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Played with my golf buddy on 10/10/15 at 7 am on a $33 GolfNow deal including a hot dog. The best part of the day was the hot dog. I expected a 7-Eleven like pre-heated hot dog but they grill it fresh.

This is another budget course in Riverside, CA very close to Indian Hills. It must be something with budget courses. People don't seem to care. Not fixing ball marks on the green, not filling divots with divot mix, and dragging their feet on the greens. They should invest in some signs on the first hole telling people what to do and what not to do.

Tee Boxes - The tee boxes on every hole were pretty chewed up. Some weren't level and on most holes, I teed off a few feet behind to find a decent patch of grass.

Fairways - The fairways were in a very bad shape with a lot of hard pan areas.

Rough - The grass in the rough are quite tall. In most cases, I couldn't see my ball above the grass. Also, there are a lot of trees and our group seemed to hit into every one of them.

Greens - I have played here little less than a year ago and I remembered the greens to be best part of this course. It has definitely changed for the worse. Greens were slow and quite a few must have been infested with something because they tore up small patches and filled with sand. Some greens had two different shades of green. Unfixed ball marks were all over.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this course regardless of the fee.
Played on 10/3/15 at 7:15 am and finished in just over 4 hours.

When I first started playing golf, I chose value over quality since I suck anyways and didn't think course conditions would make any difference. I just wanted to get out and play as much as possible for as little money as possible. They were offering their Player's Card where you pay $99 for the year and you get discounted rates ($20 anytime Mon-Fri and after 10 am Sat & Sun or $25 before 10 am on Sat and Sun including cart). This was a killer deal especially since I could only play Saturday mornings. This is where I pretty much learned to play golf so I must have some kind of an emotional attachment to this course. because I actually think quite highly of Indian Hills, especially in relative to the green fee. I have been playing here at least two Saturday mornings a month and some months play every Saturday here.

It seems like people complain about this course and rate it really low but I think it's fair. Especially for the price. Even if you are not a Player's Card holder, they have email deals all the time.

Course in General - This is a par 70 course that has quite a bit of elevation change. There are few holes where you are teeing off at least 50 feet above/below the hole and two holes with at least a 100 feet in elevation change. It makes the round very interesting.

Tee Boxes - Most tee boxes other than par 3s are lush. A few holes could use some leveling. They do move the tee markers back and forth every few weeks so if you are lucky, tee boxes are in really good condition. Tee boxes were in great condition today except for one par 3 which was quite chewed up.

Fairways - There are some patches where it seems like they just cannot get grass to grow. In one or two holes, these are right in the middle of the fairway and on few holes, they don't really come into play unless you mi sh-t your ball. I don't know why they can't repair these but it has been the same the last 10 months I've played here. However, these patches (they are not huge patches, maybe 10' x 10' at the most) are clearly marked as ground under repair with white circles. Other than these patches, the fairways are lush and in good condition. None of the dead brown grass I saw at Empire Lakes couple weeks ago.

Rough - Considering the limited number of courses I have played in my short golf career, I think Indian Hills has about as many trees as I have seen. The trees are quite close to each other so if you hit near one, it is most likely that you'll have to lay up. Except on a few holes, even if you hit into the rough, you will most likely be hitting on grass although the depth varies by hole. There are some roughs that are wet all the time for some reason.

Greens - For the most part, the greens are slow. I am not sure if it's due to the fact that I play early mornings all the time but they are slow. They do roll smooth and not too bumpy. Last month or so, the 1st hole had an infestation or something but seems to be better now. Even though I was probably one of the first five groups to tee off, there were unfixed ball marks.

Customer Service and Etc. - I don't know if they have one later in the day when they are busier but I have never seen a marshal on this course. Maybe it's due to the fact that I play in the mornings when it's cooler but I have never seen a beverage cart on the front nine. Last time I checked (several months ago before I started carrying a wet towel), half the ball cleaners are empty. They could use some extra trash cans throughout the course. The staff at pro shop are very accommodating. This course is located within a residential area and during the cooler mornings, there are quite a number of local residents walking on the course with their dogs. It may bother some people. Also, on a few holes, the houses are too close and you can hear the entire conversation that's going inside the house. I've once heard a lady yelling and accusing her husband/boyfriend of sleeping with her friend. Unforgettable experience. If you can live with these and feel like spending $30-40 during prime time, give Indian Hills a try.

