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Played Balboa Thursday Dec 17th at 11:00. I am on a quest to golf nomad and finish playing every course in San Diego Balboa was first on the list. The course is a muni and it is in muni condition. Not terrible but, not great. Bunkers are average to below average. Fairways are above average. Greens are above average. The course itself (we played from back tees) is very tight and risk reward. I hit 3 wood off many tees. It was a good test and I enjoyed it.
Course condition: Greens were running fastish and were pretty clean from ball marks but as someone had said before the greens are a little soft so they were a little foot printed up which when the greens a running a little fast, can cause havoc. Around green had bare spots in some areas. Course has a lot of mixed grasses and rough really wasn't present. Was not in any bunkers but they looked nice.
My Bias- I did not like the course. Yes you can spray it and be ok but, there were too many blindish shots for my liking. I am not a fan of bunting it out there and then hitting to a super elevated flag (that you cannot see) or hitting to a tiny landing spot. It is the same issue i have with courses like stoneridge. It was my first time playing here and I would play it a bit better a second time but< I doubt there will be one.

Staff was very very pleasant and kept us on pace as well as everyone on course on a crowded Sunday. range was of mats and had large putting area.
Played Sunday 5-17 and I cannot decide how to rate it exactly because the consistency is not consistent. The greens were fast in some spots and slow on others. The fairways were all nice with no bare spots that I saw. Tee boxes were level... but the bunkers... Some were really nice with fantastic sand and some were bare like bare bare... but one, I do not get how it wasn't GUR... It was so bare that the french drain was exposed. I like the course but don't think I will be going back until I read here that things have improved. It's too far removed to make the trip for what it is. And the driving range grass is way to long.
Played 4-1-2015 with Rudyclub. Course shape obviously is immaculate since it is so new... I am curious as to how it will look in a few years. Sand is top notch, fairways perfect. If I can sum it up to save you time reading positives, it is perfect. Greens are crazy tough to read and I wonder if it is because they are so new. I swear it would break but never did, so I stopped playing break. Negatives... I food. The food setup is bad. 9 doesnt some back to clubhouse, and no cart girl. The only other problem is, it is 1.75-2 hours from my doorstep. It would be hard to sell my wife on a stay and play since there is nothing for her to do in town. Other than that, I love this course.
I knew based on reviewers I trust (TG) what I should expect going in... Gripes: Fairways have dirt in fairway, lots of bare spots, traps varied from mud-dirt-chrunchy sand-soft sand- hole to hole so it did provide quite the challenge. Good: most of the greens left me rather impressed by their roll and quality... Overall: I paid $20 and played because I have a tournament there soon. Otherwise I doubt I would have made the trip. This is a course where you can use all the clubs in your bag which is rare. Sadly, with the lack of rain and the hot summer, the course is penal where it shouldnt be (fairway). Ive said it before... Until courses stop watering where they shouldnt, the rest of the course will suffer. Staff was uber friendly and my overall feeling was that of enjoyment.
Played great and left disappointed. I think that is the true testament to the conditions of the course. Key points to consider 1. It did not rain much this year 2. The course is in a very hot hot area in the summer. So, it is going to brown, I totally get it...Therefore I will omit any criticism of brown spots in the fairways.... The skinny, good course gone bad. They do not have a range they have a net to hit in (which I understand) since not all courses have the space. However, how about you put maybe 10-15 balls in the net? There are none. I am sorry, I am not going to hit my gamer into the net. Tee boxes are fair to horrid. Probably my biggest complaint about the conditions, the fairway and greenside bunkers. The fairway bunkers are full of weeds and the greenside are more dirt/sand (you need more bounce)... I guess my frustration comes from the fact that I actually like this course. It is a fair test and fun layout but its going downhill... GREENS soft and tad slow but were healthy and rolled true. I doubt greens ever roll very fast here as a way to help out.
So, I have never paid $200 for a round of golf for a lot of reasons. I still won't, unless I am playing edgewood. I have always wanted to play this course and now that I have, I want to again. Let me tell you why... The course is BEAUTIFUL. I have never played a course that can hold a candle to this one. Lake Tahoe is in view from almost every hole. The grass is great, the greens roll true, the range is great, the chipping area is great, the putting green is great. Every hole offers something unique. Every hole is memorable and I often caught myself just spacing out looking around. The conditions were perfect and the only complaint I have is something most courses dont have anyways... I want a smaller sand to carry since I am a carry walker. I hate leaving divots with nothing to repair them with. The best part of this course is, it is a fair test for your average golfer. The course is a faders course and since most amateurs miss right, it gives you the chance to shoot a decent score. Sorry Classic Club, you've been replaced.
Played Friday at 8:21am as a foursome. The course is, in my opinion, pristine. Tee boxes: lush and level...Fairways: 99% beautiful green carpet. Only one bare spot and it was being roped off to be repaired. Bunkers: thick and damp, I dont recall if they are always like this but I think they are. Its heavy sand but there is 4 inches deep of the stuff. GREENS: are currently PERFECT. and rolling suuuper fast. It takes a while getting use to them after slow greens. I tapped a few short puts and they rolled by 10ft. despite playing poorly, I was happy because, for me, this was the first time TP really made me want to just hang out and look at it after my round was done. GO PLAY
Ok, I am going to give a detailed breakdown of Lexington 2-15-13 @8am ...
1. As some have said, the staff was so awesome and accommodating that I would almost come back solely on that.
2. The practice green was like carpet, shaggy carpet. I find it frustrating when the practice green does not match the greens on the course. In this case I was praying they were not the same.
3. Course was wide open. I didnt see a single person and for the first time in a long time, I was able to "practice" different shots off the tee, approach (safe vs. tin cup) and into the green.
4. Greens were nice. rolled well, as is standard in the desert, they were very firm but thats to be expected.
5. fairways were above average.
6. bunkers were below average but not too terrible. Sand is a bit heavy.
7. rough, really wasn't there. or it was cut really short

The summary, if you are going to play Lexington and you want to score low, your best bet is to play it twice. There are some gimmick holes (completely blind shots) and its hard to know what the roll is going to be. That said, I had fun. Lost a sleeve of balls. 2 of my lost balls were on shots that I thought were going to be gems and they were never found. My only concern was I probably have this outlook because I didn't pay the $129 rack rate. I played for free. If I was paying $129. I would not be returning because in San Diego $129 gets you some pretty darn nice courses...Twice.
Played 1-13-12 in tournament. This is such an interesting course. I have always like playing here. 95% of the greens were looking great but according to rudyclub (Tim) who played with me, there was some sort of fungus a year ago and they had to kill parts of the greens... Only 1 green showed bad damage although most were close to recovered. This course is well worth the drive and the cost to play
Played today 12-26... Fairways green...bunkers were wet from rain but still played nice...The rough is impossible right now. First off, its pga long... and to add to the difficulty, it was wet from rain. I have never seen the rough at Riverwalk so penal. Greens rolled great.
Played here for GK event on 12-7... This is my favorite course to play and be on for may different reasons. Everything is perfect all the way around. However, this time out, the greens were less than what they usually are. Not sure the reason but they had spets full of marks and were running very slow... Course it still worth it as always.

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