Arrowood Golf Course

5201 Village Drive
Oceanside, CA 92057 • (760) 967-8400

Oceanside, CA (92057)
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Humidity: 17%
Wind: CALM

Sunset: 7:04 pm
green Sunrise: 6:46 am


ALERT: Aeration
Will be aerating the greens 10/11 & 10/12.
* Although researches all alerts before posting, we ask that you please contact the golf course for confirmation.

1. Bogey1Fogey38
Posted: 10/12/16 2:38p
Member Since: Dec 3, 2006
From: Pico Rivera
Played Saturday 10/8, Men's club monthly tourney. Course was in good shape. Tee boxes were OK, not many divots, fairly flat. Fairways were decent, closely mowed and had good run, decent lie, a few had... Continue »
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2. Solinari619
Posted: 09/19/16 11:41a
Member Since: Nov 12, 2011
From: San Diego
I played Arrowood on Saturday 9/17/16 with a tee time of 1030 we finished in around 4:15 minutes with no one in front of us (indicating we could have finished sooner if we so desired). The practice g... Continue »
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Topic: Arrowood Golf Course Review: 4-2006
Posted: Mar 2, 2009
Hi Everyone, As you know GK as gone through many changes over the years. One of those changes has been the elimination of Surveyor Reports to a more user generated content system. Instead of letting these older reviews disappear, I’ve decided to add them as permanent fixtures on ...
Topic: Arrowood Golf Course Review: 4-2006
Posted: Mar 2, 2009
Opened in the Summer of 2005, Arrowood Golf Club is the centerpiece of a new master-planned community several miles East of the 5 freeway in Oceanside. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind for so many golfers in Southern California when they hear "Residential Golf Community" is houses lini...
Member Since: May 12, 2004
Another tough hole. The fairway is not too difficult to hit, but the approach shot is. Too far left off the tee and you have a blind mid-iron shot up a very steep slope. You have a better angle from the right, but a little longer shot. The green has two tiers. You want to land on the proper tier, but you might not be able to tell from the fairway which tier the flag is on. There's a lot of room to miss left or long, but short may run back down the hill, and right catches the bunker, or a shot over the bunker.
Member Since: May 12, 2004
I play in the afternoon, and the wind is almost always in your face. The one time I had a tail wind I made it to the green. Hitting a long club into the wind is dangerous. Go left and you're in the bunker, with what could be a very long bunker shot with a bad angle and over a knoll. Miss the green right and the ball may roll through the fairway and into the hazard. A shot of 170-190 over the right fairway bunker gives you a good angle on the green with a wedge or short iron no matter where the flag is. A well designed short par 4.

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