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Played Eldo with my regular group on 7/8. Early morning 6:30 start and there were a lot of golfers ready to go at that hour. Single carts and finished in 3.5 hours and would have been faster but we followed a group of walkers. No complaints but single carts definitely speed up play.

The course is in really nice condition right now. Fairways were really nice. Good lies. The rough was not very thick but it was definitely better to be in fairway. Bunkers were damp but still very playable.

The greens were excellent and rolled much faster than the last time I was here. Best I have ever seen them. Noticed some very light sand on them but it had no effect.

I find Eldo a challenging track. Maybe if I did a better job of hitting fairways on this day I would feel differently! A lot of trees line the fairways so keep it in the short stuff. Definitely recommend playing here.
Played friday July 10th at 6:54 got out on time
Not much different from last review, first 3 holes very very slow, watched a guy in group in front of us on par 3 number 2 swing 3 times before he hit the ball, and BTW he was playing the blues.
Fairways were starting to have a few brown spots because of the heat.
Bunkers still hard mud/dirt and a sprinkle of hard wet sand
Greens receptive and rolled nice, hole 18 green is healed and nice.
POP was 4:23, felt slow in the heat
Walked the Blues (6008/70.7/128) in 4H mid day with Mneilson and Jim. Breezy, clear and around 65. $20 to walk the first nine was too expensive for what you get. However, it averages out when you get the "replay" for $10. $30 to walk 18? $25 would have been fairer for what I got IMO.

Nine hole course that has three each par 5's, 4's and 3's. So when you play it twice to get in 18 holes, it's a rarity to get in six par 5's and six par 3's on a 18 hole regulation round. Players coming off #9 making the turn having priority over players starting on #1. We waited for one group to tee off and were able to get back out.

They closed the front 9 and made them practice holes and now concentrate their water resources on what used to be the back 9 several years ago. There is supposedly a "Top Golf" going in where part of the front nine used to be, they are currently doing massive construction.

Tees had good coverage but were not good IMO. Too many divots and the kikuyu was maintained so high that it frequently grabbed irons on my back swing. I expect that in the rough, not on the tee box.

Fairways were very playable, usually lush.

Rough was a combination of lush/thin. You could be on hardpan, in thick 2.5" tall rough or somewhere in between.

Sand traps played nice. Well maintained with thick sand/dirt.

Greens putted smooth and medium fast. Consistent from green to green and receptive to holding iron shots. These greens have more break that you would suspect on 1st glance.

Customer service was good. Carts are upgraded with nice GPS. Limited services available due to COVID-19, but the restaurant was open for take out with a limited menu.

I like the layout, good variety of holes. Very good practice range that includes a green to practice sand/chipping/pitching shots in addition to the practice holes. This is a challenging track that will test your game, especially in the wind, which always seems to blow here. Constantly up/down hills, it is a very challenging course to walk. Recommended.
i was up in monterey and didn't have any initial intention of playing here, but when i visited the resort to buy some souvenirs, i noticed that the whole lodge was empty. so i went to the golf shop and asked if they had a morning time for a single the next day and there were quite a few, so i cancelled bayonet and played here instead.

right now is a great time to play pebble IMO as the weather was great, high 60s and sunny, the course is in great condition, and tee times are easily had without having to stay at the resort. and to top it off the are allowing push carts so i didn't have to carry my bag.

great practice area up the hill to warm up. head down to the first and they give you a little lecture on the 1st tee regarding 'no group pictures' and 'stay 6 feet away' and then off you go. course was in very good condition from tee to green. tee boxes were perfectly level from the golds and the course felt like it played long with the wind. fairways were perfect, rough was nasty enough in a few places to grab my club and yank it left. if anything was awry i felt the greenside bunkers could have had a bit more sand but i guess understandable with the wind. greens were medium speed, not too fast, very small as well known.

a memorable day, went to try to get revenge for the awful score i shot the first time around, unfortunately pebble got me again. hope to be able to challenge it again soon.
I played today with a buddy and his pals; 6:20 tee time. It was a great pace of play, and we beat the heat of the day starting early. The first two holes are brutal tee shots into the rising sun, though. Good conditions throughout the course from tee to green. Due to the current Covid 19 hysteria, check in was on the slow side so give yourself extra time for that. Social distancing, wear a mask when interacting, blah, blah, blah.

