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Played here Wednesday evening. Needed a golf fix and went off at 5:09. This place is cool. It caters to locals. They keep the club house open til 6 and even give a discounted after 5 tee time for $20. Most closes shut the club house at 5 and try to get you off the course at 7 maybe 7:30. Typically the cart guys will give you death stares when you come back late at other places. But here they are laid back. Want you to have a good time. It's a nice relaxed atmosphere.

That being said. The greens were bad. Without pulling in tourists this course has let the course go to summer conditions. It appears the greens were punch maybe a few weeks ago. There wasn't holes, but a residual sandiness and patchy dried out grass. The ball rolled okay but once it lost speed it wouldn't track. Very inconsistent from green to green. I had the ball stop in a divot 3 times on the lip. The first green is horrendous shape and few others were poor. But most were okay.

Fairways are going. A lot of brown and dried out areas. A lot of the tee boxes and around the greens had dead dried out areas. Nothing terrible. The course is in solid shape for a local course in the peak of summer with discounted green fees.

The course is fun though. A few holes are some of the funnest out here to be honest, just a poor layout and flow. With a few changed holes and a little more space this could be a solid course. It's actually a good test of your short game now with the dry firm conditions. 1st time I played I played conservatively and it was a day at the office. But I tried to overpower the course today and it punched me in the Jaw. There was a little wind, and there is not much room behind a lot of the greens. With the firm conditions and wind it didn't take much for a ball to bounce into OB noodle house. I also holed out from 79 so that always makes the round funner.

With managed expectations this is a fun round.
Played here Saturday evening for $39. Had played the Faldo side twice thus far this summer. Credit to the starters they had steered me to Faldo indicating it's in the better shape. I chose to mix it up and play the Palmer side. Not anywhere close to the conditions on the other side.

It's obvious they are keeping Faldo in more resort condition for the guests (Scenically more enticing course) This side has been let go to summer conditions. Definitely good summer conditions though.

Greens were good which is the most important thing. A little dried out, with some dried out ballmarks. But great medium/fast speed. Good roll. Bunkers were fine. Consistent little thicker sand. Tee boxes were not the best. Fair amount of divots and even dead areas in some tees. Fairways mostly great, but there were ground under repair areas around a few greens and some dead areas in others. Visually looked poor, but good conditions for summer outside the dead areas.

The course layout is great. Great mix of holes and flow to the course. Numbers 9 and 17 and fun holes. It's a great layout in decent shape for summer.
Played the Talon Tuesday night at 4:00 - Finished in under 3 hours. Snagged a $45 last minute online tee time.

After learning from Raptor that Grayhawk is over priced and over hyped (more for the social scene) I went into playing Talon with limited expectations after having one of the bigger let downs playing Raptor.

The staff here is some of the best. Top notch in all regards.
I was really impressed with the conditions. The grass is in great shape here. It was a tad more dried out but great coverage for summer. There are burned out and brown areas in the middle of some fairways and surrounding the green complexes. But those were the exception. Some of the tee boxes were a little dried out and brown around the edges. But excellent fairways and around the greens. The greens were great. More dried out and firmer but very much high quality greens 8/10. The sand here is awesome, the high quality crushed granite. Some bunkers could use more sand but you can always say that.

Really fun layout. Front 9 is standard high quality desert golf but nothing memorable. Back nine comes to life. Awesome layout around a ravine. Great variety of holes, fun risk reward options, great site lines, elevated greens, flowing bunkers, and rounded knobs around the greens. 17 and 18 didn't quite fit the course. But still fun holes. The holes are a blast to play and I loved every minute of it. Highly recommend playing for the right price.
Been working on my game a lot and wanted to test it. Snagged a 6:20 tee time Saturday for $49.

I played like a drunk sailor and played with a brutally slow twosome for a 4.5 hour 2nd group off disaster, but the course was amazing.

Greens were perfect. Couldn't find any issues. Little slower than usually but most likely from having actual moisture. From tee to green everything was green, lush and near perfect.

