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Played today Saturday, 7/21 with a tee time around 10 am. It took us around 4 1/2 hours to play. We had to wait on almost every hole to tee off. It was a little slow today. It got a little better on the back nine by around the 15 hole. Came out here to play as it was about 20 degrees cooler than the SFV. It get a little distracting to watch the planes take off and land here but it helps pass the time when we have to wait to tee off.

The tees boxes were fairly level but the teeing area was getting all beat up with divots. The fairways were average condition with some lies that were a little thin and others with rather lush grass. The rough here was sometimes a little thick and some were rather thin. Sand was decent but some were rather nice and others had rather thick sand. Greens were running a little fast but I noticed that balls tend to bounce a little bit on the greens. Looked like the 4th green was patched up but it didn't affect roll on the green. The 2nd hole had a lot of birds on the lake and around and near the 2nd green. I accidentally hit a bird just off the 2nd green when my ball rolled off the back. Bird was ok. and walked away.

Favorite holes here are the added holes when it went from 15 holes to 18 holes. Like playing 15, 16 and 17th holes as these feel like playing on a regulation 18 course. The other holes are mostly par 3s and par 4s. A lot of holes are side by side, so you have to watch for balls from the adjacent holes. I saw a lot of players on the wrong fairway. They do fivesomes here, which can make for slow play. But we like coming here as it's a lot cooler than the SFV. There's a driving range here and short game area that you can rent for 1/2 - 1 hour for additional $$.
Played last Saturday, 7/14 with a tee time about mid-morning. We tee off about 15 minutes after our scheduled tee time. Pace of play was a little slow today. It took around 5 1/2 - 5 3/4 to play 18 on a rather hot day. There was a foursome on the front nine behind us that decided to quit for the day as it was too backed out on the front nine.

Course condition was better than expected considering how dry and hot it's been for the last several weeks. Fairways had rather good coverage from tee to green. Tee boxes were in good condition. Note when we played it was about 1 week after the recent brush fire just off the 2nd tee. The hillside to the left of the 2nd tee was all black and smelled of smoke. Bunkers had decent sand. Greens were in above average condition. Balls tend to roll a little fast on the greens.

This is not an easy course to play but I like the layout of the course. Golf course has houses all along the course so it has a country club feel to it. 1st hole is pretty scary considering it's an elevated tee with the driving range to the right and the hole play uphill. I really like playing here except pace of play tends to be an issue here. Course is not flat. It's a little hilly. Some holes you hit down to the fairway and some you hit up to the fairway.

There's a driving range here with two levels. Upper level of the driving range is irons only. Bottom level you 're not limited but the back of the driving range is just over 200 yards to the back net fence. It can get rather hot on the driving range in the morning with the sun directly in your face. You don't get shade on the bottom level of the driving range into the afternoon. There's a small restaurant here. Facility also has banquet rooms so the parking lot can get quite full during wedding season.
Played on 6/23 and on 6/24 (2 days in a row) with a tee time between 9 am and 10 am on both days. POP was around 4 1/4 to 4 1/2 hours to play 18 on a weekend. Not bad. Tho' on Sunday, 6/24 we started about 15 - 20 minutes after our scheduled tee time.

Course condition was just average. The tee boxes were looking a little thin, had lots of divots and sometimes the ground was too hard to put a tee in. It's been a while since we last played here. I forgot there's a creek running through the course with very tall reeds and other foliage in front of it that you need to carry on about 7 holes on your tee shot. Made it for a tough day. The fairways were just ok. There were lots of patches of bare ground, thin lies, yellow grass and mushy spots on the fairways. The rough were a little lush/deep that you need to keep a track where your ball is if you landed in these areas. There's a lot of sand traps on this course. I was in a lot of sand traps on both days. Some of the sand traps had water in it, some was hard packed wet sand and others were very sandy. I also didn't like it where others didn't rake after they hit out of the bunkers. Greens were just average. There were lots of unrepaired balls marks on the greens. Greens were putting a little slow on some holes and fast on other holes.

This is an executive golf course with a lot of par 3s and par 4s. This is a good course to practice on as on some holes had an elevated tee box where you hit down to the green. Then there were others where you hit up to the green. Plus there's is their signature 17th hole which has an island green where you hit from an elevated tee to the green. There's three sets of tees with the back tees with total yardage around 4400 yards. There's a driving range here with mats, a short game area and a putting green. There's a restaurant and pro shop here. In addition they also have a 9 hole par 3 course which is also used for foot golf. In addition, it got windy here in the afternoon so it made it a challenge to hit into the wind.
Played super twilight on 6/18 on a rather hot day. We tee off around 6 pm and barely got 9 holes before it got really dark. POP just over 2 hours to play 9.

It's been about a year since I last played here. The golf course is coming around. It looks like management is working to improve course conditions. The fairways were looking really green for this time of year. There were some holes where it was really dry between the tee boxes and the start of the fairways. Fairways were a little lush in spots here and there, which made it harder to walk. Tee boxes were looking pretty good. Can't comment about the bunkers as I didn't land in any this time but it looks decent. My only complaint while playing today are the greens. It seemed it was rather sandy and bumpy. There were also a lot of unrepaired ball marks also. Greens were putting a little slow with all the sand on the greens. Will be back in a few weeks to see how the greens are recovering.

