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Played on December 30. I haven't played here in awhile so I thought I would give it another try. Had a tee time of 11:00 and didn't tee off until 11:30. The starter told us that they were 30 minutes behind because of fog in the morning. First tee was disorganized as a twosome were late teeing off and the twosome they were to be paired with went ahead and tee'd off. They did tee off next, but never joined the twosome they were to be paired with, so that did slo down pace quite a bit.
Conditions were not the best, but somewhat doable.
tee boxes - chewed up and not level.
fairways - playable, but somewhat thin.
bunkers - I was only in one and it was hardpan dirt. Others in our group was in others and they had sand and seemed to play nice.
rough - hit or miss, mostly miss with bare spots galore.
greens - looked like they never came back from punching fully. Some were fast, others slow and bumpy. Very much like a Forrest Gump box of chocolate. One hole location was on a slope only 3 paces from the front edge and was impossible to stop the ball anywhere near the hole.
Pace of play was 4.5 hours, but felt like 6. Waited on every shot on the front nine. Had a nice BBQ set up next to the 7 hole and were grilling some great hot dogs.
It seemed like they were having problems keeping the carts supplied for afternoon golfers. Many unhappy faces near the clubhouse.
Drove by the other day and noticed the course was closed. They will be closed until November 22 as they redo the parking lots.
Played on Monday the 23rd and Dave was spot on with his review. I was one of the first groups off and finished in in just under 4 hours. The greenside bunkers were well stocked and the sand was very fluffy, and groups were already not raking. The greens were a little bumpy and slow, but that could have been because of the early morning. The do need to be rolled. Enjoyed the round and the fellow i played witb. I will go back for an early round.
Played here for the first time on Monday in a charity golf scramble. if first impressions mean anything, then this place looked like a dump. Very old school with paint coming off the clubhouse and wood looking like it needs replacing. Not a country club I would want to join.

I read the reviews of this place and they are pretty right on. very tight, but the course is in good shape.

The greens are fantastic, very receptive, but very fast.. being above the hole is suicide.

Tee boxes are a little shaggy and chewed up, but still playable.

Fairways: are good with good coverage and the ball set-up nicely on them. A little divot damage and can tell the course does not get a lot of play.

Rough: is hit or miss with many different grasses throughout the course. Since this was a scramble , didn't have to play out of it very much.

Bunkers: seem more like dirt than sand. We were in one green side bunker and it played very nice. raked my ball out of a fairway bunker and it seemed like it was firm packed down dirt/sand mixture.

The carts are very basic with no ice chest or GPS on board. Having a good GPS at this course definitely helps. The course plays tight, but you can still play a nice fade or draw off the tee. Slices or hooks are dead. A strong 3-wood player will do good here. Not a long course, but still no push over.

looks like a course that would go public, but with it being so tight, I think it would make for a very slow round if the general public got to play.

I would come back for a charity event again, but its not a course that is a must replay.
Played yesterday July 4th as a walk on at 4:00. Played at a leisurely pace amd finished at 7:30. Never saw another golfer until hole 13 abd he was about a hole behind me. Course is in very good condition except the fairways which are spotty at best. Some great lies and some bare lies. After the round i asked about the fairways and was told the bigger siblings get the most water because they are the money makers. Greens and traps are excellent.
I love this course and is one of my faves. Just doesnt get the respect it should. Warning!!!!! Watch where you step, deer crap isnt fun to clean from spikes.
This was my first time playing Los Verdes and enjoyed the challenges and views this course has to offer. We tee'd off right on time and found the pro shop staff very friendly. The starter on the other hand was very rude to my playing partner after he hit his tee shot as he felt the group in front of us was too close. The ball didn't land anywhere close to them, and if the starter on the tee box thought they were too close, he should not have let him hit away.

The course has good and bad points, but mostly good.

Tee boxes - mostly level with good coverage except for a few were a little chewed up, but still very playable.
Fairways - Could use a little work as a few were on the longer side and a few a little thin. A mixture of different grasses growing. Ground under repair was marked very well.
Rough - The worse part of the course, some grass, more weeds and some with dirt and weeds.
Bunkers - wasn't in any, but i didn't hear others complain about them and they looked ok.
Greens - Greens were half punched with the other half to be punched at a later date. Of course the punched half was soft, very bumpy and sanded. The playable side was fast and smooth and this courses main defense. Will take multiple trips to this course to begin to understand the breaks. Downhill putts just don't stop and I could swear that some putts look like they go uphill.

