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Angeles National Golf with LEWGVLINSURANCE for my 51st Birthday
Tuesday November 6, 2007 10:43am

Took the day off work and played Angeles National on 11-05-07 for my 51st birthday with LEWGVLINSURANCE. Took advantage of the free birthday round offer, so we split his green fee and played for 1/2 price. Played as the first group, but we had to wait for the fog to lift before we could tee off. Had the starter point us in the right direction on the first hole since we couldn't see the fairway. Hit a nice drive on the 1st hole (my only good drive of the day) and hit a 6-iron onto a green that I couldn't see, then 3-putted and the slide began.  Don't want to talk about my score, but I did hit several good long iron approaches. Nice layout, but the course swallowed most of the balls in my bag. Finished the round in under 4 hours. I'll probably go back again, but only if I can play again for 1/2 price. I'll probably also bring cheaper golf balls .