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Got out here late morning on a good rate. Played the north before but not the south. When you arrive you get the feeling this place is a step above. Friendly check in and starter, very nice carts with GPS and included water bottles. Top notch range area with included balls but can't really dial in distances as everything goes uphill. Challenging course with lots of elevation changes, consistent ocean views and tough approach shots. Wide enough fairways, but pay attention to your shot into the green. A couple of beautiful par 3 ocean holes. Course is in excellent condition with well manicured tee boxes at the blues. Fairways are lush green carpet with just a bit of brown but everything played well. Rough was just enough to have your ball sit down and penalize you. Fairway bunkers were hard and compacted though, and greenside bunkers didn't quite have enough sand. Fringe areas were very well maintained. Greens were tough and undulating with many false fronts and multiple tiers, but surprisingly felt slow, I didn't get a putt to the hole until the 7th hole or so. Very soft and receptive. It's pricey, but the tee sheet appeared packed so their pricing model is probably on point. A very enjoyable round, hope to get back here soon.
played here with some friends early morning just before 8. course is in generally good condition. not a fan of the new routing, just because i still like how it used to end and going to the range is a trek from hole 1. i can see the reasoning behind it though. tee boxes were mostly in good shape, some domed or uneven spots here and there. fairways all had an even layer of forgiving grass, very few bald or inconsistent spots. fringe areas all in excellent condition. greens were very soft, kind of fuzzy and slow. huge ball marks on incoming iron shots. a lot of ball marks would lead to some bumpy putts. bunkers were pretty bad, lots of rocks with wet compacted sand and also most were full of sand flies. not a pleasant experience at all. though less overpriced than right after the pandemic, prices not back where they used to be. too hot out in riverside. play if you can get an early tee time for cheap.
A little bit late, played this course twice last week, once first off on weekend and once late Friday 3pm. Friend checked in both times so can't comment to that, starter always friendly here. Played the whites and tee boxes were in decent condition, some moved up quite far due to maintenance such as 14. Fairways were mostly thick lush kikuyu grass, fairly easy to hit from as there was lots of room to get under the ball. Some holes like 6 were browner and thinner. Rough was just a bit higher but some inconsistent and bare spots. Bunkers had some nice heavy sand to hit from, but lotts of footprints in afternoon. Greens were running medium, had a hard time adjusting from the faster greens at oak creek I played earlier, but in good condition and rolled true. Pop was 4h in morning and 4.5h twilight, that round was going on well until a dead stop on 16 which usually seems to happen. Recommended.
Played early morning with a friend. Haven't been to oak creek in maybe a year and a half or 2, due to extended pandemic closures and lack of tee time availability. Pretty much have to be up around midnight week before to snag a $135 weekday tee time. Kind of crazy. Even though the tee sheet is booked, course was uncrowded. Check in was fine, but previously attentive cart guys now ignore you and you load yourself. No water in carts like before but ice was in chest. Tee boxes from golds were flat and had pretty good coverage. Fairways had some brown but had good coverage and were good to play from. No real rough. Fringe areas were mowed tight and well kept. Greens were in great condition, soft and very accepting of shots but quick and tough to putt. I had five 3 putts what the heck is that. Couldn't judge speed, guess I'm a terrible green reader. Sand both greenside and fairway were in good condition. No rakes. Overall not the prettiest nor green but the course plays very well. Pop was 4 hours. Enjoy playing course except for the two excessively long par 3s that tend to slow down play.
drove out to mesquite on a weekend trip to vegas. horrid traffic btw. definitely a vacation 'fun' type of golf course, with lots of views, vistas, and fun tee shots. excellent customer service with quick check-in and friendly starter. water provided and you could ask for more.
gas carts here because of the elevation. tee boxes flat and fairways had good coverage but you could notice just the brown creeping in both on fairways and tee boxes. definitely not as green as the website. they will be starting maintenance may 31 including pulling cores and verticutting. very minimal rough to speak of. bunkers were in fair condition and good to hit out of with a moderate layer of sand. greens were running smooth and moderate speed but i had a difficult time judging breaks for some reason. pop was an excellent 4.25h for this course. definitely a destination course to visit when out in the area. this course gets a lot of 9.9s and 10s here and though i agree the experience is there i don't believe the conditions necessarily warrant that in the two times i've been here.
played here mid week around noon. check-in and starter are always very friendly. tee sheet packed. course was in decent muni-like condition, as most have said in previous reviews definitely not premium. we started off on 10 as they had done some injection and sanding on the front 9 greens. tee boxes in general were fine, fairways had decent coverage with some thin spots. rough was inconsistent, with some patchy spots and generally grown low. green definition was a bit odd, it looks like they were trying to expand the greens in some spots, as it was difficult to distinguish exactly where some green borders ended. greens generally ran slow and as mentioned front was sanded with some like #1 with larger holes. layout in general not particularly interesting but it's close to home and sometimes i can find a good price. pop was about 4 1/2, felt much slower than it was. either be a member and get the discount or find a deal but don't pay rack.
joined the legendary greenskeeper review team for a great outing in the desert on 1/14. it was a perfect day for golf, sunny with minimal wind. desert willow is known for it's immaculate conditions and beautiful bunkers, and it did not disappoint. bag was loaded up quickly onto the cart which had a convenient divider which is a great addition for those playing with partners from different households. interestingly though in contrast to other golf clubs, the clubhouse is open for check in and shopping, putting green is open with regular cups, and there are rakes in the bunkers. all the staff from the bag check to golf course check-in to the starter were pleasant and friendly.

