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Previous review was spot on. Got out Sunday 2/27 at ~7:45 and finished in just over 4 hours. Greens were awesome. Rolled fast and true. Probably the best greens I have seen during the winter months, period!!!
Played Sunday 2/13, got out just before 8:00, and finished by 12:20. Excellent customer service, love the practice facility (wish we had something like it in Santa Clarita), and course was just as previous posters commented. Greens were rolling smooth and the dormant fairways still yield a good lie. Did notice that the group behind us was at least 2 holes behind and the course starting to back up on 13 as finished on 17. Really enjoyed the course, but the non resident walking rate of $57 is a bit high (the resident rate of $41 is excellent).
Played Saturday morning 2/5 at 8:00 and finished in 4:30. Greens were in very good shape. Soft and receptive, yet very quick and fairly smooth. Putts from above the cup were brutal. Fairways still a bit thin in places. Enjoyed the round and the course.
Got out Sunday morning (1/23) at 8:09 and finished in just over 4 hours. A pleasant surprise for a weekend round at Elkins, especially given the windy conditions. Greens were soft, but running fast. Fairways dormant & thin and yielded some big rolls. Overall another good experience at Elkins (OK, could done without the morning wind...).
Played 1/15 and had an 8:51 time, ckecked in at 8:30 and was told they would call us when it was time to check in....they were running at least 10 min late. OK, no problem, bought some range balls, hit 5, and was called back to the pro shop. We were told that we need to pay and we are "on the 1st tee". This was at ~ 8:40......Don't tell us we are going to be 10 minutes late and then send us out 10 minutes early.

As for the course...greens are rolling pretty nice. Fairways, tee boxes, and traps could use some help. Lot's of specials out there to play Vista (Golf Now, Golfzing, etc...). A good deal with one of those discounts, but not worth the full rack prices.
Played the Valley course twice this week. Played 12/28 and New Years Eve morning and also got caught in the frost delay. First group did not go out until 9:00. Course did a great job in getting everyone out, we ended up getting out only an hour later than our planned 8:45 Tee-Time. Finished both rounds in under 4:30.

Greens were in great shape, outstanding considering the time of year and cold spell we have encountered. Typical excellent overall conditions at RR.
Played Friday morning 5/28. Elkins is in the best shape I can remember seeing. Soft and smooth greens and lush fairway lies. They are doing some good work cuting in and narrowing some of the fairways. Great customer service and cheeseburgers as usual. Enjoyed the course so much, I checked and was able to get another time to go out Sunday morning.
Got out on 4/10 with a 3:00 tee time for $69 from Excellent service all around. The starter got us out early and asked if we wanted to play the Palms since the Valley was backed up. Finished the front, as a 2-some, in 1:20 and made good progress until we caught up to several groups on the 13th. Still finished 18 in ~ 3:15. This is a nice resort course with some interesting holes. Greens were firm, but on the slow side and the putts never seem to break as much as expected. I would play again with the discount rate. If you are not staying at the Marriott, give your self some time to have someone get your clubs at the drop, park, pay your fees, and hook back with your clubs again. Easily a 10 minute process on a quick day.
Played Elkines Sunday 3/21. Went off the back 9 at 8:00 and finished in under 4:30. As the prior rating states, the greens are still recovering. Very bumpy and rather slow. Spotty fairways and the typical poor Elkins tee boxes. Having said that...I can't wait to come back in a few weeks.
Saturday morning tee time of 8:45, but they did not get us out until 9:20. Rather matter of fact and could care less of the 35 minute delay. Nice pace of play once we finally got out, finished in 4:15. Course was over watered with lots of standing water in the fairways. Greens rolled "OK" (fairly smooth, soft, and medium speed). Great rate of $41 with cart thru golfnow.
Played 12/28 on a cold and windy day. Let me start with a significant annoyance ( I know the RR guys read these reviews). This is the 3rd time in a row that I have made a reservation on the Valley course and got placed on the Mountain. I actually made a point when the reservation was made to confirm that the time was on the Valley course and was told that "yes, we have you on the Valley course". Was fortunate that the course was not booked too heavy and was still able to get out on the Valley.

Course conditions were typical RR. Smooth and fast greens and lush fairways. Unfortunately, I saw that many of the traps were in good condition......

Got stuck beind a rediculously slow group of 3 guys and a single woman. The single lady was always on the green waiting for the rest of the group to catch up, normally a 5 minute wait. We had 2 groups waiting on the par 3 #11 tee waiting for the group to clear. Never saw a ranger and the group got to be 4 holes behind. the single lady eventually left the 3 guys behind. Ended up playing a 5.5 hour round on a Monday morning!!
Played Saturday 12/26 at 12:08. Completed front nine in 1:58 and the back in 2:20. Exceptional customer service and, as others have mentioned, the best GPS I have seen. The greens were rolling fast and rather smooth.

IMHO...this track is way over priced. $180 green fee ($100 TW) should get you over seeded winter fairways. However, the bermuda FW's were thinning out and brown. In some areas, you had a decent lie, but most of the FW lies were "tight".

The challenge on this track is your approach shot. Most, if not all, of the greens are multi tiered with severe slopes between the various tiers. You could land 5 feet from the pin, catch a side hill and end up 30-40 feet from the pin. Many of the pin placements were within a few feet of the slopes. You really need to hit your spots, or expect a few more putts than normal.....I had 5 3-putts on the front (16 HDCP). A single digit HCDP playing partner had a 5-putt on #7.

Not a good track if you like to use the big stick off the tee...I hit more Hybrids than Drivers. Most holes have specific landing areas you must hit as the fairway either necks down to 5-10 yards, or runs out.

I would like to get back and play Tustin Ranch with a small amount of course lessons learned, but with the current prices I will not return.
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