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Played 10/29. 1:22p twilight tee time for $37.75. It's been a while since I played this course. The course is a nice layout and is one of the better city munis. It's got nice practice facilities. ( Small bucket $5, large $10). Not much in the way of outside service but they do have a beverage cart.

Aguila is in good condition right now. They over seeded the tees, fairways, and greens. They are letting the rough go dormant, but the hot weather has kept it green. There is some thicker clumpy rough around the greens. It can give you some tricky lies. Tee boxes and fairways were in good shape. Greens were soft and medium speed. Probably a 10. Sand traps were in good condition.

I think this course is one of the better values to play in the winter season for under $50
Played 10/18 to scout the course and 10/22 in a 4-man scramble for charity. The course must be one of the first golf courses in the Phoenix area. It dates back to 1913. It's a more traditional style course. It's generally flat, tree-lined, and has small greens. It's got some nice bunkering in the fairway and around the greens. It's not a long course by todays standards. 6640 yards Par 72 71.0/124 from the black tees. It has some good Par 3's. Two of them play long at 212 yards & 215 yards respectively. It has a nice mix of Par 4's, with the two longest being 482 & 471 yards. It's the Par 5's where this course gives you a big advantage. Three of the four Par 5's are less than 500 yards. The longest is #18 which is only 509 yards.

The course did a full over seed and it had only been open a week when I played it. Generally, the condition of the course was fair - good. They didn't punch the greens during the over seed. The grass was a little thin ,but it was coming in nicely. The greens were soft and slow. You needed to putt them firm enough to hold the line and not try to die them into the hole. The fairways were very generous on most holes. They were lush but a little shaggy which was to be expected. The rough was thick and could give you a variety of lies. The sand traps had plenty of sand in them. The green side bunkers had the faces pushed up to block your view of the greens surface from the fairway. The good news is they are shallow and easy to play from. The black tee boxes were level and didn't have much wear.

San Marcos has a good practice putting green. It has a nice pitching and chipping area with a practice bunker. It doesn't have a good driving range. You have to hit the yellow foam balls on the short range. They have outside service. The beverage cart came around three times. I heard this course had its problems in the past. It was reflected in the fact that there are no recent reviews. With that being said, I would say it is a good value for this time of year in season. I've seen online rates between $25 - $45 depending on day and time. I'd rate the course higher once the grass comes in more. I submitted photos so you can see for yourself. I also added some playing tips.

Side note: If you are standing on the 14th tee box, look to the right and you will see a big white mansion. It was Al Capone's winter residence.
Played Saturday 7/2. 8:38a tee time. $46 included green fee & cart. It's been 4 years since I played this course and reviewed it when it was remodeled. Needless to say, it was a little disappointing to see it in such bad shape.

The greens were punched 3 & 1/2 weeks earlier and they still haven't healed. They are slow and bumpy. They need more time. They look like they were punched but not filled with sand. Fairways didn't do well transitioning from rye to bermuda. There were many bare spots. Same goes for the rough. Sand traps were OK. I know they built up many of the old tee boxes and added new ones. Many of them are showing signs of wear, becoming mounded and uneven.

POP was 4 hours. Good practice range with chipping and putting areas. They have a covered driving range which wasn't covered when we were warming up. The service was the one bright spot. Outside service was attentive. The bev cart came around 4 times. The service and the food in the restaurant was very good.It's too bad the golf course went from a 7 to a 5.
Played Sunday 4/17. Booked a 12:42p tee time online from the golf course's website. $59.73 included cart. I'd seen the other recent reviews and heard the buzz about this course being redone by the school. I never played the old Maryvale course, so I was able to look at the remodel as a fresh course. Word is out about this course. It was busy. POP was 5 hours and there was no ranger. The bright side was it gave me time to take pictures.

Previous reviewers nailed the characteristics of the golf course. It's generally a flat course. Fairway & rough have some slope & mounding. Some holes had some burned & bare spots. Lots of well placed bunkers with plenty of sand. My playing partners thought the sand traps were some of the best they played from this year. Greens were very large and slightly elevated. They are fast. Running 11 - 11.5. They are firm. Hard underfoot and no divot marks. A high ball with spin was your best chance at controlling the ball. Play for some roll out. Overall a very solid golf course that should only get better with time.

Nice new clubhouse. Beverage cart came around numerous times. Outside service was good on the front end, but not good at the end of the round. Good practice range, putting & chipping area. Course isn't well marked. A range finder was necessary. It's a golf course that you have to mange your way around the bunkers to play well. Definitely a course I would recommend & play again.
Played 3/24. Got a 11:46 tee time for $71 included green fee & cart. Silverado is a player friendly park style course. It is a Par 70 with generous fairways and mostly flat greens. From the back tees it plays a little over 6300 yards. The trouble on the right of #4 & #6 is ESA (Environmentally Sensitive Area) If you're in it, play from the drop zone no penalty.

