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Played with the December 2012 GK outing. This course looks beautiful with layout, landscaping, design, and picturesque. The problem is that all the things that make it look so pretty are really are the things that make it challenging, not good or bad, just that. Lots and lots of water here. I usually come overstocked with balls, and had 6 sleeves, and was happy that I still had one left after the round. Wind can pick up a bit here as well. Clubhouse is very nice, and good sized practice facility, although was difficult to find the distances to the flags on the range. The attendants at the front and carts were very attentive. We were treated to an Italian Buffet dinner in a nice dining room, which was delicious enough for a few extra helpings.
For the course itself. The tee boxes were not bad, although nothing to write home about. The fairways were clean and nice, no problems there the couple times I hit from one. The rough can be thick and long in certain areas, where the ball sinks down a bit, although not that difficult to hit from, some nice flyer lies waiting for you out there. Bunkers were inconsistent, some were decent, yet a few were pretty firm. Greens usually sell me for the course, but unfortunately the ones here are not my style. Pretty slow for my taste, as well as many old unrepaired marks, making some puts jump and dance their way to missing the hole. Furthermore, during the GK event, a couple of these holes were cut just next to and almost on the side of a green tier hill. Not get a put to the hole by a couple inches and watch it come right back to you, but it could be a mad greenskeeper that morning.
I love the look of the course, but it doesn't suit my own personal game or style. At least I had some great company to enjoy the pain with.
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Greens are still healing up from being punched here. Will get a bump or two on most putts, so may want to give it some more time. Fairways are pretty nice overall, as are the bunkers and rough. Tee boxes were worked on last month and are getting much better. Pace is usually a problem here, but came out at 2:30 with the high school team to play the front 9 and it went just over 2 hours. This is a fun course when it isn't packed, and can usually find a good deal through the email club.
This course is a good half hour from me but a favorite semi local course. Good layout, typically a good pace, and a very relaxing atmosphere. Greens right now are lightening fast, even uphill. Tee boxes were fine. Rough was pretty nice to hit from, and I had my fair share of these. Many will give you flyer lies which is nice when you are playing against the breeze. Fairways were good in areas and patchy in others. Bunkers were very fluffy, which is a style i prefer. Played at twilight, 2nd group out, only waited a handful of times. Join the email club and get your discounts. Played for $29 riding, which is great for what you get here.

Sierra Lakes Golf Club Review
Fontana California Golf Course Reviews
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Great course, definitely a favorite, and one that I don't mind driving over an hour for. I love the easy to walk layout. Course is almost always if good condition. Yesterday though there were some soggy areas of fairway, although most of it was fine. Tee boxes were great, and bunkers were nice, soft, and fluffy. Rough is tough. Either a decent lie just off the fairway, or a few steps more in and it is mad thickness that you have to chop out of, and a bit beyond that in a few places are bare areas on dried wild grass, which isn't bad. Greens were a bit tough on pins today, as there always seemed to be just less break or just more break than appears.
On a Sunday at 11:30, finished in 4 hours, and only waited a handful of times on the group in front of us. I've had my best round at this course in the past, and one of my worst in years yesterday, but love it here and will be back for sure.

Olivas Links Review
Ventura California Golf Course Reviews
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Played the front 9 with Charter Oak HS golf team walking at 3 pm on a Wed and did the front 9 in just over 2 hours.
Greens were recently punched half a few weeks ago and half last week. 1st set healing great, 2nd half should be smooth in another week or 2.
The tee boxes are the main concern as they begun working on them all and right now are terrible. I am sure they will be nice when they are done, but it looks like that wont be for some time. So if you complain about tee boxes, stay away for a few weeks at least.
Fairways and rough are good, easy to hit from, but nothing memorable, although not bad. Typical decent public course style. Bunkers were nice and soft.
Will be back with them every week, as it is a steal for $7 walking to play as mch as you can get in, and definitely at least 9.

San Dimas Canyon Golf Course Review
San Dimas California Golf Course Reviews
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This course starts outs rough in format, with a difficult first hole and ends in the same way. Great layout with some holes that says you should put the headcover back on your driver. The wind can pick up and make you choose another club, so be cautions of wind as well as elevation changes. Missing the fairway can be very penalizing, as some areas have tree jail around it. Fairways were great from approach range, but a few areas closer to the green in short wedge range were pretty moist and had more than a fair share of fat shots. Greens were a lot different than the Challenge course in a positive way. Must nicer looking, true roll and a good speed. Still a bit firm where approaches will roll a bit, as well as some good undulations.
Seems the greenskeeper may have not been in a good mood or wanted to see how GK handles mean pin placements, as there were many sucker pins of both the Old & Challenge course.
A fun course with a good layout, although very out of the way. I'd play more if I lived within 30 min or so, but only would visit here from LA if a GK event was hosted.

