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Played Wed 4/29, 12pm tee time but teed off early as a single.

Course has made some changes since last year: they've flipped the front and back nines, so that you are now teeing off on what used to be the #10 hole and finish your round on the former #9, which is right next to the clubhouse. I was told they did in an effort to speed up play as well as end with an easier Par 4 hole as opposed to one of the harder Par 5's.

Aesthetically I was bit disappointed today. The usually green driving range is now a sea of brown dirt and patches of neglected grass, though the actual practice area is green. While one would never describe this course as "verdant" the front nine outside of the tee boxes themselves, the fairways and the greens looked torn apart and there appeared to major cart damage all along the borders of most holes. All normal hitting and landing areas were in good shape, but stray at all and you'll find yourself either in hardpan or a muddy, overwatered area of the course.

Some bunkers, particularly in the fairways, were also overwatered and muddy. Most seemed to have enough sand from which to play a decent shot, though many are quite deep and are a definite challenge from which to play. The greens can be diabolical. If you're not close (and even if you are in some cases), it can be d%mn near impossible to avoid three putting on many holes. It is imperative you end up on the right level or your score will skyrocket. This can be challenging though, as the hardness of the greens and the speed and degree of slope make it difficult to hold all but the best iron shots into them.

Customer service was good today: no issues with the clubhouse, starter or cart girl. POP was a disappointing 4 hours plus, due to a foursome that would not yield. First seven holes played in about an hour; last 11 played in 3 hours. Hey Old White Guys: it's okay to let other players play through. You won't lose your man card doing so.

Played Wed 4/22, early morning tee time. I'll say this for Apache Creek, they do have nice facilities: good clubhouse and dining area, HUUUGE driving range and reasonably priced balls, nice chipping area and putting area.

The course itself I've never really cared for. It's flat (think Toka Sticks with a bit more mounding around the greens), there is no rough to speak of and any ball hit slightly off will find the vast stretches of desert area. This can be both a benefit and a curse, more often a curse.

Tee boxes were in good shape, plenty of flat green hitting areas. Fairways had good but thin coverage, bunkers had enough sand in them to hit decent shots out of them. The greens were in good shape, but definitely had a "repel all boarders" mentality. Very hard and very fast. A good shot at the flag often ended up 20-30 past, frequently rolling off the green. Need to hit the ball short of the flag and run it up there.

Signature hole is #6, a Par 3 to an island green. While water can come into play on 6 holes (5, 6 & 7 all have the lake to contend with, and 13, 15 & 17 have a small creek meandering through them), the water levels are so low right now that the intimidation factor is minimized (or even eliminated, as the creek was dry in many areas, allowing a ball to run through the catch areas back onto a fairway). POP was right around 3 hours, and will probably only get faster as the summer wears on, not unlike the greens.

Played today @ 9am. Good news is all the snowbirds who gridlock this course in the fall/winter are gone. Course was wide open today, playing quickly as a single I still didn;t catch any other group until the 10th hole.

Tee boxes are in superior shape: flat, green and lush. Fairways are mixed green and brown, still few bad lies to be found. Rough is either dirt or patchy, still playable. Greens are receptive and fast when faced with a downhill putt, but will slow on a steeper uphill putt. Key as always, is accuracy to the pins, lest your ball slide off the wrong side of these steep-sloped greens.

Played today at 9am under sunny skies and a steady, continuing breeze. Course continues to undergo changes as far as amenities are concerned, probably in response to the TopGolf location that recently opened up a few miles away. Driving range now has a couple large canopies available for protection from the sun while hitting, the kiosk that has been empty for almost a year has been completed and is now where you buy your balls and other merchandise, and they are expanding their secondary clubhouse and claim they will have an indoor driving range soon, though I am dubious of how much room it will actually hold once completed.

The course itself is standard Greenfield Lakes fare: trimmed fairways with mostly green landing areas, limited brown rough, firm, fast greens in good shape. There are no bunkers here, just keep it away from the aforementioned lakes and practice your short game. Once the price drops under $20, this course is a great value for honing your 6I-PW game.

Played as part of a twosome, paired up with a single at 9:15am, actually got out at 9:08am.

