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Made the double loop on 7/23 at 8:30 am. 4:14 POP

The highlight here was the greens. They were the qucikest (medium fast) and smoothest I’ve seen them in years. They played pretty firm, and held well struck shots well.

The fairways had good to very good coverage and were a pleasure to hit from.

The rough looked like it hasn’t but cut in weeks in some areas. In sports it was typical 2-3 inches but in others was closing in on 9-12 inches and was a brute to hit out of. Had a playing partner lose a ball because we couldn’t find it left of 7th hole.

Tee boxes were level with good coverage as the move the par 3 tees around quite often.

Always think the layout here is a bit more interesting than Given credit for and peovides a good golfing experience despite no range.
Played 7/15 at noon. POP 4:45. Course is in as good of shape as it’s been in a while.

Tee boxes were pretty good outside of the par 3s which were pretty chewed up and could use some rotation.

Fairways were good to very good throughout with a few exceptions that were pretty limited in size.

Rough was thick in spots, thin in some, and dirt in others.

Greens have been consistently healthy and rolled very well since they recovered from the most recent punching. They’re finally a bit quicker than they were past few months. Still not fast but not crazy slow at this point.
Had a great time playing in the GK outing.

The short version: the conditions throughout the course were very good to excellent in all facets.

The long(er) version: arrived a little early to check out the course and facilities. The clubhouse and restaurant were both very nice. Made my way over to the putting green near the first tee and it was rolling very nice. There was a bit of rain in the hour leading up to our tee time so it wasn’t all that quick, but the speed on the greens steadily picked up throughout the day. The rain softened up the greens a bit which made them very receptive to shots with most clubs and were rolling true.

The tee boxes and fairways were excellent to hit from. We ran into a few soggy areas in the fairways but with the unexpected rain it’s not a surprise.

The rough wasn’t terribly thick but it was a challenge to advance the ball with linger clubs and made club selection crucial from the rough.

I didn’t find myself in any bunkers so I can’t comment from personal play but my playing partners all said they were well stocked and after they dried a bit from the rain were very nice to hit from.

Overall the course provided a lot of variety in holes and stunning views both on and away from the water holes. As always had a great time with the GK crew and looking forward to my next outing and trip to RB.
Played in the 5/6 outing with gk.

Drove through quite a bit of rain on my way up to the course from LA and was worried about a bit but cleared up nicely as I approached Santa Barbara. The grass at the range and putting green were in excellent shape. The practice green was fast fast fast. Between putting and heading to the first tee e got some decent rainfall. The rain wasn’t enough to make the course a slog but softened up the greens just enough to slow them down and make them more receptive to incoming shots. They rolled very smooth and downhillers were a real test to get close to the hole.

The fairways were excellent as well and were great to hit from.

The rough was thick and with the added moisture was difficult to advance the ball from.

The bunkers, despite the rain, were still relatively fluffy and had great sand in them.

Tee boxes were great, level, and lush.

After my first round at sandpiper I was impressed and look forward to future rounds there.
Played Rancho 5/4 at noon. 4:45 POP

The course has recovered very well from the punching on both the fairways and greens. The greens rolled as smoothly as I’ve seen at Rancho and as quickly as I can remember (still only medium to medium fast in spots). The fairways we’re mostly green and provided nice lies.

The tee boxes were pretty chewed up on the par 3s and some par 4s but not too bad. The rough has gotten THICK around the course and can she tough to advance it too far out of it. The starters all know me by first name and treat me well, and are friendly.
Played 1/27 at 7:30 am with USCDodger32 and Bob. POP 3:45.

Having looked at recent reviews here and other various sites my expectations for the round were relatively low, especially after playing Paiute the day before. Given my expectations I was very impressed with the course, maybe because I play the LA munis mostly.

The tee boxes had good, level coverage. The par 3's had some divot damage but had no issue finding a good spot to tee it up. the fairways were a little thin in spots but is typical of desert golf in the winter. While they were thin, the lies were consistent and were cushy enough to play any shot from. A lot of the greens here are elevated which meant you couldn't always play the ground game like I wanted to in these conditions. The rough was great the hit from. It was grown out more than the fairways and played very consistently throughout the course. The bunkers were a mixed bag. The fairway bunkers had a very thin top coat of sand and hard pack underneath, with plenty of rocks and pebbles thrown in -- thankfully we're allowed to pick them out now. The greenside bunkers I was in I found a little more fluffy and easier to hit out of. This is good considering how high many of the lips are coming out toward the greens. Many of the bunkers were wet and some were dry, and plenty between so it was constantly changing conditions. The greens were excellent. They were medium fast and smooth and were rather hard only making it possible to stop fully struck wedges near their pitch mark.

I really enjoyed the variety of hole, scenery, and experience at Siena and will try to stop by again on future trips to Vegas if there is a deal to be had.
Played 2/1 at 10am. POP 3:40.