Monarch Dunes Golf Club Review
Central California Golf Course Reviews
Super fun course here! We all love the hopefulness of getting an Ace, and this is course gives you 12 tries in a row. Great layout for a par 3 course. Greens were super firm, never saw a ball mark. At one point a few of us threw our golf balls down hard at the green and still no mark. This greens are crazy fast. On the last hole, there is a severe slope on a 3 tiered green. I was at the top, and barely tapped putt that went about 20 yards. Tee boxes were good, nothing to complain or rave about. Bunkers were different, with brown/orangeish clayish sand. I was in a few of them, and while they looked different, they were nice to hit out off, but had to give the wedge a good washing after each.
Playing early morning with fog around plays tricks on your eyes. Some holes in the 150 yard range looked super far, and at times were just hitting to what looked like a green as we couldnt see the flag. A fun course to play, and one I'd do again if I was nearby.

Monarch Dunes Golf Club Review
Central California Golf Course Reviews
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Tee'd off at 1:30 on a Sunday after the Brit Open with GK LA Golf League and GK'ers Steve, Larry, and Keith. Great company, great grass conditions, rough other conditions. A steady in your face with on each tee shot, no matter what angle. Was rushed out by the starter to hurry and tee off, but on the 2nd hole, there was 5 groups, and then 6 on the 3rd hole. Cleared up at about hole 7 or so though. I thought the practice greens were evil, but similar style to the course, where many slightly tapped putts can roll past the hole and off the green. Course knowledge is huge here, as water can come into play here and there. It's not too tough a walk besides the climb to the 1st par 3 on the back. Wind can be up to a 4 club swing when right in your face. Never saw a cart girl, but a bunch of marshall who laughed when we discussed the pace, they'd rather make jokes.

River Ridge Golf Course Review
Oxnard California Golf Course Reviews
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An interesting 27 hole track here. You do 2 of their 3 9's for your round. Nice conditions tee to green, but the layout is something. Started out with a very short par 4, and some easy holes on the Center 9, but for the Western, it got tough with a bunch of blind tee shots. Not a place I will likely return since it is private and you need to join a member to play, and my member only visits once a year.
Customer services is outstanding here. Dress code is strict and enforced. It is a riding course as well.

Breamar Country Club Review
Los Angeles California Golf Course Reviews
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Holy awesome bucket list golf course Batman! This course was everything I dreamed of, then much more. The course is completely picturesque on every hole. Pulling into the TPC community, it is extremely classy. There a flags of each Players winner along the streets leading up to the clubhouse, then boom, there is the clubhouse in all its splendor. It looked too nice to even open the door. Inside are paintings of memorable moments of the Players of Jack and Tiger and jumping into the water. The clubhouse has everything you can want, although not always in the right size. Hard to find larges for guys. 
Your group will be assigned a forecaddie who will let you know if your drives are safe, gives you distances, helps with putts, and I believe kicks your ball when you drive it into the rough into a place you can hit out of. 
The practice facility is great. Big range, left side for general people and right side for golf pros. 
As for the course, it looked better than what I saw on TV and video games. Grass is green, skys are blue, conditions were great. Tee boxes were cut perfect and easy to tee up anywhere. Fairways are a pleasure to hit off of. Rough is tough, bermuda grass and not easy to hit a longer club out of, but can get an iron on it fine and a wedge great. Bunkers were great to hit out of and nicer to hit out of than the rough. The greens were rolled in the morning and had a moderately quick pace. Lots of break on the holes and can be either negated or amplified by the direction of the grain. 
Then there is the layout. Lots of fun an a new hole each hole. Driver can be rested for many holes as well on par 4's as you want to play for position. Once you hit hole 16, all thought go to the Players Championship and you can relive what you see on TV. Hole 17, hit as many balls as you have until you land one. Not very hard, but can be windy.
In all, a great bucket list experience for anyone and one that will definitely not disappoint.

TPC Sawgrass Golf Course Review
Ponte Vedra Beach Florida Golf Course Reviews
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Played the front 9 after my full 18 at Stadium. Got a deal by the work of GK'er xazntigerx for 50 bucks. I was exhausted after the 18 and lost the rest of my balls by the latter part of the 9 and had to borrow the last 2 holes. Greens are fast and similar to Stadium with bermuda. Main difference was that the fairways are still very sandy from course work. Also, the far rough is different is thicker bladed and longer thanthe Stadium course. Was a slow front 9 with 2 groups on each hole. It's a nice companion to the TPC Stadium, with a few memorable holes having approaches over water and a nice layout.

TPC Sawgrass Golf Course Review
Jacksonville Florida Golf Course Reviews
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I see why this course has the Ritz name. Very nice conditions playing here today. Course was aerated a month ago, and still some slight signs of it, but looks good. Course is in great shape right now. From the range, to putting green, to the customer service, to the course, all in top shape. Course has a nice layout, with places to score and places to play conservative. Tee boxes were great, bunkers were soft, even after being a bit wet from the 15 minutes of drizzle. Fairways are nice to hit out of, as is the rough. Greens are tricky, all have a bit more break than you see, and definitely follows the grain. I would play here again, especially with the rates we were provided. I would hesitate a bit for the rack rate, but would play for sure when any deal pops up.
FYI, a forecaddie will be assigned to your group, keep it in mind as well.

Ritz Carlton Golf Club Grande Lakes Review
Orlando Florida Golf Course Reviews
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