Perfect day for golf, and a nice way to start my 2015 golfing campaign. Las Colinas is a very meat and potatoes course, nothing fancy, just a solid course mostly catering to locals and those who are local six months out of the year. Very good service today from the clubhouse guy, the starter and the cart girl, all were on point.

Tee boxes are all in good shape even on the par 3s, not too many divot marks making it difficult to find a spot from which to hit. Fairways are green with some bare patches, some areas a little thicker due to winter coverage (before the summer heat burns it down). No real rough to speak of, if you hit off the fairway you're either in dirt/rocks or slightly higher than normal grass. Really pleased with the greens; they rolled very true, were moderately fast and very few bumps to be found. I had numerous putts of prodigious length, and only one 3-putt, as the balls went where they were aimed. PoP was approximately 3 hours 40 minutes, which is quite nice for this time of year.

Played 12/21 for $19 on a GN discounted rate, which included a small bucket of balls Course let me out 45 minutes early to play with a two-some, very happy they did. Great conditions, mild and sunny, no wind at all.

This course is a destination year after year for Snowbirds. Never been paired with anyone locally in the wintertime, and this was no exception. Tee boxes were in good shape, and very, very wide areas to choose from on most holes. Course is mostly flat except around the greens, and the raised areas can add 1/2 to a full club on many shots. There are six Par 3s, all but one of which measure over 180 yards, and today all were playing at the blue flag, which added an extra 10-12 yards to the shots. The Par 3s can definitely eat up your score in a hurry if you're not careful. The Par 4s are pretty redundant and generally long, but the five Par 5s are all reachable for better hitters (at least in the summer time). Oddly, thanks the layout, I never used my 8,9 or PW on any hole; I either had a hybrid/fairway wood into the hole, or was left with a little lob wedge.

Bunkers ranged from fair to very good, some still water from a recent rain. Greens were quick but not crazy. Customer service was excellent today.

Played on a $30 email special 12/14. Paired up with a father/son who come out here every year. Never played this course in the winter before; the biggest difference between now and summer conditions is the rough, and the volume of it. In the summer, balls it common for balls to have an extra 15-20 yards of roll, and the rough is rarely more than 1" higher than the fairway. Today, rough in places was as high as 6", and commonly 4" and very wet and sticky due to recent precipitation. definitely made the course play longer and harder than usual. My partners agreed with me that they had never seen grass this high at Mountain Brook before.

The other major change were the bunkers, the subject of an ongoing reclamation project by the course. I'm happy to say that all the green side bunkers now boast nice fluffy sand, making actually bunker shots a reality for the first time in years on this course. Fairway bunkers still closely resemble rocky hard pan conditions, but one thing at a time. PoP was a little over 4 hours, to be expected with the time of year.

Quick review for December 2014: course is in good winter shape. Tee Boxes are a bit worn in areas, but the fairways are very green and the greens are in good shape. Bunkers are in their usual mediocre condition, with little loose sand and ostly hard pack in most of them. Biggest issue may be the snowbirds: It took one full hour to play the first three holes. Thankfully, most of the foursomes ahead only played 9 holes, so the course really opened up on the back nine.

Mediocrity has a name, and that name is Ahwatukee. Just like no one plans to go to Denny's, you simply end up there, no should plan to go to Ahwatukee Golf Club, just end up there when all other options are unavailable.

To be fair, the fairways were in very good condition Sunday. Carts are requested to stay out of the fairways still and stay on what passes for cart paths and the rough. There is a decent driving range and a putting green is located right next to a very busy street.

Tee boxes are fair. Oddly, there are two sets of White (middle) tees: one for members, and one for the rest of us, I guess. Rough is either patchy grass, dirt or bark. While some bunkers appear to have usable sand in them, most look like they can be putted out of. Greens, despite the recent overseed, are splotchy, with many dried out areas on most greens, and anything but a high pitch shot will run and often off the green. For some reason, they have removed all the ball washers from the course, so come prepared. As one of the lesser priced alternatives in the SE valley, this course gets a lot of play in the winter-time, but I'd hate pay anything above what GN charges; paying full rack rate here anytime is probably not your best value.

