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Played yesterday, Sunday Oct 13th and had a great day!! Check in was great, Jay and Clint at the pro shop were fantastic. Starter was great, as well.

Teeboxes were in great shape, nice and level and had minimal divot damage. No problem finding a good place to tee your ball.

Fairways were in pretty good shape all around. I didn't have a bad lie all day. They provided a decent amount of roll and had a good cushion. No problems whatsoever.

Rough wasn't very deep. I didn't see much of it, however, I hit a lot of good drives and a lot of greens, so it didn't seem to be too penal for me. If you're off the fairway, you will have trees to contend with, but that's about it.

Greens were in good shape, they held shots very well and putted with medium speed and were fairly smooth. I did fix a lot of unrepaired ball marks, though.

Found one greenside bunker on 18 and it was good, no problems at all.

POP was excellent, football Sundays seem to keep the crowds down. We had 3 groups with 10 of us total, so we moved right along, just over 4hrs, taking our time.

I enjoy this course, if you're straight, you're going to be ok. It's not overly long and difficult unless you miss the fairways and are in the trees. Staff is always great and you pass the snack bar a couple of times. Recommend.
Played yesterday, Saturday Oct 5th. Walked on as a single around 9:45 and Danny, the very nice guy in the pro shop, got me out around 10:15. I was very happy about this and he is a great guy. Got paired up with 3 great guys that play there quite a bit, Donny, Alex and Greg. They were excellent to play with, very fast, although POP was 4hr 45mins, not their fault, it was busy out there as usual and half hour wait on 6 tee, as usual, just a joke. They need to do something about that, mandatory wave up, maybe? I don't know, it's a tough par3 and there's usually a bunch of hacks out there playing the tips, so... $40 to walk as a resident, so worth it for a weekend round.

Anyway, on to course conditions. they did some major aeration and sanding a few weeks ago, so it's still showing signs of this. The teeboxes weren't that great, looks like they are getting ready to do some more work on them, so that's good. They were pretty bare with lots of divot damage, so you had to look for a little bit to find a good spot.

Fairways were just ok, they were also sanded a few weeks ago, so they still need some time to heal.

Found one bunker and is was in ok shape. A little hard and wet underneath, but not a big deal.

The rough was very penal in many areas. It's getting thick, so beware.

The greens rolled ok and held shots pretty well. Still need a few more weeks to heal from the aeration.

No beverage cart, but Danny in the pro shop warned me about that. Appreciate that. I have a cooler in my bag so I come prepared with a few cold ones and then purchased a couple of beers at the turn. Overall an enjoyable day, but I'd wait a few more weeks for everything to heal from the maintenance.
Played yesterday, Sunday, after watching the Chargers finally looking like a real football team. called the starter and he was able to get me out there, football Sundays seem like a good time to get out at this busy course, especially if you go right before the twilight rate. Dennis, the starter is amazing, he's such a great guy. All the starters are nice there.

Teed off at 1:22 and walked off 18 green at 5:22. Pace was awesome which is very rare for this course as it's so busy. Course is in pretty good shape, although they are getting ready to aerate, so these conditions are indicative of yesterday, only.

Teeboxes were level, but they were pretty chewed up. lots of bare spots and divots, but you could find a good spot fairly easily to tee it up.

Fairways were pretty awesome. I never had a bad lie all day. Good cushion and good roll out.

Greens were pretty good, too. They're getting ready to punch them, so this will be valid for today only. They held shots and putted true. Still couldn't make anything, but I just suck at putting.

Found two bunkers and they were just fine.

Rough wasn't penal, it was mowed pretty low, only about 2 inches longer than the fairway and was easy to hit out.

Beverage cart came by twice. Service all around is great. Always a good day at Nado.
Played Sunday, 9/22. Found a $25 deal on their website. Seemed like a good deal, but not so much. The course needs some serious work. POP was 4.25hrs, not bad. That's about the only good thing about this course right now.

Teeboxes and fairways were awful!!! mostly dirt. Bunkers were playable, but no one seems to rake them for some reason. Total joke. Not much rough to speak of, mainly dirt and weeds. Greens were about the only thing playable. Some would hold shots and some wouldn't, mixed bag, made it difficult for me to really go pin seeking, aim for the center of the green and hope for the best. I would NOT recommend playing this course right now. It's a shame because I like the layout. Hopefully, they can bring this course into playable condition someday. Until then, I'm staying away.
Finally got out to play, review is a little late as we played on Friday, 8/16. Sorry about that.

