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First out Sunday before the sun hit the horizon. Found tee time through internet wasn't on the club's site. I asked in pro shop about it. He didn't know why. Anyway good rate and the carts are updated and have accurate GPS.
Greens running true and firm on the quicker side which makes it fun to putt here.
Fairways and rough are firm and fast some brown thin spots growing in over-seeded. Rain in forecast should fill-in.
Bunkers ok but some wet. Mostly maintained. Just adjust accordingly.
Always a fun recommend for The Ridge.
Offered a GK card to our playing friend Doug at end of round.
He said he knew about GK, uses site to check course maintenance / conditions!
6:38 tee time Sunday 9/26 first light and there was a tee time for 6:30 member paired with a no show 3-some. I asked him what's your pleasure? He said he would wait until he could see the ball. I hit my yellow one down the middle. (easier to find in the dim light)
Good to see a course that still fills in the early times seems a few have gone to fixed time regardless of sunrise missing these early slots.

The course is in an improvement in all areas on the course mode. Including tee boxes, cart paths, and it is noticeable. Ownership putting in the capital and the staff working to make it happen. The bunkers may get some sand soon too it's rumored

Greens are good and the fall service will commence this week a verticut and light sanding scheduled. They are soft and receptive and rolling smoothly. No many undulations so ability to make a straight putt from the mid-range should help your score here.
Fairways are good have some patches crabgrass and the rough is playable not too long.

Early tee time cooler fall weather. = Fun and a recommend.
Played an early 9 holes Saturday morning. One group out ahead of us at first light. We had 7am and only the shop was open. Cart guy wasn't in yet!? Easy walk which I planned to do anyway.
Course is consistent and conditions much like sixpez review 6/19/2020. No recent rain but the course was well watered. First hole is wide open driving area and the #1 handicap rating is the second shot over a creek edged with thick briers to the green 10 yards past the hazard. From there it's pretty straight forward following the score card to the second tee box par 3. No hole signs to indicate. This tee is shared by the 9th going back to the clubhouse.
Greens rolled nice mid paced damp held shots well. A few more ball marks than I prefer to see.
Fairways had a few bare spots and areas of crabgrass. Bunkers are brown dirt thin and machine worked.
Didn't use the inside facilities but look nice and spacious.
Rate is $30 to walk and $41 to ride once around (9 holes) Imo a little overpriced as the course is more muni than resort conditions. No complaints.
Fun enjoyed the layed back atmosphere.
8am is the season's first tee time. Spectacular blue sky and Temp mid 40's - 70's
As expected course is in great to almost as good as I've played it condition wise.
Greens are rolling quick and slick and hold well struck approaches.
Tee boxes well manicured and the fairways are great too.
Bunkers are hit and miss condition wise. So just miss them. The tracks only flaw I could see right now.
The one I was in was not raked and I was in footprint in the face. I picked it up and let it roll to the bottom and dealt with it from there.
Usually late summer fall the courses in the Sierra mountains are as good as they are going to get. The moon is in this shape.
Played some a combo of gold and white tees. No rating for this combo but the tougher driving holes requiring length we moved up. Made approaches easier (shorter) in most cases. Gold tees 15th hole My partner cleared the ravine on the par 5 in three first time ever. I still hit it in the woods ;(
Looking forward to our final round in a ten play package deal we bought early season.
Played Sunday early and when the sun was just over the horizon it was blaze orange because of wildfire smoke. The air quality turned out to be 351 AQI and burning eyes and light headiness experienced. Couldn't use our expired golf moose vouchers for cash equivalent until after 9am. We booked on-line club site last minute for $54. Before 8 on weekends the public can get-on after that it's later in the day it seems as membership has first dibs (as they should)

Course is older and in good overall shape. Pictures posted 2014 by sixpez still good reference to what you'll be playing here. Greens were good, mowed and rolled but putted slow due to a LOT of watering overnight. First hole cup was 3/4 full of H2O. 16th hole a chip rolled out with a rooster tail of water. 17th green was casual water on the low edge. Must have been ok I made birdie there. Fairways good coverage most areas. Rough was deep in some spots. Playable most areas.

