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Had to drop a coworker off at the airport yesterday and decided to try and get on. I called the starter and asked about the wait list, his response was "what wait list". I couldn't believe my ears and rushed over. I got there and a 2some just teed off and there wasn't anyone else scheduled to go for another 20 minutes. I teed off ny myself and crushed the first 7 holes in about an hour then everything came to a grinding halt from 8 on. Joined up with the 2some in front of me and we finished at 4:30 but played much slower. Pretty strong wind out there, probably 2 club difference.

Greens the best part of the course. Much faster than I thought, rolled my first couple well by. Generally good but this course gets a ton of play and so there are ball marks but honestly not as many as I anticipated.

Fairways are decent. A couple of areas are dried out but not what I consider in play. It does seem like with the maintenance they have focused the water on the greens and fairways.

Rough is well rough. Never thick to begin with and has dried out a bit and there are some dirt areas if you stray off the beaten path. However the rough on the right side of 12 is incredibly long. I'm not even sure you'd want to play it if you did find it.

Sand looks horrible but plays much better than it looks unless of course you find a footprint like I did.

On of the better value courses in the area but just be prepared for some slow rounds.
Played a couple times this week and overall conditions are good but you can tell the summer has taken its toll.

Greens are still great though. The pace is deceptive, more roll on them than they look. They are getting water on them so they are not that firm. I don't remember a significant amount of divots on them but there are always a few.

Fairways are good. You're starting to see more browning but overall the turf is good to hit from.

The rough is probably where I've seen the most change. It's starting to thin out and there are very dirt spots throughout.

No problem with the sand is typical. I had a couple of lies that the ball was half way below the surface. Not necessarily a fried egg but definitely not expect that kind of lie with this type of sand.
Played in a company tournament on Friday. It's probably been 10 years since I played here so i didn't remember much if anything. Range is that turf which I'm not sure why courses do this because you can't stick a tee the longer tees in there because one they don't stay up and too is the ball is teed too high.

Greens were ok at best. This place must get a lot of play because there were so many ball marks and old ones not just from the tournament. I remember one hole (5 I think) looked like a teenage boys face. There couldn't have been a putt anywhere on the green that you would have clean line. Greens on the slower side, even putts down hill I never thought were really fast.

Fairways were good. Some areas weren't but I would expect that and I thought over in general there was good coverage and the turf was good to hit from.

Rough isn't bad. It's pretty playable and wouldn't consider it a penalty for being in there.

Since this was a tournament I didn't play out of the sand but did retrieve a couple of balls out of them and they seemed firm in both the green side and fairway bunkers.

Staff was very nice and helpful. I had forgotten you get some views of the ocean and there are some pretty cool views of the surrounding areas. The course itself is just ok, it's not an overly long course and has a few funky holes (5 and 7 come to mind). Since this was a tournament I'm not sure what it is normally to play here but could be worth a look if this is your price range. The design of the course just doesn't suit me so I'm not sure I'd regularly play here.
Played a couple of times this week and this review summarizes those reviews. Played as a 2some both days and one time was 2nd off and the other 4th off. After passing a slow 4some in front of us both days it was pretty smooth sailing and finished both in 3 1/2 hours.

Course seems to be overwatering all over. The course is very green and I think this time last year it was pretty dry and brown. But with the watering there were some puddles out there and with the heat you could feel the humidity coming off the ground. I'm sure there is a reason why they are doing this but I think it is a little too much water.

Because there was so much water you could see footprints on the greens. You could also see ball marks. Some of my shots made some rather large marks and I just have to think no matter how well it is repaired there is still going to be an effect on the green. You could see marks on most greens. The pace was medium speed at best but all things considering still rolled decently.

Fairways are nice. Good coverage throughout the course. There are some areas marked in white as GUR.

That rough could be sticky thou. Even some lies I thought were good my club just got caught up in the kikuyu.

Great customer service through out the course from starter, marshal, and pro shop. Marshal comes around with ice water which was much needed.

Overall I don't think the conditions would ever be mistaken for a top end course but the conditions are good enough and the price offers a good value.
Supposed to tee off at 7:20 but got out 5 minutes earlier. Pace was really good, just waited on the par 3 but other than that we were about a hole behind the group in front of us and the group behind us wasn't even on the tee box by the time we walked off 18. Total was 4:15.

Really liked the greens. They rolled very well and while there was evidence of ball marks the greens still were very good. Never saw a ball get offline and the speed were deceptively faster than they looked.

Fairways were good generally. If you hit them you would generally have a good lie. I think there is more roll out there too. I seemed to be hitting them a little longer than I usually do. Don't remember any really bad areas but the summer and heat do seem to have effected parts of the course.

Rough is where it has been taken the most. I had a couple of hard pan lies. Generally good but just beware if you get off the beaten path.

Sand was pretty firm but it was still fine to hit from. It's just not fluffy white sand if that is what you are looking for.

Marshal and cart girl were out plenty of times.
Played with the Guru's yesterday which was a great group of guys. Had a lot of fun out there. It really felt like a country club yesterday. Like Steve said we let a single play through on 11 and after that there was no one even close to us. I make this drive to play here because I think its a solid golf course which is always in great condition and the staff is nothing but the best. When I was driving and checking the temperatures I was worried the course would be browning and drying out but it was not. While it was pretty close to 100 out there the course is in great shape. If I lived closer this would be my go to course.

Greens were great. Putts rolled great, never saw any balls jump off line or any bad spots on the greens.

Fairways were in great shape and I didn't see too much divot damage out there either.

I was in one fairway bunker and it was pretty thin which was fine for the fairway but honestly I didn't really look at the greenside to see if they were the same.

