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Played on a Sunday morning; it was not at all crowded. This is a kind of a beat up tract with substantial elevation changes on many of the holes, and it could use some TLC. The fairways had a lot of patches of dying grass and a number of damaged areas. Most of the greens were in need of a similar amount of maintenance as were the tee boxes. That being said, though, the course was quite playable. When in the fairway, I always had grass under my ball and my ball rolled fairly well on the greens.

What do you get for your $85 non tri-county rate? A bit of a short layout. 6400+ from the tips. The first several holes on the back 9 have a serene and isolated feel. It was nice to play those. The par 4’s run the gamut from a drivable 286-yard hole to the number 1 handicap, starting hole at 447 yards. There is one, I thought, unfair par 4 at 18. It’s only 353 yds from the tips, but there is a mostly obscured landing area that you must be on the right side of to get any kind of decent look at the green with 235 to the hazard to stop you from hitting anything but a mid to long iron. Any kind of miss hit off of the tee will initiate a geometrically progressive increase of your score. I plan to return to this course just to play this hole again.

The service was good, especially the starters who were accommodating and had a firm grasp on things (even if there wasn’t much action.) Beware of ordering from the “communication system” on the ninth tee, however. I was in the snack bar waiting for my hot dog when I heard someone trying to order some kind of sandwich with or without mayo from the talk box. While trying to serve me, the cook/cashier had pretty much given up on the thin voice coming out of the walkie-talkie lying on the counter. Hopefully that guy got his sandwich.
First off, let me try to save you some walking. When you arrive, check in at the starter’s shack; don’t go to the pro shop because you will be sent back to the starter’s shack to check in; you have to pay for your green fee in the pro shop after the starter has put you in the queue. Second, purchase range tokens in the pro shop. There’s nothing but a machine that only accepts tokens on the driving range.

The course itself was in fair to good condition. Walked on as a civilian single on Sunday morning and had a reasonable wait. I learned they give priority to active military and then retired military. The fairways were a bit thick but in otherwise good condition for a course at this green fee level ($45 to walk). A few expected rough patches but not bad.

The greens, however, were slow and just a bit inconsistent. There were a couple of greens that were faster than the rest—fortunately playing partners’ putts clued me in before anything bad happened. They seemed to roll relatively true. The sand traps were not so great. They tended to be thin and heavy. The rough was cut low and hard to distinguish from the fairway. Tee boxes were a little beat up but far from unplayable.

The layout is pretty open, with a lot of water; but I found the water to be quite avoidable with decent shots. The greens are old school—generally elevated and sloping upwards front to back. You’re certainly not paying your $45 for the scenery. The course is flat and you might catch the occasional fighter jet taking off more or less right next to you depending on your position on the course.
Played on a Sunday morning. Place was pretty deserted; went out by myself. The 2 nines are switched around permanently. The par 3 that used to be #10 is now #1 and vice-versa. The most notable feature of the course was the greens, which were nearly perfect. Fast but not unfair-fast, true rolling and no bumps. Hats off to the greenspersons. The course is otherwise in decent shape. Several fairways are a bit beat up in places, but I always had a reasonable lie. The rough was in good shape—the cuts seem to vary with the potential to be punishing. The couple of sandtraps that I found myself in were thin. The teeboxes, though beat up were level—no complaints there. The downside of the switched nines is now the finishing hole is a relatively short and narrow par 4. Not at all special.
I found this to be quite a civilized tract with a fair and reasonably interesting layout. Fairways had a brownish tinge but no bare spots to be seen and I was always hitting from grassy lies. Rough was appreciable but not too punishing. My main problem was with the greens. I found them to be bumpy and their speed inconsistent, which is unfortunate for the green fees charged by this course. I’ve putted on better greens on courses that were much less expensive. The one or two times I was in the traps, I found them to be in very good shape.

A little insight from an insider informed me that they’re actually raising the green fees because the course is taking a beating from so much play. It was fairly crowded on the Friday afternoon I stopped by. My guess is that this course is a favorite of locals who enjoy the convenience and don’t mind shelling out $150 for a green fee. (I don’t remember being able to see the ocean.) It’s a course that I’m glad I played once, but I wouldn’t put it on my list of regulars.
Played on a Sunday morning. Luckily got out as a single right away. Wasn’t blown away with the layout. A links style layout as previously mentioned. It seemed they were trying to do a lot with a flat, uninteresting piece of land especially with the aforementioned burns (‘b?rn [noun] British term for “creek”), which without the cart’s GPS display and/or a knowledgeable playing partner will make for a long, frustrating round. Fortunately, I had both and spent very little time dealing with them. I found a number of tee shots intimidating because it was very difficult to determine safe landing areas. Once or twice I came up on my ball after a decent shot too close for comfort from something that should be avoided that I didn’t see.

