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Played in men’s club today and we finished right around 4:45. Fairways had just been mowed but there is still quite a bit of divot damage that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately I only found the fairway twice so I can speak that the rough is definitely getting thicker. Several times I just hit something that is to get it back in play. Greens are pretty firm and quick. Approach shots roll out so play a little shorter than the yardage. In a couple of bunkers and the sand is really good. Ample sand and you can splash it out of there nicely. Course is shutting down next Tuesday so it’s certainly shaping up to tournament conditions.
Played Thursday at 11 and I’ve always found the customer service here to be top notch and this day was no exception. You can tell these employees take pride here. The overall course does have a winter feel to it.

Fairways were good. The course has a lot of slope so some of the low points tend to have more divot damage. Decent roll on drives and this comes with a little rain from the night before.

Immediate rough is not an issue but it’s really the native areas that are of more concern.

The greeens had been lightly sanded but was noticeable and took away a little bit from the experience. They were faster than you expect with the sand so give it some time and these greens will be outstanding. A little soft from the overnight rain.

Finished in 3 1/2 hours. There was no one ahead of us the entire day and we kept in front of the group behind us but the did catch up on 18.

I’d wait a little bit to let the greens get back to normal and then it would be great to go play.

Finally I don’t usually comment about food but I did get something at the turn and they have these chips which I think are homemade. These are the best chips I’ve ever had. Never thought I’d rave about chips but these are outstanding.
Played in the mens club tournament yesterday and teed off about 20 minutes later. Pace was pretty brutal. Waited on almost all shots but I didn't see any slow groups. In fact as we waited on the 18th tee the group in front of us was in the fairway and the group in front of them was on the green so I guess its just one of those times. Searching for balls in the rough may have been a factor in this.

Greens rolled well. They didn't look very good but actually roll well and fast too. There are ball marks on the greens that are repaired but the divots were brown so I'm not sure if they just aren't repaired right or not. They appear to be and they really didn't seem to affect the pace of the greens.

I wish I could say the fairways are fantastic but I only hit 2 of them so I can't really make a judgement on such small sample size. Honestly they are good. There are too many divots. One guy in our group found one and you could barely see a quarter of the ball.

Sadly I found more of this than I care for and after hitting out of this for about 13 holes I felt like I had already played 18. While I think its been cut since the last time I was here I will still say its pretty brutal. I did lose a ball and I didn't even lose it in an area that was all that deep.

Sand was the usual. They could use a raking but playable.

Overall still enjoyable but the pace was just brutal. Casual rounds are much more faster and enjoyable.
Played earlier this week as first one out. Pace of play was not an issue at all finishing in about 3 hours 15 minutes. Overall course is in ok shape. Certainly has the looks of being dried out and browner but still very playable. They are getting water down on the course as there were some soft spots out there.

Greens are what was expected. A little slow in the morning as there was the morning dew slowing down putts to start but as the round went on they picked up a little pace. Still probably medium slow speed.

Fairways are ok. You'll generally get a decent lie but there are some iffy areas out there. Still the fairway on 12 has turf down but it looks like it didn't take and there are some big patches of dying turf. I don't know what it is about this section of the course but it always seems like they have a problem here.

Sand needs to be raked as there were several bunkers that still had footprints from the day before but the sand was actually pretty good to hit from. I was in greenside bunkers and not in a fairway bunker. The fairway bunkers looked a little firmer.

Staff is always great. For the price I still think it is a good value and offers some challenges. I always say these probably have the most difficult set of par 3s in San Diego.
Played here twice in the past 3 days both in the morning. Pace was between 4 1/2 to 5 hours both times.

Greens are quick. I consistently rolled putts past. Note the practice green was closed today. With the amount of play there are some ball marks but I think people are not aware how much shots roll out on these greens so they are not aware of where their ball hit.

Fairways were really good they were mowed today so they were especially nice today.

Rough is BRUTAL. Please if you are not a highly skilled golfer just put it back in play. It’s humbling yes I know but more times than not it will result in a better outcome. I had to do this myself a few times and ended giving myself at least looks for par saves. Surprisingly I only lost 1 ball over the 2 rounds and believe me it could have been a couple more if I wasn’t standing on top of it when I found it.

Sand is fine but the bunkers could be raked. I was only in green side bunkers but everything looked pretty consistent.

Tee boxes were fine, pretty level and a few more divots on the par 3s.

Overall it was an enjoyable _____ kicking. Great conditions right now.
Played in the SCGA outing today. After playing here this place reminds me of Sycuan on steroids. Lots of mature oaks lining the fairways. I’d say the front is pretty flat but the back gets a lot more interesting and tighter.

Greens are pretty good. I thought the practice green was a tad faster than the actual greens. I did have one putt get knocked off line but for the most part they are pretty smooth.

Fairways were great, never had a problem but I saw a few dry and questionable areas but generally very good to hit from. For the most part the fairway is flat, you’re just hitting to an elevated green. Not too much in the way of balls above or below your feet.

Tee boxes were good. I only remember one that was too uneven. The problem is with the actual tee shots themselves. You have some narrow tee shots from the back or shots where a tree is hanging out there that you need to shape it around.

Bunkers are very nice. I was in several green side bunkers and one buried lie and was able to get that thump on them. Even made a few sandies, it’s amazing what one can do where there is actual quality sand to hit from.

Staff was super helpful and friendly. Every worker I saw said hello and acknowledged you. They certainly made you feel like a member. Overall I enjoyed this track. It’s just tough to get to since it’s so out there in no mans land but worth playing every year nice in a while.
Played in the SCGA outing on Monday, this is one of my favorites in SD and I try and take advantage any time there is a tournament or outing here.