Tees: We played the blues. All were level and had good coverage of turf (mostly kikuyu grass). One tee box looked like the markers were not moved in a day or so, but there was ample room to tee from good grass. The other tees looked the same.

Fairways and rough: Great roll on most drives. The rough was not too penal for the most part. I never had a tight lie, but early on there were a couple of wet areas as the course was watering in preparation for the coming heat wave.

Greens: They were really nice; soft with a medium fast speed. No bumpiness. There were quite a few ball marks to fix. Would have been nice if golfers ahead gave a little bit of a $hit.

Bunkers: Most were groomed with a machine. No rakes, obviously. I was in a few and I struggled. There was ample sand, but I could not get a hang of the wetness and the heaviness of it. I left all my sand shots short and a couple were left in the bunkers. Others in my group had issues as well, and they thinned their bunker shots long, so no winning there.

All in all, I liked going out early. It made for a great pace of play. Overall, it's better to golf the LA City courses early. We paid somewhere in the low $30 range to walk, so that was nice as well. It has been a while since I played here and I do like the mature trees and park-like setting. Good times with good people.
Played GKer rat-patrol at Enagic GC in our GK Cup 15 semifinal match on Wednesday, 7/8/20, at 1:45 pm. Joined by GKer rudyclub on a sunny warm day with a steady breeze – great golf weather.

I agree with all the points Johnny makes in his detailed review. My first time here, and most of the things I had heard about Enagic (nee Eastlake CC) were not very good, but apparently 18 months ago the course changed hands and the new owner is determined to make it a sought-after tee time. I found the course to be pretty standard Ted Robinson, in good condition, with fairly generous hitting areas within the development and smallish greens with a lot of bunkers and mounding. The upgrade is adding length and expanding some of the smaller greens. The main interest for me was the lay of the land, on the Otay Mesa with homes on the ridgetops and the course playing through the intervening arroyos, so there’s some interesting elevation changes and angles.

Carts are new, the GPS is solid, and we saw the cart person several times on a Wedneday afternoon. Friendly staff and a good value for SD County residents – it’s a long hump and a steep price for OCers so I wouldn’t normally make that drive, but was happy to do it so I could get with other GKers and play a well-conditioned and fun layout.

Was invited by buddy to walk Santa Anita yesterday @ 12:35 pm with his 2 other buddies. In 90 degree heat, it was a tough walk, but my lazy butt needed the exercise.

The course is only in fair shape. The mowers must of been smoking too much weed before they came to work as there is patches of rough in the middle of the fairway....tee boxes were unlevel and not mowed. The greens were slooow...running at 6 on my imaginary STIMPmeter. The rough was thick and lush in some parts. Jeff, the starter, cashier, bartender, and snack shop attendant is always a pleasure to deal with and super hard worker. Snack shop was open and bar was open for outdoor drinks. They seem very busy, which is great for the golf business in general.
Played here 7/9/2020.

As one of my top 5 favorite courses I've played in SoCal, always a treat to play here, albeit a long drive from Brea. If this course was closer, I'd -play it every week.

Great links style design, in a canyon setting. mostly flat and a course where local knowledge and ability to play creative shots around the green is a must. Premium on approach placement to get best angles into the greens.

Excellent condition throughout.

Tee boxes level and lush.

Fairways fast and firm, a little thin / tight in spots, but overall very good.

Greens (and huge aprons around greens, which play as fast as the green itself), excellent condition, although seemed a little slower than I recall, later confirmed by two RC regulars I played with. Still rolled nicely, but necessary to play shots low to the ground. High pitch and wedge shots are not the optimum shots around here. Fall offs on most greens and getting out of position on the green can make for very tough two-putts. Love the undulating and rolling green complexes. The highlight of the course, IMO.

Bunkers are designed to be natural rugged and deep. Played from two with good sand among wispy grass. very good condition, but very penal.

