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Played Sunday 5/7/17. POP just under 4 hours. Fairly quiet as it had rained earlier in the morning. Nice to see the Tule River flowing real strong. Course was very green for the first time in years. Tees are excellent. Fairways are a little thin in places, but there are no bare spots. Rough consists mainly of real thick clover. The ball either sits up or falls to the bottom of this stuff. If it sinks down you're in trouble. The one bunker I hit out of had thick sand about 6 inches deep, just perfect. I did not rank the course as the greens are about a 1 or 2 due to very recently being plugged. They are extremely bouncy and unbelievable slow. Notice I said bouncy not bumpy. Putts were getting airborne, deflected and generally tossed around. It provided some entertainment. With their normal excellent greens the course would be a solid 8 due to design, setting and overall beauty and challenge of the course.
Played Sunday 4/23/17 on second day off northern trip. This is a Putnam designed golf course. I have played quite a few of their courses. They are all pretty similar in design concept. This is the best one I have played. Tees some were crowned, some unlevel and most are beat up pretty well. You can find a good spot just have to look. Why on a 150 yard par 3 would the white tee box be a 10x20 foot area? No wonder it was tore up. Fairways as a rule are generally quite wide, but tree trouble is just off them. Good grass coverage with good lies. Rough a little bare spots throughout, cut short off fairways. Around greens grass was very thick combination of grass, clover and weeds? Greens are the highlight. Evidence of being plugged recently but healed nicely. Only could tell be little circles of greener grass in the holes that were punched. Rolled very fast downhill and very slow uphill. There are slopes in all the greens you really need to pay attention to. Putnam greens tend to be narrow and deep. Accuracy is the key. If you miss to the sides you will have tough up and downs as you are always hitting over something to a down slope off thick grass. Bunkers were mixed. They varied from so hard you cant leave a footprint to real nice. Fortunately you can tell the difference and plan for it. They had a fire in the restaurant so service is limited in there. A great muny course
Played Sunday April 2nd. Awesome day for golf weather wise. POP 4.5 hours which is somewhat fast for this course. Five par 3's can bog this place down. Course was mostly green after all the rain and increasing temperatures. Tees were great, fairways were very good with no bald or then spots that I could find. Rough is a mixture of different vegetation composed mainly of grass and clover. It was maybe 2 inches deep, but you ball just settles to the bottom. Ramps up the difficulty some. Bunkers ranged from real fluffy to very little sand in them. You have to dig you feet in to see. People please rake the bunkers. Greens were excellent rolling medium fast and rolling out well. They tend to break more than they look. Overall its fairly tree lined with wide fairway and gentle rolling hills. A very good mixture of long and short holes you will use most every club in the bag. Customer service always great.
Got out Saturday afternoon. Beautiful day. POP 4 hours minimal waiting. Tees a little long, par 3 a little beat up, but in good shape. Fairways were clumpy as some of the grass was growing faster than the other types and this continued into the rough. Rough was short in some places and real thick in others. It could effect you shot. Greens had evidence of being punched recently. they were long and very bumpy. Some ball mark damage on the softer portions of the greens. Bunkers are very poor. Most have a layer of dust and that is about it. Very hard base easy to skull them out. They also have rocks and some of the faces have grass growing in them. Once healed the greens will be very good. Bunkers need work and have for years. Being the only public non traditional course in the area make it worth playing.
Played Sunday 8/21/2016

Course was in excellent shape. Tees have some unlevel spots, but you can find a suitable spot if you look around some. Fairways green a little hard, but very nice. Some rough of varying length, which could affect your shots. Was in a couple of real dense ones. Some bunkers have a white soft thick, fluffy sand and some are a brown thin sand/dirt. Greens are semi fast, a little soft, normal for summer here. Pop looked good. We had a gentleman playing only his third round so we were slow at 4:45. Still place was deserted as even at that pace no one went through us. What you have is a challenging course in darn good shape and with somewhat of a good view.
I guess Visalia was a popular place last week. I was there Saturday late morning. Played Lakes and Oaks. Description of Lakes is spot on. Based on the previous descriptions of the Valley nine the Oaks is much better. Fairways are thin, but did not see any bare spots. Rough is slightly longer, but is about 75% covered. Way off the fairway is hard pan. The greens on the Oaks were very good. We did not see many ball marks at all. Greens were quite smooth although somewhat slow. One bunker I was in was quite good. Tees are also somewhat thin, but playable. Considering the drought and extremely hot weather lately course was in good shape. I prefer the design of the Oaks over the Valley also it has more personality and is somewhat more open. POP good at 4 hours as we were taking our time. Not pushing anyone or being pushed. For a muni it is a good course.
