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Exciting times
Wednesday August 12, 2020 9:21am

As I stated in my last entry, things are getting better. I've been working hard on my swing and slowly it's falling into place. I did take a couple of lessons which have helped with my alignment and making sure my set up is correct. Additionally, a little bit of club lean towards the target and keeping my hands from pulling inside and the results are so encouraging. I played simi Hills last Saturday and the front 9 wassail over the place, but I managed to pull it all back together on the back and shot 41 with a triple bogey on 16, when I couldn't get out of a hard packed sand trap greenside. I spent a couple hours at the range reenforcing the lessons I've taken and was looking forward to another round yesterday ay Simi Hills. That worked out wonderfully as I shot 40/42 for my best score of the season a nifty 82. My 2 biggest priorities right now are being more consistent off the tee which is coming along nicely although I have lost a bit of distance, and finding ways to increase my GIR %. Yesterday was my best day in terms of GIR, so once again, I'm encouraged. this weekend I'm going to Mt. Woodson with the GK group and am looking forward to the trip. We are going down Saturday night and will relax a bit before playing Sunday morning. I have no big aspirations as to the event besides playing well, but am really looking forward to getting together with these guys and seeing some different courses. Additionally, I've gotten a few friends interested in the site and am hopeful that soon, we'll be filling up a some or two at many of the GK Plays events. Good things are ahead!!