The Country Club Soboba Springs

1020 Soboba Road
San Jacinto, CA 92583 • (951) 654-9354

San Jacinto, CA (92583)
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Humidity: 11%
Wind: N at 1mph

Sunset: 7:04 pm
green Sunrise: 6:46 am


ALERT: Aeration
Aerated the greens 4/30 & 5/1.
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1. raidernationkennels
Posted: 02/21/18 1:28p
Member Since: Apr 26, 2009
From: San Jacinto, CA
Had a chance to jump on the course and tag along while Gus and Ron played out their GK Cup Match on 20 Feb 18.

It had been a while since I played here, as most of you may know several holes are und... Continue »
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2. HmtGolfGuy
Posted: 12/17/17 2:29a
Member Since: Nov 25, 2012
From: Hemet, CA
Played here twice the last couple weeks – a little late to the party but better late than never!

Due to casino construction blocking access to 4 holes, the course has been re-routed to create a muc... Continue »
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Topic: The Country Club at Soboba Springs Review: 1-2007
Posted: Mar 2, 2009
Hi Everyone, As you know GK as gone through many changes over the years. One of those changes has been the elimination of Surveyor Reports to a more user generated content system. Instead of letting these older reviews disappear, I’ve decided to add them as permanent fixtures on ...
Topic: The Country Club at Soboba Springs Review: 1-2007
Posted: Mar 2, 2009
Recently renovated, the Country Club at Soboba Springs offers a newly lengthened golf course to go along with their newly lengthened name. While I never played the course in it's pre-renovation state, there are a few points worth making with regard to the changes. First of all, the nines have been...
Member Since: Nov 25, 2012
Fairly sharp dogleg left, plays longer than the card says because left 1/3 of the fairway isn’t really usable, slopes pretty hard towards the lake. If you can carry your driver far enough you can aim at the left edge of the left fairway bunker – smart play is down the right side or between the bunkers and accept the longer approach shot. Fairway wood off the tee isn’t that much of a distance penalty on the approach due to the dogleg. Water along left side of green, don’t go pin hunting over there! Bunker short right is well short of green, back/right bunker leaves a difficult “up & down”. Best miss is short or short/right, green slopes back to front and right to left.
Member Since: Nov 25, 2012
Another par 3 featuring water, runs from middle front around the right side, no margin for error there. Plays more difficult than you’d expect for the yardage. Wind can affect club choice, normally from behind and left – HOWEVER, you often don’t get as much help as you anticipate so make sure you’ve got enough club. I disagree with the “low cut” advice, too many ways that can go wrong (get it up in the air and the wind shoves it into the lake, too much cut same thing, not enough and you’re in the bunker, too low and it can skip through the green). Middle/back of the green is wider than it appears, if you play a draw aim at the middle, if you play a fade aim left edge.

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