Only minor flaws. Some yellow areas of grass around the edges of the turf. Sand is consistent but too thick in my opinion (Needs to be fluffier). Good amount of divots on the tees. Those were the only issues. Otherwise flawless brutal scenic golf at Quintero. Tough to match.
Played here at 6:40 on the 4th of July. Been wanting to play here but its a tad further away so I figured the 4th would be a good treat. I was pleasantly surprised by this course. I would say it's a step up desert resort course in great shape.

They must water the heck out of this course but it is a deeper lusher green than most in the area. It's a nice fun wide course. Big greens. Big bunkers. Greens were medium speed. Cut low but not dried out rock. Very consistent bunkers and flat tee boxes. It does stand true to a desert course as the edges are very penal with many desert elements to navigate. But with 60 yard wide fairways you have room to maneuver. A mix of large elevated greens, and small heavily protected greens add the challenge. I would rate this as a great weekend round with friends or vacationing average golfers where you can bomb and spray it more than usual.

Really fun course in excellent shape.
Played here first off on Tuesday. Finished in about 3.5 hours

Really fun course and besides the greens is in great shape. From tee to green very green and lush conditions. Very minor dried out areas nor many muddy areas For this time of year outstanding lushness of grass. Some of the tee boxes were slightly unlevel but nothing bad.

Sand was inconsistent. Texture was more coarse and needed more sand in the bunkers but not bad. Greens were almost recovered from a punch. The balls were rolling fair, the main issue was there greens were still a little shaggy and hadn't been mowed tight and rolled enough yet. Maybe a week or so the greens will finish healing and firm up and the course will be much more challenging and enjoyable.

Really fun track. Not too tight. Great conditions and a fun closing. Always worth a play.
Played here at twilight with KC Leonard again Went off at 4:30 finished under 3 hours.

I loved watching the Cartbarnguys and wanted to play here. They recently finished the massive renovation of the clubhouse, ASU practice facility, and driving range. The amenities are awesome. Top notch club house, amazing staff, great open aired bar. While I didn't want to hit balls in 102 heat the driving range looks world class now.

The conditions were rough today, I was let down. The greens were scorched. Mowed way too short and firm and brown. Appeared some greens had some burrowing bugs leaving small dirt hills. They weren't fast but the ball won't stop on a downslope. Just keeps trickling. It appears they may have punched the greens earlier in the month which may help explain the condition. The greens were not good. Let's leave it at that.

Bunkers were consistent, consistently low on sand. The sand is dirty clumpy sand as well.

The fairways were nice. Firm conditions today so it helped the course play much shorter. We never felt the distance today from the tips except the par 3's . Papago has big boy par 3's from the tips 3 are 240+.

Aside from the damaged greens the main problem was the through the greens area of the course. Outside of the fairways there is a lot of bare dirt and patchy grass.

The course is a good layout and I bet in better shape it is a nice golf course. It's a full size championship course. You will have to hit driver on the par 4's and be able to play the doglegs. If I lived closer this would be a fun weekday knock around golf. But it is definitely over-hyped and pales in comparison to the other offerings if you are out of town.
Played here last twilight with a special guest. KC Leonard is the current active armed forces golf club champion. He had a tournament upcoming here and I was more than happy to have a running mate.

We got out at 4:45 flew and saw 1 person and had the course to ourselves. Easily finished 18 with epic sunsets to close.

The course was even in better shape than when I played pinnacle a month or two ago. The course is pristine right now. Greens were a tad slower than accustomed too. Maybe rolling medium / fast here which is slow for this type of course. Absolutely rolling lush carpet greens.

Fairways were immaculate. Green as can be still, which is amazing this time of year. Bunkers and every other amenity was perfect as always.

The weather and conditions could not have been better.

I had to find ways to nitpick this review. There were some yellow areas on some of the tee boxes. Also there wasn't rough. Those are the only nitpicks I could fine.

The views from the closing here are unmatched. When you add the customer service, 36 holes, and prisitne conditions. You're foolish to play elsewhere. This is as best as it gets. If you were waiting for a time to play Troon N with awesome conditions / avoid the 110+ summer heat / and not spend $360 NOW is the time. Rare window of pre summer punching, reseeding pureness.
Played here 7:00 Sunday morning - POP 4:30

I love playing here as it's a true test to see where your game is at. The few times I have been it does play slow as it is so difficult people struggle.

