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Robinson Ranch GK Outing
Wednesday October 28, 2009 10:10am

What a great time!    This was my first outing with the GK group and to say that it met any expectations would be a considerable understatement.  All of the guys were friendly.  I think each and every one either stepped up and introduced himself, or at the very least said hello.  Top that off with a great facility and nice conditions and I wonder if the bar has been set too high!  I am truly looking forward to the next opportuntiy to play with these guys.

I shot well for the 3rd round in a row.  I have now posted 4 scores in a row below 90 and actually had a chance to go quite low, by my standards here, had I not lost concentration and played about 4 holes on the back as though I was just beginning again.  For some reason, I bgan spraying tee shots, could no longer chip, and lost the putting stroke all at once.  It could have been me getting a bit tired, but for whatever reason, it was frustrating afterwards to think about.  I may begin packing some fruit in my bag, I think one of my issues may be that I typically don't eat much breakfast before a round and I may be runnign out of gas.  Some fruit may help.

Anyway, it looks like my game is coming back.  I'm reasonably happy with most parts of the game, although my chipping is still my biggest stumbling block.  I seem to be thinknig my way around the course fairly well, taking slight risks where I think I can, and not trying to overhit the ball and focusing primarily on keeping it in play.  I must work on the chipping and short game and I would like to think that I can get down to a 12 by the end of next year.