Track winds through the wooded community with houses on sides of many holes. Most protected by large evergreens or oaks. Bunkers had been machined worked and I found my share. Rakes were out and if the course takes the time to give their sand some attention, then I'd say it's our responsibility to start raking them out again. At least it is for me.
As always It was just fun. Albeit too smoky.
Like the layout and laid back feel of the club. More pickups than sports cars in the parking lot. Friendly atmosphere around the driving range / practice green.
Lunch was simple fare Hot dog and Hamburger cold draft beers. More fancy options available on lunch menu. All good as was the waitstaff. Check-in easy in pro-shop using golf moose voucher and directed to the first tee for the MGF afternoon round here. So we didn't use the large grass range. Today weather ideal for PM play. POP was 4.5 Course was busy and weather partly sunny.
Comparing to the nearby EV which we played in the morning and honest assessment is that Chardonnay is a notch or two up in most areas. Greens are fine rolling smooth medium pace. They are large with the scorecard showing 6 hole locations for them. One or two clubs difference from a center of the green yardage to a back or front pin. Fairways tight lie drives rolling out well. The rough and edges of the course are more kept and less weed crabgrass spots as compared to it's next door neighbor.
A solid public course that I enjoy playing. Like a fine wine it gets better with time. The scenery and routing are terrific. Still learning the bounces and the lay-ups which require the players attention.
8/20/21 Early tee time for my Buddy and I joining Bob and Henry from the Bay area. Mandatory Golf Friday since it was a vacation week and this was the first round of the day to be followed by nearby Chardonnay later in the day. Using Golf Moose vouchers. Mix of marine layer and wildfire smoke aloft and cool temps (high 78 ish) forecast for Napa Valley this day.
Course overall in good shape and I enjoy playing it. Conditions good. The practice green had been aerated small holes not filled. The greens on the course mostly healed but rolling a bit slow and long even early in the day. The shorter putts made easier I thought. Tee boxes (whites) many uneven and divots filled and unfilled. Didn't inspect others. Bunkers need TLC various conditions rakes are out but now many don't use them. Variable conditions in the rough and course edges. Alot of crab grass patches I'd describe as areas need improvement to have a fair play it down tournament. Many spots need attention for that type of turf consistency. Not a slight just the way I noticed the turf maintenance of the course.
Played with Alex as a two-some joining a couple of ladies enjoying Poppy for the first time. With the resident expert at my side and my limited (6+) rounds experience since renovation years ago, we were able to keep the birthday girl and her friend entertained as they watched a spirited NCGK match play out over 18 holes on a professional (the course) golf course. On the the conditions.
The local left it up to me to get the tee time 8:30 then tells me that he likes 9-9:30 because of the fog this time of year when we warmed up on the range. I like/love it that way and it was cool fog coming in and out almost all round to sunny by the time we finished 4.5hrs on the spot.
Huge well kept greens and practice green here a few with the bumps sized large like I love. (2, 8, 9 for example) Undulating challenging and rolling consistent fast to faster as it dried out a bit.
Rough nice length and able to recover from. I prefer deeper into the pine needles and hit a few nice recoveries from there too with hybrids to wedges.
Greenside consistent and many with high lips but most shots roll to the bottom. Never had a ball stuck into bank. Fairway bunkers allow escape most lies. Some waste areas differentiated by the more yellow color sand not as well maintained.
Don't want to gush too much but I can't say enough about how much I enjoy playing here every time in any weather.
Today if we played the higher $$$$$ courses on the peninsula with views we'd have been disappointed because we didn't see the ocean much. (it was still out there lol) Here it's golf first and for the golfer it's all good.
Easy walk too.
By the time I got my deli sandwich and parked at Carmel beach with my dog for lunch the sun was out (low 70's) and I was watching them playing the ocean holes at PB. A #10 day for me and the mutt.
Sunday in the first out as a 2-some. Our ideal spot on ideal day sans the smoke from wildfires. Seems can't avoid it in the summer somewhere. We knew what to expect prepared accordingly. Course can't control the weather. To the conditions.
Overall great to good and plenty. Fairways solid great to excellent. Greens good to great could be faster as starter admitted. But considering summer heat and where they came from out of winter spring (last visit June review) much improved. They take care of things here and pay attention to detail and it shows. Check-in easy. Hit a few balls into netted driving range (two stall) only slight on the facilities. The restaurant snack bar open but grill not at early hour and by the time we made turn it still wasn't as the attendant told me before tee off. Beer was cold and snacks prepackaged available. Tee sheet busy by the looks.
As summer fades to fall anticipate consistent continuation of conditions and look forward to late season near closing when they stop watering the greens and things get interesting.
For the nature lovers Three nice mule deer (hole 2/3) been around awhile now (two+years) hanging together impressive velvet racks, does nearby. Couple coyotes, (#5) too many chipmunks and squirrels to count everywhere.
Many premium balls found if you know where to look. Restocked the inventory.
With the Gurus Wednesday. About as hot as I play and like it. Breezy so swing easy. Parred the first hole hitting the tight lie carpet fairway with my drive and five wood setting up a PW short the next long to a back pin and sunk the 12 footer back uphill for a par and close to the lead after hole one. Near the top of the leaderboard after one the double land for awhile
Really nice course and facility. My gps got me to the discrete entry gate but it’s easily missed off of Tourney Rd. Right away parking in the indescript lot you can tell this isn’t your run of the mill facility. Clubhouse is modern and clean with nice sight lines of the course from the second level. Around the first floor pro shop and snack bar the putting green Rolex time clock and driving range nearby to the left. Says 1965 opening date on the card but the CH is updated not indicative it’s kool.
Course offers the tight lie fairways that I wish I visited with more tee balls. Up close near the greens great challenges chipping and the greens are what I like lots of space and undulations.
Scored poorly but from my perspective playable recovery shots even though I was stuck in double land most of the 18.
A five of five recommend for this NLA area track. It could fit in in NorCal as a private venue that’s how I felt playing here. With the exception of some I5 traffic noise a few holes on front. Great variety of hole designs a few water hazards and good playing friends equals a great day at a new course. Happy Happy
Played 6/21 and happy to report conditions are much better than previous review (Jan.)
Early our easy fast pace in perfect weather. Started on 10 because of green work on the front. They were top dressed and sanded. Maybe putted better or equal to the back which i'd expect they service Tuesday and few days to water in and I'd expect real nice by weeks end.
Fairways good tight lies rolling out and a few dry areas. Rough easy to extract from for the most part. Bunkers only brown dirt some muddy wet. Rakes back out.
Haven't been here for a few years and like the course. Played with old friend and his weekly group practice round for their actual event Thursday here. Broke 90 for first time this year playing at 5770. Birdie drought broken at 168 days. 82 year old shooting 85 and being upset about it inspired me for continued improvement next time out.
Fun is was.
Played 6/20 The course is in good condition overall rating. Friendly helpful staff easy check-in covid restrictions easing no masks required.
Interesting design and routing. Many holes remind me of other area courses. Water in ply on 6 or so holes.
Using lots of water evident by some wet drainage areas. Fairways tight giving up rollout on drives. Rough easy to play out of. Bunkers not in any but wet and only the existing gravel or dirt not sand lined.
Greens ok rolling med/slow and some patches of brown on many.
$45 green fee $17 1/2 cart = $62 on father's day rack rates.
Play here a couple times a year.
New carts are due in this week.
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