Course is in darn good shape right now. Teeboxes were nice and level. Played the blues and they had excellent coverage with hardly any divot damage. Grass on the tees was excellent, cut to perfect height. Fairways were a little spotty and had some bare spots and brown spots, but they weren't in the landing areas. I never had a bad lie all day and only missed two fairways. Rough wasn't too penal in the fairways, but around the greens it was a little higher. Still, didn't have much problems and always seemed to be consistent, no big bare spots or horrible lies. Found one bunker and it was in good shape. Good softness underneath, easy to escape. Greens were in good to great shape. They held shots well and putted very smooth. One of the highlights, for sure. Teed off on time at 2;10pm. POP was an easy 4.25hrs, relaxing with waiting on a few holes, but never felt rushed or overly long wait. Paid $44 to ride, I think I saw a $41 on golfnow. Rack rate is $46 for Friday, but they give you $2 off if you make the teetime online, which I did. Check in was easy, saw the beverage cart a couple of times, plus they have the snack bar in the middle of the course that you pass a couple of times. However, it was closed by the time we passed it on the 14th tee.

I thoroughly like this layout. The par 3s are very difficult to score well, for some reason. I like the elevation changes, the water features, etc. Very peaceful, as well, no homes, which is nice. I would always recommend.
Played yesterday, Wed. at 2:30pm. with Jaybejay11 and two other friends. Jaybejay11 booked online and if he paid upfront, he got a killer $30 rate with a free beer at the turn! Amazing deal for this amazing course.

Course overall in fantastic shape.

Teeboxes very level with great coverage, hardly any divot damage on all the par 3s. Jaybejay11 and I played from the tips, so this may have been why, but the two players played from the whites and I didn't notice anything bad from their tees, either. Very nice tee boxes.

Rough off the fairways was not very penal. Around the greens, however, it definitely made you think. Great condition and playable, not unfair.

Fairways were just fine, I didn't have a bad lie all day. my playing partner did end up in one divot, so they were present. But I thought overall the fairways were in great shape with good cushion and still had some roll out.

Sand traps were not very good, they were hard pan and about the only downside to the whole course.

Greens were great to excellent condition. Very receptive and putted amazingly true. No bumps whatsoever!!!

POP was right at 4.25hrs, but that was our fault. We took our time. Never waited on anyone and were being a little pushed on the front nine, but picked up our pace on the back. Never saw a marshal, which was kind of odd. Saw the cart girl once on the front.

This is an amazing course. I thoroughly have a great time every time I play here. Excellent value. Get on out there.
Played on Tuesday, 4/9 at 11am. Easy check in, booked a time online through the Navy website. $35 civilian rate to walk, easy course to walk for the most part. Great track and it was in very playable condition. POP was at 4hrs, never waited for much, at all. Moved right along. Starter was very friendly, came out and talked to us for a few minutes before we teed off and gave a couple of pointers on the first tee. Very nice.

Teeboxes were just fine. Nice and level without too much divot damage.

Fairways were hit and miss. A few of them had some bad spots in the middle of the fairways, but for the most part, I never had any issues, one bad lie all day.

Rough was a mixed bag, some holes very long and penal, others weren't very difficult. I found a lot of fairways, which is nice.

Found one trap and it was great. No problems.

Greens were in good shape, they held shots well. But I couldn't get a good read on them, didn't make hardly any putts, but I suck at putting, so that's the norm. They seemed to role just fine and were smooth.

Beverage cart was out a couple of times, but we used the halfway house instead, you hit it at 8 and 12.

Overall always a great time out here. Need to play it more often. Very good value.
Played yesterday/Sunday, 7:45 teetime. We were fortunate enough to get infront of a large group of 40players behind us. POP was much better than usual, 4:15, which wasn't too bad for Balboa. Waited on most shots on the front, but the back moved quicker. Only one group on the 6th teebox, which is a miracle!!

Conditions overall are just average for everything.

Teeboxes were level, but very hard underneath. Broke tees on half the drives.

Fairways were all pretty decent, they were really nice walking up to the landing areas, but then the landing areas were a little suspect. Some divot damage and dead patches here and there.

Greens were pretty nice, but they were firm, didn't hold shots unless they were struck perfectly with lots of compression and spin (I guess that's what you're supposed to do normally) If you were hitting the greens from the rough, expect a club of release, at least.

Found one bunker greenside and it was just fine, no issues.

Rough was rather high and thick, try and avoid it!!

customer service was just fine, the large group of 40 going out behind us had a line out the door in the pro shop. Since we were going out first, they let us skip in front of the line to check in.

