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Played Thu 12/30, 7:30am, walked on as a single. Busy. CPO. Walked in 4 1/2 hrs. Course predictably soggy with all of the rain the last 2 weeks. Greens surprisingly firm and fast, running at least an 11. Great layout in pretty good winter shape. North course 9 holes are open, looking forward to that. I play here whenever I am in town.
Played Wed 10/20, 12pm tee time, 3 some. Nice pleasant day... forecast for rain, so dressed accordingly, wished I wore shorts. Wide open (busy wise) course we played in a leisurely 4 1/2 hours). Very interesting fun course. Played the Zin/Merlot routing. Nice mix of elevation changes, challenging tee shots, but not unfair. Hit it halfway straight and you have a chance. Greens running about a 10, mostly true. It's NCGA owned, so it's a bargain for NCGA members. They offer a walking rate, and I decided to walk. It's not really a walkable course. I had my electric cart, so it was easier, but at least half of the green to tee walks are really far, and a few were really steep. I wouldn't walk again. The snack shack had a tap, so that was nice. I would definitely play this again... wish it wasn't so far for me.
Played Sat am 10/16, 7:30, 4 hr round. Course in decent shape. Greens running a slow 10. Mostly true. Traps are a mess. The grounds crew doesn't even try to maintain them. So preferred lies it is. I always enjoy this course.
Played Monday 10/5, 11:50 tee time. 4 1/2 hr round. Course undergoing overseeding the entire course, including the rough. This apparently involves removing all of the rough. So the course played very easy off the tee, but made chipping from the 'rough' delicate as the surface was not fluffy or firm... so i chunked a few chips on less than perfect strokes. We did get a $15 discount due to course conditions. Sand was fair. Greens were a little bumpy... difficult reading, as grain is in play. Back 9 blows the front 9 away. Flipping the 9s was the right move. Decent time. But wait a while to play.
Played here Sun 10/3, 8am and 2pm... part of a 16 person tourney. Decent resort course with a variety of holes. 120ish to 320. A few drivable holes for this 260+ yd driver. Quite a few challenging par 3 holes. Trouble on many holes, but wide open on others. Our tourney was designed with high handicappers in mind, so this was in deference to them, while still offering a challenge to the sticks to try and go under par. Not as easy as it sounds. Greens about a 10 in decent shape. But bumpy. course in decent playable shape. Tee boxes a mess. Good pace. Cart girl drove around a few times. My main complaint is still the same as 10 yrs ago... the public is too close to the course... streets in slice area, resort rooms in danger, and people playing/exercising on the course anywhere they want. Not my first choice, but fun for us nonetheless.
Played Wed 9/22, 2pm tee time; pleasant day, with a mild less than 1 club wind... which is uncharacteristic for this course. This place gets a decent delta breeze in the afternoons more times than not. Course in good summer shape... thin in spots, but mostly playable. Greens smooth, running about a 10. 4 hr pace as a 2 some. Always a pleasant round here.
Played 9/18, shotgun start scramble. Pleasant day, 1 club wind most of the day. Course in good shape. Haven't played here in a decade, and only twice at that... it's an interesting track, with some long par 4s, a variety of hazards. Definitely enjoyed the round. Not an easy course at all. Greens running a fast 10 and mostly true. The course was mostly dry, with spots of overwatering. 50% of the bunkers are unplayable. Our scramble was bunkers are GUR. I would play here more if I didn't have to cross the causeway. But a fun round recommended.
Played Mon 7/12, 9:20 tee time, 5:15 walking. 10-20 mph wind throughout the day, with it ramping up to 25 on the ocean holes. Greens at an 11. Course in fabulous shape. The rough on this course was higher than the other 2. This is a great track that I would love to play regularly. #14 was a temp green, which was in really good shape, better than most munis.. and my suspicion is they are doing the same as at Pebble... rotate the temps one at a time while they do an irrigation project. Overall, had a great time.
Played Sat 7/10, 12:30 tee time, walking in 5:30. Warm day at tee off, in the high 60s, with a 20mph wind... got cooler by the end of the round, but comfortable. Course in great shape, greens running a 11ish. Second time here.. and I've decided I'm not a fan. The greens are very undulating and almost circus like. There are many really tough driving holes, which can be mentally draining. It felt like every approach was difficult and unforgiving, and good shots ended up not so good. This seems like the one course very few people use a caddy (myself included), and I think I need a caddy to understand this one. I'd say there are 6 really great holes, 6 soso holes, and 6 holes I could've done without. The ocean definitely makes up for it's shortcomings... however the 17 mile drive with the tourists doesn't help the ambience either. It was a good time nonetheless.
Played a couple of rounds here on 7/9 fri 12:30 and 7/11 sun at 8:30. Walked first round with a caddy, and second with a push cart no caddy. Both rounds 5 to 5:15, but didn't feel like a long round... very minimal waiting. Perfect weather... cool in the morning, warm 60-65 degrees and sunny, with a 10-15 mph wind the whole time. Course is in typical great shape. They are playing one hole as a temporary due to an irrigation project, and ours was #11, which I heard opened up on Monday, and they would close another hole. The temporary green was just as good as most courses' regular greens. This is definitely a caddy course for your first time, if not first few times (if you are fortunate enough to play here more than once). They have marshalls at key points on the course to try to speed up play. They give you course management advice, they'll drive you to your ball if you are out of position and walking. It is cart path only year round I believe, which tends to slow play as well. Anyways, blessed to play here again, and twice in one trip for that matter, and hope to get out again someday.
Played 7/7 Wed, 9am, walking 4some, 4:15 round. Course in decent muni shape. Greens running a slow 10, soft and spongy. The course a mix of dried out and overwatered/muddy, in an attempt to beat the upcoming triple digit weekend. Decent round of golf. Short track that plays 6100 from the tips, with a few monster long holes, but more shorter holes. Wide open links style with water in play on 4 holes. I dont mind playing here.
Played Mon 7/5, walked on at 9:30, 5:15 hr round. Course in decent summer muni shape. Most of it dry and fast, with some areas (mostly not in play for most) overwatered at an attempt to overcome the heat. Greens running at a 10... bumpy throughout. Definitely playable and enjoyable for what you are getting. This course continues to be a favorite track of mine... a decent challenge from the tips.
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