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1150 tee time pre play for a mens club tournament tomorrow. Hot today. I know it was costal but it was for sure hot and humid. With plenty of later day wind.

So funny pulling up to a course like this and seeing the Tony Soprano construction trailer for
the pro shop. Hit the range up to a 1980's Robocop ATM ball dispenser. I sat there for 5 minutes typing the nuclear passcode in and started waiting for the 20's to dispense or the balls.

It was nice having a decent range and the chipping, putting greens were open as well.

They started us on 10 today. I asked one of the employees and he told me they do that every once in a while. Course was busy with solid runs of people all day. I got paired with 3 other players and we were off.

Tee Boxes, they were really good and well maintained.

Rough, rough was tough. You're not supposed to miss so the rough can be challenging. The
waste area sucks though for sure dropped a couple of strokes there.

Sand Traps. I played around them today but they appeared to be maintained.

Fairways, really nice also.

Greens. Greens were solid as well. Not too fast and not as tricky as they probably could be. Probably helps the pace of play. We played in a little of 4 hours.

Great course like the other reviews, great change of pace from all the LA city and county Bell courses that I generally play. Obviously because this is a links style course the wind for sure demands its caution, This course is challenging but fair if you keep your ball in play. Looking forward to playing here tomorrow.
630am tee time, 35 Golf Now deal.

Played as a twosome with a buddy. The course was busy early, lulled then was
pretty solid through out the day.

I play here a lot and have for a few years, That being said.......

Tee Boxes, tee boxes are shabby on several holes. Like on 3 tee box, mow it and level it, I feel
like a drunk walking sideways all over that thing. I guess, if you can water the greens and the fairways why not the tee box? I know, I know, its busy all the time.

Rough, rough was the rough. The typical dry burn out spots around the greens for the ultra hard pan ball release that makes all rounds pleasurable.

Traps, some of the traps were raked and some were raked then watered so it was a harder groove. For example, on 9 the greenskeeper ran a full Caddy shack and had the sprinklers on
Bellagio mode and soaked the entire trap on the left and the front half of the fairway. No biggie, I hit the ball long. I was grateful though for the water show.

Fairways, they were fine and typical, some of the fairways were lush and some were not.

Greens. Ok, I understand the water, change in management ,the drainage, different greenskeeper and all the other gossip I here when I'm at the shop. Ugh!!! These greens are BS. They are so slow. I play everywhere, I play all the ghetto courses, I'll play the fancy clubs, Im a modest player but these greens are sh-t for how much a round costs here. I know its hot, but Sierra Lakes wasn't cool and neither was Encino last week and they could still make their faster than a fat ass sloth crawling in molasses. 60 dollars for a weekend round!? and greens that slow! What a gip!

Look, not trying to be tour pro about Santa Anita. Its a cool course with some nice looking holes. The view is great and when the greens are faster this course is a lot trickier. I understand some of their recent past but they are making money right now so it wouldn't
kill to get their greens up to par as some of the other city and county courses.
715 tee time for the North South with the old guys.

Holy crap! First hole tee box. Standing on the cart path and the tee I get bit by like
100 fire ants in 20 seconds. My ankles and legs look like the nutty professor. Just Welty and itchy.

Watch where you stand!!!!

Teed off the North after applying beer and scotch to the welts.

Course was in good condition, felt humid with the water on the course. Sprinklers and top water throughout the course.

Tee boxes were fine lots of tees on some of them, like a goldmine of tees.

Traps were raked and pretty decent on both courses.

Rough was the rough with nothing to note.

Greens were nice and jolly. Some holes were a little picante but made for a fun day.

POP of was decent we played in a little over 4 hours.

Course was good and worth the price.
850 Tee time with some guys from the club.

Range was open and the ball dispenser at least this time took the cash. Last time the dispensers were not working and its way too far a walk to hit balls and be reminded of
how crappy a player I am 30x.

The course was in good condition and they were watering this place all day and everywhere.

The tee boxes were usual but trimmed, clean and level-ish.

Fairways were good and getting water throughout the day.

Sand Traps, they seemed ok, I was only in one and it had been raked by maintenance so it was fine.

Around the greens were the typical kikuyu that I whine about in most of my posts but the stuff
sucks and it makes it a lot harder hitting a sexual wedge shot when needed. The apron area though, is gold! You can spin, flip, dip, do whatever you want as they are super grabby and very useful for said sexual wedge shots. Around the greens on a couple of holes had those turd tubes sprinkled around like after a punch.

Greens were good, looked like there was some micro punch done but didn't affect the roll
too much. Greens were medium speed and the pins weren't tricky.

POP was good, we were slow because there was about 20 bets going and some of my friends
are dicks about not giving some putts. Its not charity you're looking for, just some compassion.

Lastly, I could have sand blasted my nuts with Gold Bond and that still would not have prepared me enough for the sticky valley death heat that was on tap for todays round.

Bring lots of water when you head out this week.

Hit up Sierra Lakes today.

Got there early and hit balls. Mats today, clean range balls and a beautiful warm morning.

Teed off at 1023, me and my partner paired with a couple of randos.

Course was in good condition but lots of maintenance crew out today.

Cart path only on a couple of holes and lots of seeding, feeding and dirt dropping through out
the course and the day. We saw guys on a lot of holes doing their thing.

Fairways were good but for sure dirt and seed on a few holes.

Rough was fine and a nice change of pace from the Bell design city courses.

Sand Traps, they were hit and miss. A couple were raked or at least sorta raked but a couple
of others had the dried sand castle effect. On 18 fairway bunker it was like a hard pack gravel.
Should have done a full Glamis and made some Brodies in there since they sure as sh-t couldn't rake it.

