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Played on MLK day. Great service everywhere at the facility. Conditions were perfect. Can’t imagine a course being better maintained. Great pace of play. Marshalls appeared to keep a good eye on the pace. Only complaint is the layout was uninspiring. I would have preferred it to play harder and faster, but that’s not the case.
Played Sunday morning. Pace was decent at about 4.5 hours. Course was in decent shape. Greens rolled true and didn't have any noticeable issues. I was never in a bunker but they seemed to play ok. Tee boxes were fine but could use a trim. Fairways and rough had some bare spots and were inconsistent. As previously noted by another review, some places on the course are soaked so plan on playing lift, clean and place on a couple holes. Pretty easy course overall so don't be afraid to play from the tips. For the price, the issues are tolerable and I have no problem coming back.
Really impressed by the course. It's a hike from the self parking lot to the clubhouse, so either drop off the bags or use the valet if you aren't prepared to carry them for a while. Staff was all very friendly and easy to deal with. Warm up facilities were nice. Range is on the short side, but it's long enough since the netting will catch your drives (215 yards or so?). Starter let us get out a little early. Fairways were the highlight of the course. Like hitting off a carpet or mat. Bunkers are very strategically placed and can make you question which club to hit of the tee. I was in a goof amount of them and all but one were great. Greens were also very good. Lots of ball marks on them though. I fixed about 4 per hole and there were still a lot more out there. Disappointing to see at such a great course not being treated well by the golfers.

Nothing bad to say about the course. It wasn't perfect, but no course I play ever is. I booked a discounted tee time, but I think it's worth it at full price too. Pace was under 3 hours (twosome teeing off at 3:30 on a Saturday).
I had heard mixed reviews of the course but needed to see it for myself. Service was perfect. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Range area was also very nice. They had orange whips out to warn up with which was a great touch. Caddie was cool. My first round with one.

Now to the course. Wasn't that impressive. I want to point out they were punching and fertilizing the fairways. Why don't courses disclose this stuff when you book a tee time? Bunkers were good. Rough was fine but a little thin for this price. Greens were nice and rolled very well. Overall, there are courses that can be had for half the cost and still be in better condition. Layout wasn't that inspiring, which was a big let down for me.

Even if the course had been in better shape, I wouldn't see myself coming back. More enjoyable rounds to be had in the area and they would be cheaper too.

Two highlights: the members I saw while playing through were all very friendly and happy to let us pass them. Wish all courses had golfers like this. Second, and as mentioned by the previous review, the burger at the grill was amazing.
Came out today and was very happy with the conditioning of the course. It was about how I expected the course to be. Fairways and greens were beautiful and very well kept. Rough and tee boxes were fine but both a little patchy. Bunkers had more sand than any course I've ever played. Pace was good (4 hours 15 minutes). Service was good. Greens were pretty slow but it didn't take away from the round. I wanted rent a golf board, but they were all if that's something you are interested in, be sure to reserve it in advance. We all know it's expensive to play here, but it's easily in the top tier of courses here in San Diego.
Played yesterday. Greens have healed from punching. Course is in great shape. Fairways have some bare spots, but usually never came in to play. Greens were great and very smooth. Bunkers had lots of sand. Saw the cart girl about once an hour if that matters to you. The native grasses are long and make the course look great. Great time to get out and play.
I played in the rain but had lots of fun. Course is on the shorter side, but it's very tight on some holes. Rough was longer than most courses around here and has to be taken into account when you miss the fairway. Bunkers were soaked for me, but I'm guessing they'd be good when dry. Green were great and probably the highlight. Very smooth and true. Course rewards local knowledge. Big false front on 18. Fair price. Reccomended course.
Played here yesterday. Arrived at the course to find they had punched and sanded the front half of each green. No one gave us a heads up until we had already booked, paid, and checked in. Courses need to be much more up front about this kind of stuff. Funny thing is, the greens may still be in better shape than the fairways. Even with the rain a few days ago, there were a lot of bare spots. It looked like they are aware of the issue as they have spray painted a few areas to either mark them to be fixed or marked them as GUR. I also saw a few groups of 5 out on the course even though it was completely packed and the pace felt more like a Saturday than the Thursday that it actually was. If all you care about is cost, this course probably meets your needs. For a little bit more money, you can get a much better experience elsewhere.
Played here this weekend. Overall good shape, but not as good as Black Horse. Some bare small spots in the rough and fairway. Greens were pretty hard but still held shots pretty well. One green in particular (15th?) was in need of water. Greens did not have as much undulation as Black Horse. Course layout is great because it can play incredibly tough from the tips or very manageable from forward tees.

The obvious comparison is with Black Horse. I think they both are fun to play and worth seeking out. Prefer Bayonet's greens, but Black Horse's layout. Currently, Black Horse is in noticeably better shape and gets my nod today, but my advice would be to play both and judge for yourself.
Played here this weekend. Beautiful and lush course. Greens roll true and are in good shape, but they have a lot of twists and turns. Kind of overdone, making it hard to hole longer putts. The course was damp (always seems this way) making it very important you don't hit the ball fat. The layout is great and the holes all have their own character. A few holes are setup so that balls on the fairway tend to end up in the same place for all golfers. These spots have a lot of old divots and make it extremely likely you won't have an ideal lie even though you are in the middle of the fairway.

The obvious comparison is with Bayonet. I think they both are fun to play and worth seeking out. Prefer Bayonet's greens, but Black Horse's layout. Currently, Black Horse is in noticeably better shape and get my nod today, but my advice would be to play both and judge for yourself.
Played here this weekend. I was very impressed by the course two years ago and was excited to get back. Heard it was very dry there last year, but can report that isn't the case right now. Just as beautiful as I remember. Greens aren't exactly fast, there's just a lot of undulation. Really have to respect downhill putts and take your time reading the break as it's easy to be fooled. Few thin spots in the rough. Bunkers fluffy. Looks like they are drilling a new well just in front of the 12th tee. Completely understandable with the drought. There's a makeshift tee about 100-150 yards in front of the original that they are now using.

My driver head broke on the range while warming up for my round. The clubhouse took amazing care of me and got me out on the course with a loaner (same model) at no additional cost. Every employee you come in contact with is friendly, knowledgable, and ready to help. I've never been treated better.
Played here this weekend. Course was in great shape. Very lush and well manicured. Even with everything looking great, the greens stood out. Putts rolled smooth and true. Rough could get a little uneven in spots with varying length, but overall still very nice. Service was top notch. Front 9 layout is pretty standard and straight forward, but the back 9 has a lot more variety and makes the course worth the greens fee. Range is kind of short and maxed out at about 200-220 yards.

Only downside was the group in front of us at the first tee. They were members of the course and made it clear they were more important than my group. I'm hoping they are the outlier and not the norm...
Listing 1 to 12 of 64,725 Course Reviews
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