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Got out Sunday 6/28 at 7:50a. Took over 5 hours to play, never saw a single marshall, and waited on every shot. Conditions were very good as previously reported by others. Same goes for the service, everyone was great. The lack of a practice putting green is slightly annoying, this requires the putter to be working. Was surprised at the number of un-repaired ball marks and un-filled divots. $73 for a weekend round with a cart is a bit high for me, do not think I will be back soon at those rates.
Went up and played LP 3/13. Took advantage of their email special and payed $25 with a free cart (made the free throw on the March Madness Special). Hard to find a better use of $25...Had an all time worst round, but the course was in dynamite shape. Greens were smooth and quick and barely an unrepaired ball mark to be found anywhere. Excellent overall course conditions (first hand experience with the many traps indicated they were in great condition). Excellent customer service. Just wish this track was a little closer to home, I would love to be able to call this my home course.
American Golf.......Please take Note: The course has gone down hill in the last two months, but let's get to that in a second. Something MUST be done with the Geese/Ducks at this course. The smell ruins a round, you need to get s&%t off your shoes and cart wheels. They are all over the place!!! Geesh! As for the course....played 1/31 and got out at noon. Round took ~ 4.5 hours (for a par 61 course) greens were a strength 2 months ago, today they were very inconsistent. Some I would rate as good, some poor. Many greens had excessive divots and large areas of unmarked GUR. Typical winter/muni fairways. Tee Boxes were generally poor to fair. Traps were sad! The rains passed thru 1 week ago, yet some traps were muddy and the others were hard packed. These traps have not seen a grate in weeks. Excellent customer service from the front desk to the starter to the marshalls. Saw the cart girl 4 times on the front nine (OBTW...cart girl rating was a solid 9!) but zero on the back.
Played 12/31 with an 8:52 tee time. Starter got us out right on time. Slow play at Elkins is becoming more of a problem. Took 3 hours to play the front 9 and a little over 2 hours for the back. Maybe some score card suggestions could improve the habitual problem spots. Have had a similar experience the last few times out. Greens were in pretty good shape. A few greens not getting afternoon sun had some problem areas, but this did not impact any of our putts. Fairways are dormant, but the lies were decent. Traps were consistant and in good condition. Tee boxes, as usual, were not a course strength. Elkins is deceptive and is much tougher the 70.5/118 rating/slope suggests. Must bring your "A" game and trust the Fillmore break!!
Played 12/23. My first time out to Olivas after the remodel. I was looking froward to playing the course and was not let down. Played as cart path only from the rains previous evening. Agree with previous poster in that the geens and aprons were in great shape. Fairways were dormant and have seen better days. However, all G.I.R. were clearly marked and in most cases you still got a good lie from the fairways. Traps were consistant and of good quality. Although I enjoyed the round, not sure that I will venture out from Santa Clarita too often to play at these rates. I could have played RR for less.
Got out at 7:45am on 11/23. Greens were in surprising good condition. Rolled rather true with minimal bumps. Fairways were consistant and yielded good lies. Tee Boxes and traps were less than average. This is a fun course as you get to use just about every club in the bag. However, $44 (18 + cart) for a par 61 exec course is a little high. It will be awhile before I return. Same old problems with back ups on the first 3 holes. Kudos to the ranger who actually got a group to speed up play that had fell two holes behind on the 4th hole.
Got out (11/18) to enjoy the RR Player Appreciation day...Best $39 I have ever spent. If you have not signed up for their internet specials, you are really missing out. I would highly recommend a visit to the RR website to sign up. For $39 we got a fantastic round, a hot dog lunch, skills competition, and warm up balls. We won two certificates for a buy one get one free round (M-Th). Kudos to the RR staff. We had a great day.

The course is in fantastic condition and the greens are still the best around. 'Nuff said. Excellent service from the guys at the front desk to the bar tender and everyone in between.
Got out at 8:45 on a Saturday morning. The course.....Excellent. I have never seen Elkins in this type of condition mid summer. The new irrigation system is providing great results, as the fairways were in great muni shape. Looks like they are trying to toughen up the course, as they are growing in the rough. Most of the fairways are ~30% narrower. The greens were soft and smooth, but very slow. Pace of play was awful, took 3:15 to play the front 9 and 2:55 to play the back.
Played Eagles Nest 3 times 4/20 thru 4/23. Greens were in great shape as the putts rolled smooth & true. Nice fairway lies and Tee-boxes. Sand traps could be better, but were playable. Nice practive facility.
Got out ~8:00 4/20 and finished by noon. Previous reviews are acurate. Greens still showing heavy signs of the previous aeration. Bumpy & very sandy. Looks like they need another week. Really enjoyed the course and would play again.
Played 12/27 with a 9:30 tee time. It was a very cold, blustery day at RR. Course was in typical RR great condition. I had not played either RR course in about 10 months. Two noticable "differences" from what I had previously encountered...1.) the fairways were cut pretty tight and 2) The greens were as smooth as always, but were slower that in the past. Also noticed the greens being significantly softer, so much that you came across a fair amount of retained spike marks around the cups. Not sure if this was due to the cold, or the softer greens. The beverage cart came around ~ 6 times. I will try to get back to RR much sooner than my previous 10 month hiatus.
Previous posts are right on...Elkins is in great shape (considering it is winter). The greens were as fast as I have seen them. It was great to play with the rebuilt 9th green, they did a nice job. You can see the landscape improvements being made throughout the course. Keep up the good work. Elkins remains one of the best "values" around.
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