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Simi Hills with Fear, miguelgolf2007, and yoondaman316
Friday December 14, 2007 6:47pm

Played Simi Hills today. 11:40 tee time, but didn't tee off until 11:50 or so. 5 hour round. Shot 43-49=92 which is about what I usually shoot on this course, though I usually shoot better on the back than on the front. Birdied #9 after hitting the flagstick with my approach.  The driver was working pretty good today (hit a 320 yard drive on #6) as was the putting, but everything in between was horrible. Played the entire round with the same ball - even found it twice in water hazards. First time playing with "Fear" - once he shelved his driver his scoring improved dramatically.  Miguel had way too much fun in the sand on hole #17. yoondaman316 was his usual steady self, though it was nice to see him have to pull out the wallet at the end of the round even if it was only for $2.00. Course was in so-so condition. The fairways and tee boxes were pretty brown, but the greens were pretty good. Lookin' forward to Woodley next week and a round in the 80's.