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Played the the Gurus yesterday and had a great time. Not really too much to add to my review from last week. Staff is outstanding as always. Everyone was very helpful, I've never had a bad experience here.

Greens were probably a little softer than last week and a little slower but still ran pretty good. Being an afternoon tee time there were probably a few more ball marks than last week but overall greens were still pretty smooth.

Fairways are still great to hit from. Still quite a bit of roll out there. I just wish I could have hit a few more fairways. Because of some of the contours of the fairways balls may collect in certain areas more which result in more divots in these collection areas. The good news is that many were filled in.

Was in 2 bunkers. One fairway and one green. Both were pretty consistent and really nice to hit from. I feel like there was really a splash when hitting out of them.

It's a shame the course is shutting down because conditions are great right now. I can't wait until it opens back up to get out there. Highly recommended.
Played today right before 9 as a 2some behind several 4somes so we took our time. Group behind us was always at least a hole behind so it was like a country club for us. Finished right at 4 hours but it a beautiful day. First thing I notice was how green the whole area is. They definitely benefited from our recent rains.

Practice area was really nice today. Mowed in the morning and really great to warm up on.

Greens are fantastic. They broke more than they looked or maybe I just putted real bad today. I didn't make anything today. After a while watching putts break I think I may have started over reading them. Smooth, didn't see that many marks on the greens but there were a few thou.

Fairways are great to hit from. I think they are pretty firm and provide a little more roll than you would normally hit it.

Rough is really the native area here to me and if you are in there just drop. I did see a snake on the path going up to the 14th green so they are coming out of hibernation.

I was in one greenside bunker and it was early in my round so it was still somewhat damp and heavy to hit from. I noticed some bunkers could have used a raking.

Played the blues tees today and the tee boxes were generally good. #4 was a little rough with all the divots but the other tee boxes on that hole seemed better.

Staff was super helpful and friendly and I always expect that here at a Troon facility. There are a bunch of good people that work here.

It's probably in the best shape in recent memory that I can remember.
I'm the last one to get their review in from yesterday's Guru outing with Gary, Allen and Steve, couldn't ask for better company. Like the others have said we were the second group out after the SCGA qualifier and man did we fly around the course. We were definitely under 4 hours.

As far as conditions the greens were deceptively fast. I thought generally they were smooth but I did have one go offline due to the foot traffic from the tournament. Pins were brutal. That pin on 18 was nasty, back and right up against the water.

Fairways were fantastic. You can really hit a nice crisp shot off of these fairways and provided some nice roll for drives.

The blue tees were normal. I didn't think they were punishing us too bad but they did have some of the whites back from what I expected. Tee boxes were nice and level and I didn't notice that many significant divots (even on the par 3s).

I didn't particularly like the quality of the sand. Generally consistent throughout the course but I did hit a thin spot on the first hole and bladed it over the green.

This is the one course that I will take off during the week to play and with the price we got on this it is a no brainer. From the practice facility to the employees working here everything is top notch. If I lived any closer I would be playing it all the time. Besides I figure I got to get the better of 18 one of these days.
Was the 3rd group off today and pace was fine. Finished somewhere between 4:15 and 4:30 (sorry forgot to look as we finished). Conditions are really good right now, it's a great time to play.

Greens are firm, firm, firm. You basically need to play to the front of every green because everything just rolls. Putts are fast. We heard them say 10 last week but I reallly don't know what that means. I just know putts seem to keep rolling and rolling.

Fairways are great. Lots of filled divots out there, a few fresh unfilled one but generally the turf is great to hit from. I think only the 17th fairway was a little suspect but that would be nitpicking.

Rough can have some bite but for the most part it's very playable. If the ball settles down in this grass it may make you reconsider.

I was in one fairway bunker and one greenside. Both were consistent quality sand which is more on the heavy sand side. Generally most bunkers need to be raked. Looks like it's been a few days since that happened.
Played yesterday morning and was the 2nd group off. Pace was great, finished in 3 hours 15 minutes. A little frost out there but not on the greens. There are only a couple of spots of standing water but the only one that came into play was right around the 150 yd marker in the right rough on hole 16. Everything else was not in a "normal" area you'd expect to hit from.

Greens rolled pretty well and certainly got faster as the round progressed. I was a little disappointed in the number of ball marks (hopefully I'm using the correct terminology) on probably the front 9. There seemed to be way too many marks not being repaired. I do think the back 9 doesn't show this as much.