Super twilight rate on a weekday was just under $8 walking. Like coming here to just practice. I also like the driving range here where you hit off grass. There's also nice short game area here too.
Played on June 10 with a late morning tee time. POP was just over 4 hours to play 18. It plays like an executive course tho' there are two par 5s here, around 9 par 4s and the rest par 3 for par 67.

Course is in average shape today. You can play here. Grass was looking a little dry and thin in spots. Tee boxes were in good shape. Fairways had good coverage from tee to green. Fairway was a little thin in spots and bare in spots. Some spots on the fairway was a little mushy. Greens were just ok running a little fast in spots and slow in other spots too. Didn't care for the sand in the bunkers. Sand was rather thin and a little hard packed at times. Water comes into play on 4 holes - 3 on the front nine and 1 on the back nine. The 9th hole par 3 can pose a challenge as it is all carry with a bunker in front of the green. Yes, you want to reach the green but you don't want to go long and hit the clubhouse. Was sitting in our cart behind the 9th hole and saw a ball drop in front of the cart on the sidewalk and roll down the hill back into the corner.

Like coming here to work on my short game. There's a lot of trees here on the course which can cause a lot of trouble if you don't hit it in the fairway. There's a driving range here with mats.
Played on 6/5 in late afternoon shotgun as part of women's golf day event today. Was able to play 8 of 9 holes on the front nine in 2 hours. Not bad considering we had to wait on every hole.

Course is in overall good shape. They were doing a lot of watering while we were playing as it has been rather warm this time of year. The tee boxes were in good shape with good coverage. Fairways were in great shape. There were spots here and there in the fairways with thin lies but you can still play. Rough was not bad here and it wasn't too tall or deep. Greens were in decent shape. I did see a lot of unrepaired divots on the greens but that is not the courses fault. A lot of greens were a little bumpy. I can't comment on the bunkers as I didn't land in any today but it did look in average shape.

Fun course to play. It's fairly flat so you can walk here. There are little moguls or hills on the fairway here and there. Didn't get to hole 18 but this hole is always a challenge to play with the big moguls on the fairway.

There's a driving range here with mats and putting green. They have a nice clubhouse and there's banquet facilities here so it can get busy here on the weekends with wedding receptions.
Played yesterday, June 3 with a tee time around 9:30 am. POP was around 5 hours on a rather hot day. It's been awhile since I was last here.

Glad they switched front and back 9's. The 10th tee is now what used to be the 1st tee. Didn't like starting to hit up the hill to the uphill green. Course is in great shape since it's been awhile since the rainy season. Fairways have fairly good coverage from tee to green. Tho' there were dirt patches here and there and yellow spots in the fairways with very thin grass. Tees have fairly good coverage. The rough here can be fairly brutal. If you don't spot where your ball lands in the rough, you may not be able to find your balls. Rough over here was a least few inches thick. Key to low score, keep your shots on the fairways. Greens were in good shape. Balls were rolling about medium speed.

The bunkers had decent sand. Some bunkers had gopher holes in them to watch out for. I did see gopher holes in the rough on a lot of holes today. Noticed that holes near the dam where the trees/palm trees and vegetation were a little singed from the fire last year.

Price is reasonable to play here. Just over $50 with cart on the weekend. Course is not flat and water comes into play on one hole. There's a restaurant/bar here. There's also a driving range where you hit down and up the hill next to the 10th hole.
Played today, Sunday 2/11 starting around 1:30 pm. It was very busy this afternoon and a little windy around 10-15 mph. Pace of play to play 9 hole par 3s were around 2 hours. A little slow. We had to wait to hit befor every hole as we were behind a foursome sharing 1 set of clubs and one person was playing golf for 1st time. There were a lot of beginners playing today.

It looks they were working on this course. It looked like the 1st hole tee box was under renovation as we were using a temporary tee on hole #1. It's nice that there are grass tees here but today it was looking a little thin and a bit beat up. Some areas of the tees boxes were all dirt. There are two sets of tees here - blue and white. Fairways had good coverage but it was thin in spots, bare in spots and bird droppings in spots too. There are a lot of birds grazing this course. Water comes into play on a couple of holes here. Yardages on this course range from 61 yards to 164 yards. There are bunkers here on this course. Can't comment on the condition of the sand but looking at it, it appears the sand looks nice and fluffy. The upper tee up the hill on hole #6 was not open. So hole #6 was around 61 yards. This is not an easy 9 hole par 3 course to play. Greens were looking pretty good here. Some greens were a little bumpy and others had a lot of unrepaired ball marks.

There is a driving range here hitting off mats. Course is walking only. There are pull carts to rent. There is a pro shop, which also sells food and snacks . This is a good course to practice your short game. On weekends it costs around $13 to play 9.
Today 1/27 we decided to just play 9 and work on our short game. First time playing this course. We found a discounted rate on-line to play here for around $10 instead of $16 for a Saturday morning. It's a 9 hole executive course with mostly par 3s and a couple par 4s. It's walking only here for golf at around 2,000 yards. There are two sets of tees plus a couple of junior tees here.