course itself was in fantastic condition, with the fairways and rough a lush emerald green. great carpet-like lies from everywhere in the fairway and rough was grown just enough so that your ball sat up but it would grab your club if you mi sh-t the ball a bit. tee boxes from the combos were nice and flat, well labeled. some diffuse divot damage on some par 3s were probably the only nit pick. fairway and greenside bunkers had a nice amount of sand in them, but there were a couple of greenside bunkers that were just a tiny bit thin. my own fault for ending up in them. greens were the biggest challenge of the course, running medium fast to fast, but rolling true with great coverage and minimal ball mark damage. two putts were often challenging and getting up and down required some well placed chips.

given the thread about layouts in the forums, though it's a challenging course that is kept immaculately, most of the par 4s seemed to blend together for me and even though it was a great day and great round, not a lot of holes stood out in my mind except the par 3s and maybe 9 and 18 (mostly for how poorly i scored on them). it wouldn't keep me from playing it again right away though, probably just means i need to play it more to figure out the subtleties on how to score.

thanks to john, kevin, and brian for a great round, hopefully i find more time to make it out to these events.
second round of 2021 turned out to be a super windy trek through oak quarry. always one of my favorite tracks, but haven't been back since the pandemic price hikes. a friend wanted to try it out so ok whatever played early saturday morning, they have some nice new carts and everyone goes out in single carts. greg norman thing on gps but i didn't bother with it. 17th and 18th are now 1 and 2, which i'm sort of 'meh' to as you don't get to start near the range but i guess the old 17 and 16 make a better 1 and 18 than the previous.

conditions were excellent for winter. very nicely groomed and flat tee boxes throughout the blues. fairways are brownish dormant but still nicely playable, and the rough is green, making an interesting color contrast which is usually the other way around. rough is light, cut low, and easy to play out of. greens were receptive and putted smooth, medium speed, with minimal ball marks. fringe areas were kept up nicely. in a nice surprise, the greenside bunkers actually had some decent sand in them that was nice to play out of, which is not the usual around this track. a nice improvement.

the winds picked up fiercely after the sun came up though, making club selection difficult, and even standing still to hit the ball was difficult due to wind gusts. never played when it was so windy here, putts were getting blown offline. hit a couple of 300 yd drives and also a few <200. felt like all the par 5s (new 10,14,18) were all into the wind making things especially difficult. POP was <4h as a foursome as should be expected teeing off before 7am. wind killed my score quite a bit as i usually do okay around here, but i still made par on the signature hole #16 so i'm good.