The conditions were quite good. The fairways were a bit thin but that is to be expected with such a new course. The greens rolled very true but were slow. I expected they would speed up substantially as the round progressed, but they did only a little. Once I got accustomed to the speed, however, my putts went where I hit them (for better and worse.) Sand in the traps was very good—fortunately didn’t spend much time in them. There was not really any rough to speak of. It took a careful look sometimes to discern it from the fairway. I’m not complaining about that however.

On the back nine as mentioned in previous reviews, there are several substantial hikes between holes. A bit more unforgivable is a lack of drinking water on the course. I saw only one cooler near the very short 14th. When summer hits in that area it’s going to be miserable for walkers who aren’t packing their own fluids. I hope this is something that the management is addressing.
Course was in good shape. Fairways were thin, but there were no bare patches to speak of—maybe a little brownish, but I was always hitting off grass if not lush grass. Sand in traps (which I saw too much of) was above average—not at all hard or thin. Greens were in pretty good condition, on the fast side—speed was paramount, no quarter was given. Layout is mostly open and flat, very few excuses for a high round if you’re on your game. The 10th hole I found to be the most daunting: a long par 4 from the back tees where you have to hit over crap to what seems like a narrow landing area between lost ball hell on the left and traps and rough on the right. The island green on the 17th is a daunting challenge, but the 18th is probably the most unsignature-like finishing hole that I’ve ever played. Flat, open and not very challenging, you’ll be sharing the fairway with stray range balls.

The clubhouse and service were pretty decent, and there was what looked like a nice break station at the turn, which wasn’t open at 9 am. Overall, I thought for $72 walking, not a course I would visit regularly on weekends unless I lived in the area. But I think in this area, bargain golf is very limited.
Cross Creek has always been one of my top 5 courses in So. California. It’s a bit of a trip but has always been worth it. $75 for a weekday green fee is still reasonable. I go mostly for the setting. Tucked back in the hills with limited development, (a few houses on the surrounding hills) it’s an interesting, well-designed layout with usually very good conditions.

This trip I found a few unpleasantries with conditions. Most notable was the 18th green. ‘Threadbare’ best describes it. There seemed to be just as much mud and dirt as there was grass. It stands out as a sore thumb and needs serious attention. About a third of the holes were cart path only, and many fairways were just punched—numbers 16&18 being notable examples.

The groundskeepers seem to be hard at work, except for the 18th green, and areas where there wasn’t work being done or damage, the course was in its usual very fine condition. The fairways were lush, but I found the greens to be a bit slow. Overall, not a disappointing trip, though I hope management is keeping an eye on conditions, which at least have the potential to deteriorate substantially.
Wanted to see the new Ike and bathe myself in its cleansing fires—in other words, get my butt kicked. In my opinion this is the most difficult public course in the Los Angeles area and has always provided me with a substantial golf experience.

The changes, as far as I could tell seemed to be a general smoothing out the bumps on a few holes and re-doing a couple of greens. The course remains as challenging and as difficult as it ever was. The conditions were excellent. This applies mostly to the fairways, which were full and well-manicured. Looking over the general layout and the conditions, the course in its present state would match well with uber-high-end courses that charge twice as much. I paid $85 for my weekend round—it’s $119 on the weekends. That’s high, but can be cut substantially by forking out $499 for an annual membership. Depending on how much you can play, it can become a good deal.

The disappointment with me were the greens. They were uniformly slow, a bit bumpy and several had bear spots and damage and needed TLC. The sand traps were in great shape (only ended up in 1, fortunately) as was the rough, cut mercifully thin.

Friendly guy in the pro shop who sent me off right away as a single first thing. As I played my round that Thursday, I saw very few other players. The course was pretty empty. For the quality and the type of golf experience you get, I think it’s competitively priced with other semi-to high-end courses in the area. Will definitely be back for the challenge and to see if the great conditions are maintained.
Went out early on a Sunday morning and nary a soul around. One guy a couple holes in front of me; I think the nearest group at least 4 holes behind. First the good. The greens were the truest rolling on which I’ve ever played. Neither too fast nor slow. They were in excellent condition (either not too many people hitting them or everyone repairing their ballparks.) For better or worse the ball went where I hit it with no bumps along the way. Also the tee boxes were level and very well kept—no complaints there.

