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GK Cup Next... Status?

TOPIC: GK Cup Next... Status?


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RE: GK Cup Next... Status?
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Saturday March 27, 2021 3:58 PM
QUOTED  Goes w/o saying. But it certainly had some nervous?

Probably not. But I have a philosophy on life. There are a few select special people who want their own set of rules that apply only to them that they agree to among themselves. They will seek to be very generous with everyone else's time and $$$ if they are allowed to be. They will continually try and hijack things to suit their whims and needs. I choose to show those type people the paw.

We all have choices. Participate and have a good time or stomp our little feet and stay home. But life goes on with or without us either way.

Couple of things will be changed this GK Cup to allow greater flexibility and prevent anyone from holding another party hostage.

1- As soon as GK Cup 17 is posted and you meet eligibility requirements, you will be eligible to play a match against any other eligible GK Cup opponent. No more sitting around 3-4 weeks while those that need to "think about it" decide if they want to sign up or not. Those people almost always end up not or barely participating has been the past pattern. The hard core group that wants to play can and should be allowed to play w/o waiting on that segment to decide. There has always been ample time for those that truly want to get their matches in to do so with the final deadlines we have set. People could decide to participate 4-6 weeks in and still easily get in their max amount of matches if they chose to do so.

2- John will be setting up sites for the semi-finals AND finals. So no more negotiating with a dedicated opponent for the semi-finals. The people that are unreasonable on where they will only play will likely be weeded out in the preliminary round if enough people are unwilling to bend to their whims. All play where the semi-finals and finals are scheduled for or we will go down the list and let the next person in line have their spot.

Finally, deadlines are there for the benefit (or detriment) of everyone. So everyone knows ahead of time when they have to get their matches in by. They are also set based on John's overall vision for GK.

So the short answer is that GK Cup 17 will occur when John says it will. When the projected semi final and final dates line up with when his sponsor courses would be most likely to want the GK Cup group out.

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