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Played 5/10 at 12:30 with Sal, Jon and the one and only DCon! Course was in good muni shape. All around decent and playable. No padding in the cups or any other Covid contraption, but a sign in the pro shop said to not pull any pins. There were rakes in the bunkers which was a first in California for me since the epidemic started.
Tees: level mostly decent
Fairways: mostly covered with good lies running out some
Rough: none really
Greens: mostly smooth running a bit slow except the downhill down grain puts that could get away from you. Some of the green surrounds had patches and splices and inlaid sod of what looked like differing grass varieties?
POP: good at just over 4 hours
Customer service: good all around, bathrooms on front and back 9’s. Snack bar by clubhouse and a place to sit down and have a snack and a good drink.
Views are nice, course is flat and walkable. Recommended, IF, and that’s a big IF, you can secure a tee time on course that was always full and even more so now.
Had a 3 pm tee time on 5/4 got out early with Mark (Itslikeimsayin). Course was renovated, mostly just the greens and bunkers, layout remained unchanged (Tim rudyclub knows better Than I would about all that). Love what they did with the work! Greens, although quite young still, look great, play more interesting and roll nicely! They are a bit firm still and should get more receptive and hopefully even quicker as time goes on. Bunkers, although still no rakes, were in good shape with good sand and played the way you want them to (had a fried egg on 3 when a wedge came up just short)! POP was fantastic at just over 3 hours. Hate to do this to the locals like rudyclub, but this course has always been a gem that due to being slightly off the beaten path isn’t on everyone’s play list and has only gotten better with the improvements. Recommended!

PS. They now have basic GPS in the carts. Just shows some distances without any interaction ability.
Played yesterday 4/29 with Sal the Cottonwood kid! Thanks for the birthday round!
Course has an extremely fun layout and is visually appealing. Most of the course was in good playable condition. The greens were slow and bumpy still recovering from punching (the practice green was the best green) but the bones for super fun greens were evident. Love to play them when they are smooth and quick! My bad possibly picking the white tees, just under 6,000/126 slope, as the course was a bit tame from there, but the next tees back were 6,400/133 and after reading about the blind shots, hills, contours, etc. I thought the whites would be better. Next time we’ll move back to where Sal will be more comfortable and I might get a bit more challenged/get my butt kicked!
Course is coming back from maintenance. Greens were surprisingly decent. The course is playing hard and fast. Overall decent, playable condition.
Played Easter Sunday on a beautiful day! This track is so fun to play and has many unique challenges, but, I know my rating is not going to flatter. The fairways are quite thin in many areas, still good to hit from, but the ball certainly isn’t “sitting up” on anything. Rough is either nonexistent or so clumpy trying to find a ball is mostly folly. Bunkers are full of good sand and not too many footprints. Greens are good, fast one way and QUICK the other, ball can get well away without proper speed. The greens are also firm, even well struck shots leave only small marks, but some greens are riddled with those small marks and the outlines of past hole placements. There seems to only be a limited amount of pin placement areas so those areas have old hole cutout marks all around (they move the hole around in the same general area). The green surrounds are troublesome as there are patches of other grasses growing in making putting from off the green unpredictable and chips from hard pan to hard fast greens are no bargain either.
Great layout, beautiful area, tough place to score. I can get a lot of pars and bogies there but it’s tough to make putts with any consistency. Hopefully as the greens mature from there recent redo they will soften to approach shots and smooth out a touch.
Second twilight time on Tuesday March 9th. Windy day added to an already challenging course. Got off a few minutes early and finished in just over 4.5 hours. Course is in beautiful shape!
Tee boxes: level, nice grass
Fairways: excellent with some decent roll out, run ups to greens were mowed tight
Rough: 2” to 4” and sticky as sticky can get!
Bunkers: good sand but lots of footprints, people smooth it out a bit after you hit
Greens: EXCELLENT, medium fast, mostly smooth, accepted good shots, but I fixed many ball marks beside my own
Customer service: just fine, saw snack cart a couple times a 9
Overall: in great shape right now and a great deal for city residents . . . IF, if you can get a time!