Fairways are nice to hit from especially since the rough is a little up right now. There were mowers out there so they may be cut here soon as the course starts drying out. Fairways still can get patchy in places but it doesn't bother me. It's more of patches of different grass not grass and dirt.

Rough like I said was up and a couple of guys in our group did lose a ball or two. For the most part its playable but it could sit down a little more than usual. Again with the mowers out there they could be cutting it down.

I was in the left bunker on 17 and it was very nice. All the bunkers that I noticed looked to have been raked and had nice sand to hit from. You can really try and splash it out, get that thud sound.

Everyone was super helpful and friendly here. The cart girl started make her rounds as we were walking up 18. For $30 I think it's a good value. I don't think the conditions will ever wow anyone but the course is plenty playable and provides a good test of golf. I always argue that this may be the toughest collection of par 3s in SoCal.
Played yesterday at about 8 and the pace for a Tuesday to me was really slow. It was a tick over 5 hours. The starter got the group 2 ahead of us out late so they were behind most of the day until about hole 14 or so but the group ahead of us didn't get the memo and fell behind a hole behind them so that was frustrating.

Greens are pretty good. Certainly not as firm and fast as the North but still good speed to them. They are definitely softer but they do get firmer as the day goes on. The overnight watering and morning moisture do dry out.

Fairways are very nice. I thought #1 was a little shaggy but there were mowers out there so most of them had been cut that morning. Like the North there seemed to be workers out there filling in divots.

Rough is not the thickest but it is penalizing. I found quite a few balls that not go as I had planned. I even clubbed up a few times. There are some areas where you can get a hybrid or wood but generally good luck. Even though it may not seem thick there is something about this rough that just kills the club as it comes through.

Sand is a tale of 2 different 9s. The sand on the front appears to be ok. Some have been raked and some have not. The back 9 though yikes. Looks like most of them have been washed out during the rain. They did have crews working on these as we were playing so I'm not sure how long that will take.

Overall its was enjoyable even if I didn't play that great. I didn't see a marshal out there so that would be my only gripe. It could have helped the pace of play.
Played on Presidents and was the 2nd group out so pace wasn't a problem. We were teeing off on 18 when the group ahead of us cleared 18 and the group behind us was teeing off on 18 as we cleared. We were never pressed for pace.

Greens are FIRM. They do not look fast and with the rain that we have had you'd think they would be soft and slower but they are not. There is also a light dusting of sand on them which I do not think affects the roll at all. I cannot stress enough that you need to land the ball on the front of the green. Even high flying shots seem to roll and chips around the green roll more than you think.

Fairways are very good. Divots are filled in mostly. It appears they have people out there filling them now if we can only get the golfers to fill in their fair share. Just one side note I think there is a broken sprinkler on #10 about 100 yds in to the green because that whole area was just soaked and water running down. Hopefully its fixed by now.

Rough is down but with the rain still somewhat wet and can make it difficult to hit the ball cleanly out of it.

I wasn't in a bunker but they seemed to have been addressed. It appears to have been raked but it did seem like the sand was wet a little but no standing water from what I could tell.

Note the course is not fully open yet. The tee times are only from 7 am to 1 pm and the course is closed on Wednesdays. This is being done to allow the course to mature.
Played in the men's club today and teed off right on time and finished in 4:45. I thought the pins were in tough positions contributing to the slower pace.

Greens are still pretty soft and with all the traffic I thought were a little too wobbly. They still had some good speed to them but it was just tough to putt not knowing if your ball would get knocked off line. I think if they can dry out so they can be fooled and cut consistnely then they would be fantastic to putt on. Never really noticed and dead spots and ball marks seemed to have been fixed too.

Fairways were great. Mowed nice and tight and still soft to hit from. No evidence of any wet spots.

Rough has been cut down but make but make no mistake it could still be trouble. It was really a crap shoot.

Found the sand a few times and it's fine. It's more on the firm side rather than soft but that is the norm here. I say both green side and fairway bunkers were the same consistency.

Saw the marshal and cart girl several times.
Played in the GK Gurus outing yesterday with David, Vince and Lee. Great seeing David and Vince again and meeting Lee for the first time. I was really looking forward to this as soon as it was posted since I missed out the last go around. Unfortunately I left my golf game back in San Diego.