a bit too pricey to recommend at rack weekend morning rates ($161 at 7am next saturday egads) but if you can find a deal it's a fun course. hopefully the wind doesn't bite you in the ass.
first round of 2021 at maderas. trying to get back into it after taking it easy due to some epicondylitis in right elbow. pro shop is closed, and on check in they charge a $5 covid sanitation fee. seems kind of nickel and dimey to me, for a high end club like this, just include it in your greens fees. that was the last negative though, as the course is in great condition. very nice range with included range balls and starter was friendly. front 9 was wide open, didn't run into anyone until green on 8. had to wait a bit on the back but still finished in 3.5H. fairways are deep green and firm so lots of roll out on tee shots especially if you hit certain slopes. very nice dormant rough so you get the beautiful brown/green contrast. tee boxes were all level and flat. fringes were tight and greens rolled smooth. they were firm and approaches were difficult to hold. greens are the biggest challenge here for me, always large with multiple undulations and tiers, making 2 putts and up and downs challenging. bunkers were filled with nice soft sand and actually had rakes! i haven't seen a rake in months. carts have nice gps and plush seats. always a pleasure to play here, wish it was closer to me.
Played mid morning here today. Really need to stop playing golf out here in Corona. Just ridiculously long rounds (5h10min) and bad winter conditions just like dos lagos last week. Fairways are brown and dormant which means that there is a teeny layer of brown dead grass. Which in Corona target golf land means that your ball runs forever and usually ends up out of bounds. Hole 3, 5, 9 your drives will run out and there are sand bags or fences but it just doesn't work. There is no rough. Tee boxes were OK from blue. There was actually grass on fringe and greens ran medium fast but were pretty bumpy. Would have enjoyed it if I wasn't waiting on every shot. 5+ is just too long.
met up with a friend here late morning wednesday. this course is probably the cheapest in the south corona corridor so it gets pretty packed. by late morning there was already a wait for carts and they were running about 10-15 minutes behind the tee schedule. check in was generally friendly though when i showed up 10 minutes before my tee time at the counter they asked me to come back in 5-10 minutes to check in because they were behind. a minor annoyance. Much worse was the POP. waiting on most every shot and after four hours we were still on hole 14. when we got to 15 tee there was a group on the green and two groups on the tee so we just gave up. would have been on track for a 5+ hour round. fairways are fast and hard but they are all spray painted green, there isn't any actual green grass on the fairway. no rough, that's just brown grass. some tee boxes were ok, some really shaggy and #3 was very wet. greens were the only saving grace and in really good condition. it's not a terrible course, but i won't play here again with that pace of play. personally would prefer it if they just spaced out the tee times and raised the rates if they have to.
Played here mid morning with a friend from the IE. Hadn't been out here in about 8 to 10 years I imagine. Had good memories when it was run by the scpga. Clubhouse was closed, directed you to check in at the golf cart shack. Went pretty easy and quick, were directed right out. Greenskeeper lists that the greens were aerated 9/17 but the greens showed no traces of punching or sand. Champions was closed. Not sure what to make of it, I didn't see anyone to ask as I was leaving.

Course was in green, but very overwatered condition. Not nearly as nice as the previous review. Tee boxes were a bit shaggy, some mounded. Fairways also shaggy and pretty wet with a lot of wet spots, mud tracks, and even puddles. Don't hit your shot fat. Minimal roll on Drives. Rough was grown out to maybe 2 to 3 inches, a good length to penalize for hitting it in there. I was not in any bunkers but they looked wet, rocky, and hard. Greens were in good condition, rolled medium fast and true. Again soft and moist with your ball making a deep mark. Tons of construction on the course, looks like they are planning a lot of home developments here as I saw a lot of home lots being graded. Beaumont overall looks like just a huge track home development. POP was about 3.5 hours. Moderately interesting layout, nothing particularly stands out, but I'd still recommend if in the area.
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