Played with Matt and David on a mostly calm cool day. Not as much run out as we experienced in November and I saw more bare spots but all was playable. Greens are hard and fast with many contours. THIS IS NOT AN EASY COURSE! Bunkers were mostly nice with a bit of inconsistency. Facility is an A++!
Second off twilight, 10/21, which is still at 2 for some reason, we were the last group to finish 18 in the dark. Course is playable.
Tees: Mostly level and plenty playable with some rough spots
Fairways: a mixed bag with many rough spots and some very nice, #8 comes to mind in that regard
Rough: patchy with some thicker areas, caught a couple crazy fliers
Bunkers: very nice
Greens: well healed from a month ago, except #4 which needs replacement, mostly quick and fairly true
Customer service: they are going individuals in carts unless you are already together so cart supply is limited and they were scraping for carts before twilight even started. The place is full everyday now.
Played spur of the moment 1:27 time. POP was good right at 4 hours, times are spaced of course. Caught up with the earlier groups on 10, but then just sporadic waiting. Bunkers in great shape with nice sand, I did have to smooth out some foot prints while I was in the two I found, but had good lies myself . . . that's the good parts. Tee boxes fine. Fairways, decent enough. Rough, variable and patchy. Greens were slow, bumpy and basically hit and hope. Looked like they had either been punched a month back and/or they were cut so thin we are now down to just barely above ground level. There are bare spots and when fixing the multiple unattended to ball marks I was basically leveling dirt. I do realize the last few places I have played Black Gold, Cross Creek and even San Clemente had greens in great shape, but the disappointment was still there. Last I played Balboa the greens were in excellent shape, smooth, not as fast as before the shutdown, but great to chip/pitch to and accepting of well hit shots. Not right now. Not sure what they are doing but I hope the green conditions improve. Not recommended right now. I'll probably wait at least a month.
Out with the GK group, 6/25, on a warm day with some swirling winds coming up through the canyons. First time here and my initial impression was a good one. Seems like a nice facility, smallish range, putting green behind the clubhouse, nice clubhouse/restaurant area. Once on the course conditions were good with the greens being the highlight. Big contoured greens that rolled smooth, on the fast side, a bit firm in spots and tricky. Loved the way the greens rolled but could not read them well enough to make anything from any distance. Bunkers were in good shape with a nice playable surface, fairways were great to play from, rough varied I did find a few thick spots, layout is fun, interesting and certainly makes you think (although IMHO the design was a bit ambitious making some areas difficult for the grounds crew to maintain and most likley in some areas a major undertaking), my cart had no GPS others did, but when everyone gets their own cart they needed to pull out the extras (mine had a logo from a Palm Springs area GC on it). Staff seemed accommodating, friendly and saw the snack cart multiple times. Upstairs snack bar was open and looked busy.
Overall a fun track with nice facilities in good condition worth a play.
Played on Saturday June 13th, GK Cup match vs Sr714 (Steve). This was the second time we have faced off at Crosscreek in a GK Cup match. Last time we played the Blues and got a bit roughed up so this time we opted for the Whites, still a tough play from there! This course can just play really tough. There were some really hard bounces out there and managing them was key to success. Greens are crowned in most cases, were running quick, throw in the hard surfaces plus lack of any area to run the ball up and you better come in high and soft or spin the cover off the ball. The course was definitely a more manageable play from the Whites, but still took all your focus to be in the right spots. Slight mistakes get accentuated.
Fairways: some bare spots but mostly good
Rough: minimal in most areas, but some thick spots mostly in shady areas
Bunkers: fairway bunkers looked to be packed hard, greenside a bit softer and playable
Greens: running mostly smooth, tricky and easy to run the ball well past your target when chipping or putting
POP: right around 4.5 hrs, never really waited
Customer service: excellent, everyone is very friendly and helpful. Saw the snack cart a few times
Recommendation: a fun, challenging play if you play from the appropriate tees!

The first few times I played here the conditions were softer. Now you need to plan for some forward bounce. I saw a few shots stick but they were either high and soft or spinning HARD!
Went off at 11:12 with Perry for a GK match. Range closed, no holes on putting green, carts available, no tee markers or score cards available? Went off on time and found the course in very good shape. Greens on the hard side, a bit slow but rolling well. Overall a good experience, played in just over 4 hours.
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