This is the first time I have played it during the prime season. Tee to green the conditions were very good. Fairways were nice and firm. Rough has grown in more than I have seen in the past, but it gave you good juicy lies. Greens were firm and held good shots. They were med-fast. (10.5-11) Sand traps were good and had plenty of sand. They have repaired some of the tee boxes over the years, but a few are still humped. The back tee of #13 needs work.

Outside service was good. Beverage cart came 5 times. Silverado has no driving range. They have nets with astro turf mats to warm up. They do have a pitching an chipping area by the 1st tee, as well as a putting green by the clubhouse. POP was 4 1/2 hrs.
Played Nov. 1. I got an online tee time at 1:23p for $29+tax & fees. Wow, I last played and reviewed this course almost exactly 5 years ago. The course itself hasn't changed much since then. The holes are very straight. Generous fairways and rough. Desert areas are wide open, so you can find it and have a play. Greens are large and flat. They were firm underfoot, but were medium-slow. (9.5 - 10 ) Don't look for the greens to have a lot of break in them. They are very straight. I only had 3 putts that I had to play outside the hole all day. Sand traps had plenty of sand. I just wish players were more courteous and would rake them for the players behind them. Tee boxes were inconsistent. Many had long grass which made it seem like you were teeing it in the rough. Then we ran into a few tee boxes that were burned out. Overall I rated the conditions fair to good.

One thing to notice is the housing development which seems to define the perimeter of the golf course. The homes do sit back enough away from the edges of the course. However, there are a few holes where you have to protect your tee shot from going left. Beware of hole #9. If you are a big hitter and miss wide right, there is a piece of the lake that you can't see from the tee box. The carts don't have GPS and the course is not well marked. Bring your own range finder. Beverage cart came around 3 times. POP was a solid 4hrs 3mins. That is with a foursome in front of us who had 3 walkers.

The course has a good driving range and a large chipping and putting area. The driving range is lighted and open until 9pm. They did a nice remodel inside the pro shop and restaurant. Course is a good value for in season.
Played 7/26 in the final round of the Oven15 tournament. It was 27 holes on the Mesquite/Ironwood/Acacia nines. I was in the last group which tee'd off at 9:10a and finished as a tensome at 4:30p. The tournament is a test of golf,patience, endurance, and your ability to hydrate properly. I had a great time at the event. The Keirland resort, bars, restaurants and clubhouse are awesome. The customer service from the staff was excellent. I really enjoyed the scotch tasting and learned a lot. The turkey sandwich I got in the clubhouse restaurant after 18, was one of the best I have ever had. The bagpiper playing at sunset was a nice touch.

With that said, the golf course, the conditions, and the golf experience I found to be much different than the other reviewers. I had high expectations since it is a Troon property, but it was a little disappointing.

Let's start on the practice range. Good sized range, nice practice putting green. OK chipping and sand area. Got there at 7:30a to practice, they have a movable canopy to cover you when you hit. The problem was you must not have moved it from the day before. All the spots to hit from were just dirt. The other problem was your practice balls. 1 out of every 3 needed to be thrown away. Balls were cracked and some were so worn that you couldn't read the writing anymore. Some were so old they had no dimples and were worn smooth.. No other Troon course I've been to has practice balls like this.

The layout of the three nines are all very similar. I'd call it golf in a half pipe. There's mounding on each side of the holes. If you can keep it inside the mounds, your ball will kick back down to the middle of the fairway. Most greens are elevated. If you miss them, you are in a low area chipping up to them. Holes play back on each other. If you go up and over the mounds, you are probably okay with a shot from another fairway.

If there was one word to describe the conditions at Kierland it would be Inconsistent. They have been watering the course heavily. All areas of high ground were dry and firm. All low areas were soggy and spongy. I understand this happening while playing in the morning, but my whole group was still getting mud balls in the middle of the fairway after 1pm. Players in my group had trouble with the sand. Some traps had plenty of sand, some were packed down hard like hardpan, and others had a thin soft layer on top but were hard underneath. The biggest disappointment were the greens. They had all been recently punched and were not in the kind of shape you would expect for a tournament.

I'm really stunned that no one mentioned these next two things that I noticed at Kierland. The first being that misting system that comes with the carts. This must be the only course that still has these around. This fad died 7-10 years ago. They just don't work. The fan can only blow the mist about 12 inches. Just enough to soak our steering wheel, scorecard, and knees. Finally, You can't be a high end golf course and not have divot mix bottles on the cart. The course is riddled with divots and you can't do anything about it. Again, I don't know of another troon property that wouldn't provide this to protect the wear and tear of the course. My rating will come in low, because of the green situation. Great resort but there are better troon courses.
Played 7/23 in the GK Plays and 7/25 in the Oven15 tournament. It was great to play and catch up with some GKer's that I haven't seen in a while, as well as meeting some new ones. The post round meal at the Arroyo Grill was very good.

The Oven15 tournament was interesting and fun. Met a lot of cool people who came from around the country to play in this event. Two players in my group ,who were from out of town, had a very strong warm-up session in the bar before our round. My playing partner and I politely told them to please drink plenty of water or they will get dehydrated. Sure enough, by the thirteenth hole one of them is showing signs of heat exhaustion. Cold towels with ice on the neck for the rest of the round. The Oven15 claims it's first victim.