The bad news, however, were the fairways. I heard one of the guys in the pro shop mention that it had been a tough summer for them in terms of the heat and humidity. There were more than a few bare/brown patches and what were obviously valiant efforts to repair damaged areas. To be fair though, when I was in the fairway I was always hitting from a decent lie. Just to look around and see the damage and rough spots; however, made me glad I had discount coupon for this round.

As for the layout, I found it interesting and mostly fair. I was advised that each set of tees plays about 300 yards longer than the scorecard indicates due to the wind and elevation changes. I don’t disbelieve that, although there wasn’t much wind during my round. One thing I will say about this tract is that it is uninviting to the driver. Long hitters can leave theirs in the bag as most of the holes value accuracy off the tee. Also on several holes after reaching the fairway you will find a phalanx of sand traps guarding elevated greens. I guess that’s a throwback to classic golf course design—more power to them.

In the end, what you are paying your $210 for are the ocean views, which on a couple holes are spectacular. Throw in 1st class service and high-end carts (two different sized cup holders for each rider) and I think it adds up to an experience that southern California golfers might try at least once. This is one of the courses, however, that you have to play a few times to get a good feel for, and at $175-210 a pop that prospect is a bit out of my budget.
Played this course as part of my central Calif. golf trail vacation. Was there before 8 am on a weekday and only 3 other players were in sight. Ended up behind a twosome but they let me play through. This course is wide open. Split 21 mentions tall grass and long weeds. They must have done some cutting because when I wasn't on the fairway (as happened too often) I was hitting from scraggily dry grass or dirt.

The fairways were in good condition for what seems like a bone dry area. Split21 is also correct about the greens. They were as smooth and well maintained as any I've played on--very fast but fair. They were also flat, but don't let that fool you. There were many subtle breaks that resulted for me, at least, in a quite average putting round. I can't count the number of putts I missed by an inch or so on the high or low side of the cup trying to figure out the breaks.

The layout as the "Links" in its name implies is pretty wide open. Take a good look at the hole layouts on the scorecards because the sameness of the landscape makes it hard sometimes to tell where the holes bend and dogleg. At 6,900+ from the tips, I think you'll find plenty challenge for your game despite the lack of obstacles between the tee and the green.

Don't expect much of a clubhouse. Just a trailer with minimum merchandise and no restaurant. For the money, however, ($35 with a cart) this course is a very good deal. If I were a local, I would certainly play it often. And as a tourist, I think you'll find the grape vines within reach on several of the holes pretty cool too.
Played the morning of Sunday July 11th. First thing to note is the very casual attitude about getting on. Walked in as a single and it was basically, “that’ll be $80”, took my money and then “enjoy your round.” No mention of a tee time or who I would be joining. He did mention a couple of foursomes on the tee box. It was, however, every person for him or herself, and I joined a twosome that was just teeing off. In terms of the course itself, I agree with the previous post. This course is just a few steps away from being one of the top affordable high-end tracts in southern California, but is lacking from attention. The fairways were in generally good condition. A few small bare patches here and there, but more obvious was the tire damage. The fact that these gashes are still around after the previous June 25th review shows a general lack of caring on the part of the people in charge of maintenance. Also the bunkers were pretty much hard tack. Fortunately, I avoided them in my round, but goodness help the golfer who lands in one. The greens were slow and a little bumpy. Despite that, I putted well, once I got used to smacking the ball harder than is prudent. The tee boxes, as mentioned, were unkept and bushy. I would have to call the rough pretty fair. It wasn’t impossible to hit from, but was punishing enough for long approach shots. I wouldn’t rate this course in its current condition and incarnation worth $80 on weekends. What I think you’re paying for are some of the best non-ocean views in southern California. But I do think it’s a generally very good, interesting and fair layout, which will challenge your game. More attention to overall maintenance would make it worth its current rate (but then they would bump up the price, wouldn’t they.) By the way avoid the hot dogs at the turn. The one I got was over-boiled and generally uninspiring and sat like a lump in my stomach for several holes.
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