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I used to play this course frequently when I lived in the area so it was nice to have a reason to come up and play it again. I played the last week of July.
This course is just plain beautiful as you walk up to check in. Clean carts at the ready, smiling friendly staff, practice greens perfect just like the real one's you are going to play on.
I don't like putting on the practice greens then finding out the "real" greens are slower/faster.
Here, they are fast period. You don't want a downhill or sidehill putt on this course.
The tee boxes were perfectly flat with nice grass to hit off of, the traps had nice fluffy white sand in them making it easy so to speak to get out of.
The fairways were nice and green with a few brown spots here and there but no bare spots.
There was no ground under repair anywhere on the course.
The rough is rough and in some spots pretty deep so keeping it in or near the fairway is a must plus hitting into the Oak trees that line the fairways means poison oak everywhere so unless you can see your ball and reach it with a club in your hand I would forget the ball.
The greens are immaculate on this course, it is almost like players are afraid to leave a ball mark on them.
They run true and fast too.
POP was 3.5 hours at a very relaxing pace.
We didn't have too many issues with wind however it does come up causing you to club up especially on #17 where with no wind you are hitting 6 iron 170 yards to windy when that 6 turns into a 3 iron.
Love this course never disappointing aside from my total score. Well worth the drive plus you got Solvang, Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara nearby.
Played Friday July 22 with 3 other Guru's, Mike, Andy as well as JohnnyK. The course was looking great, whomever is rating this course at 3's and 4's should get back out there.
I would say the course is in great shape, the fairways were green and smooth with a patch of dry grass on maybe a couple of holes.
The greens were medium fast and true.
Bunkers were nice and fluffly.
It was a very warm/hot day so it was a surprise not to see the snack/drink cart til we reached the last 3 holes.
I personally enjoyed watching 5 hdcp. players kill the course while they patiently had to watch a 23 hdcp playing to a 30 on this day without one single grumble.
I was truly embarassed with my play not wanting to disrupt their rhythm or pace of play however they all just kept on encouraging me to relax as well as "atta boying" the few good shots I did make.
It turned out being a great outing with 3 of the best GK ambassadors on a truly fine course.
Went out at 910am finishing up 1240pm for a POP of 3.5 hours.
The course is in better than average condition if you take in that the bunkers are under repair for the most part with the ones in play playing nicely with soft sand.
Some of the fairways are patchy with some bare spots. A patch of grass is close by so we weren't obligated to hit from the patches.
The greens are the best part of the course and are in great shape running medium fast to fast.
I was disappointed at the patches on the greens especially #14 which has been in horrible shape for quite some time.
Staff is always friendly. Did see the water guy but no cart girls at that time.
Did enjoy a nice cheesesteak w/fries for $9. Best deal IMO.
Love this course, can't wait til they get it back in prime shape.
Played Wed April 6 on a whim and had no problem walking on as a single. Being a Veteran helped with a few bucks on the rate so I only paid $19 to go out at 12:30pm as a single player paired up with another single.
The pace of play was great, we finished the front in just over an hour and a little longer for the back. I was back at home near SDSU at 4:40pm.
Tee boxes were in decent shape as were the greens and sand traps, some of the fairways had some bare spots but nothing too bad.
Staff was courteous.
This was my first time playing this course, I am anxious to try the "North" side.
I may have just found a new favorite course.
Found a coupon here and thought it was a mistake since the course is private but it was not and I was told that the course occasionally opens up to the public with specials so keep an eye open as of now I have not seen another.
This course is beautiful with fast greens, narrow fairways lined with houses/condos in some spots.
The clubhouse where we received our cart key, etc. is small.
The driving range is as well and needs work.
The fairways were cut short and relatively green throughout.
Tee boxes were in good shape and the greens were running at about a 9 on the stimp meter per my guess.
The course is worth playing if you are in the area and I would play the course again hoping for a few upgrades to the clubhouse and range.
Last but not least the food in the bar/restaurant is excellent.
Played Eastlake Friday 2pm excited since as a member of the email club I got a message saying the course was in prime condition and wide open since it was cart path only while the re seeding was going on. This is also after a month since the aerated the greens.
Well the rough was long, I could set my club down and it would disappear half way into the rough. On top of that where they did cut it down they left it to lie or decompose into the earth which is great for the earth but not for golfing.
The greens on Hole 2, 3, 13 were absolutely horrible and the pin placement on 13 was right where the damage was ?
I love this course when it is taken care of so I was very disappointed.
The pace of play that late in the afternoon was absurd. I finally left the course after 13 driving around 4 some after 4 some as a single to find 2 open holes in front of the 4 some holding everyone else up. Where was the Marshall, Ambassador, Volunteer ?
They have GPS on the carts and should have been able to notice it easily.
The playable greens were nice and fast, the fairways were nice and I wish I had no report on the traps but I was in a couple of them and they were really smooth and soft.
I will come back in a couple more weeks or a month from now having been very disappointed with having waited for so long to finally play after all the course maintanence to find it in such bad shape.
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