Played with a group of 3 Brits who were great company. The fairways were pretty drenched from the rain with plenty of standing water but still provided good enough lies not to effect the round too much. The tee boxes were all level but fairly chewed up. I found myself using the full club length extensions on the par 3's to find a decent spot to tee up the ball. The rough along the fairways was hit or miss, as usual. It was never overly penal, just very patchy and plain dirt in other places.

Where the course shined today was in the green complexes. The rough around the greens was all very consistent and was good to chip out of, put a number withing tap in range throughout the round. The greenside bunkers had dried nicely and were fluffy enough to hit any type of shot you like out of them. The greens themselves were excellent. They were medium-fast and incredibly smooth (for poa). I figure this has a lot to do with no one playing them on Thursday. Even on long putts (over 30') I rarely saw the ball bobble off its line or bounce in the air.

While it's shorter and lower rating and slope than Encino and even Woodley Lakes, I think it's the best layout of the three. The smallish greens with a decent amount of break and narrower corridors make it fun.
Played 1/26 with USCDodger and a couple friends. We teed off at 12 and finished about 4:30.

Overall the conditions were fantastic. It's hard to find a spot where I complain about anything in particular. The tee boxes were level and lush throughout the round, the fairways were on the softer side than I expected and were excellent to play from. The rough was consistent and wasn't overly penal when you landed in it. Was still easy enough to advance the ball with your club of choice. The bunkers had very nice sand to hit from and was really surprised at this because of the windy conditions of the course. Nice bunkers and high wind don't usually go together. The greens were harder than I expected given the fairways. Even on fully struck wedges it could be hard to get the ball to stop quickly. The wind was howling all day around 15-25 mph. With 3/4 par 5's and many of the par 4's into the wind it made for a lot of long irons and hybrid into greens.

Even with the heavy wind it was a really enjoyable and fun round. The scenery and desertscape is top notch and the lack of houses and civilization make the day and whole experience even better. This course is often written off as the lesser of the three on property but was still a well thought out design with plenty of decision making and intrigue throughout the round.
Got out on 1/18 on our first day of decent weather. 10 am, 4:40 POP. It was walking only which made for a very relaxing day, some of the older gentlemen who normally ride had to walk and were pretty slow.

I will only comment on conditions that weren't overly effected by the rain as nothing has been cut in what seems like forever. The tee boxes on the par 4 and 5's were in good shape and largely level. Par 3 boxes are pretty chewed up. The fairways had very good coverage with minimal poor areas to hit from. the rough was thick and wet but wasn't too tough to hit out of. I wasn't in a bunker but they didn't look as bad as expected after the rains. The greens were very soft and very slow. I understand they haven't been cut in a while and probable won't be for a while longer. They rolled quite well (I'm guessing from the limited play over the past couple weeks), but were the slowest greens I've ever seen. Was difficult to adjust to, anything uphill really felt like you just had to hammer the ball. The greens were firm enough to not swallow any balls and could get some decent spin to react on them.

There's a new woman working at the check in who was quite nice but there is no on course service outside of a snack shop that also has a very nice woman working there.

Overall, considering the weather we've had, the course played fine enough to enjoy my round without getting too muddy. It was nice and quiet with no carts and made for a great atmosphere. Again, because of the weather impact I will not submit a detailed review as it would be unfair to rate under these conditions. It's my home course so I will definitely be back to play again soon.
Played Rancho today at noon in 4:45. To put it shortly conditions have greatly improved. A few months ago the greens were terrible with a fungus of some sort on probably all the greens. Today only two showed aby signs of damage and both were within a few feet of the fringe opposite the flags. The greens rolled pretty well but on the medium slow side.

Par 3 tees are pretty chewed up but the rest were very nice. Some dry spots in the fairways but outside of this provided solid lies throughout. The rough was patchy as usual.
played 9/22 with USCDodger at 3:18 after our round at Norman. POP 3:40.

The conditions at Stadium were fantastic. Outside of maybe 100 square feet spread over the whole course the fairways were great. The conditions were great all around. Not much I can say other than it was a pleasure to play from these surfaces. Unlike the Norman course, these greens were fast. At least 3-4 points higher on the stimp than Norman. The fast greens were awesome.

The layout is a real brute and even on some long holes you have driver taken out of your hands. Still manages to be a really fun course despite its difficulty.
Played 9/22 with USCDodger at 9:30 am. POP 4:30.

The overall conditions at the Norman course were very good. The tee boxes and fairways were a pleasure to hit from. The bermuda fairways were grown out a little and they tee'd up the ball very nicely. The longer grass did mean the ball wasn't rolling out very far.

The greens were very smooth and true but rolled quite slow. It was difficult to get the speeds right, especially when putting uphill.

The sand what good to hit from, was in 1 greenside and 1 fairway bunker. They were well stocked but not too fluffy.

There is only rough surrounding bunkers to keep balls from rolling in and was in nice shape as well.
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