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8/11 early out and paid the on-line rack rate of $64. New since my last reviews are the Yamaha golf carts, which are very nice. The pro shop well stacked equal SF Giant and A's gear nice variety of other stock too. Customer service great. At least a half dozen beers on tap.

Course is in good to above average condition. Greens freshly cut rolling smooth some ball mark brown spots. The greens are fun to putt deceptively tricky for their flat appearence. Bunkers machine worked for the most part. RS number two part of that was packed wet my partner was playing from. Long grass near it indicated the ground water still near the top in a few areas of the course. Every grass variety is thriving some crabgrass areas in rough where you don't want to be or play from anyway.

Bunker (small pot) front of four was hand raked as part of maintenance this morning. That's a detail I wish more courses would do as well as machine raking.

Perfect weather and good conditions = good round at AVGC
Rode the early wave playing the tees = 6211 yards appropriate for our handicap levels. The early time put us into of a couple of fairways being mowed but not much impedience. Sprinklers on 10th running for our approach shot because we didn't wait a minute for them to be turned off.

Third report in a row and conditions here are consistent and on improving in most all areas. Rough not overly long but will certainly affect the roll out off the tee if you catch it. Greens are good to great rolling putts. A couple of irregular color spots for the visual and one green I moved my ball 3" left to avoid a lone bare spot 18 ft from the middle hole location. Bunkers are good but could use a drag to be really good, but that may stop balls from rolling into the bottom for an easier shot out. All in all great condition.

Again saw coyotes here. This time mom with two pups that turned out to be three with the third a bit smaller tagging behind. In the 7th hole area. Also deer in the woods, antlers in velvet.
Enjoyed the round and the cooler morning temperatures. Perfect no wind day for mountain golf. I will try to take pictures for posting next time.
Played 8/3/2019 stroke play tourney and POP was steady at 4.6 hours waited occasionally, but expected being a net play everything down event. Weather 70's to 90's sunny slight breeze.

Haven't been to the "Hoff" in awhile and conditions were good to very good for the classic William Bell Sr design (1959) The trees certainly have gotten taller and wider since grandpa played here specifically 15 and 16 with large valley oaks in the line of play making it a thinkers or get lucky off the tee. Greens good to really good fairways tight. In one bunker good as I'd say most all were maybe a few wet with heavier darker sand. All conditions playable. Per other reviews noted the large trees lining most holes. I think I hit them on 5 or 6 holes on the front and still got in for a 44 for a net 32 stumbled on 16 and 18 net bogeys -4 net total. In other words keep it straight. I did finish with the same ball I started with which is an exception for me. In other words played pretty well for my level. I always try not to let my score effect my review. Played well today, had to, paired with three lady sharks out for blood. (shark week reference)

Customer service great. Pro shop well stocked and great staff. Overall 4 star day at the public venue that I would make a point to return to soon and repeat or better my day.
Played 7/29/19 Haven't played AG for awhile. It is an executive 18 14 par 3's from 85 to 200 yards. 4 Par fours 261 and up. PAR 58 and easy slope of 88 Pro shop is double wide function over fancy, that has all you need snacks, bathroom, basic supplies. Customer service great except for the rate surprise.

62 +Senior discount offered. Gets a lot of senior play and it's an easy walk carts are available for $10 per person. Made tee time reservation by phone after looking at website and no option to check times or book there. Rate on website was $13 and was charged $15 to walk 9 at the pro shop. She acknowledge they have to adjust that but didn't match $ RATES: $20 to walk M-F $30 to ride. 16 oz Sierra Pale Ale $4 Played shorter front 9 in 1.5 hours like it paid $5 more played the back. Longer holes. Back to back #8 #9 par 4's over 300 yds. Large grass driving range a short walk downhill from clubhouse. Well marked with targets.

Greens in good shape a bit slower than normal but expected after 100 degree days. Lots of water in use. Their reputation is for good putting surfaces and they are mostly flat so good opportunity to make a few from distance.
Played with friends who don't play often so good course for their rusty-ness.