Greens were perfect. Had a little moisture from the morning so the chips had some check, and they rolled absolutely true. No bumps or dried out areas on these greens.

Fairways were great. No dry patches, just the colors turning for summer. A few fairways had some muddy spots from spinklers and divot damage but that getting picky.

The grass around the greens is getting dried out and dormant, the yellow and browns are coming in but very playabale. Visually the course is making the transition to summer, but is still in great shape.

Awesome track with always great prices for the locals.
Played here last week after work twilight. Kinda of cool they offer an after 5 super twilight rate. Off to a good note. Customer service in the pro shop was excellent here I have to say.

Course is in solid shape. Greens were good and rolled well. Fairways are starting to go for summer. Much more brown and bare spots than I have seen on other courses. Tee boxes were also worn and have had some play. I don't believe I hit it in the sand this day.

This has been the hardest course to review. Sometimes splicing an experience down element by element can take away what is most important in the first place. At the end of the day we play golf to have fun, and this course delivered a fun golf experience. I had a blast playing it.

However, while nothing is bad with this course, it's like three different courses in one with bad design and flow. The best way I can describe it is a few mix matched singles on an album with no flow. The course is too short at 6,004 yards and seemed to be limited on space. It starts off great as you climb into the hills with great views of a true desert course. No 4 is one of the best holes in the valley in my opinion. But then the course turns inland and you have flat house lined holes that feels like a 70s country club. Then there' this bizarre par 3 created in front of the restaurant that was very artificial and out of place. Then the course circles a concrete man made lake covered in moss. Not very scenic nor unique. Then 18 is like a swampy marsh Southern style hole. Very odd mix of holes.

That being said. I had a great time. It's a fun course. It reminds me of Tecolote in San Diego with the holes playing in and out of the canyon. I would rate it as a fun course to play with family and non serious golfers.
Played here last Thursday with a coworker. $45 with the troon card.

I was finally able to play the full North 18. Last summer had routed both front nines.

Greens were sandy and still have the track marks from a punch a few weeks ago. They were not quite healed enough to be puttable. I would say give it two more weeks and the greens will be back to normal.

Tee box to green was great. Almost pure conditions with your standard brown patchy rough areas. Top notch condition for this time of year.

Its a beautiful mature course. The backdrop and scenery are great. Wider fairways and scenic par 3's and manicured tee boxes. It's a shorter more straightforward desert course. It is one of the more mature courses out here and there is no desert recovery here. The South course is definitely the signature course and the one you want to play.

The only unique thing with this side are the blind tee shots from the back tees. Starting with No 10 there are some intimidating blind, nearly blind tee shots you just have to send it over the cactus.

Definitely worth a play during summer. But the N side is not worth a destination trip.
A freak cold spell and summer prices are recipe for a good time. Snagged the 4:50 tee time for $25 and only saw 1 other group the whole round. I had tried to play here last summer. Due to excessive heat and terribly slow play I bailed after nine wand left with a sour taste in my mouth.

This course is a tale of two nines. The front nine is average and too short and congested in my opinion. It is solid but nothing memorable. But wow, the back nine ranks easily the best in the valley. The view from the 10th tee is spectacular. Holes 12, 14, and 16 are awesome holes. Top notch desert golf behind the rugged backdrop of the nearby mountain. 14 is a top hole in Phoenix in my opinion. After being eased to the finish with easier straight forward holes 18 is a great finisher.

The greens were near perfect. Firm and quick but not too fast. Very few ball marks. Sand was great. A little coarse and scare in some but mostly consistent. Holes were fun because you get great member bounces off the raised edges and the grass was mown thin so the balls collected down in the fairways. Some of the fairways have some small arears under repair. Looks like some minor resoding is nearing completed in some small areas. Fairways had many brown spots, but to be expected leading into summer.

Great conditions at an awesome value. Eagle Mountain back is spectacular I want to be back. I would rank it as a tamer more player friendly SunRidge Canyon with more extreme desert style golf holes.
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