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Played Sun 5/30, 8:10 tee time, 4:20 round. Nice warm day, but 20 degrees cooler than the valley floor. Course in good shape. Green and well kept. Greens were bumpy and slow, however.. probably at slow 10... downhill putts do get quick though. Course is short, but tight, and definite target golf. Used driver like 4 holes... make sure you ask for the tip sheet that tells you how to play each hole. Had a great time.
Played 2/3 Wed, 7:40 tee time, 3:20 round as a 2 some. Rained previous 2 days pretty good, maybe a 18 hour reprieve before tee time. This is my go to public course when it rains, as it drains phenomenally well. The great majority of the course was mostly dry. A few soft spots in the rough. Fairways completely playable. Greens a little soft, and moderately fast (10 on the stimp). Only a handful of bunkers with standing water. The 1 greenside bunker I was in was perfectly fluffy (plugged). Nice cold morning. Covid: cups were with no lift, so that was annoying after being so used to not having to reach down all the way to the bottom of the cup. Nice round of golf
Played Wed 1/13, 10:30 tee time, 4:45 hr round. Gorgeous perfect day. Warm day, wind mild most of the day. Short sleeves all day. Walked with a forecaddy. Course is as immaculate as one would expect. I was out here in the summer, so to get out here again is a pleasant, fortunate happening. The first time I played, no caddy, and this time, the caddy was really helpful this time with course management. Though I did let him talk me into going for the green on #14 after one of my best drives of the day, which I proceeded to dunk in the water. As I pulled the club, I told him "Bad Caddy" laughing. Good times. So if it's your first time, have someone who knows the course with you, or splurge of the caddy. The greens are more straightforward than Pebble: what you see is what you get, so for me, the caddy was more useful on club selection/course management. I played better than last time, which helped my enjoyment and offered some redemption. NCGA is offering Spyglass for $250, almost half off through end of the month, with no $800 hotel stay required, as hotel is closed. And course is in prime condition for upcoming pro event. Can't wait to be able to play again.
Played Wed 1/6, 11am tee time. 4:15 round. Course in pretty bad shape. Muddy, wet, sloppy, all throughout the course. Greens look like they are still healing from a punch months ago.. but rolled decent and at a fast 10. I think I will wait until the rainy season is way behind us before playing here again. I do enjoy the layout.
Played 12/24, 10am. Walked with a forecaddy. Fortunate to get out here 6 months after my first time. Beautiful day, mild wind, short sleeves for 3 hours. Course in fabulous shape, as expected. Hit the ball much better than my first time, so got redemption there. Birdied #6! Forecaddies really saved me about 5-8 strokes... as he was pretty spot on with club selection and genius on the greens. I would've misclubbed all day, even with the mild wind. Good time to play if you are an NCGA member and you want to cross this off your bucket list. Discount through the 10th, and the hotel is closed, so you don't have to put out for that. Everything else is closed too on the resort except for the pro shop and gift shop. I will forever want to play here again.. so here's to hoping I can do it in the near future.
Played Wed 10/7. 10 am tee time, 4:20 round. Played here on a golfmoose deal. Course is in amazing shape. It's a challenging layout, hilly, with plenty of hazards and bunkers. Seemed like more uphill holes than downhill... like 2-3 clubs uphill. Don't choose tees just on the yardage. Greens big and undulating. FAST... like a fast 11, slow 12. Definitely the fastest greens I've played all year, including my private club, including Monterrey penuts ula. And very true. I lost a few strokes on the greens, and a few strokes misclubbing due to the elevation misjudge. Definitely takes a few times playing to get comfortable. Drink cart came around a few times. For $40, it's a steal. As far as Covid precautions: I was disappointed. I forgot I was going to Placer County, which is basically defying state orders. No employees wearing masks, and indoor masks are 'recommended'. At least they have dividers on the carts, which surprisingly felt from a safety standpoint, but I wouldn't ride with a complete stranger or someone I didn't trust. No rakes and foam noodles in the cups. I will not be returning to Placer county until things are more settled.
Played Thursday 9.24, 8:10 tee time. 4 1/2 hr round. Fun, interesting course... not as good as the north, but it has its character. Greens running a little slower than the north, a fast 10. Course in great shape. Rough in most places cut down, but a few spots the rough was high. Resort is top notch, and I would like another crack at ti.
Played Wed 9/23, 1:10 tee time. 4:45 round. Challenging course, fast greens... Beautiful day, air good. Course in great shape after the tournament 10 days ago. Rough was thick, and we had a few ball hunting sessions. Greens true, running 11,12. Interesting course, with quite a few interesting holes and routing. The resort is top notch. Got a good golfmoose stay and play. I hear they are punching mid October, so get out here before then.
Played 8/26 Wed 9:20 tee time; 2 some, 4:15 rd. front 9 empty, caught up to and chased the women's group on the back 9 and didn't catch them until 17. Course a bit beat up. Struggling in some spots, overwatered in others. Playable, but not as good as they can be. Greens about a slow 10. Nice shape, but did have to smooth out quite a few bumps. Weather nice, slight breeze, no smoke. Continues to be a local favorite for me.
Played Wed 8:13, 10:10 tee time, 4:15 rd. Course a bit beat up compared to the last time I played here. Most noticeable was the greens. Quite a few unrepaired ball marks, which led to bumpy greens. Almost every putt I had to smooth out 3 or 4 spots of poorly repaired marks. Greens slow, fast 9, slow 10. Fairways mostly nice, though there were spots on every fairways that were unmowed. Tee boxes inconsistent. It's a wonderful layout, and I had fun. But it seems the summer heat and lack of staff are taking a toll on the course. There are bottled water stations on every other hole, so that was nice in the heat. If people would treat this like the gem it could be, the greens would be so much better. I'll make the drive again, but I'll be more selective of when and how much I pay.
Played 7/27, 8am, walked in 4 1/2 hours. Magnificent, difficult course. Greens pretty big. First 4 holes on the ocean are tough ones. Some long par 4s. Kind of like Bandon Trails on steriods. 18 interesting holes, with some course knowledge needed. Caddie would've been helpful. Had a great time. Want to get back and get redemption. Rank btw: pebble, spyglass, poppy, spanish bay.
Played Sat 7/25, 9am tee time. 4:45 round. First time here. Place OVERDELIVERS! Loved it. Walked with a forecaddie. He was spot on with the green reading. Helpful with course management. My main impression was, I did not expect what I saw based on what I see on TV. TV doesn't do the course justice. The layout of the holes and the course routing is interesting. 18 interesting holes, with a ton of jaw dropping shock factor. I did not hit the ball well all day. Putted well. I want redemption. Greens a slow 11 downgrain, a fast 9 upgrain. Have to know the grain. Course in pretty much immaculate shape. Drink cart came around a few times. Weather perfect. Sunny 60 degrees with a mild wind. I want to play again.
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