makes you realize how good pros are playing out of this and still throwing darts at the flags.
Went off a little before 7 and finished in 4:15. Check in was smooth and the fence is fixed in the range so that is now open. The practice green by the range is still not open yet.

Greens are in fantastic shape and they are rolling very quick. I raced several putts well by the hole. A few too many fresh and old ball marks that were not repaired properly but with the amount of play it gets I expect this.

Fairway are nice. Mowed nice and great to hit from. There are probably a few areas that need to be addressed but I don’t remember any one in our group having an issue from a bad break.

Rough is not the place you want to be. It is thick and I was told it was thicker last week. I almost lost my first shot. One guy in our group lost 2 on the first 9 and I swear I saw both of them but never could find it when we got there. This is probably why rounds will take longer due to searching for errant shots.

I was in a couple of bunkers. The green side bunkers are great, nice sand and freshly raked. The 2 fairway bunkers were quite the opposite. There were weeds growing in it. Didn’t look like it had been raked in quite a while which resulted in golfers giving up on raking their footprints (yes I found one).

Tees are pretty good. I noticed some of the forward tees seemed like the grass was still growing in.

Overall a pleasant experience and well worth the resident fee.
Played a couple of times this week and was first off and pace was awesome at a little over 3 hours both times. There is a big military tourney this weekend (and Sea n Air) and thought the conditions would be good and they are. Greens are really good and faster than I remember them being. Even that early in the morning I still ran quite a few putts past the hole. Don't get me wrong these are not Augusta fast but I guess playing here I remember you could be real aggressive with putts and I realized I just couldn't be as aggressive as I was in the past. There were still ball marks to deal with and chances are you'll probably end up having to fixing them on quite a handful of putts. Both days there were workers out there early getting water on the greens.

Fairways and rough are good. There are some not so good areas and some really good areas. There are some spots in the rough where the ball just really sets down making for a challenging shot and other lies where it never even impacted my decision on club selection.

Bunkers were great. Was in a few and both had a good amount of sand in them. I really like the thump it made when hitting out of them. Both of these were greenside bunkers. Fairway bunkers looked a little firmer but don't quote me on that.

Staff was great. I pay the civilian rate and I think its worth the fee of $34 walking. It's a big property and a long walk but its pretty flat.
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