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Our usual Sunday second out spot when we play here. This round joined by Tim. POP 3.25
Update the GPS is up and running and so useful even for those with course experience.
Covid protocols but with loosened county conditions snack bar open for take out and beverage cart making the rounds.
We played winter rules and I used a club length a couple times to get me out of tree trouble and through the green you could play it either way. Many times playing it down was fine. Most grass cut low and not dormant. Some thin areas. Good roll outs in fairways.
A chestnut tee boxes on 11 and 16 need attention and re-leveling and seeding.
It's the greens that are very challenging here today rolling very smooth and quick.
Great to use the golf moose voucher here. Recommend.
Over all rating if there is a course in better shape with-in 75 miles of my home. (NE Sacramento) tell me so I can play there.
Troon managed course. Tee'd off at 11 and a bit of slow POP (4.5ish hrs) was all that hindered a great round. Other than a few sprinkles on the last three holes.
With winter weather some lee way may make it into my reviews. Here its not necessary. At the end of the day knock the grass clippings off your shoes (no sticky mud) and put the clubs in the trunk. A dry winter season so far but the turf conditions here are close to ideal.
Greens rolled great at med/fast held shots with spin.
Fairways 8/10 no brown spots rolled out appropriately.
Bunkers good a couple shots hung-up most rolled to bottom.
Tees above average.
Covid protocols in place with expected restrictions. No inside dining. Snack shack open for outside service.
+$20 if you'd like the single cart otherwise share with divider. GPS
Multiple reviews by me here. Must have played since August '19 but here it is short and sweet.
First out for the 1st round of 2021. Just off frost delay temps at high 30's quickly rising to a low 50's finish. Our scores high 40's to low 50's as well.
Course conditions very playable but winter conditions, Everything cut down tight rough and fairways alike. Preferred lies winter rules suggested.
Greens are good to real good fast and mostly smooth. Bunkers could use a machine groom.
Overall I'd rate the course in transition.
A good course to play if you can get the good rates.
Better than the neighboring Darkhorse for sure for customer service
A day-trip down and back (388 miles) may skew this review and the fact that we got runover in our GK cup match here today.
A sunny day breezy an mild high 60's.
Go to Briggslaw for accurate review of the Mountain and Valley Combo which we also played with Eric and John GK'ers we met for first time, and enjoyed playing with.
Didn't use practice areas but did notice the practice green near bag drop pro shop area looked shaggy and hoped it was not representative of course conditions. It wasn't but the best green on the course by far was the 8th (our 17th on the Valley course) a short uphill 255 yd par 4 that Alex chipped in for birdie from above the hole. I then parred the 9th a par 5 with a large Oak tree in fairway in landing area of drives providing interesting look. Too little too late for our match. Refer to forum post of GK Cup for details of that from the winners!?
Greens were bumpy, healing from maintenance. Playable and one bump helped me par first hole from 15 feet. Fairways tight and dry mostly good lies, rough almost non-existent in some areas. Helped keep ball out of junk in others as did the mounding pushing errant shots back in play often. Some areas of GUR thin dry spots. Course knowledge would help a bit.
A fun residential course. The facility looks like it's a blast in non-COVID era coming back not soon enough. Due to those restrictions it made it a record day trip down and back from Sacramento area for me. Driven through nearby many times. Happy to have reason to stop and enjoy the canyon area of Santa Clarita.
Played 9 holes 11/19 afternoon under mild fall conditions. For a $16 dollar to walk & $8.50 for a can of bud and IPA draft a pleasant stroll in the foothills.
Greens rolled well showing the evidence of aeration holes darker than surrounding areas. Otherwise smooth medium pace. Should be completely healed soon. Many other parts of the course are reseeded including many tee boxes and teeing areas moved to front tees. Bunkers ok a few muddy from recent 1"+ rain day(s) prior.
Covid protocols and extra $5 if you want your own cart. Good time and didn't lose a ball. a few pars including #2 uphill par 4.
Early out Sunday cool 42 degrees mostly sunny to a pleasant sunny back 9. The transition to winter conditions continues. The Ridge is always a challenge (see michaelko review) and is in great shape with the exception of a few wet fairway areas and a few tee boxes being reseeded which were closed. (no effect on white tee yardage) mostly affecting the blue tees moving them up.
The greens have been small tine punched and sanded probably ten days ago or so. Almost healed and will by next weekend I'd expect. 8th green had a indentation line and sand running across it another had the same track near an edge not in play. Bunkers machined worked and first one in the ones I visited. No rakes out.
Other than check-in didn't go into CH and didn't feel uncomfortable in anyway with masks interactions with staff or other players. Covid protocols being followed as would be prudent in most circumstances. Bev cart out for the day and met at the usual spot on 16th hole starting beverage / food service.
Always just fun at The RIDGE recommend.
Played mid-day Friday the 13th! And it wasn't bad luck. Partly sunny start It did drizzle on the back 9 but not enough to soak through your sweater.
Course overall in good to great shape. On holes 10 and 11 some fairway areas re-sodded and marked accordingly. Tee boxes level. Rough is manageable in most areas, thick and plush in others. The greens while rolling well had quite a few ball marks repaired and not otherwise no complaints. Subtle breaks need good feel and reads.
Covid-19 protocols and a security gate set-up near casino. Guard there to take your temperature before the drive to bag drop.
The NorCal weather has transitioned courses naturally into fall / winter playing conditions.
As always this track is a recommend.
Played Sunday 11/8 early (8:30) shotgun as second day of a stroke play (net) tourney.