By far one of the best facilities in the area. The range is enormous with grass tees. There are 2 putting greens and a chipping green. There is also a bunker on the range to work on the fairway bunker shots. One day I plan to fully utilize this. Give yourself extra time to enjoy this if you can.

Reading Sammy's review prior to coming I was expecting the greens to be firm and boy are they. We were standing on the 12th tee box waiting to tee off and we saw the group behind us hit in the par 3 and I swear one hit a ball on the green which proceeded to bounce 10-15 yds. On the par 3 4th hole both Lee and David hit short of the green and both proceed to roll off on the front right down the swell. The pin was in the front portion of the green. While I don't think the speed of the putts were super fast but I did have trouble reading the break here. Which I think I have always had that problem here. Some putts I read breaking right, broke left and vice versa.

Fairways were outstanding and I found quite a few of them and they are really nice to hit from. Rough had some teeth to it but I don't think its penalizing if you were in there. Tee boxes were nice and level except 9 which was on a little down slope but thank goodness for 2 club lengths.

I don't remember being in a bunker but they looked hard packed.

If I lived closer I would play this course a ton. I think its a fair test of golf and I always contend that 18 is one of the toughest finishing holes I have played. I can't wait until we get another GK Guru outing here because this course is definitely worth it.
Played yesterday and was 3rd off. First group was a 3some and they flew. Group in front of us was a little slower but we still finished in 4:15. Overall course is still wet from the rains from the days before.

Greens are actually still very good and smooth. Surprisingly they were still pretty firm. They were faster than I expected too as evident by 3 putting 3 of the first 4 holes, yikes. Even chips into the green rolled out quite a bit.

I wasn't in any bunker but they were wet but I didn't see any standing water in them.

Fairways were wet. Some more than others. There were quite a few spots with standing water. The worse was probably 100 yds and in on #10, also 14 and 17 come to mind. I actually though it was better to hit off the first cut rather than the fairway in some cases.

Rough is tough. I lost 2 balls and one I swear was probably a foot in the rough off the fairway. I'm guessing they haven't been able to cut them at all. Keep your eye on wayward tee shots.

It's only open 2 more weeks before it is shut down for the farmers. Practice green was open too. It would be nice to place now if it could dry out a bit.
I had a time somewhere else and with all the rain we got I wanted to play a course that drains well. I'm glad I came here because while it was wet you could not tell it had rained as much as it had the day before. This is by far the best course I have played that drains water exceptionally well. There were no puddles and I only saw standing water in 2 bunkers.

Pace of play was excellent. Put my name in at about 6:45 and was off by 7:15. Finished in 3 1/2 hours. There were were people to start but not much after us. We had 2 3somes behind us.

Greens were good and rolled well. Wet enough that approach shots made a mark but we went off early enough that they were smooth and faster than you would think considering.

Fairways were nice. No complaints. Divots about 50/50 filled and unrepaired. No dead spots that I recall. Nice to hit from.

Rough is usual. There were some spots that where it was thicker was a little tricky because the grass was damp. But really the rough is non existent.

Bunkers on the front 9 had been raked except for the edges of the bunkers. The last 5 holes were also raked again except for the edges. It was just the first 4 holes on the back that had not been raked yet but it looks like they were getting to it. The bunkers that had been raked were actually pretty soft.

Always one of the better values in the area and it looks like the rates may be increasing on 1/1 a little bit. It's great if you can get out early.
Played in the outing today as well and had a great time. Rams Hill never disappoints. I don't think I have been here during this time but I thought the conditions were much "softer" than before. Not sure if it's the cooler temps or what.

Greens much softer and maybe not as pristine as before but still better than any other course I have played. A few more marks than I would like to see and we repaired where we could. Still I thought some greens rolled out more than I thought on approach shots.

Fairways and rough were fantastic. Divots seems to been filled and I don't recall seeing a lot of unfilled ones. Rough has some bite if you got in there.

Sand was soft. I was in all green side bunkers but fairway bunkers looked the same.

I thought the markers on the tee boxes were pretty wide which allowed of a lot of teeing area. I saw very little evidence of damage on them.

This is a top notch golf course run by a well organized staff. It is always a pleasure to play here and I'm already looking forward to coming back.
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