*** Please note that my review may sound very favorable but if I had to pay more than $45 or so to play here, I would probably choose to spend a little more and I would have better choices. However, this course is definitely worth playing and quite enjoyable when it comes to under-$50 courses.
Joined Itslikeimsayin, Hergolfs, and Nickesquire at 12:31 pm on 9/27/15. (Thank you Mark for setting this up.)

This was my first time playing this course and I really didn't have high expectations. Itslikeimsayin, Hergolfs, and Nickesquire have said everything I wanted to or need to say about the conditions. All I can say is that for a budget golf course, this was a very pleasant surprise and I look forward to another opportunity to get out there. Although there isn't much elevation change, the layout makes it very fun. Being there for the first time, I hit my 2nd shot on the first hole towards the footgolf hole and I think I hit the pin. :) Most holes aren't dead straight and the one dead straight hole (18th) plays really long and uphill so that makes it very interesting.

I don't know if it's due to the drought, lack of maintenance, or intentionally like that but the rough (especially if you get a few yards off the fairway) can be brutal. Good luck finding your ball and if you do find it, having any type of a lie. But on the other hand, you are supposed to stay away from them anyway. It just makes the course little tougher.

Overall, even if I had paid $40-45 to play there, I would have been happy. The course condition overall is above average especially in this drought and provides excellent value in relative to the fees being charged.
Played my first GK event at Sandpiper Golf Club on 9/20/15.

To my standards, this is a high-end course. The rack rate is $165 Monday-Thursday and $185 Friday-Sunday. I haven't played golf too long so I was very much looking forward to playing here but really came back thinking if the view on several holes is worth the fees. If the conditions were immaculate, I would say yes but maybe my expectations were too high.

Tee Boxes - All tee boxes were in great shape. Mostly level and plenty of smooth grass.

Fairways - This is where I had the highest expectations. I was expecting a solid green colored fairways throughout the entire course but I've seen better coverage on courses that charge half of what Sandpiper charges. There were few holes with fairly large patches of hardpan areas. You can avoid them but visually, it's a disappointment.

Bunkers - I did go into several bunkers and the they are a lot softer than bunkers I am used to. I almost found them too soft but I honestly don't know which is better.

Roughs - The grass is thick where there is grass and there are some areas where you are hitting from hardened sand. In my opinion, you are supposed to stay away from the rough so I really don't care if the rough is crappy or not regardless of what a course charges.

Greens - As a less seasoned golfer, I cannot say whether they are fast or slow for a course of this caliber. They are definitely faster than a $50 course out in the Inland Empire. Greens are smooth but I honestly think I expected better.

Customer Service - Great. Saw the beverage cart at least four times throughout the round. The starter offered wet or dry towels before starting the round and they clean your towels afterwards.

*Do note that this review is written in the middle of a serious drought. Maybe the standards at this course was higher and will be higher if we get decent amount of rain.

I don't know if I will pay a $100 to play here but you have to consider that you are also paying for the service and it was definitely less crowded than the $50 courses. I personally would rather play Oak Quarry in Riverside than here even if the rates were same.

Having said all that, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I had a great time at my first GK event and walked away with some awesome GK gear. Also played with some really good golfers so hopefully I picked up a few things from watching them.
9:05 am tee-off
Finished in 4.5 hours.

Took a few days off for July 4th weekend but plans got screwed up so had nothing to do on 7/3. I figured I'd just play golf. Last minute decision and since my driver's license still says Ontario on it, I figured I'd take advantage of the resident rate. Plus they didn't charge holiday rate while many courses did.

I have not been to many but this is the flattest course I have been to. If I knew ahead of time, I would opted to walk as the course I usually play isn't walk-friendly. I joined a three walkers. It helped having a cart in the group as it made searching for balls much faster.

I was surprised by this course. For the price you pay, the conditions were very decent. Fairways didn't have too many brown spots. I got the impression that they concentrate their maintenance efforts on the fairways and greens. Fairways and greens were in better condition than I have seen at courses that charge $80+ on the weekend. Fairways are very wide on most holes. If your game is off and you need a confidence booster, I think this course might be the place to play.

As khill57 mentioned, the cart ride is very bumpy. My clubs probably got as many scratches this day as it did the past year. If you have back issues, do not ride this course because it is brutal. I tried to stay on the cart path as much as possible but that really isn't much.

I don't know anything about golf course management so I'm not sure if this is a weekly, monthly, or yearly thing but this day, they had used too much fungicides (or at least that's what I think it is) on the greens. The blue stain on the bottom of my shoes are still there.

** EDIT: I've read other reviews on this course. Please note that the positives I've said about this course is in relation to the fees they charge. **
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