Good ole fashion no frills golf. Had fun was better than anticipated.
Third write-up in a row. This one dated 7/28/19. Early out and light winds warm overnight (68) made it mosquito city the first couple holes. First fairway cut tight and most were on the course but some landing areas on others a bit shaggy (grass had seed heads here and there). Greens have numerous ball marks the repaired ones brown but too many everywhere as well as a share of un-repaired ones many areas some holes. The bunkers seemed to be improved from past visits, but I didn't get to try them. My game was poor enough without that extra challenge.

Overall conditions are ok. But the greens are a visual that I didn't like more so than effecting putting. Some what slow pace of play following three other two's. According to the clock it was a good pace just seemed a bit slow waiting for group in front. Didn't quite have opportunity to play through but didn't ask either. 3.5 POP

Customer service great and this day the planes were heard from nearby SAC airport as the runway close by was in full operation through round. Plenty of rabbits in the thicket. Teal is a course that looks like you should be able to score on but for some reason I find a way to play in excess of my potential. Therefore I return and keep trying.
Played early 7/21. Arrived just-in-time and rolled a few putts only. Maybe not the best way to get warmed up and going at this course. Range available easy access. First tee shot (whites) requires a 185-199 yd shot downhill to get a flat landing area then just under 150 over a ravine to a green with laterals on both sides. Second hole 80yd drop par 3 at 130yds. It's up and down at the mountain. Our playing partners referring to the tips guide and helped one of them to three pars in a row to get going.
Course is green and in good shape all around. Carts restricted on only one hole(10th) but could have been more as the par 5 fifth had a lot of water on it and I felt like it was so much in the fairway that I shouldn't be driving on it in fear of damage. The grass was green and lush and cut tight but underfoot you definitely had squishy turf. This hole and a few others too. Bunkers looked ok didn't try them out. Rough manageable. Most holes have forest or deep grass. A lot of the side back areas have wild flowers with white daisys and sweet peas in bloom right now. Greens putted well and were fresh cut but also had excess moisture on them as if the were watered after cutting or the morning dew reset putts did not leave a trail on the surface. By the afternoon I'd think when dry would be rolling perfect for design.
Fun to play and it's up and down and sidehills at an elevation of about 2700 ft. Big pines cedar and redwood like Tahoe. Cooler temps than the valley which is good this time of year for me.
Customer service great and recognized the pro shop and starter (tenured Sr's) excellent service. The beer is cold. No beverages on the course at this early time.
Alex326 review of the course this day hit all the highlights as we played a GK individual match 7/16/19

I can offer these details. The greens rolled about perfect had just the lightest dressing of fertilizer or sand and were maybe a touch longer therefore a tad slower. Considering the summer heat now and until September they should remain in tip top condition kept this way.

We teed off on the 10th instead of 1st. The starter asked us to use the shoe cleaner before we stepped up to the tee box to remove any possible seeds or debris stuck to our shoes from other courses. Yes Yocha is this nice. Hardly a weed to be found anywhere inside the cart paths. The rough was sticky as an errant strike held quickly in the plush 3" stuff. Hit it in the vineyard once (free drop) and the water hazard twice (penalty's) The fairways are pretty generous so most holes you can give it a go.

Nice touch at the end are the rolled & cooled face cloths they serve you with tongs off of a silver tray to wipe your face. In the winter it's a warm towel. Troon pays attention to detail!