Side note - still hate 18.
Teed off today at 6:30 and finished a hair over 4 hours. I'd say the summer is starting to take its toll. Conditions are still good but a notch below what they previously were.

Greens are good. I thought they were a little slower than normal. Too many ball marks on the green. Greens are still firm.

Fairways are showing some wear. Divot damage and some dry spots out there. I'm not sure what it is about the layup area on 17 but the fairway just can't seem to be consistent. I've noticed this since it first opened.

Rough isn't bad but the ball can settle. Actually someone in our group did lose one so it can be deep. You can probably hit anything out as there are more bare spots compared to before. There were only a couple of times that I couldn't hit what I wanted.

Wasn't in a bunker but they look like normal.

Maintenance is scheduled in 3 weeks which the course will need by that then. Actually when I finished they started punching the practice green. While my review may seem overly negative I'm trying to consider a non-resident. I think for a resident it's a good value and test of golf.
Played in the men's club today and tee time was 7:45 but we started a little earlier. Overall pace was great. A little waiting here and there but we finished in 4:15.

Pretty much would agree with Rat's review. I missed 6 greens today and 3 of those times my lie was pretty crappy. It was off some dead spot or hard pan. But there were also some areas in the rough that was super thick. I mean this was Farmers thick. I don't know if they haven't gotten to cut them yet or not but the rough is just a mixed bag right now.

I think the greens are great. Yes they are firm but putting wise they are fair. I think the par 3 greens have a few ball marks that were not properly repaired that didn't look as good but putted fine.

I think it's a pretty good time to get out here and play.
Played a couple of times in the morning the last couple of days and the course is in really good shape. The marina layer was out both time and one time it was so thick we couldn't see more than 50 yds and it didn't clear up until about hole 15. The good thing was the moisture is staying on the course so while other areas are drying out for the summer that doesn't seem to be the case here...yet.

Greens are back to being firm but not as firm as before the punching. Balls still release a bit but just not as much as I remember from before. Maybe some of the moisture on the greens had something to do with that too. Just an average pace on the green speed. I thought you could be aggressive with putts. I played with a couple of guys from England who were making a trip throughout California and they commented that these were the slowest greens had played so far. But they had just played Poppy Hills which I think is probably why.

Fairways were in great shape with the exception of a couple of spots. They are putting in a new drainage on #4 and #13 so there were some workers out there on those holes. Also #17 had more damage/bare spots than the other holes. Not sure why but it always seems to be the case on that hole.

Tee boxes were good. I noticed the crew had filled in a lot of the divot damage on them. Even the par 3s while may have had some "fresh" divots there was plenty of room to tee it up. All of them were pretty level too.

Bunkers were pretty heavy/wet. They could use a raking but there was plenty of sand in them so they were good to hit from. This seemed to be the case whether it was a fairway or greenside bunker too.

With the City Am and the Junior Worlds coming up the course is looking good so its definitely worth a look as a resident.
Played in a company tournament on Thursday so the round was long. Finished in about 5 hours 15 minutes. Overall the course is in pretty good shape. Greens were pretty good, smooth but just a tad slow for my taste. These are relatively flat greens so I think you won't be surprised by the breaks here. Pretty soft too.

Fairways are good. Didn't notice an excessive amount of divot damage or bare/brown spots. Ball sat up nicely.

Rough is nothing to think about. Not penalizing at all unless you hit it in someone's yard.

Wasn't in any bunkers but they looked ok.

Service was great everyone was helpful and the were all hustling to get us out on time. I'm not sure what the rack rate is but you're a fan of this layout you'll probably like the conditioning of the course right now.
Had a 6:20 time this morning and by the 2nd hole we let the 3 some behind us go thru and the 2some behind them go on 3. After that there was no one behind me us and we finished at 4 1/2 hours. Real weird there weren't that many people out as there were 3somes open holes etc.

I'll echo the last couple of reviews. Overall the conditions are really great right now. Greens roll pretty smooth and quick too. Had a couple of putts and chips get away from me. Had some trouble icky pin positions.

Fairways are nice too but could use a little trim. I hit some drives longer than normal so I think they are rolling out well.

Rough provides enough of a difference to matter. It's certainly not the thickest I've seen but I did lose a ball which even in the area I was looking didn't seem that deep but with this grass balls can just settle in.

Greenside bunkers were a little disappointing. Caught a couple bad breaks and had some lies with not a lot of sand underneath. Fairway bunkers I had better luck with more sand and actually playable. My partners had better luck in the greenside bunkers so I think it was just luck.

Conditions are really nice right now so if you have been on the fence I think. Ow might be a good time to play it. Certainly worthy for the residents.
Was first off this morning by myself as the 2some that was scheduled to be first kindly let me jump ahead of them on the first tee. Only a brief hold up on #3 as the maintenance workers was finishing watering the green but other than that I really didn't have anyone holding me up and the 2some behind me was about a 1/2 hole behind me. Finished in 2 1/2 hours.

Greens are actually pretty good. A little slow first thing in the morning with the water on them but pretty smooth. I did see some unrepaired ball marks out there and being first off it was probably from yesterday. I'd imagine they'd get much faster was the green dries out.

Fairways have improved with the exception of hole 12. They are doing some resodding there again. It seems like they can't get the fairway down there right. More consistent grass throughout I thought. Previously you'd get some patchy areas but there are far less from what I saw. There were some wet spots in the fairways from the overnight watering.

Rough has some thickness to it. I actually had to search for my ball on one and it settled down just to the right of the fairway bunker. Its still hit or miss with some areas that are not bad to hit from.

Tee boxes are generally good. I recall the markers on hole 10 are not in a good spot as it was kind of uneven. Par 3s had some divot damage but looked to be filled in.

Overall a very enjoyable course and with these conditions certainly worth a look before they punch in a couple of weeks.
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