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With all the local local courses in poor shape Tijeras, Arroyo, Telega and just punched greens at San Juan I decided to take the group to Black Gold in Yoruba Linda and what a good choice it was. It been a couple of years since I have played their and two of the guys never had. The non Yoruba Linda resident senior rate of $55 includes cart and working GPS! Course is fun and challenging as long as you choose the correct tee boxes to play. The drive traffic up from Lake Forest depends on what time you leave but one you get on the 55 it’s a breeze. We teed off just before 8 and the tee sheet was full. Pace of play around 3-1/2 hours. Conditions we very good and the greens were exceptionally good. Tee boxes were just ok, fairways cut but with a few better bump the ball lies. Sand traps were soft bring you sw with more bounce. All in all a great day at Black Gold..
Played today 10/3. Even though I am a Creek Card holder it’s been 6 months since I last played here at Tijeras Creek mainly because course conditions have been terrible. Today with the encouragement of a Creek Card holder I went to test the waters. A bit to my amazement the course was not that bad. With still a lot of improvements still I’m progress the greens were Nice and better than its competition Arroyo and Telega! Fairways had dry spots and a bit tougher to play the ball down. Sand trap improvement are nearly completed just need a good rain or two to firm them up. With all the new sand the traps are soft. The most notable thing about the sand is there are no rocks! Time to start returning to the Creek until they punch again at the end of this month (last week of October)
Our foursome played 9/19 and tees off just before 7am. We waited on every shot for the group ahead of us the whole round. They were 1-1/2 holls behind the group ahead of them and not once did they ask if we wanted to play through. When on of our group complained to a marshal it was the typical response. The group ahead of you is within the allowed time frame. Who cares about time frame let the quicker groups go through!

Now my thoughts on the course. If you are not fussy about how the putting greens are then then play course excellent condition tee to green. If you fussy about the greens then think twice. The greens are puttable but have many bare spots and bumps. Greens on #15 & #18 are closed but there is a flag stick some 50 yards short of the greens. It’s just a flag in a larger cup in the fairway. Greens are better than Tijeras or Telega but that’s not saying much.
Tee off this morning 7:00 finished at 10:15. Course is in amazing condition. Smooth semi-fast greens great to putt on. Fairways smooth and ball sits up. Rough is playable no kukui grass here... Brought two friends who have never played the course and there reaction was “WOW how come we don’t play here more often!”
Generally play Telega twice a week. As many nearby courses the heat and humidity has taken its toll on the putting greens and Telega is no exception. Greens are in very very poor condition one would think they are putting on greens of a course that’s going out of business. Yes the greens are that bad your putting on dirt and dried mud. Will the greens come back? Probably yes they always do but when...... Unless you enjoy these type of putting surfaces you might want to play elsewhere for a while.
Played 5/7. Greens are plush with punch marks still visible. Greens were extreamly slow and new to be cut. Appears that course was designed to allow players to bounce their shots up onto the greens but grass area in front of greens are often wet and soft so ball does not release up onto the putting serface. Better maintainance is required in those areas
For better concistancy. Overall I would rate the course a good value and nice place to play.
Played Wednesday 4/11 teed off 10:15. Pace of play was good until #5 tee when
the backup began. Holes 5-16 there were 2 groups on every tee waiting to hit. Close to 5 hour round. Course has improved with recent maintenance and putting surfaces are much better than the last several months. I have been playing here since it opened and my personal opinion is the course is in good playable condition but I know how much better it can be.
Decided to play Tijeras yesterday 3/12/18 after staying away since the last punching of the greens. The greens have been punched 3 times in the last 4 months and are in the worst condition I have ever seen since the opening 25 years ago. The staff has been open to the subject but do not have any idea what has causes the problem and have addmitted they currently do not have a solution to fix the greens. It a shame because Tijeras is a great layout but in its current playing condition I will stay away for another few months.
Played 10:40 1/17 finished just over 4 hours. Course is always nice to play short but able to hit every club in the bag. Course was very playable except for the greens. Greens appear to have been small punched recently every green had a light coat of sand and very bumpy. Sand traps have a lot of sand recommend a high bounce sand wedge when playing here. Staff is very friendly and the place to have something to eat and drink would be at the snack shack off the 5th green. Would like to play here more often but I would have to win the lotto.
Played today 1/15/18. Teed off 8:09 Played as a threesome and had to wait 80% of the time but still finishe in four hours. Overall Course is in very good shape much better than the neighboring courses. Kudos to the ground crew and staff. Other than the 8th green all were excellent.
Played 11-13 am. Course has gone throug it’s winterizing but greens are bery poor condition bumpy but good speed. Fairways are in good shape but sand traps are still very poor. Lots of rocks and hard clay. Tijeras just never seems to get the condition right. 2018 Creek Card (see Tijeras website) offers much less than in the past. No longer are free-discounted rounds of golf included in the Card not even a free birthday round. Card cost now $119. SAD ??. Much better offers and course conditions elsewhere in the area. Was informed by an employee that Tijeras is better than most other public courses In my opinion they are wrong. Today’s rating 4
Played this mornin 11/15/17. Rate discounted due to recent punching. Course need several mor week to recover still too much overwatering. Sand traps worst I have ever seen. Hard to believe fees will be back to regular starting this Friday.
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