Played Friday 11/21, matched up with a father/son and sent off 20 minutes early (8:30am).

Greenfield Lakes is off cart path only and under 90 degree rule now, though you can drive as much as you want in the fairways. Course is as you'd expect a neighborhood executive course to be: all around in decent shape, from tee to green. A nice place at which to practice your iron game. Right now, course seems to be overly watered and is quite muddy, particularly around the greens. In the summer, you can often run up balls onto the greens; those same balls today will get you plugged five yards short of the green. Need to carry all the way to make sure you're putting. No cart service available, even for a very busy Friday morning which included some 5-and-possibly-6-somes being sent out. Even with that, PoP checked in at a surprisingly spry 3.5 hours.

Played Sunday 11/16 with a discounted GN rate. Bag was taken by a clubhouse guy when I walked up. Checked in to a couple complaining that he was told the course would match the online rate (that I was getting) as opposed to the $59 the club was charging him. Dude was told they don't match online rates and that was that. Outisde of two hitting bays on the way to the first tee, there isn't much of a warm-up area. I'm told that even though there was ample space to provide at least a small driving range, the developer refused to release the other parcels necessary to allow a range to be built. A shame, because that would make Silverado, already one of the best values in Scottsdale, an even higher tier course.

Built out of a former waste and flood control area, Silverado is a great example of what happens when politicians actually THINK and come up with a great plan to turn wasted space into a multi-purpose athletic use area. Anyway, one of Silverado's unique features is having six Par 3s (three per side), including the finishing hole looking down to the green over a lake. The biggest hazards on this course are the trees which line most of the fairways, making someone with a hook or slice pay for their lack of accuracy. There are a decent amount of bunkers, both fairway and greenside, and while avoided them today, all/most appeared to be in good-to-decent shape, having enough sand to allow for the shot of your choice.

The course is out of fall overseed, but both the 1st and 10th holes (Par 5s) are still cart path only, so, along with the six Par 3s means almost half the course is still on cart path, so rounds will be slower. PoP was as I expected, around 4.5 hours, and I don't see that speeding up again until summer.

Fairways and tee boxes are green; rough can be thick but rarely crazy. Greens were fast but readable (I made over 120' feet worth of putts, so take that for what it's worth). Ocassionally bumpy, as the greens were pelted with unrepaired ball marks. Be sure to bring a wet towel with you on this course; I don't think I've ever had my golf ball get more consistently muddy from both the fairways and the greens as it does at Silverado.

Scottsdale Silverado is fun course, not overly taxing or strategic but enjoyable nevertheless. Definitely recommend for people who are more budget conscious but want to play in the Scottsdale area.

Played Sunday 11/2, course was still cart path only (not advertised on the GN site). For an upscale course, I was surprised there was no one to take my clubs and put them on a cart. Those were the last two negative surprises I experienced on this course.

Facilities: a large, grassy driving range in excellent condition, multiple putting, chipping, sand wedge areas for practice. Carts are electric with an ice chest and ball/club washer provided. Surprisingly, no GPS on the carts. Each cart is provided a yardage book, which is full color and very helpful.

Course conditions were superb after the fall overseed. All tee boxes were green and level. Never a bad lie all day in the fairway and the rough was as high as 6 inches or more in areas, so don't let your ball stray or have trouble finding it. Bunkers all appeared to be in good to excellent condition (was only in one, a good condition one). Greens were fast and true, even this close to the overseed (no bumps) and rolled with less break than one might expect.

The course gives you multiple options from which to tee: Blacks are 7,072 yards, Golds are 6407, Whites measure at 5724 and Reds go for 4880. As a 12-14 handicap who hits drives in the 225 yard area, I choose playing from the Golds (there are also Black/Gold, Gold/White and White/Red combos that can be selected). There are four 400+ yard Par 4s: 404 yard #7, 422 yard #10, 421 yard #11 and 435 yard #15. I managed to par two of them and bogey the other two (both times missing 6' putts to save par) so I didn't find the course too overwhelming for even a moderate hitter such as me.

Overall, possibly my most enjoyable round ever on a Scottsdale course. Staff was friendly, pace of play was satisfactory and course conditions made it a very enjoyable day. Highly recommended.

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