Overall for the price we paid $30 walking, the course was well worth it.
Played on Wednesday the 2nd and the weather was absolutely perfect, no clouds or wind and 68 degrees. The course is in a,lot better shape than last time I played here because of the rains the week before. Greens were in really good shape and ran medium fast. The only disappointment was the fairways had been sanded, so there was no roll. We played lift clean and place because the ball would be covered in sand. Had the wise off your club after each practice swing.
My caddie saved me strokes on the greens, they are very hard to read. Bunkers erected perfect as always. Love the experience of playing here and should expect played at least once. But Spyglass is the far better course. My rating shows a 7 but I would say it's more of a 8-8.5
What can I say about this course that hasn't already been said, the course solidified why Spyglass is my all time favorite. The course is in perfect shape. Even after leaving the ocean view holes the course is just as beautiful in the forest. Many elevation changes that make club selection difficult. My caddie was great in helping choose the correct club. Was in only one bunker and even after heavy overnight rains it was still in excellent shape. As a previous review says, Spyglass is a must play. Did I say the conditions right now are a perfect 10.
Played on Halloween day for my birthday and what an incredible day it was. The entire course is lush and very green from recent rains. The course played soft and not much roll on the fairways. The rough was deep and somewhat damp. The ball would sit down and a few I just never found. The greens were soft but still ran at a medium fast speed. Pace of play was great as I played alone with nobody in front or back of me.
This course does not get the respect of its bigger older brothers on the peninsula, but still is a great fun track.
Customer service was great and the many deer in my gallery stayed quiet as I hit my shots.
Played yesterday during the Ryder Cup (Thank you DVR) on unusually uncrowded day, but it still took 5 hours to get around (still trying to figure out why). One of the nice things about the online tee times on Meadowlarks website is that you can book as a single and they don't take your credit card info to hold the time. Meadowlark is a par 70 course that is 5500+ from the tips. the fun thing about this course is the elevation changes. A few short par fours are very rick/reward holes, I played safe and was rewarded with two birdies. The par 3's on this course are difficult holes, length, water, crowned greens, a little of everything. Conditions were nice, with the sand traps being the best part of the course. tee boxes on some holes could use a makeover and leveling. greens were in decent to good shape, a few ball marks but I have seen a lot worse. fairways were in good shape and the rough was thick with a few thin areas. It's a walkable course, but there are a few hills to climb.
I really enjoyed the round and would come back.
Played on Labor day morning as a walk on. Played with 3 really nice guys that were lots of fun. There is a sign on the door telling golfers that the greens are in bad shape because of drought, heat and reclaimed water. I went out anyways and it is true the greens were in terrible shape, very slow and bumpy.Looks like they could lose them. The rest of the course is in good shape, the fairways gave good lies and the rough could use a little work, but not bad at all. The sand traps were amazing. Sand it very plentiful and soft. Some of the best traps at a muni that I have ever seen. I was one of the first groups off and the traps were well maintained and raked. I'm sure later in the day they were full of foot prints.
Overall it was ok, but I wont be back until they fix the greens. I know I lost a lot of strokes because of the speed and bumpiness. PoP was right at 4 hours
Played Los Amigos on Saturday afternoon and tee'd off about 3:30. We were a twosome behind a 3 , which in turn were behind a 5 for the front nine. We got right out without a reservation.
The course is in overall good shape, The fairways were very nice, without much damage at all. The rough was good, a few bare spots and not overly penal. The bunkers had great sand in them, best I have seen here. The only problem is, it was late in the day and this is a low price muni, so the traps were not cared for all that great all day. Looked like people would rake everything, but their foot prints.
The greens were the biggest problem, they rolled with a good speed, but the ball marks on some of the greens were out of control. No way anybody could fix them all. Since it was late in the day the greens were a little shaggy and with all the ball marks, getting the ball to the hole on a good line was not the easiest thing to do. I think a big problem lies not only with people not fixing their marks, but the greens were very soft, I even left a pitch mark coming out of a green side bunker. If the course would either firm up the greens or roll them, this could help with all the marks.
Pace of play was right at 4 hours. but drinking 20-somes can slow down pace just a bit.
I will continue to come back to this course, as it is always in decent shape, easy to get on, cheap and has a fun layout with a variety of holes.
Note to course: When booking a wedding party near the 18th green, make sure the caterer does not set up their tables too close to the 18th greenside bunker, somebody like myself may pull a shot left and hit the table.
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