I agree with previous reviewers about the conditions. I rated everything with 7's & 8's. It's a very challenging golf course. There is sand in play on every shot. The edges of the course are all knee high fescue grass. Tough to find your ball, let alone playing out of it. Sand traps are deep with high faces. There are so many that you are bound to be in some. Customer service was great. The rangers were good at making sure people had enough water. Great practice area with #minidunes.

Note: There is a dairy just down the road from the course. May the winds blow in your favor.
Played 7/24 with Kvisor, SeveB and JohnnyGk. Had a great time on a fun course. Don't let the "executive course stigma " stop you from playing this course. It's in nice condition as described in previous reviews. The Par 3's are a variety if lengths. I hit every iron in my bag. Good practice range with chipping and putting green. Food & beverage are 1/2 of what you would pay at other golf courses. POP was 3hrs. Course would be a great venue to host a skins game. 12 Par 3's even gives a high handicapper a chance for a skin with one good swing.
I played this course on 6/28. 10:20 Tee time, $40 online rate, POP 3hrs 45min. The conditions all around were great to excellent. The renovation of this course came out great. A lot of forced carries. Thick fescue around the edges of the course and large deep bunkers make this course very challenging. Course doesn't comeback to the clubhouse after nine. Nice practice facility, good customer service. I drive by this course regularly and it still looks like it's in great condition. I've seen many people playing it. Posted photos of some tee shots.
Played 6/4. $22 rate. 2:38p tee time. King/Hawk nines. Wanted to play a course that wasn't very busy, so I could help a friend of a friend with their golf game. The course was perfect for that scenario. Only saw one other twosome on the course and we let them play through. The course was okay for what we were there to do, but there are condition issues.

I would keep the maintenance alert at yellow for the summer. They are doing major work on the tee boxes which were in desperate need of leveling. My guess is they are going to take all summer to fix them. None of the people who work there could tell me when they would be finished. Greens were fair. Speed was 10-10.5. They were a little bumpy and some greens had bare patches around the edges. Fairways, rough and sand were in good condition. Homes are very close to the edges of this course.

The practice facility has chipping and putting. The range is only 100 yards and is for wedges only. Beverage cart came around 3 times. POP was less than 3 1/2 hours. Right now I'd recommend not playing the course this summer, but I'm glad they are fixing the tee boxes.
I was privileged to play with JohnnyGK in a special event at Ak-Chin Southern Dunes. It was a grand re-opening/re-dedication of the course after it went through a big renovation. It was an all day event that started at 9am with a media event that explained the history of the property as well as the plans for the future. Fred Couples (who designed the course) was there for the whole day. He did a practice clinic and a Q & A that was very interesting. He drove around the course during the 4-man scramble and took pictures with each group. Everyone received some memorabilia that he signed. But the coolest thing was we were served the same dinner that he choose in 1993 to serve the other champions at the Masters after he won in 1992.

It's good that the Ak-Chin Indian Community is going to be more involved with the course. They want to try to get the young people from their community to take up the game, as well as the local youth in the area. The course designer, Troon, and the Indian community have come up with a great idea. They have redone the driving range as a little 6 hole course called #MiniDunes. (Yes, hashtag is part of the name.) The range has 6 greens. In the morning it is a driving range like any other. In the afternoon it becomes a golf course where the longest hole is 114yds, the shortest is 61yds. It's great for beginners and kids starting the game. The BEST thing about it is if you are 17 years old or under , you can come out and play it for FREE anytime.

Course conditions were fantastic! I think it's on par with what you would get at the best private clubs. I rated everything as 9's & 10's. Most of the changes to the course made it a little softer, but it still has over 100 bunkers that you want to stay out of if possible. Some fairways were made larger and the bunkers are much improved. One noticeable change was the Par 3 #17 which had a big mound blocking your view of most of the green. It has been removed. The course has 6 sets of tees making it playable for all levels.

The service was exceptional from the bag drop all the way through dinner. Just like I have experienced at other Troon managed courses. Carts have GPS. It's necessary to use it to find the distances to or over the bunkers. Unfortunately, ours stopped working half way through the round, but I had a range finder as backup.

The 4 man scramble was great. I really enjoyed playing with Johnny, Ricky and "fourth guy. Johnny was channeling his inner Bubba Watson and bombing drives about 330yds. He set us up with short irons into most holes, giving us a big advantage. Ricky gave us solid iron play and kept our birdie streak going by making a bomb. "fourthguy" was just clutch and I came up with a few shots We met up with Fred Couples by the 17th Green. He had to check out the HOT DOG putter. It has now been touched by one of the "Golf Gods." Right after that we go on a streak of 11 birdies in a row. We finished the tournament at -15, tied for 1st, but lose the tie breaker to take 2nd. Thanks again Johnny for one of the best golf experiences of my life.
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