There is a driving range here with around 12 stalls for hitting off mats. I noticed they had a lot of yardage signs, a lot more than other driving ranges. You can practice your pitching, chipping as well hitting to specific yardages.

All I can say is that the course looks better on their website than what I saw playing today. It looks like golf maintenance here is a lot low key. Tee boxes were a bit beat up but they do have grass tees to hit off. Fairways were bermuda grass with a lot of yellow, bare and muddy spots. There are a lot of birds here too so therefore there is a lot of bird droppings all other the place. There are sand traps. Some were a bit wet and some had decent sand. Water come into play on about 5 holes. I figure as this is a Ted Robinson Sr designed golf course, there is water on this course. This is not an easy course to play. There is a creek running through about 5 holes. The 4th, 5th and 6th holes were a challenge to play. Also this course meanders through houses alongside some of the fairways. As there is no netting on the fairways, you have to take care so you don't hit into someone's backyard or house. Greens were just average. It did bounce around a lot and is was windy when we played so there were a lot of leaves on the greens.

I do like the 7th, 8th and 9th holes. The only thing I didn't like was that you had to cross a busy street to get to these holes. There's a sign saying the course wants you to cross the street at the signal. These holes didn't feel as narrow as the other ones.

It wasn't busy when we played. We got a lot of short game practice here as there was no one behind us. There are tennis courts here and a swimming pool (closed for the winter). But when we finished we had so much mud and bird droppings on our shoes and walking golf cart. Not a bad place to practice your short game.
Played on Sunday, 1/21 with a tee time just after 9 am. The day we played the golf course were doing split tee times that day. Some groups started on 1 and other started on 10. Therefore, we had to start before 9:30 am or wait until after 12:30 pm. We decided to go for the earlier tee time. Pace of play was around 4 - 4 1/4 hours to play 18 on a really chilly day. We did have to wait on every hole but it was not bad.

We found that the greens were in excellent condition. It's the best I've seen in the last month. Balls were rolling nice, a little fast and not bouncing around like I've seen at other courses. The tee boxes were in good condition and good coverage. Fairways were decent. There were yellow spots and thin spots here and there. I found that the bermuda grass on the fairway to be quite thick. I did find some spots here and there where ground was under repair on the fairway. My only complaint was that it was hard to see the yardage markers on some of the fairways as it was marked in the grass. But we had our golf GPS watches to help us determine our yardage to the greens. The sand in the bunkers were in good condition. The sand was nice and fluffy and not a thin layer of sand over dirt. Water does come into play on 4 or 5 holes and it is real easy to go OB into the orchard on some of the holes. It just makes it more challenging. It's also fun to hit your tee shot on their signature hole #17 with elevated tee hitting to the fairway below.

Driving range is basically hitting into a hill. There is a golf shop and a bar/clubhouse. Most of the seating for the clubhouse is outdoors. Love eating their hamburgers!
Played on Saturday, 1/13 with a tee time about mid-morning. Took around 5 hours to play 18. We didn't start on our scheduled tee time. It was about 20 - 25 minutes behind. It's been a while since I last played here.

I noticed that there were a few changes here. The driving range appears under new management as I had to get the balls at the pro shop instead of at the ball machine. The usual starter window where you paid was closed and you had to pay inside the pro shop. There was hardly anything in the pro shop for sale.

Course was in overall good shape to play. Being in January, the weather was warm when we played. It's been a few days after the recent rains and the course hasn't completely dried out. I did run into a lot of mud on my ball while playing today. Fairways were still a little wet. Fairways had good coverage. It was not all green, there were yellow spots, bare spots, muddy spots on the fairways but you can still play. There were a lot of leaves on the fairways/rough so it was a little hard finding your ball. Greens were in good shape. The bunkers had decent sand (it was a little thin). Tee boxes had good coverage. Water does come into play on a couple of holes.

Course was very busy today. It's a popular course to play. It's one of my favorite golf courses to play. It's got enough challenges to make it interesting to play.
Played on Monday, 1/15 a holiday with a tee time around 9 am. It took us around 4 1/2 hours to play 18. First time playing here for me.

Course was in overall good shape to play. The fairways were looking a little thin, yellow and bare in spots but you can still play. I didn't care for spots on the fairways with dirt mounds here and there. But I liked that the fairways were rather wide on the majority of holes. There were a lot of birds on the fairways and tee boxes on a lot of holes while we played. The greens were in really good shape today. I did find unrepaired ball marks here and there. I didn't land in any sand traps but my playing partner commented about the the thin layer of sand over the dirt in the bunkers. Tee boxes had good coverage but on one of the tee boxes had a lot of bird droppings. Water does come into play on a couple of holes. There a few lakes here on this course as well as a lot of birds too. You just need to approach your ball carefully with a lot of bird dropping all over this course.

The driving looks nice now after it was recently refurbished. Tho' I saw a sign on the door saying that the driving range lights are temporarily not working. Course is really flat so you can walk 18. Saw a lot of players walking today. This course doesn't seem to be as busy as Encino or Balboa. Will have to keep this course in mind in the future.
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