Played a warm afternoon round on 7/7/16. Course is having problems growing grass.
Tees are spotty. Half dirt and half dead looking grass. Fairways are the same. Ball always seems to settle down in between clumps. Greens are pretty good. There are a few bald spots on the edges. They are med speed and smooth. Bunkers are random. Some good
some just crusty dirt, few packed hard earth. Rough is mainly dead dried grasses and weeds and dirt. Course is playable. its a muni so service is minimal, but everyone encountered was very nice. Other courses in the area are in better shape. Course is playable but far from pretty.
Played 4/30/16. Paid $28 to walk at noon. It is pretty darn flat with the exception of a couple of raised greens and a couple of minor hills. Most holes are quite narrow and tree lined. Some thick some not. Past the tree line is "native" dirt, weeds and junk until the backyards of the homes. Almost every hole is framed by homes. Your are golfing in an older housing development. You have to hit a very poor shot to come near them. The greens are the highlight. They are very small have subtle breaks and can be hard to read. They were medium speed to very slow uphill. They are thick looking and hold well without being soft. Very few ball marks. The green surrounds are over seeded and very tall and thick and because of the small greens you will be in it a lot. The tees have uneven spots all over, but you can find a place to tee it up. They are not lush, but ok. Was not in a bunker somehow, but there are a lot of them around the greens. They looked pretty good overall. Fairways are not good. Sparse coverage. Half dirt half clumps of bermuda.
You will get some undeserved bad lies in the fairways. They are also very dry. Essential to drive the ball straight to score. Good to play occasionally.
Played 3/13/2016 Played Oaks/Lakes. Weather was a very light rain. Quite a few bunkers had some standing water in them from the previous days rain. Course is starting to green up. Tees are in great shape and very level. Fairways are 3/4 green with good turf coverage. Rough is starting to grow, but not much of a factor yet, except around the greens which are over seeded and is thick.. Greens are the highlight. A little slow from the rains, but roll very true. POP good for a Sunday just over 4 hours. Bunkers were wet, but that was the only problem. Oaks is a tree lined flat typical Central Valley course that has more character than norm due to some drainage ditches that run throughout the course and some good bunkering. Lakes is a modern man made looking course with mounds an dips. Also has some water coming into play on three holes. Valley is the third nine which is just like the Oaks.If near the area is is a very good course that is very affordable.
Played 1/3/2016 Course is in all its winter glory. Tees are some what thin a little uneven in spots. Not the prettiest either, but you can always find a level spot with enough grass to tee it up. The fairways are a lot the like the tees. Brown, thin and patchy with an occasional bad lie. Also a lot of bare dirt areas that are mostly not in the playing areas.
Greens were very fast some what firm and in great shape except for a few areas on a couple of holes that had been re-sodded. The layout is decent nothing real fancy or tricky. Almost all the holes are fairly straight with minimal doglegs or bends. All of the par 5's are reachable with good shots. The par 3's range from 160 to 210 yards. Bunkers are a little thin, about an inch of light sand in them over a very hard packed base. Rough is almost no factor as it is dormant bermuda that looks trampled down.
What you get is a brown dormant course with very nice greens 95% of the time. Worth my 20 minute drive and very affordable.
Played Sunday on a beautiful Sunday morning. I've always liked the course layout, but condition wise it can be rough. Tees, fairways, rough always good. They can grow grass
real well everywhere except the greens. Happy to report the greens are in good shape now. You can still see some thin areas, but no dirt is visible. They are still a little bumpy and had recently been plugged with small tines. Med fast speed hold real well since they were semi soft. Also of note the greens were not tore up from unfixed ball marks. They are playable 7/10 because of bumpiness and thin spots, but improving. Now there next project should be to put some sand in the bunkers. If your going to have a lot of bunkers give people a chance to get out of them. Some are very hard packed, some were just mud. Course is improving
Played last Friday October 9th. Course was great except for the tees. Tees were being worked on and looked a little rough, but were very playable. Greens were medium speed and have quite a bit of movement to them. Front nine is more enjoyable as it is routed up and over hills and through some houses with a couple of canyon holes. Back starts to get pretty flat after the tenth hole, but is still pretty cool.

Would go back for sure
Listing 25 to 36 of 63,130 Course Reviews
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