Walking resident rate $40 is definitely worth it. Love the track and it's a great walk, good workout. Looks like they are going to punch the teeboxes and fairways, they had them all marked off around the perimeters with red paint. Hopefully that will improve the conditions.
Played yesterday on a cool Sunday with some periods of light drizzle. Course is in pretty good shape overall. POP was ridiculous, over 5.5hrs. Waiting on just about every shot. No marshall out there to keep things moving, very disappointing. Resident walking rate was $40, well worth it on the Sunday.

Teeboxes were just fine, nothing outstanding, but nothing deplorable.

Fairways were good for the most part, except number 2 was a joke, just awful. I didn't play LCP, but was on the verge. I hate playing LCP, so I chose to play it down.

Greens were definitely the best part of the course. They held shots very well and putted smooth for the most part. Couple of them had some rough parts around the edges, but it didn't bother any of my shots.

Found one bunker and it was just fine, no problems.

I walked on at 9:30am and they had an opening for me at 10:30. Worked out perfect, was able to get a bite in the restaurant before hand. They have good food, but they went up on their prices.

Overall, I love the course and the layout. Just wish they could speed up play a little better.
Staff in the pro shop was great. I walked on as a single on a sunday morning and Steve in the pro shop got me out in half hr. I teed off at 9:30 and we finished at 2pm. POP wasn't that bad, we had a long wait on number 9 and waited a couple other times, but overall can't complain.

This course layout is really nice. I haven't played here for about 20yrs because the conditions aren't that great.

Teeboxes were ok, had to search for a decent place to put the tee, but overall they were acceptable.

Fakrways were pretty much hideous. tons of weeds, dead spots, high grass, etc. Complete bag in the fairway. Lift clean and place for sure!! they were deplorable.

Sand traps looked like crap, but they actually played ok. I was in two of them greenside and they had weeds growing and weren't that attractive, but they played ok.

Greens were definitely the saving grace of the course. They held shots just fine and putted fairly true. They had some bad patches and putted offline a few times, but for the most part, they were ok. about the only thing good about the course.

Overall, I'd stay away right now. I wish they'd put some time and money into this course, it's a pretty killer layout. lots of water, ob, small greens, etc. It's got alot going for it, but the conditions are borderline playable if you want to play the ball down, which is how you are supposed to play golf. Lift clean and place in the fairway is not playing by the rules, in my book. Oh well, had a good time, nonetheless. Hope they bring this course around, someday.
Played on 12/31. It was a gloomy day and we had some rain, but not too bad. $35 to walk, not too bad. Course is in fine playable condition right now.

Fairways were thin and had some bad coverage, but the landing areas were generally good. I had one really poor lie in the middle of the fairway, but for the most part, the really bad areas were GUR.

Greens were a little firm, expect a little roll out on anything longer than a 7 iron. They putted fairly smooth. The front part of just about every green is chewed up with some sort of disease.

Rough is virtually non-existent. Wasn't a factor.

Found one trap and it was nice and fluffy. Looks like they put new sand in recently.

Teeboxes were mostly level with good coverage, never had any issue finding a good spot to tee it up.

POP was under 4hrs, teed off at 9am and done by 12:45. Good pace, we were only a threesome, so we had to wait a little bit, but not too bad, totally acceptable.

Overall, I like the layout, just needs to be in a little better shape. Good value and great customer service.
Played yesterday, Saturday. Called at 10:20 to check how busy it was and the starter said he had an opening for 11:22, so I took it. $40 resident walking rate for a beautiful Saturday afternoon is well worth it. POP was great today, it wasn't too busy, 4.5hrs total is totally acceptable for this place, we waited just a little on about half the shots but it moved along nicely.

Teeboxes were all level, but most of them weren't mown so they were a little shaggy, but not a big deal. Fairways were in great shape, very nice perfect firmness with great coverage. Never had a bad lie all day. Found one bunker and it was nice, good sand, nice and fluffy. Rough wasn't too penal, it was only about an inch or two longer than the fairways, easy to hit from. Greens were in pretty good shape, held shots very well, but were a little bumpy. Lots of unrepaired ball marks, makes you mad after you fix 3-5 marks on every green, lazy people. Customer service was just fine, didn't see the beverage cart, but no biggie, love my Datrek bag with built in cooler that holds a 6pack ice cold for the entire round.
All and all, a great day where I live. I only play here about 3-4 times a year, cuz it's usually such a pain to get out. Hit it up if you can.
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