What a difference a day makes weather wise. Saturday was cool mostly sunny breezy after a cold front pushed showers through with Friday night rain. Sunday the winds picked up out of the WNW (Fall was ushered in) It blew 20+ all day with gusts to 38+mph. Yikes some players shy away from that kind of blow.

The trees were raining golf balls! Yes the Monterey pines were giving back what they took over the summer. Nice bonus finds as those not with an identifying mark went in the bag.

POP was 5 hours due to the wind and hole everything out. The greens would fool some in my group as few times as they are slick and quick. The ball was oscillating on the green.

All course conditions excellent like other reviews concur. See Blackhorse reviews too as both courses are similar in conditions. All areas rate high and worthy of the ratings.

A few holes had tree work being done and debris on ground was free drop. A few areas between holes roped off also free drop nearest point of relief areas.

On my annual list for a reason. It's fine fine.
Played 11/7 11:30 start after an evening of rain. Probably a gully washer as the loose dirt on side of cart paths ran over cement when draining. You could not tell on the course with exception of a few areas of bowled grass without bunker. And a few bunkers showed evidence of it too. Otherwise course overall in exceptional condition in all areas. The redesign years back must have included sand cap as drainage was excellent.
Covid restrictions no inside dining and mask requirements.
Greens slick and fast. Fairways tight rolling out rough enough to pay attention to.
Views of Monterey Bay and it's a course that has the look and the challenge that any golfer would be pleased experiencing.
Played 10/26 second round of the day walking this one. Finishing half hour before sun setting into the Pacific.
Have been on the course before for Mecum car auctions in August and was looking forward to playing the classic design. The Hyatt Regency is right on the course if you need close quarters.
Prior two reviews properly describe playing conditions. The greens are small and on the faster side of medium speed. Held shots well. Lush and green like the fairways.
Played the final day of the course's season 10/18/20. Second group of day out at 10:10
Greens a little faster than normal.
Fairways had been punched late September and recently the areas around the greens and bunkers not fringe. Some par three white tee boxes (#8 for sure) need some over-seeding.
Had a great season here taking advantage of a ten play package usually offered in the early season. This was the second year using that plan.
Let it snow soon...
High ratings in all areas at this ocean-side gem. Played 10/11 8:30 on 225 mile 1-way day trip ride from Sacramento, and it was worth it.
Driving Route 1 past Marina and Seaside at sunrise Monterey Bay in view mild temperature gentle breeze. Just as we got to the SB parking lot the fog came in quickly. Played the first 3 holes in pea soup by feel and general direction from Alex only one of our group with experience here. Sun came out warm partly sunny the rest of the round. Nice as can be.
Greens rolled well maybe a touch slow as they had been liquid fertilized recently. All conditions excellent.
First tee area can be a little crowded. PPE protocol being followed.
Nothing more to say than highly recommend.
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