When I looked at the putting green it didn't look fast but my first few putts rolled quite a bit past the hole. They are surprisingly quick and very smooth. This course always seems to have great greens. There are a few greens that have some ridges and slope and we were told everything slopes toward the 2nd green.

These are some of the deepest bunkers I've ever seen. There are some that you can't even see the flag from in there. All were raked nicely and ample sand too. I was in a few and one of those times I had to aim quite a bit away from the hole just to clear the bunker and have to catch a slope.

Fairways were good and nice to hit from. There are quite a few mounds which is surprising considering the area. You'd think it would be pretty flat but they do have some slope to them.

Took me a little while to get adjusted to the rough. It wasn't thick per se but man can a ball just sit down in this stuff. Also if you weren't in the fairway there were lots of trees. I had to hit a couple of shots over trees back to the fairway or punch under the tree to try and get it back in play.

Staff was outstanding. I always enjoy it out here and look forward to coming back.
Had an 8:20 tee time and teed off right on time. Over pace was less than 4 hours but felt longer because we were waiting quite a bit.

Played the tips and the tee boxes are in dire need of mowing. I mean this grass was incredibly high. Probably the length of the driver face. We would actually use our feet to trample down the grass. I’ve never seen tee box grass so high.

Fairways were great and nice to hit off from. Visually looks smaller but actually more room than it looks being the first time I played here. I’m not sure if it’s the back ground or evlevation changes but some shots I couldn’t figure out where I wanted to be. There are a few tee shots I’d like a redo on.

I saw some pretty gnarly rough which was more around the greens. Rough around the fairway was playable.

Greens were super slow and pretty bumpy. They need to be rolled and cut.

Staff was outstanding out here. I like the layout and #14 is one of the most scenic par 3 I have ever played. I would be back but the conditions would have to be a lot better for me to drive back up here.
Played last weekend, teeing off at 6:30 as a 3some. We were chasing a 3some and the foursome behind us was always a hole behind. It was kind of like a country club.

Greens are firm but not as firm as before. You still need to play for some roll but if the pin is back you’re best playing to the middle and letting it roll back. Pretty good pace on them. Probably the best part of the course right now.

I thought the fairways could use a mowing. It was a little wet and soft the morning I played and we even had some drizzle so maybe that’s why it wasn’t mowed but it looked like it hadn’t been mowed in a while.

Rough is pretty thick and getting thicker. It’s definitely affecting shots and you definitely need keep your eye on the ball.

Wasn’t in a bunker but the looked ok.

If they can get the fairway mowed everything would be great and worth it but I’d hold off if I was a non resident.
Played yesterday in the second guru group. I think our pace was a little over 4 1/2 hours.

Greens were in really good shape. I think the practice green was a little faster than the greens on the course so I left the first few short but the speed themselves are fine. The thing about the greens is hitting to the correct spot on the green. There are some big slopes out there that if you miss you can be looking at a 3 putt.

Fairways were really good too. I never found a bad lie in the fairway but Jerry did, his ball rolled right in a filled divot. It was like playing a bunker shot in the middle of the fairway.

Agree with Gary that the rough is hit or miss here but there is a lot of environmental areas if you stray too far offline. There are also some thicker areas out there and other spots where it didn't affect my shot decisions.

I was in a couple of bunkers 2 fairway and one greenside. The fairway bunkers were definitely firmer and the greenside was softer.

Tee boxes were scalped but I thought the back side tees were in better shape than the front. While they looked brown and appeared they would be hard there were actually not that hard at all. It's also a tee box so it didn't affect me at all.

Everyone here was really helpful here.
Played in the men's club today starting at 7. It was a long round. Took about 5 1/2 hours today. Saw a couple marshals but really didn't seen any openings or slow groups.

It is pretty rough out there and the place is in need of overseeding. However the greens are pretty fast but many ball marks. Saw quite a few balls hop after they were hit. I did like the greens though.

The rough is bare and cut down. Lots of dry areas and lots of bare areas. Even around the greens which makes chipping more difficult.

Fairway is just ok at best. Many divots out there.

Sand was actually really good.

I'd say even for a resident it would be hard to justify the greens fees with these conditions. I think after the fall maintenance things will be back to normal and will probably wait until then to be back myself. Also on a side note the north looks terrible. From what I could see it was completely brown.
Played in a tournament this morning which we played from the white tees. I was very surprised how wet the course was.

I knew half of the greens were punched and they do need more time to heal. Since this was a tournament all our putts were on the flag side and never had to put thru this. Greens are a decent speed but too many ball marks.

There were quite a few tee boxes that were muddy and the white makers were in this area. Some boxes needed to be mowed too.

Fairways are just ok. You'll find decent lies but that's about it.

The ball could sit down in the rough with the grass here. But since it was a tournament we were able to give ourselves better lies so it wasn't bad. Like most other courses there are thicker areas and some pretty bare areas.

Traps looked pretty rough. There was actually water in 2 or 3 and the sand is really dark. I have never seen sand that was this dark.

The range is actually pretty bad. This is another one that has the artificial turf where you stick your own tee in but you can because there is concrete under neath so you have to break a tee in half. That is if you can get the ball to balance on it. Also the balls should be replaced. Balls were muddy and dirt caked on it. Some were also cut like the mower went over them.

Customer service was great and the food was pretty decent after the round. I wouldn't go out of my way to play here right now.
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