Great service inside and out. Beverage cart out and around often.

Played back 9 first on this day, which is the much longer, tougher side. It may be a slight advantage to play the back side first as prevailing winds create for some long tough shots into the wind on the back, later in the day.

Highly recommend as always, IMO the best value (quality and design to cost ratio) in the area.
This course is seeing plenty of good reviews lately - I'll add another. While I do love that most of the time, when I play there, its wide open (weekdays or Sunday afternoons are best), I'll give away that this has to be the best value course in LA (ok, this is Ventura, but I'll explain).

Since moving back to the Westside from Long Beach, courses here are limited - Rancho's pace of play is awful, I haven't been to Woodley or another Valley course in a while, and I was never a fan anyway. I've heard decent things about Griffith (Wilson/Harding), but frankly, its worth the drive (less than 90 minutes now with covid-traffic) to goto Ojai.

Tee fees are low ($44 to walk, add $12 or so to ride), the course keeps getting in better and better shape. It was taken over a couple years ago, and they've been working steadily to improve every aspect. They care about their golfers - an example, they don't charge people to just ride along with the players. I've seen guys out there with their kids (they often won't charge for the little ones, or wifes to caddy them around while they walk (single rider policy in place cause of covid). Soule park wants you to enjoy your day.

This is a course that doesn't ride up against any buildings, condos, homes. There's a dog pound that you can hear on hole 8, and a donkey that loves to honk on hole 12, otherwise its a super peaceful and gorgeous place. (I don't get why some people have to play with music here, the place is so tranquil).

Where else you gonna play? Drive down to Skylinks and hear the helicopters all day? Spend 6 hours playing at Rancho? Go east is d%mn far to play Pacific Palms - only to find that the Babe is all tore up and the Ike is slow as sh*t.

Only thing better is going out to the desert, which is way hot, and 30 more minutes further for me now. So Soule Park it is!
Played here 7/9 The course is in the process of putting new liners and sand in the bunkers. The finished ones have nice white sand that are good to hit from. You still have no rakes but once you move your ball away from footprints its fine.
The tee boxes are in need of reworking. Most are fairly level but most are very thin and really beat up with lots of divot damage.
The fairways are cut short and are showing some dry areas which made for lots of roll but some tight lies.The rough is only about one inch and not much of a problem.
The greens are in very good condition and had very few pitchmarks. They held shots and were running at medium speed.
We were a threesome and played in 3:45 with no one pushing us. The staff is friendly and got us out right on time. No cart but the grill is open for takeout only so you could grab something at the turn.
Rode the Blues (6443/71.3/128) mid day in 4H, 15M with Mneilson and Sal. Sunny, fairly calm in the mid 60's.

COVID-19: 1 rider to a cart. Doodles in the bottom of the cups. No on course services.

Tees were the weak link. Okay coverage but far too many unfixed divots.

Fairways have lots of undulation. Usually good to play from with occasional brown patches.

Rough close to the fairways was mowed down and maintained in the 2-3" range. Usually good to play out of. Rough farther from the fairways was 1-2' tall straw like that was a probable lost ball.

Sand was okay to play from. More fine dirt than sand.

Large greens were firm and medium speed. They looked quicker than they were. I like the greens here, the ball rolled very well.

Customer service was good from all encountered. Busy driving range and they have a putting and chipping practice area. Carts are basic, no GPS. Nice layout, fun course to play in good condition. Recommended.
Played early this morning. I have wanted to drive out and play since I read what great shape Soule is in through My buddy and I were not disappointed. We both agreed that Soule is in the best shape we’ve ever played it. We played as a twosome and it was pretty slow until the foursome ahead of us (they were apologetic) let us play through on the start of the back nine. Tee boxes level. The fairways were great. The bunkers had raked, playable soft sand. The rough was not too penalizing. Finally, the greens were pretty good. There was still a little residual sand on them that made them a tad slow. Just a tad. Probably still about a 10 on the meter. It’s starting to get hot so I truly recommend getting up early and driving out to Ojai and playing this gem.
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