Greens were nice and rolly all day. they did have some texture but were still pretty smooth. Looked like maybe an old punch from a month ago. The greens were good though.

Super fun course layout and for 59 bucks its a nice change from some of the other places I've been playing but the traps should be better for the cost of this course.

For sure play here but if that sand stays this way bring a beach ball and a pail and have a great time with the foot sand castles.
Had a late day Harding time for 1150am.

Check in is such a hassle at Griffith. I understand the Covid and all, but the check ins are vastly
different between the courses over the city and counties, some you can putt, some you can hit balls others you cant make eye contact. Hopefully, things will go back to normal soon.

Hit the first tee for the usual Harding.

Course was in good shape although there was a lot of water throughout the fairways. Like that
nasty soggy and some were mixed in with old tire marks so that makes it more helpful to play.
Again, its hot and it gets too dry people will complain so I guess they're stuck as well.

Tee boxes are hit and miss. Some are fine and others are so hard you'll look like an 1800's railroad worker trying to put a tee in.

The rough is the rough at GP and around the greens is just so tough, the kikuyu is super
tricky when it gets warm out there. It looks fluffy and fun then Boom! Your club head disappears in the abyss of two chips, duffed shots or bladed glory.

Sand traps, I was only in the 15th's sand. The one on the right sucks. Not a little but a lot. Its sorta like sand and sorta like soft dirt, like they used up the good sand on Wilson and left the balance of gopher dirt in the trap.

Greens. They were fine and medium speed. They rolled well and the breaks were mild, a couple of challenging pins but whatever.

Harding is in good shape just a little water logged in spots. POP was good we finished in 4h15m
Played Koiner this weekend for a special event.

Tee off at 740 am.

Always different for me because the 9's were flipped. Sometimes, you'll even have memories of the old pond that was on the new 9.

POP was whatever as we were playing an event so it didn't really matter. Although we slithered our way through in a little over 4 hours.

Even though that course is treated like garbage by American Golf as they'd rather have people doing donuts in the fairway after a Metallica concert, not having events at the bowl for sure is helping the course quality.

Tee Boxes were good, traps were good and the rough was proper. The greens were
really good and stayed rolly through the day.

Koiner is a demanding course that requires attention but there are some fantastic holes
on the course and while it can be a little spendy at times, the course was for sure in playable
condition for the money.
740am Tee time for Balboa

Bustling morning with both courses pretty busy.

The course was in pretty good condition but, there are a couple of things.

Tee boxes were whatever, normal city conditions,

Fairways and rough were also pretty standard. Hole 3 for sure could use some ground under repair marking, especially by the green, the cart traffic jacked it up pretty well.

The Sandtraps were 50/50. Some of them were raked and others were like sand castles made by retards. Just soggy mounds of old footprints in the bunkers.

The greens, the greens were small punched. Some of them had a pretty excessive plinko
factor yet some how made it towards the hole. The green speeds were rolly but not fast.
Some holes had more left over trim on the greens.

Pace of play was way too slow. Balboa is a short course yet some of these cats teeing it
deep and hitting it short made for a painful morning round. Generally, Ams are quick because
the old guys are trying to beat father death but today I guess they were ready to meet the reaper.
8am tee time with the guys from the shop.

Course condition was pretty good. The fairways were cut and the rough was good.

There weren't really any major issues with the course. Some workers out doing worker
stuff but the course was nice. Fairly busy and when we left at 1230 there must have been
some giveaway because it was packed with people for later tee times.

The back 9 for sure played tougher when the wind was coming in and them blasting TNT
next door was an interesting distraction for sure.

The greens were good but got a little bumpier on the back and some of the sand traps were
soaked with cementy type sand. 9 and 18 traps were totally crappy.

Anyways, for 32 bucks with whatever deal my buddy got it was still a fun place to head out
and hit the links for a week day round.
830am tee today, played with a friend and a couple of randos.

Course was is decent condition.

Fairways and rough were the usual Hansen Dam. It did look good though.

The traps were raked which is nice for those that are more geological in their play.

Greens, greens were small hole punched and sand. The ball rolled well as you can tell the
greens were rolled. The green speed was a little slower but still better than a lot of other courses. The ball did roll true though. Some top water and soggy spots on the greens but
at least they aren't dried to a crisp.

Still a good round with moderate heat and moderate wind.
Hit up Santa Anita for an Am run with the old guy crew.

Nice playing with the old guys, I hit a driver 210 and they think I'm a blaster ( I kid, I kid).

Santa Anita is generally spotty during the hot summer and honestly, the course fairways
seemed better than the last couple of years. Yes, theres parts, but all in all its ok.

Now the real truth.

45 bucks to walk with greens that slow is total BS! I get that they have green issues in the summer, so I understand the grass length and watering, however, courses like American Golf ( who I hate) generally have much faster greens in the summer and in the same area, ( mountain meadows, San Dimas, Knollwood. Generally, all the city courses are faster as well. I play around 2/3 times a week and I play everywhere. I do understand with them loosing greens in the past and people love to full on Glamis their golf carts up to the greens so that doesn't help with the patchyness but 45 to walk is weak with those green speeds.

Sand Traps there are generally ok and the course has some fun and challenging holes with some great views.

Maybe, Next time I'm out I'll leave the driver at home and bring a weed eater to cut the greens a touch more

Hit up Woodley yesterday.

840 Tee time for pending death march into the valley sun.

It was hot out, not as bad in the am but by 1250 when we finished, yes, it was hot.

Fairways were usual Woodley, dry spotty but playable.

Sand Traps were whatever, some were raked some were not.

Tee Boxes were typical muni course nothing to note.

Greens were slow, lots of top water. They are keeping greens wet across most of the muni courses because of the earlier noted death heat.

We played a modest pace and Woodley was its usual predictable Woodley self.
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