First time here this year and want to be back soon. Always in good shape it is a notch above that right now.
Played 7/13 and have to report that conditions here right now are not up to "par". Customer service and facility are great. However the grass on the course and in particular the greens are not at pristine levels.
Second round of the day teeing off after lunch on the patio. (food service excellent). The Truckeee airport east across route 267 was having an airshow or a dress rehearsal practice with various planes doing stunts and smoke shows. This continued through the front 9 and was entertaining to watch between waiting for the group in front to play out each hole. Being fair were two-some and a busy day of 4-somes in front of us so expected to be at a pace of slowness.
The winter was not kind to the greens patching bumpy and three temporary greens and a couple tee boxes. Shortened the course yardage considerably. The starter did warn of this and that it would take some time for the greens to fully recover.
we played a GolfMoose special rate and preferred playing golf than travelling to South Lake Tahoe (Edgewood CC) to watch the celebrity tournament. Weather was hot for Truckee temps in the mid 80's and very sunny. Had fun.
right now it's not tip top conditions but still fun.
Same time out as previous review (early) as previous review 7/4. Would repeat most of that review of course conditions again. Customer service great and weather ideal. As far as value for the tee time rates. It's Tahoe Mountain golf. Short season and they have to cover the expense of a top notch facility.
A few ball marks on greens if repaired maybe brown speck or not repaired seems to be a few because the ball wouldn't hold and the divot left un-repaired. Doesn't effect play unless on your putt line. Minor complaint.
Like the layout with the exception of the 13th par three 2 or three club downhill elevation drop. Haven't mastered that yet second try three to go.
played Northstar for 2nd 18 of day and course conditions there quite different.
My third consecutive review of HOaks MacK so I will be brief. What to add?
Tee boxes on a couple holes being resodded and leveled (par 3's) much needed and appreciated work, as these were a bit shabby and not too level. Good improvement when they open up.
Course in good shape early out tee time and controlled the POP to our liking. Under three hours with cool temperature partly cloudy. Busy later on as we finished you can see other holes. Lots of walkers as it is an easy course for those who like that and to save some $.

One negative on the out and back design. Starting about the 11th hole and on to the 15th tee box there are homeless encampments along the edge of the property. 13th hole at the tee box the fence was cut and at the opening a NO Trespassing sign and hand written one underneath it "stay the F#(k out" Some may feel uncomfortable with golfing in that environment, so I feel it is worth mentioning. Have never had any negative interactions with anyone over the years.

Recommend but a rack rate tee time cost is not a value. in my opinion
Played mid-Am on Friday the 5th day after the Fourth holiday. Course has a lot of play and a bit behind on tee time(s). Pace was steady but not stellar. We weren't pushed from behind but waited often for the group in front of us. Hot and sunny mid 90's Sacramento valley summer day a slight breeze seeking shade for relief between shots. Greens good on slower side not many ball marks. Fairways / rough good overall mix of grasses in areas. Bunkers thin in spots I found played ok. A classic course with the side markers 200/150/100 posts om every hole made it easy to know your approach yardage(s).
Customer service great cart out and around a few times on front and just in time on back to quench our thirsts for the last few holes. It maybe a typical muni but the 17th and 18th are tough par 4's Especially the 18th got to be long and still have a long approach for the 2nd shot.
Beer was cold and the day hot. Golf was great with the company I kept.
Good city owned muni. With plenty of salt and pepper and silver haired players. Mix in a few younger players too and it was all having a fun round. Marshall was out and passed a few times didn't have need to interact with us.
Played early out on Independence Day. Course is in good/great shape and getting better. Interesting mountain layout with everything you'd expect from a $$$ cost green fee. Bag service checking in / out. Read the other reviews and notice this course doesn't disappoint and is as expected on a consistent basis.

Had to wait for the green to be finished cut on the second hole. Gave me a chance to get the Bose and iPod connected and listen to Jimi Hendrix star spangled banner (woodstock version)MAX volume. Before hitting my approach. Happy Birthday USA. Customer service great and at the turn the Bloody Mary was nicely/spicy with garnish of pickle onion olive and pepperoncini.

Back to the golf. Course is great all aspects. Greens receptive rolling at the right pace for the undulations. Placement of approach shot / chips key to the lower score. Better quality shots resulted in better results. Bunkers good a light racking they'd be perfect. Great weather and a great round in Truckee CA.

We saw a deer in the parking lot. Two of the Moon's namesake on the 5th hole who didn't mind the music playing or us just trotted along their way. Large hawk. Numerous squirrels and chipmunks. Finished in under 4 hours and headed south to Squaw Valley to ski a couple runs as the big snow year let them stay open. I think the big snow year helped the grasses on these mountain courses overall as this is my second one in two weeks and conditions are likely to improve.

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